Bipasha Basu doesn’t deserve to celebrate International Women’s Day

Today is the day men celebrate International Women’s Day. We are saying men because why would women celebrate them being women? But this is not about the men nor about the women. Before we start we have to mention first that we have heard from one side of this story, where more than one person gave their experience with the other side of this story. The other side only went on Twitter to refute all the claims that were made by the one side. Actually, when the one side went on Facebook to complain about the lack of professionalism from the other side, she never mentioned any name. The other side pretty much revealed this was about her when she posted on Twitter regarding this whole story. One side is the organisers’ people and the other side is Bipasha Basu. We don’t think we have to explain anything because the lady from the one side of this story pretty much gave a clear picture. In fact after Bipasha posted on Twitter calling her a con woman, that lady replied back again. It’s quite clear from the story she shared that this is not some kind of publicity attention that these organisers are looking for. All in all, it seems that on International Women’s Day, Bipasha Basu walked all over3 different women. One was the talent scout, the second was the fashion designer and the third was her manager, who Bips reportedly scratched her nails in her arms and threw phones at her. Yeah, Bipasha. After living so long as a woman, you dare spit on other women, so to speak. For weeks now, we have been hearing that Bipasha and her husband will attenfd some fashion show in London. It turned out it was true. After this incident happened, people who used to feel sorry that Bips married KSG, they now feel that these two deserve each other. What exactly do they do besides holidaying and being on Instagram showing the world on how to be monkeys? Their words, not ours.


Child Labour Controversy

This is not the first controversy that she was involved. Bips “accidentally” share a picture of her helpers helping her tie her shoe laces some years ago. What was the controversy about that you ask? Well, they were kids, which means that Bips was hiring child labour. She deleted the picture when Twitter people criticised her and later claimed that these were her sisters. You know who came to her rescue? Amitabh Bachchan. Now UNICEF knows where and which houses to go to in Mumbai if they are planning to catch people that hire child labours. It is disappointing, but when a person is like that, what can you do? As the audience, wedo have the power to not spend our money on them. You might say that child labour is popular in India, so what’s wrong with celebs hiring them? Well if you are in China, will you eat dog meat or a monkey’s brain? Because it’s quite popular too there. Anyways, today’s story is about something else.


The Complaint Story – From One Side of the Story

I’m sorry I am tagging people here I usually don’t do this but I’m cheated, tricked and fooled by an artist who promised to do an event for me in London…. insulted me, her manager and my client who worked so hard to fulfill her unwanted demands for her and her so called actor/wannabe husband!!! I am still not naming them because they have my clients hard earned money (read hard earned money) and not money earned by cheating people. I have a lot of friends from my industry in Bombay people who work hard, are honest and yes ethical. I want to ask each one of you one thing whoever you go for events don’t you all have a little trouble, miscommunication and arguments? We all do right??? Here also few things like that happened let me tell you every detail now so I know m wrong or right.

I booked this certain artist and she passéd me on to her very kind but tortured by her, manager, who is like a wet cat in front of her. The money quoted was agreed too. Then started the demands one extra business class for her husband, I agreed to it too. She was to do a ramp walk and a photo shoot for a magazine cover for me so basically 2 days of work and 3 nights of stay but she asked me 5 nights my client agreed to that too. A suite room which we agreed again. Now when the advances had to be paid I agree we had a little delay and paid it after two days but mind that before her flight to London!!! There was a delay because of certain reasons but what matters is she got advances before she left her home for London then it was decided then the balance be given to her in pounds to spend when she lands at the airport itself I said yes but due to little delay by the client who I must tell you is a 25 year old girl who single-handedly put up a great show yesterday and so because of not sleeping the previous night had mild fever and requested me if I could meet her at the hotel where she would pay her the moment she lands. Tell me how would it matter if she got the money in the hotel and not at the airport itself???

Then she wanted SIM cards the moment she lands. I kept it ready and even recharged for 5 pounds because the guy at the store told me first insert the card in your phone follow the instructions check if 5 pounds is recharged and then full more recharge off course that I am also new here I managed to get things for her but when she landed she asked me where’s the SIM card n how much too up when I told her everything she threw d SIM cards on her manager’s face and shouted at me saying what the fuck you think I’m a beggar what the fuck is 5 pounds ??? Now the hotel we had booked which was grange hotel and a suite for her was ready but because Madam wanted Mayfair yes we had booked Mayfair earlier but because her demands for extra nights the Mayfair didn’t have the room she requested we had to change. I want to ask one question again her what is this need and tantrum to stay in a suite room only that too the most expensive one. Now comes all the drama and twists now that she has landed and knows we are under hostile to all her tantrums she asked us to book Montcalm hotel which we offered but she called and asked them to book the park lane suite which was the most expensive suite in the hotel. Almost 800 to 1000 pounds for a night do you know how much is that??? Almost 70 to 85,000 rs a night tell me is this just? And why this trouble because she feels we disrespected her!!!

Now she checks into the hotel shamelessly after making her manager yes that poor girl too who is terrified and hassled and is crying and telling us how she is always under pressure and scared to open her mouth in front of her because she has turned very violent recently and also shouts at her for little things in front of people… my client is crying, I am begging her and asking forgiveness but in all this she and her husband walk to the room which is a suite but she feels it is too small for her and her six pack husband.

No problem my client upgraded her to a 600 pounds night room but as we had promised 5 nights this actress said if we do not pay for all the five nights she will not do our event so now this is like a gun point situation… my helpless client then went to the front desk and requested them to please book five nights straight up but the hotels manager who also was looking at our situation and feeling bad about it mentioned she has to pay straight up no worries my client said ok I will but for now I have only 1,000 pounds and my mother is on the way so 2,000 ill give when she comes for now take this thousand and book madam and ensure she is comfortable…. imagine 5 nights of 600 pound costing my client 3000 pounds but she did it still! But in the meanwhile, this actress calls the hotel to see if all the money is paid or not and the hotel says 2 nights is paid waiting for another 3 in some time by then we have also sent her the balance money which the manager has taken to give her to her room. But because we didn’t book her yet for the total 5 nights as we had to wait for money she flipped out and sent the manager with the monies back saying I’ll not work and do this event.

These people are useless and don’t know how to work??? Yes, we don’t know how to work but you know isn’t it??? Firstly bringing your husband to London which I feel is just to travel on somebody’s else’s cost!!! Then to trouble people around with all your tantrums and threats. Now the thing is not about money to us it was about our reputation but this actor who has turned vicious by now has just left us saying she will not come for the show…. and closes the door. I turned to her manager but she is so scared to go to her thinking she will turn violent. she literally treated her like a nobody! I then go to her and beg her request her but she doesn’t open the door. I messaged her asking for apologies n forgiveness not because I was wrong but because I thought it will turn this heartless person into a human but she blocked me. By now my designers have come makeup artist has come waiting for her but she has not opened her door still and stopped all communication.

In all this I want to inform you that this poor manager of her who is a girl first is alone in the hotel lobby after a 10 hours flight tired, hungry scared and Alone but this actress is not bothered she booked herself n her husband a room but she had no decency to ask where her manager is. I asked the manager to please eat something n assured her a room to stay but she politely refused because she had more respect and she understood what we are going through.

Now after waiting four hours for her she doesn’t open her door and I had to send the designers, makeup artist back because they had to work for the event and as we say the show must go on!!! Our artist never opened the door leaving all of us helpless even after doing everything she wanted. I am writing this to spread this as much as we can and I need your help because now m scared that I won’t get any of my advances back as her agency is not replying to me and also I need all my clients money that she spent on the travel of her, her husband’s manager and visa for her manager and tickets which cost almost 7 to 8000 pounds!!! If I don’t get a result in the next 24 hours I will reveal her name and I am not scared to speak up because a woman who has no respect for others and is cruel is not a heroine for me she is just a mere actress who gets to paid in her case that is also not there anymore because she hardly gets any work anywhere. Or maybe because of her not working anymore she has forgotten how to work at all!!! I understand being an actor makes one feel that they are above everybody but that is a wrong attitude. I won’t let other girls like me who have studied worked hard and reached wherever we could in our small way not get ruined by actresses like her who have no respect for others, no ethics and above all have no humanity all they care is about money that’s all!!!

And to this actress, all I have to say is GET WELL SOON….. Now let’s see how many actually feel I’m right or wrong!!! It’s time to say no to unnecessary demands of a celebrity like her!!! Raise your damn voice.


This is what the other side, Bipasha Basu, replied

Bipasha Basu doesn't deserveto celebrate International Women's Day


Karan, Mr.Basu, also posted some poem on Instagram, but we don’t entertain monkey’s talk right here on OSOP. We’ll pass on that.


Bipasha’s spokesperson said this:

Bipasha has always had a spotless reputation for more than 15 years in the industry and has been a thorough professional.

Unfortunately, the organisers didn’t honour their commitment as promised in terms of hospitality and logistics, on landing Bipasha had to book her own hotel stay.


Here’s the lady replying to Bipasha’s tweet:

So now you all know how horrible this actress was to me and yes I am going to challenge her because after I posted about her she finally managed to speak but called me a con woman, but I’m here to fight with you woman!!! Let me tell you, my friends, after I wrote this article so many people from everywhere in the world messaged me on WhatsApp, Facebook, text that they have all gone through some kind of trouble and horrific experience by her. And they are ready to fight and are supporting me. Yes, you worked 15 years lady and troubled others…. I know now you will have nothing else to show but raise fingers at me and put me down!

Somebody has to start to stop this unnecessary demands of few celebrities like you! I have personally met stars like Salman, Shahrukh, worked with Karishma Kapoor mam, Neha Dhupia, Rannvijay, Rani Mukerjeee mam, Sonali Bendre mam, Diya Mirza mam and so many more but nobody has ever troubled me in fact I have come back home after working with these people and thought to myself how celebrity themselves are simple people just like us. Offering us food, water and coming to us and appreciating our work. But this horrible woman thinks only she has worked and we were just killing time here.

Now that she has tweeted about me I’m ready to answer all her questions and ready to question from my end about her work ethics, and yes you talk about self-respect Lady? Self-respect means not only respecting oneself but also keeping in mind the respect for others which you did not! I don’t know how you survived 15 years but in my eyes, you could not survive 15 minutes even as a human!!!
Today my fight is not for me, I could have very easily taken the next flight home to India and come back without informing my clients but I know this woman Miss Gurbani Kaur is a real-life heroine who worked day and night for her event….. I couldn’t have left her stranded. Because my mother and father always taught me to stand for what’s right not just for myself but for others…. and I have always done that.

Yes, I have had trouble a lot of time because of my outspoken nature, fighting for my rights and standing up for what’s right but in the end, people have understood me and God has always blessed me with Good!!! And Sana Kapoor (the manager) if you can read this please know you are one hell of a woman ‘courageous, tolerant and my hero’ for being able to manage this arrogant woman. Sana, don’t worry babe you did a great job and you have nothing to lose if you speak about her to people. Coming to the actress you have troubled people, me, your manager, my client and you accept it and just pay all my clients loses back !!! If you are a HEROINE I’m a WARRIOR …. bring it on!!!


You know how Indians around the world get personal, like if their close relative’s money was stolen? And most Indians are in England, so they got personal really fast on both Bipasha and her husband on Instagram.

Bipasha Basu doesn't deserve to celebrate International Women's Day

Bipasha Basu doesn't deserve to celebrate International Women's Day

Bipasha Basu doesn't deserve to celebrate International Women's Day

Bipasha Basu doesn't deserve to celebrate International Women's Day

Bipasha Basu doesn't deserve to celebrate International Women's Day

Bipasha Basu doesn't deserve to celebrate International Women's Day

Can someone check on him? He looks like if he has been kidnapped and forced to take all these pictures with Bipasha!

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2 Responses

  1. Rebecca says:

    They were both wrong. Bipasha was unprofessional in trying to get freebies for her husband and herself. As for the young event planner, if someone was constantly late in payments, I would be suspicious of their intentions too.
    I would avoid working with both.

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