Solved: Blind Item – March 2018 – Bollywood


The blind item below was shared a month ago right here. The reason why we are sharing it again is because a kind reader sent us a link to an image, which might just tell us who this actor in the blind item is. It’s just an image taken from a magazine, but we don’t know which magazine and when was it released. If any of you know, just share the info in the comments for the other readers.

It’s hard to believe that this situation really happened. For starters, if it was true we think the blind item would have started the obvious exes. They didn’t. That would have made the blind item even more interesting if the author mentioned that the actor in question was an ex of this actress. Secondly, in the article that we shared below, the reason is being said in an assumption to his rejection. If he did refuse, we think that it must be because they dated before and that she is married now. It’s a bad idea to shoot together. Also, as far as we know, PR management people have advised their stars to get solo covers and they can shoot with other stars, as long as they have the same management and PR team.

Bear in mind that in March, there were more than three blind items regarding this actress. All three sounded unbelievable, as in too good to be true. We said that perhaps two of them were conceived ideas by Raymond, who just wants to get back at this actress. This one might just be another one of his ideas, who knows! He really wants to embarass her and he’s doing it the only way he can!

That’s about it for this Saturday, just check out the article in an image form below to see who we are talking about.


It’s not that difficult to figure out who this blind item from Mumbai Mirror is. Well, it was not difficult to guess who the actress is but for the actor, it wasn’t that easy because that just be anyone. If it is really the actor that we are thinking about, then he needs better judgement of what is right and wrong. Right now, if he thinks posing with this actress will drive away his young fans, he is young. Talking about how he “likes to do it” on national television is what made his appeal less among the audience. Pretending to be suicidal on Twitter is what made his fanbase less because everyone thought the dude was suicidal; some even contacted the Mumbai Police because they were so worried. As it turned, it was only a movie promotion he was doing!

Just because she is married now doesn’t mean that she suddenly has the power to make your young fanbase disappear. Anyways, let’s see how he goes forward from here on. Check out the blind item below from Mumbai Mirror.


Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item – March 2018 - Bollywood

A leading fashion magazine thought it had an innovative cover in mind when it approached a young leading actor and a sprightly female star for its next issue. While the gorgeous pair does look lovely together, the male star had some misgivings. He wasn’t too happy to be photographed with the leading lady because, er, she has just got married. He thought a photograph with her would affect his β€˜young’ image. Tch, some men just refuse to grow up.


OSOP Guesses

Could be:

Actor: Ranveer Singh

Female Star: Anushka Sharma

Could be:

Actor: Sidharth Malhotra

Female Star: Anushka Sharma

Blind Item – March 2018 - Bollywood

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87 Responses

  1. Shivanisd says:

    Anushka sharma looks so different there!! How much surgery has she done on her face??

    • Monalisa says:

      @shivanisd I recently watched BBB (ps: did not watch it for Anu though. Watched it for RS) and she looked so different. I don’t think the only cosmetic procedure she underwent was a lip job as she claims. Her whole face shape is changed now.

  2. Chandni says:

    This Anushka Ranveer news was published in stardust magazine this week!

  3. Nefarious says:

    @Admin, was going through a couple of Ranushka interviews. I always got the sense that Ranbir was quite fond of anushka. He even said she friendzoned him. I am not sure how their relationship escalated to a point where he wants to defame her. I thot they both had a thing for each other. He even attended her wedding and theyve hooked up in the past. What is going on??

    • guest says:

      @Nefarious i guess what admin is referring to is rk getting back at anuskha for prank when she said to someone that she was playing a dog in pari

      • Nefarious says:

        Yeah, i gathered as much, bt it was a prank. Have you seen their interviews? They are always joking, he even wipes his nose on her dress. Also, he did not retaliate with sich intensity when DP and Sonam ganged up agst.

        • guest says:

          I know I have seen those interviews but its Bollywood it could be any of them but who ever said no just because she is married is a jurk

    • Monalisa says:

      @nefarious Ranbir may have released the blinds about Ranveer and Varun to malign them. Varun and Ranveer the most successful from the young lot. Rambo’s rivals.
      The blind about SRK could be released to disguise the true targets of the blinds, Varun and Ranveer. People know SRK had worked with married actresses in the past so they will likely come to conclusion that it is a fake blind about him.

      • guest says:

        @monalisa one might get that this is ranbir way of getting even with anushka but do you really think in doing so he might not even spare using srk who for sure would find out its ranbir doing its a bit too much even for him

        • Monalisa says:

          @guest There are so many negative blinds written about the 3 Khans and Akshay yet it does not seem to diminish their stardom. They are at such a level of stardom that they got such diehard fans who believe they are saints. (Look at the way bhai fans are acting. They are now claiming Salman did not shoot instead he is protecting the real shooter and Tabu was the one who egged him to shoot. He is a gentle soul who can’t hurt a fly etc..). I don’t think SRK is going to go after Ranbir or anybody else even if he finds out. This is the second blind regarding such a situation about SRK written this year.

          • NewGirl says:


            Its ok to feel bad for your friend but the #humreallysaathsaathhai (no kiddin’, sonakshi posted this) hashtags makes me wanna barf!

        • Nefarious says:

          I am beginning to think this is anushkas doing. I guess she isnt getting too many offers. Other than a bit role in zero and sui dhaaga what projects has she signed? And these were before she got hitched. Maybe shes seen a change in the way the industry is treating her post marriage and wants to put it out there, throwin everyone under the bus- star both new and old. Pari flopped and now she has only her production house to bank on for roles.

      • leaps says:

        @Monalisa forget that i am just wondering what physco way is this of getting back at anushka for pranking him into thinking she is playing rat in the movie. Also he didnt even spare srk talk about things star kids can get away with

        • Monalisa says:

          @leap true that. Pv just posted the blind I knew was coming… Kjo and RK’s gossip mongering ways are so predictable. They don’t spare anybody.. Remember, during ADHM proms they release blinds about ARB hooking up with RK. Did not spare a married woman with a child.

          • leaps says:

            @Monalisa oh the new one I know thats kjo for sure its fake and why is kjo after these two is just gorss kjo has been after the guys marriage/image since the start he started the oh his marriage is in trouble bits also how he was the reason for friction between the star couple such lies . the new one is a huge blatant lie

          • Monalisa says:

            @leaps DP didnot even stay the night in Dubai after the cover launch. Manish Malhotra on his instagram story posted a picture of him and DP onboard a flight coming back to Mumbai a few hours after the event she only changed her gown and was still wearing the same makeup and hairstyle from the cover launch event in the pic Manish shared. Also the last time a blind about them came out, it was another event Kjo was also present. Coincidence much..

          • leaps says:

            @Monalisa I know Dp left soon after the event from manish’s ig story . Fawad came on the day of the event with his manager and left for an add shoot after the event fawad’s pics from the add shoot were shared by the add shoot team. Kjo and manish were glued to fawad the whole event.

            Fawad is a loyal man keeps low that is why its easy for kjo to use him for his nonsense . kjo has been after fawad imagine since he was part of bw he even leaked the info he was about to become a father for the second time, his marriage is in trouble , dp left rs for fawad, he an insane party animal, he asking him for advise on HW , doing a web series both the hw and web series claims fawad in a interview said are not true

            fawad and dp are outsiders. fawad is no longer a part of Bollywood is busy with work at home but still a decent image has fans there even after two years of him being not in BW gets the least negative comments on pv but as usual kjo using fawad an outsider to ruin image of dp another outsider its just kjo as usual making sure outsider look bad to match the madness that are the lives of star kids.
            I am glad mahira skipped this event or else there would have been another blind about ranbir meeting her

          • Monalisa says:

            @leap Maybe Kjo wants Fawad for himself, that is why trying hard to break up his marriage. It is well known Kjo has a huge crush on Fawad. Lol..

          • leaps says:

            @Monalisa his crush on fawad is obvious. see the event videos . kjo wont succeed lol. even during the event manish and kjo sat b/w dp and fawad

  4. Monalisa says:

    If this blind is really about Ranveer and Anushka, the reason he declined posing with her would be because she is his ex girlfriend who recently got married and not because it will affect his young image or romantic image. Can imagine the clickbait headlines such a cover will get. “Married Anushka and ex-bf’s sizzling chemistry on a magazine cover”, “even after marriage Anuveer still share a sizzling chemistry”, “with whom does Anushka looks better: husband Virat or ex boyfriend Ranveer”. It is better he declined it. Look at all the clickbait headlines about RKDP when they attended an event. If not him Anushka herself would have declined posing with him. She is not known to be on friendly or cordial terms with him with her passive agressive comments and sly shades she throws at him.

    He recently posed with Deepika (alleged gf), who he is rumoured to be getting married this year for Hello magazine cover. His romantic hero image or young female following will be more affected with rumours of his marriage, posing with his girlfriend for covers than posing with an ex. He even shared the cover on his social media platforms.
    Also there is already a news article about him and Anushka why bother writing a blind about the same situation.

  5. Ananya says:

    And this is something off Topic. I recently met someone who studied in the same college as Deepika and Anushka. She is my cousin’s friend. She revealed some details about them which gave me a new insight into the cold war between Dp and Anu.

    Anu’s pushy nature is a result of her mother who keeps egging her and stresses her. That person told me that her mother is very rude and a typical bollywood heroine mother attitude. She always drove Anu up the wall pointing at Dp success from the modelling days, saying to repeat that success. I’m not sure, that person seem very confident of these incidents and even cited an anecdote to me. But since it’s personal I can’t share.

    Soon after Deepika made it to films, Anushka was pushed by her mother to move to Mumbai and pursue cinema. She managed to get a launch pad opposite srk under big production, and even was considered way ahead of Deepika in the initial days. But later when things started turning for Deepika and she turned into this superstar in one year, she got stressed bz more than the media, she was always wary of her mother’s comparison to Deepika’s success.

    Add to it the Ranveer angle. My acquaintance believes that it has to be her mother who interfered in that relationship as well since she know that woman up close. Ranveer wasn’t a big thing and no one expected him to rise. Plus this production thing she opened is also on the pressure from her mother to get some monetary investment for her brother. But as far as I know her brother has some job, so I don’t know if this person can be believed entirely.

    What shocked me is, she concluded by saying that probably now since Virat ia in her life, she’ll get some relaxation from her mother and anxieties. Just like you said below their wedding post. So are you aware of her mother? Or is this a fake perspective?

    I’d really like to know your thoughts. If any Anu fans here, I’m not attacking Anushka, I’m just clearing something I heard with the admin.

    • Nefarious says:

      Did Anu and DP go to the same college? Anus mom could be pushy, i wont put that beyond her
      I guess she really wanted anu to have a career in BW. But most of the grudge Anu has towards DP is cos of Ranveer. Becos he nevrr felt so much for her as he does for DP, plus of course DPs success and looks.

      • NightGlory says:

        Just checked. Both DP and Anushka went to Mount Carmel in Bangalore (DP for +2, Anushka for Arts Degree)

    • Venus says:

      I have seen sometimes anushka and her mom say she never wanted to be an actress. But i know some of their neighbors in bangalore, even when she was a model her mom had told everyone that anushka will be a big star one day. She always wanted anushka to make it big in bollywood. I dont know about her being pushy though

    • Ananya says:

      @admin do you have any insight on what I shared above?

    • Admin says:

      We have said it before. Based on her character, Anushka acts like she’s carrying the world on her shoulders. When she talks, it’s very apparent. It’s good that she has Virat, so she can calm down a bit and feel the support. Her despise of DP doesn’t make sense since she never did anything to her. Naturally, if her mother wanted her to be like DP, Anu would hate her like we all do when our parents point out to the other kids who did better. It’s normal. Yes, she gave her brother something to do with that production house. After she made it big, her family moved here and she made that production house so that her brother can work in it. There was an interview with Rajeev Masand, the two of them are in it but it’s the brother who explains it all. For someone who wasn’t even in the film industry and was living in Delhi, it was clear from the way he spoke about films that he wanted to be in this line of work. So whatever you are saying about her family is not that hard to believe. Parents should support their kids and not push them. It’s why you see some kids going astray or losing it later on in life.

      • Ananya says:

        Thanks for the reply. Yes I understand her predicament better now. And what is your take on this she getting snubbed for being married blinds these days. Is it a pr work or you doubt it’s Raymond way of making people see her that way or actually all these mentioned men being shitty?

  6. Ananya says:

    I was waiting for you to post this. There’s now a huge debate going on Twitter about this. What’s your real take admin? I don’t have much expectations from bollywood, so Srk, Rs, Varun, Sid etc behaving like this, even if I don’t believe I can’t completely ignore.

    Whereas I have a strong feeling this is a pr game as well. Or is it real? Whats your take?

    • Monalisa says:

      @ananya It is very suspicious indeed when 3 back to back blinds about male actors having a problem with working with a married Anushka get released in the same month. If it was a one off thing I might believe it. but 3 such blinds about 3 different actors back to back. I don’t know.. The only person who benefits from such blinds is Anushka and I would not put it past her or her pr to release such blinds to boost her image and gain sympathy. (Ps: In no way or form am I denying the existance of misogyny in bollywood).

      If I recall, it was you who raised doubts on the SRK not happy working with married Anushka blind. It is plausiblethat it could be a fake blind as SRK did work with Kajol, Madhuri even after marriage. And I totally agreed with your view on that blind. Varun is not a close buddy of hers that she will keep on gushing about Virat to him and even if she did he is not secretly in love with her to not be able to bear it. As for the above blind if it is about Ranveer, (I highly doubt it is about him) their history is well known to everybody so his reason of declining to shoot with her must be due to her being his ex. (The rumours of RS’s impending marriage and getting clicked with DP for magazine covers aswell as getting papped with her around will affect his so called as per the blind, young image or romantic image more than posing for a cover with married Anu. He does not seem to be bothered about marriage rumours or getting clicked with Dp so it can’t be him).

      She is not the first actress to work after marriage. Aishwarya,Kareena, Kajol, Vidya are still working after marriage but have never heard of such rumours.

      • NewGirl says:

        kajol, madhuri, juhi . Didnt srk also just work with Mahirah Khan? MK even has a 6 or 7 year old.

        This blind sounds bogus. I cannot imagine anushka being okay and not ranveer.

      • Ananya says:

        Yes and Ash and Kareena has great pr too. But never did we read such an article but yes they’re insiders. But if anything I feel Anushka brand value has only increased. So it’s hard to believe. Tho yes, I’m not putting it beyond misogyny of bollywood. I can’t point fingers until I’m sure, bz it’s too grave if it’s indeed happening.

      • pooja says:

        I actually remember during ae dil hai mushkil time anu actually leaked few scenes or important details about her role in the movie through her pr as she believed ash was getting more attention than her- she became insecure about her own role. And apparently Kjo was upset with anu for leaking important info.
        So i wouldn’t put it past anu to not to leak such info. Anu is very tight lipped on what’s happening in her life , but she does conveniently leak info when needed.
        Anyway’s what’s the souce of the paper clip??? Why didn’t the person who sent the clip didn’t give the souce???

        • Monalisa says:

          @pooja @ananya If these blinds are not released by Anushka’s pr to boost her image and gain sympathy, then these blinds could be cooked up by someone to malign Ranveer, Varun and SRK…
          Varun and Ranveer are the most successful gen next actors. There is a possibility that a rival gen next actor or actor’s pr release these blinds to malign them. A lot of the gen next actors who are jealous of these 2 might release such a blind about them. But the only actor who is known to leak gossip and cook up blinds is Ranbir and he is the actor who is the least successful with back to back flops and box office disasters. The world already know Rambo is a misogynist, serial cheater and a serial womanizer. In comparison to Ranbir Ranveer and Varun’s images are relatively clean (baring a few unsubstantiated blinds about them). Whereas Ranbir’s dirty deeds are substantiated with evidence that even if he deny no one will believe him. So by releasing such blinds about his biggest rivals he had killed 2 birds with 1 stone. Created doubt about them in people’s mind..
          A blind about SRk could be added to disguise the true targets of these blinds. Everyone knows SRK had worked with married actresses in the past so automatically they will come to conclusion that it must be a fake blind.
          Well played Ranbir, Ayaan. It got me almost doubting Anushka. I can’t believe I never thought of the rival releasing such blinds about Varun an Ranveer.

    • Admin says:

      Hi Ananya. Ok, here goes. All these blind items come from MM, which links to RK and KJo’s. For MM to pay attention to Anushka this much in a month is very strange indeed. For them to call out the sexism and other stuffs ever since she tied the knot is something else. All this is coming after Anushka outed how she made fun of RK. Imagine how stupid RK looked after thinking that the prank Anushka played on him is true. He felt stupid and this is his behaviour to make fun of her, just to get his revenge. Anushka is no Bebola to be like a teenager in love, so it’s impossible that she behaved this unprofessionally on the sets. That BI about RS and Anushka, we are wondering which one came first. Ranveer likes Anushka and is still on friendly terms with her. It was Anushka who broke up with him, not the other way around.

      • pooja says:

        @admin ….Now this really sound’s interesting just give a yes or no to the question

        Anu broke up with ranveer cause ranveer was a rough at the time ,in the sense he hooked up with sonakshi during lootera and was a kinda not really serious about the relationship with anu??? I remember reading somewhere that around the same time ranveer was hooking with sona, anushka started hanging around and started moving closely with ranbeer…..

        • Monalisa says:

          @pooja Sonakshi Ranveer never dated. The rumour was started because on KWK, when Kjo asked Sonakshi what does Anu have that you want and she said Ranveer. When Anu and Ranveer came on Kwk, Kjo told Anu this and Anu replied you can have him Sonakshi. Then in iifa Sonakshi and RS performed together and Anu didnot like it and they had a loud fight infront a lot of people. ( they were known to have a lot of fights). Then the rumour of RS and Sona is dating rumour started. I remeber in lootera interviews RS said the rumour of them dating were going on even before they started shooting for Lootera and he was very awkward the first day of shoot as he did not know how Sonakshi will act. But he said she jokingly called him bf and that broke the ice. Sonakshi liked RS but there was blind (or can be news article can’t recall now) how Sonakshi’s mother had a talk with her regarding him.

          The AnuRS relationship was a very complicated one. They were on again off again most of the time and have fights and get back together. They were not very compatible peole was what I got from how they talk about each other. During LVRB (in 2011) shooting Anu-Arjun rumours started so RS and Anu were broken up during that shooting. Anu-Arjun rumour was confirmed on Kwk Arjun-RS episode when Karan asked RS how did you deal with Anu dating Arjun and Arjun said we talked about it before and we both were cool about it.
          But inearly 2012 they got back together again and tried seriously dating even went on a holiday together. But after the holiday Anu broke up with him and there was news on how RS did not leave his room for sometime after they brokeup. After 2 or 3 months of their break up he met Dp on Ramleela sets and fell head over heels in love with her. He was more vocal about his love for DP than he was with Anu and he was truly smitten unlike he was with Anu. There was a blind Anu thought just like before they will get back together again but he moved on quickly with DP and that is the reason she does not like Dp. When Dp came to know about this she tried to extend olive branch by praising Anu’s performances and what not but Anu was not willing. There are videos of how Anu-RS-DP eventhough they were sitting nearby never even glanced at each other at an award function. It waa after Virat she became cordial with RS and worked on DDD. But she was never friendly with DP.

          • sweettooth01 says:

            i personally nvr liked how anushka treated ranveer when he wasnt tht big..she wud litrlly treat him like a door mat..thr wr press conferences n promotional events for lvrb movie where she wud mistreat him and i dint like tht even though i wsnt a fan of rs back then..but when hes a big deal today, everyone talks nicely abt him and are nice to him..he evn said on kwk that anushka is not nice to him and he doesnt know why..
            i personally like how deepika used to give rs respect n wud be nice to him during interviews and press meets for ramleela that did help ppl take him seriously cos untill then all we saw was actresses treat him like some loser..happyyy hes gtn all the success now..if he doesnt want to work with her then good for him he gets to choose who to work with and for anushka maybe she starts being nice to people who are nobody atleast now

  7. Jags says:

    Interesting post about the actors admin. How about the actresses though? I am curious about Bahu rani. She pretends to have this clean image! What was it I heard abt her, Pa, and amar singh?

    • Sangi says:

      Yes admin…. plz, your take on this?

      • Admin says:

        Hmmm..Actresses are harder because there are just too many and it’s sad to bring them up now when we wrote about actors who have been around for more than 25 years whereas these ladies probably rules for 1 to 8 years as lead actresses. But categorizing them is not that hard.

        While the actors are known to be cheaters or narcissist, some great actresses are homewreckers like Rani (Govinda and Mr. India), PC, Hema Malini and Smita Patil. These three got involved with married men and they all knew the men were married but got with them anyways. Rani and PC have grown as actors in front of us.

        Another great actress, who got bad press and still does today, is Sridevi. It’s not fair to categorize her as a homewrecker because Boney said himself that he chased her while he was still married (well, he didn’t mention that he had a wife and kids at home while proudly narrating this story).

        Anushka and Katrina were so likable when they first came out (not as a couple, as actresses). Then, their insecurities popped in and they changed. Now Anushka talks real issues in public, but ain’t practicing all that in real life. It’s understandable because if you want to stay relevant and still get movies, you need to swallow your pride and be nice to the important industry people. Point is, she doesn’t walk the talk anymore, she walks the politic talk now!

        Speaking of swallowing her pride, Katrina has come a long way. She was compared to Aish and actually ended up wanting to be like her: get married into a big Bollywood family so that she won’t have to deal with ‘Bhai’ anymore. You all know what happened there. She was good in Namaste London, Humko Deewana KarGaye and Sarkar; films where she had roles and didn’t play Bebo, oops sorry, we meant Bimbo! Usually, when an actress does a film like Namaste, you expect her to take on better roles but she kept on going with the flower pot roles. She was one of the prettiest actresses. She used her money from films to make her family financially secure; she paid for her siblings’ education and help wherever was needed. That’s quite something.

        Vidya Balan and Sridevi are probably by far the ones who have not changed much by becoming KJo’s type of TMI stars (cue to Rani’s, “For my husband it is food, films and I won’t say the third F.”). Vidya is still the same despite going through a really low phase professionally and personally. So many people who have met and worked with Sri have nice things to say about her and that’s because she was really caring and polite. She would pay for her makeup people to stay right next door to her room while on location shooting.

    • Venus says:

      Disgusting rumours. Not everything you hear has to be true. And amar singh, that. old man, yukh.

  8. Samantha says:

    It should be other way round! Why wud a highly successful ambitious actress n producer, wish to come on a cover wt a flop expressionless actor whose claim to fame is being the Gay Mafia KJo’s toyboy!

  9. fanofblinditems says:

    Hi guys, any idea what he said about his bedroom activities?? what interview was that?? he does flirt a lot and seems to have great chemistry with the actresses. I liked him on KWK with jaq fernandez. felt like he had a thing for her and she dint mind his flirty advances too…but again i hear that he is gay. is he gay for pay or is he hiding??

    • Admin says:

      He could be Bi also…it was that interview that we are referencing to..

      • Amanda says:

        Off topic, janhvi is back to being the selfie girl… Her PR is back with vigor… Maybe they want to convert sri’s demise into a sympathy audience similar as sympathy votes in politics….

        • Admin says:

          Nothing surprising about it. Just wait until KJo’s new plans start kicking in.

          • leap says:

            @admin let me guess ishaan right ?

          • Admin says:

            It would be more articles that are supposedly inclined towards many the audience more sympathetic and feel sorry for her. They will use Sri’s demise to make people come to the theatre to watch this film. Like Arjun likes to talk about his late mother or how they suffered because of Sri whenever he has to promote a film. Guess he doesn’t think of how Arbaaz and their son might feel!

          • Ananya says:

            Really? But aren’t Jhanvi and Arjun close to their moms. Will they use their mother’s as selling point? Really admin? I’m shocked!

          • Admin says:

            Making people feel sorry for them. Arjun talking about it once or twice is OK, but he does it with every film release. It’s alright, but he is doing the same thing to MAK’s son: creating the same traumatising experience that he got as a child!

          • Ananya says:

            I know that confuses me, his relation with Mallika. But then I can’t seem to think his feelings to his mother is fake. I mean when he speaks about her there’s a genuinety.

            Same way I feel Jhanvi might go along as directed by kjo and he is a cut throat businessman. At the end of the day his client success comes first for him. But when jhanvi will speak about Sri I don’t think such things can be manipulated for promotion sake alone.

            I can’t believe both of them can be THAT cheap considering how great both their mother’s are and how attached they are to them to use them. Isn’t it a big accusation?

          • Admin says:

            It’s not as much about speaking out as it is about PR articles that will be sent out.

          • leap says:

            @admin so right you are about kjo. PV has started “Janhvi Kapoor’s look will remind you of her mom Sridevi from English Vinglish; check out the photos” is one shining example of kjo doing his PR

          • Amanda says:

            @ananya,What we are seeing in pinkvilla and other gossip sites regarding janhvi is just the beginning…. I am sure when Janhvi starts actual promotion,she will start taking mom’s name in every interview… There are people around these girls like KJo,Managers,PR teams etc who can convince/manipulate them,saying that talking about their mom might help them create buzz for their upcoming movie. There are ,many emotional fans of Sridevi who would watch her daughter’s movie since in many posts it was indicated that Sridevi’s wish was to see her daughter’s debut doing well….. In showbiz and politics sympathy works..

  10. Amanda says:

    I dont think its Sid’s doing… He hardly has any movies offers to act like this……. this is a fake blind planted by Varun’s pr or someone who hates Sid…

    • Rashmi says:

      Sid is far from being an angelic boy and he can also do meanness behind his back. by the way, Sid has a lot more options to be insecure and envious than Varun. just a fact

      • Amanda says:

        Varun can be far ahead of sid, but there will be pr tricks to completely wash off whatever little existence someone has… Now sid doesn’t have the support of KJo like before, anyone from the industry could have planted this blind… Sid is not in a position to make tantrums or have demands.. He is on life support now…

        • Rashmi says:

          Oh no. the blind about Sid went out even with the support of Johar, there were even a lot of them. Secret sources condone their observations without fear of someone. they know that they will remain anonymous. I’m not even sure that Johar completely abandoned Sid, I think he continues to help him. Let not so much, but helps. If Sid has a character, then he will defend his rights, if not – he disappears. everything is simple

  11. Pooja says:

    Who ever it just sick mentality.

  12. Sia says:

    Admin you do really hate Sid and it is so evident on every time how you pick on him on many of your posts. An advise if you want to consider, as an admin, you should be impartial. Not just sid I have noticed you having your pick on many actors. We all have favourites but when we are in a certain position we have to be fair. But keeping all that aside I love this page .

    • Admin says:

      It’s not really hate, per say. Guess, you could say we grew up and our eyes have been wide open since. We used to be crazy-in-love or die-hard fans, but back then the internet was no so popular so you don’t get to know the real people that you are rooting for. Let us get into more a detailed explanation here, we were crazy fans and supporters of these actors until:
      Hrithik Roshan – he wasn’t what we thought he was in real life, the cheating and the lying didn’t help.
      Akshay Kumar – big a$$ cheater, disrespectful of women and conning people with a holier-than-thou family man image
      Ranbir Kapoor – his disrespectful regard for women, how he messes them up emotionally and mentally and how he knows how to play it for the cameras. He knows how to play the game, but we ain’t no fool.
      Sid Malhotra – used to think he’s hot, but over the last two years, he has been acting like he’s so thirsty in love. He’s trying everything to make sure he stays relevant. He ain’t hot nomore, he’s passe!
      Salman Khan – Such a handsome and innocent face but a messed-up mind. He’s the original MCP, publicly telling his boy-gang who he has slept with. He only plays the nice guy onscreen, offscreen he’s something else. Come to think of it, when Aish came forward with the abuse she faced at his hands, there’s was no way we would support such a man who thinks he can do anything and get away with it.
      Ajay D – Literally uses his D at any time he desires (pardon our French!). It seems that there’s a competition between him and Akshay. He has a good wife at home who looks after his kids and parents and he does this to her!
      Shahid K – an OK actor, but he’s a meanie in real life. Likes to be in control. Used to snap at Kareena in public when he didn’t like something. Snap in the presence of others. He did the same to Vidya. He’s a bully!
      Farhan – was seen the director to watch out for, he was. He was the all-in-one: singer, actor, director & producer. Initially we thought he was hot and he’s got a good sense of humour. But then he too became just like the other actors, he cheated on the woman who supported him for years when he was nothing. As soon as she found out, she threw him out. Then he started his mid-life crises treating and caring for his GF while forgetting about his own teenage daughters. Dude actually brought the GF and her girlfriends to a concert!
      John – He used to be hot! Back then when Dhoom released, we had him as the desktop wallper on a very heavy laptop (those days, laptops were as heavy as dumbbells). Then his hotness dried out. It dried further when he started to think he was such a good actor and started referring to himself in third person, which is really creepy btw! Probably it started when he did that film with the director of Imran Khan’s first film. He played a geek in that film and during promotions he said, “I wore spectables and two little girls in my building thought that it was cute, so I realised that when John Abraham wears specs he looks cute not nerdy”. He said something like that. He’s become so obsessed with building his body and his small greasy head looks like a cat’s head on the body of a lion. It’s clear that he thinks way too much of himself, it’s such a huge turn-off when a man thinks that he’s better than you. Actually, Anil Kapoor even confirmed it and said that John listens to advices given to him but in his head he knows he’s better than these people. We wish he would quit acting and start a life as an animal protector don, who goes after people that torment animals. He already has the body for it!

      Who else? Did we miss anyone? Now you can say that it’s not our problem with how they are offscreen because as long as they are talented, we should support them. It’s like saying you support Weinstein because he produced good movies!
      We’ll say this (our uncle said it, actually): actors are only meant to be loved and admired onscreen, offscreen they are not worth it!

      • leap says:

        @admin what about john and farhan ?

      • Daisy says:

        and thats exactly why i love you guys. Honesty is such a rare element these days….

      • Alice says:

        Admin, If you are a woman, Hats off to you for writing this (The Truth)
        If you are a Guy, lets catch up over a coffee ?? πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

        • Admin says:

          Thanks for the invite, we haven’t had coffee in over 12 years! Don’t ask, it’s a food poisoning thing; coffee and milk. Last we checked, we are part of the original gender that can naturally create life. πŸ˜‰

      • Sia says:

        I agree to all what you said about all this actors, but that does not make others saint. If you don’t hold grudges against them then why on all the above mentioned by you. No one in this Bollywood or hollywood is worth admiring in real, All are fake and hypocrite, I said this because I have seen many times certain actors are trashed by you and certain are portrayed as oh so good and all for example Kangana, Deepika, Ranveer. All I wanted to say was you as admin should not trash anyone.

        • Admin says:

          Like we said, there are more and it will end up looking like a thesis if we list all. But there are good ones, like Imran Khan who stays a good family man but has no acting talent. Unfortunately, he hasn’t yet accepted that. There’s Rajnikanth, who has cheated on his wife before but he has repented and become a much better man. Kangana definitely has issues that she needs to work on by seeing a psychiatrist. We don’t mean that in a bad way but if she wants to get better about her past, she should take the steps to do it. Deepika is someone nice, as in she treats people well. Some people might think it’s below them to acknowledge people who are on on the level as them, she’s not like that. It might not mean anything to you but it does to us because there was a time when we were assistants and 90% of the time, the people around pretended we didn’t exist and looked through us. It’s all about manners and there’s nothing wrong in greeting a cleaning lady or a toilet cleaner; you might just end up making their day better. Ranveer reminds us of our uncle, he’s like that too. We are embarrassed to go out with him because of the way he dresses and he likes to sing and dance anytime anywhere. But Ranveer tries to be cordial and nice to everyone even though he might be having a bad moment. Paresh Rawal is a nice man too.

          • Rashmi says:

            Lol KanganΠ° should work on his past? Because she is not afraid to say what she thinks? Since when is sincerity considered a disease? if I now talk about my relationship with people, will you also send me to a psychiatrist? ONLY BECAUSE I HAVE A COURAGE TO RECOGNIZE THAT I AM NOT HOLY AND MAKE MISTAKES? but Deepika is certainly good, she is an angel without personal problems, who lives in a soap bubble. Ranveer is trying to be cordial with his secretary, who had an abortion by him. Double standards admin, double standards We, the readers respect the admin site, but the site administrator absolutely does not respect his readers. Admin if you are perfect, with an ideal past, with ideal relationships with people – you do need to put a monument

          • Admin says:

            Arrey meri maa! Understand the whole thing first. She suffered a lot, which is why she talks like that: my father did this or my ex did this. It’s a lot of hurt that she is keeping inside and we can feel it when she talks at times. It’s alright to see a professional person to talk about your issues, it helps you become a better person. We also went through it and when we came out of it, we are much more understanding of others. Compared to other people who might say Kangana is crazy, we don’t see it like that. We see she has issues that if she works on resolving them, she will be more at peace with herself. Going to a psychiatrist or a counsellor doesn’t mean that you have mental issues, it means that you know you have issues and you are willing to get better. Since you brought Deepika into it, she said she felt better and was able to talk to others also to go for treatment when she sees they are going through something. It is true when you go through it and come out of it, you see life differently. You want to help others suffering from it. It’s nothing to be ashamed of.

          • su says:

            I loved admin’s “arey meri maa” πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

          • Monalisa says:

            @rashmi That blind about secretary was a fake blind. Since he started his career Ranveer has a man named Sudama as his PA/secretary. You can google search and there will be many pics of them together. Ranveer even talks about him a lot in interviews like in ‘no filter Neha’ and other print interviews of his. Google it, since BBB his only Pa is Sudama. We his fans know about his PA/secretary because he treat his PA like a human and give credit to him where it is due and talk about him fondly in his interviews. Ranveer is no saint but he is good to his people, his loved ones, fans and people in general.

          • Admin says:

            Oh yea, he has complained about Sudama not letting him have any chocolate!

          • Monalisa says:

            @admin He did say that. Ranveer had actually talked about each and every member of his team in some interview or the other. Wheather it is about his hairstylist Darshan or stylist Nitasha or makeup man or his personal trainer Lloyd.

          • Nars says:

            Rashmi I think you took what admin said the wrong way. Its clear kangana has some issues to sort out. She is hurt by the men in her life. When she talks about her father or even grandfather anyone can see she was hurt. Tbh she seems like a very sensitive person and it is hard for her to let go of the hurt. You can see it through the men she chooses. She has very bad taste in men. Plus it appears she is over the top in love and it scares these crap men away. I hope she finds the time to heal and be at peace with her past. Forgive it and let go. She honestly seems like a caring person.

            Just look at the pictures from her birthday. Her staff actually prepared a cake for her and they all looked genuinly happy to do it.

            Deepika isnt the most articulate or even the most talented actor but it looks like she sorted out her issues. Ranbir really messed her up and she finally found a way to deal with it. Ofcourse Deepika uses pr and created a certain brand for herself but I do think she is a decent person. I love how deepika will not work with Salman. She choose good movies and kept the right people around her. I dislike how she is still on good terms with Ranbir…that and her relationship with kjo is clearly fake or diplomatic.

          • Ananya says:

            Admin, are you referring to the affair bwn Amala and Rajnikanth?

            And do you know anything about Nagarjuna? There’s lot of gossip around him. Is there truth to it?

            I’ve met Amala personally and she’s been a great person and helped one of my friend personally. So it’s weird when I hear stuff about Nagarjuna, her husband and that she puts up with it. Any info on them?

            Also I asked previously, was the role of Nasrudin Shah in Drity Pic based on Rajnikanth? I did read it somewhere so I’m clarifying. I thot so ill of him. Is he really as good as he projects himself?

            Also do you have info on south Indian actors or fully focused on Bollywood alone?

          • Admin says:

            No, Rajni and Silk Smitha. When people hear about what Dhanush does privately, like have affairs, everyone says that Rajni used to do the same thing. We have mentioned before how he is a thorough gentleman. Nargarjuna is quite handsome, but a ladies-man. His wife will never leave him and stick by him despite him having affairs. Yes, that role was based on Rajnikanth. No, not that many info regarding South stars. Used to have friends assisting over there but they have moved on to other jobs.

          • Ananya says:

            Yeah even I was under the impression. Have heard about Amala and his marriage almost breaking but then he chose family. But I really thought he’s like how it’s shown in Dirty Pic, a skirt chaser, maybe a good man otherwise.

            If what you’re saying is right, I don’t know I’m confused. Amala is a very intelligent and nice personality to be honest. Can’t believe she’s another Kajol or Twinkle!

            So his link ups to Tabu, Anushka Shetty an all is true. So he is the Akshay Kumar or Rk of Telugu industry. I really liked him and didn’t want to believe it, but now if you say so, then the gossips might as well be true.

          • Admin says:

            As far as we know, Nag stuck to Tabu for a long time. Maybe he slowed down because his sons were making their debut. After all, he has to pay their careers some attention since it’s not really working out well for them.

          • Ananya says:

            What about Anushka Shetty?

            I never believed the Tabu situation mainly bz they knew each other from teenage. If he was so iinterested then he could have married her or even when he chose second marriage. Plus apparently she lives in his house with his wife whenever in hyd. Can’t believe Amala will put up with that. Not that superstar wives won’t but since I’ve had a persignal experience with Amala, she’s a very respectable personality and a really good human being and firm against exploitation. So really can’t believe her herself will go through it. Sorry it’s hard to believe for me.

        • Admin says:

          We get your point, but to us, it’s not trashing. We are saying it as it is. The other sites are the ones that put masks on how these stars are and make the public think that the guys are perfect. It’s not an effort on our part, it’s just who we are! And we are not forcing anyone to feel the same way as we do, it’s fine for everyone to have their opinions. The site is not in North Korea!

      • Smita says:

        Sabse Bada maharathi toh aap bhool hi gaye. Aamir khan.?

  13. Monalisa says:

    No clues to describe the young actor so it could be anyone. but I think the actor could be SSR. It seem like something he might say and do.

    Does Sid really have the option to be choosy and decline opportunities that come his way. He barely got any movies or fans for that matter. Putting down married actresses and acting ageist and sexist certainly will not increase his fan following.

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