This is what a monkey bot looks like

So, this is what happened. Every time, we put up a post on Karan Singh Grover, out of nowhere this particular commenter comes in to attack us on the post. It’s so strange how this commenter knows we have a post on the monkey man, since we know this commenter doesn’t bother commenting on other posts. This commenter only comes in when there’s a particular KSG post. So, what’s going on here? Is it Google alert about KSG or is it something else?

It’s because of these trolls and monkey bots that we had to update the comment policy. Check out the comments that we got on THIS topic about Bipasha Basu.

This is what a monkey bot looks like

We are not approving these comments because it looks like it was written by a deranged person or unless it was written by KSG himself, then it’s a whole other situation. We are sharing it here because we like to give everyone a chance to comment and share their opinions. But for this one and the other trolls/bots, we are not going to do that.

Why, you asked? Because these comments are not relevant to us. We have no idea who this wings+nugget = winget lady is. Every time, a post about Bips or KSG gets written, which is not a lot, we get the same type of comments. Once and for all, we have no idea who this “winget” lady is. All we can think about is food when we read “winget”.

We have noticed the trolls come crawling in when posts on Hrithik Roshan and Karan Singh Grover are uploaded. It’s quite funny because all these commenters will post on the same topic, but under different names. Like we mentioned in the comment policy page, we are able to see the commenters’ IP address. It’s why we know these commenters are trolls or bots. But for this monkey case, it’s really special as it’s the one person, who seems so invested in protecting KSG like if he’s some endangered monkey.

Anyways, for those asking in the comments in that post about what Bipasha did in London, please do take a look.

Bipasha Basu has to pay for her unprofessionalism

Bipasha Basu defends her act of unprofessionalism in London

Bipasha Basu doesn’t deserve to celebrate International Women’s Day


To other trolls and bots, please don’t come in here on OSOP and attack everyone just because your favourite is getting criticised. There are forums for that and please share your wrath there, not here. Thank you. Peace out!

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4 Responses

  1. Pav says:

    I always knew he’s jobless & totally depending on her. But never knew he’s this jobless. So silly..!!!

  2. Ded Ted says:

    Isn’t Jennifer Winget KSG’s ex? I am ashamed I know this.

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