2018 – March – Bollywood Blind Item 10

The first blind item for today comes from SKJBollywoodNews.com, which is the website of a famous Bollywood journalist with strong ties to Bollywood and its people. The blind item below has been spoken about before. Not the same blind item, but a similar one. This blind item just adds on more details and some of these details might just shock you. It does not shock us and we are sure many readers will feel the same way, especially readers who know how this actor is. The blind item uses the word “sadistic” to describe this actor and it is a correct word to use when describing him.

He likes to mess with people, especially his exes when they are together. This reminds us of a story that his mother told the media when his debut film was being released. She thought it was an interesting story to tell to show how her son is curious by nature and that was one of the signs that he was to become an actor. Don’t know where she read that theory because what her son did was not just cute in any way, even though she thinks it was. Let her explain what he did in her own words:

Once he even pushed the maid into the pool knowing she could not swim. He wanted to see how she would manage. She nearly drowned! At such times, I would lock him in his room. There was nothing else I could do. It often worked.

We remember the mother of a top female star saying in an interview how this actor left her daughter in the middle of this ocean because he thought she couldn’t swim. You know how scary that is? It’s in the freaking ocean! We are not making this up, hear it from the lady’s mother:

On one of the foreign shoots, they had to go mid-ocean and she was supposed to jump in and the hero comes and saves her. So they went out in the boat. She had not told anybody she could swim. The hero tried to play a prank on her. She jumped and they moved the boat away, thinking she’d believe she was drowning and make a noise. She did no such thing… she started swimming. She’s a very strong swimmer. She was enjoying herself in the water. The hero got so pissed.

What would you call that behaviour? Is it something that kids do? What would your parents do if you did something like that? It’s creepy. Reminds us of some kids who torture animals because of their so-called curiosity. But then, he’s a grown man who thinks he’s playing a prank. Does someone need to accidentally die for him to stop playing these so-called pranks? So yes, the word “sadistic” is apt for him.

As for the blind item below, this is his way of getting attention. It’s funny because karma hit him bad when he became the one everyone gossiped about when his girlfriend said he cheated on her with a superstar’s girlfriend. Wonder how he felt about that then?

Anyways, check out the blind item from SKJ below. By the way, the blind item also calls him out on being too overconfident about his talent, which is so true. At the beginning, he was all humble and then, his true colours came out and just as they did, his movies started flopping! It’s why with his big mouth, we think that he is the one releasing all these blind items about his exes and things that only he should know.


Bollywood Blind Item

2018 - March - Bollywood Blind Item 10

This Young Superstar Likes To Make Up Scandals About His Close Family & Friends

A popular star-actor who hasn’t really had a big success in a long time thanks to his unusual choice of roles and an arrogant belief in his own worth, is known to spread scandalous stories about people close to him. His antics with his former girlfriend while promoting their film together are stuff misogynous myths are made of.

But it isn’t that sadistic side of him we are talking about. It’s the stories he spreads about those whom he’s close to that are proof of his utter insensitivity towards the feelings of others. Most recently he embarrassed the hell out of one of his closest director-friends by telling the giggling media a dark dirty secret about the director-friend’s homo-erogenous habit.

It shocked embarrassed and hurt the respected director to hear his friend talk like that in public. But then this star is known to do such things. Years ago when this was assisting one of the top directors of the country he shocked me by confessing that the director’s behaviour towards him was akin to “child molestation”

But wait he doesn’t stop at compromising and humiliating his director-friends only. He doesn’t spare his near and dear ones either. When his parents, big stars of their own times both, were facing rough weather in their marriage this star-actor told his friends that his parents fought because his mother was in a lesbian relationship with a former actress(who was a Dev Anand discovery).

Shocked? There is more. Not just this celebrity-parents this actor doesn’t spare his legendary grandfather either. He once told a group of incredulous listeners that he once caught his grandfather smooching with a singer .

More than passing on information about people whom this star is close to I think he just likes to watch the reaction of those whom he shares these shocking inside details with.

Says a friend, “It’s his way of showing the world how casually honest he is. Be blunt about your closed ones, and the world will be awed. Or so he thinks.”


OSOP Guesses

Young Superstar: Ranbir Kapoor

Director-Friend: Karan Johar

Top Director: Sanjay Leela Bhansali

2018 - March - Bollywood Blind Item 10

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54 Responses

  1. Ananya says:

    I have a lot of questions here.

    1. Who is that smart actress? PC for Anjana film?

    2. Don’t tell me Neetu just ousted her son like that. It’s an inhuman thing to do. Good Lord now he gives me Salman vibes of cruelty.

    3. Why is kjo embarrassed? And he of all people, when he himself insults and releases blinds about others?!

    4. I’ve always had this doubt, is Bhansali gay? If so does he have sexual interest in Rk & Rs? I thot it was a talent thing but just asking!

    5. What does he actually do to his exes? You know I’ve always wondered why he is called put for playing with emotions. I mean he does the same thing which Aamir or Sally or Akshay or Ajay or Hrithik does. With Dp he promised marriage while with Kat it was use me situation for both.
    But seeing his incidents as a child I shudder to think what he does with his exes. Why on earth is Deepika then friendly with him? I’ll never get these bollywood ppl.
    I’ve heard he called them both bad in bed, is that it? Or does he physically harm them? Why are the girls so heart broken?

    6. So is he really this sadistic prick? How did he manage to hide this self for 10 years in industry? Or only I didn’t see? Until jagga promotions he never gave me such vibes. If not for those promotions, I myself would not have believed this side of him.

    7. In a way I feel giving him a benefit of doubt. He grew up witnessing his grandfather, his mother, father. Over affection from mom and no affection from dad, you don’t know how all this works on a kid. It develops defense mechanism of it’s own. Can’t defend him at this age but still at times I wonder if he’d be the same if he had a better childhood. And the ones who are nice kids, will be the same under different parenthood?!

    8. What is Neetu Kapoor? At times I feel poor for her and at times I feel she’s a witch. Was she a woman caught up first bwn controlling mother and then controlling husband? One who finds solace in her son alone? Or has oedipal kind of complex or caught up in her own frustrated sexuality that she can’t see others happy? Did she have feelings for Dp or Kat that she doesn’t want her son to end up with her? I know it’s a stretch but since the time I came to know she’s lesbian I’ve wondered this angle.
    Admin wasn’t the blind about an actress who is now mother of a superstar being compromised by her own mother about Neetu?!

    9.lastly is he homo or bi or straight? There is lot of speculation recently.

  2. lince says:


  3. Universal says:

    Never judge a book by its cover. Same applies to bollywood stars. If you look beneath that nice hairstyle (you literally can :P), you will see ego, narcissism and all kind of crap.

    • Bollyzone says:

      Ooh! Savage 😂 by the way how many of them are bald? I always wondered

      • Universal says:

        Maybe 90%. One year of stress, undisciplined eating can make anyone bald. These guys add substances on top of that. Look at some of these actors in charity sports game etc. Body builders can’t even run and their eyes say it all.

  4. GeekyGal says:

    First of all Old blind. Second of all it’s basu.

    • Admin says:

      It’s an updated blind. The one with Basu released way back and it was not of the same subject. If he has a blabbering mouth, he pretty much spews out everyone’s business. No one is safe!

  5. Samantha says:

    Also, me thinks had Ranbir been giving hits, this ‘attitude’ of his wud have passed off as ‘aww! he is so ‘liberal’; doesnt take himself/life seriously’ n 100% can bet that men molester Subhash K Jha wud have been the first one to lick Ranbir’s a$$, had Ranbir been a superhit!

  6. Samantha says:

    This is an interesting blind (already knew but has with fine details too)..

    Ironically, coming from men molester Subhash K Jha

    Can some1 clarify
    1. What did Ranbir tell abt KJo that he ws offended, when KJo himself parades on award shows as a middle aged horny aunty!
    2. Which DevAnand discovered actress did Neetu have an affair with? (thats a new, i always thot Neetu ws perennially pissed off wt Rishi cos of his drinking habits).
    3. So there is truth in what all sly KRK wrote abt Bhansali sorta molesting Ranbir (well, not molesting; since it looked consensual at times).

    Wanna 100% bet tht Ayan gives b*owjobs to Ranbir n arranges fr Ranbir’s dope/drugs! Ranbir n Ayan ll end up together! (are most likely already together! As long as Ranbir is doped, doesnt matter to him man/woman whoever is f*cking him!

  7. naughtytrini says:

    Ranbir is nothing more than a spoilt brat who thinks the world revolves around him and this is backed up by his mom and dad.

  8. Pav says:

    I always knew RK is creepy in different levels. He’s talented for sure. But he’s not the only one.
    There’s absolutely nothing good about his personal life to comment on. I wonder how Kat and DP survived with this drug addicted, weird physopath .

    • Rashmi says:

      to be honest, I think Ranbir breaks the psyche of girls. Deep had a long depression that still did not pass. Katrina started taking drugs and she had a big problem in her behavior because of which she lost the contract to Loreal. It’s good that the relationship with Mahira quickly ended, it is not known what could have happened to her. All those who have a relationship with the RK have great problems in their careers and in their lives.

      • Pav says:

        Yeah, I read that too. But I think it won’t happen again. Now everyone is well aware of his low life and creepiness.

        • Rashmi says:

          I think it will happen again. this is the nature of Ranbir, he will always be a user and will not be able to make any girl happy. Ranbir also wedged the wedges to Anushka, but she had her own goals. Girls are too stupid, they think Ranbir can give them a lot, can give them their surname and they will live like princesses, but when they realize that they’ve made a mistake, it’s too late. I still do not understand how Deep could work with him after all that he did and how Kat agreed to JJ honestly I do not understand

          • Pav says:

            Yeah it might, if the girl is utterly stupid. After all this, if an actress again falls for him, then she deserves it. It might sound rude. But it’s the truth. but if it’s an outsider, then might not be aware. It’s not only him, his parents are weird and difficult too.

      • leap says:

        @Rashmi Mahira is lucky it ended sooner he would have fooled her longer if it were not for the ban and the kjo/ ayan wanting to play cupid for alia/ranbir to happen for their next movie.. Unlike Mahira both dp and kat unfortunately have to tolerate rk like any other outsider because of rk star kid status in bw

        • Monalisa says:

          @leap True that. If Ranbir was not a star kid with good connections in bollywood, outsiders like DP and Kat will never have tolerated him after the breakup. DP actually did spoke out against him and exposed him after the breakup, but after Rishi bashed her due to KWK episode, she realized going against Ranbir means going against a lot of bigwigs in bollywood (because thr fraternity will always support their own) she patched up with Ranbir. Even after all the Ranbir pr released blinds and news articles about how she is still not over him, how she still throws herself at him, she never retaliated back at him.

          The only time I can recall in which her pr shot down a RK pr released article about them was, when Deepika went to meet RK in his house and sat with him in the terrace (for everyone to see) right after kat-RK breakup, and RK pr made it sound like she was meeting him secretly( insinuating RS was unaware of the meeting). Her pr shut it down by saying RS was aware of the meeting and he has no problems with them meeting to talk about a possible movie.

          I wish DP will fight against all these not-over RK stuff his pr throws at her, but I think she will not bother because she wants to maintain good relations with everyone in bollywood. Even RS is the same. Rk is fully taking advantage of this by releasing all those DP not over RK stuff.

          • leap says:

            @Monalisa Ranbir is a sadistic bully. have you seen the movie the imitation game if not do see it. there is a scene where alan is being bullied by a group of boys there Alan says “Do you know why people like violence? It is because it feels good. Humans find violence deeply satisfying. But remove the satisfaction, and the act becomes… hollow”. this ” find violence deeply satisfying” applies to ranbir if he can push his co actor into the sea to get a high you can imagine his physco stunts with his gf’s.

            I think by not responding dp has made “not-over RK stuff” feeling high experience hallow for ranbir hes not worth her attention

            I only wish Dp ignores his stupidity enjoys her wok, success and is happy. Also I would like to/wish to see her opposite fawad in hw/international event since I like the two

          • Monalisa says:

            @ I did watch Imitation game. You are totally right RK must be a physcopath if such avtivities give him a high. The pattern was there (i.e: pushing the maid in the pool) since he was a child and his mother found such antics cute. If he was my child I would be worried sick and consulted a psychologist or psychiatrist..

          • leap says:

            @Monalisa yup he needs to see a psychologist along with his parents and ayan all of them are physcos

  9. Kiran101 says:

    @Admin …whenever i get email notification of any replies to my comment i no longer see the link to the article where the response is like it used to before. How would i know which comment in which article i got a response.

  10. Kiran101 says:

    The Super-Duper star needs a psychiatrist ….he might be diagnosed with Narcissistic personality disorder, borderline sadism etc.

    • Amanda says:

      True… How can parents be cool about such behavior.. I think rishi and neetu too need to sit with psychiatrist…. What if the people he push into pool or sea actually died due to drowning.. I still have fears of drowning since when I was small,I swallowed water and was about to drown while I was trying to learn swimming… I still can’t think of getting into a pool…

      Can’t he be a bit respectful towards his parents and grandfather who have made certain name in film world…. If he can’t protect his family, I can’t expect him to look after his girlfriend…

  11. Pooja says:

    That was PC n her mother’s interview. But I find user Katrina too is same nature she leak her all affair detail n not to forget ayan sniffing underwear video too.just not rk have such disgusting behavior kjo bebo etc all too r same.

    • Rashmi says:

      And what mother Priyanka would say ? I do not remember her interview. What exactly did she say? about Ranbir?

      • Pooja says:

        The above paragraph of one of top actress said was madhu chopra interview even PC have said same.at time of anjana anjani that was scene n rk does that to pc. But PC knew swimmings very well.

  12. drsam says:

    There were strong rumors about Neetu seeing Sanjay Dutt’s ex wife Richa’s elder sister Ena Sharma who is based in NY…

  13. Deepak says:

    This all might be true, but SKJ is not some doodh-ka-Dhula…. He was guilty of sexually harassing Sonu Nigam and was called out for it….. SKJ is also one big a$$-ki$$er in the film world.. don’t trust that he has mended his ways….

  14. Rashmi says:

    With whom Neetu was in a lesbian relationship, with Zееnat Aman? Why did Karan become embarrassed when Ranbir revealed his gay nature? Johar himself said that he was gay, so why was he embarrassed? interesting Bhansali is also gay? She is also closed as Aditya Chopra and we do not know anything about his life. He at age, no wife, no children, the same problem with Salman?

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