2018 – December – Bollywood Blind Item 2

Two big actresses got married recently. One was married off overseas while the other one was married off in a huge palace somewhere in the northern part of India. The blind item below talks about the actress, who tied the knot overseas, and how another actress complained about the huge celebrations. The other actress is someone, who had a thing for this actress.

Not a thing, like ‘in love’ kind of thing but more like the actress was the subject of this motormouth actress some time back. For some weird reasons, the motormouth actress started talking about this actress and brought their differences out in public. We forgot this happened because since then the motormouth actress has been involved in another battle and this time, it was with a top actor.

So apparently, this motormouth actress is now saying how the newly-married actress wasted so much money with her wedding. Maybe she is missing the point of the overseas wedding. It was done that way so that they can have the privacy that they need with only a few people. If there is talk about a lot of money, that would probably be the never-ending receptions that they hosted once they came back to India. The overseas discount was probably all paid for by then and there must have been a package involved. As for the local receptions, they do get a good deal on the whole. But still, it must have cost money.

If this motormouth actress is talking like this about this actress’ wedding, then would she dare to say the same thing for the pre-wedding reception of the daughter of this Indian billionaire? Because that was only a pre-wedding function and a lot of people did notice how that money could have helped millions of poor people.

Is it true concern or jealousy that the actress is feeling? You decide. Check out the blind item from BollywoodLife. Speaking of this actress, she was not spotted at any of the wedding functions of this top actress? Was she there?

Bollywood Blind Item

2018 - December - Bollywood Blind Item 2

The lavish wedding of these Bollywood A-listers made this actress see red

November was truly the month for high-profile Bollywood weddings. What caught the imagination of everyone was the extravagant nature of the nuptials that happened in truly exotic and expensive venues. Well, the dreamy wedding of this Bollywood actress with her beau in a far-off land seemed to have displeased this motormouth actress. The lady who is known to shoot off anywhere spoke about how the cash spent on the actress’ prolonged wedding celebrations could have been used to feed kids from entire villages for a couple of years at least. She said the wedding was a total waste of money and could have used for the social cause.

While many will agree with the lady’s viewpoint, let us not forget that this actress is a pioneer when we talk of social causes. The newly wedded lady has been at the forefront of championing neglected causes in the country. Her husband too pitches in whenever he gets the opportunity. There was this huge buzz about these two ladies having a cold war about two years back. Everyone spoke about how one threw shade on the other. However, many will agree that the unnecessary negativity is not needed. What say?

OSOP Guesses

Bollywood actress and beau: Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh

Motormouth Actress: Kangana Ranaut

2018 - December - Bollywood Blind Item 2

2018 - December - Bollywood Blind Item 2

Our own source at the bash told us that Sushant Singh Rajput and Kangana Ranaut were not invited to the party.

On the other hand, Kangana Ranaut and Deepika are not exactly the best of friends. It started in 2014, when Deepika won the Best Actress for Happy New Year, but dedicated it to Kangana for Queen. Kangana had responded that while she appreciated the gesture, she wished Deepika had told her in person. Kangana was even more miffed that Deepika had never called her up and praised her performance.

After a series of misunderstandings, the two had patched up. Kangana attended Deepika’s Piku screening. However, Deepika was not able to attend Kangana’s Tanu Weds Manu Returns screening, which upset the latter.

Furious Kangana said at the time, “I did extend an invite to Deepika, but I never got a response. I have always been supportive of my contemporaries and will continue to be, but it is hurtful when you don’t get the same kind of support.”

She did not even invite Deepika for the film’s success bash.

Later, when Deepika was asked about this, she dismissed it as saying that it was completely irrelevant, to which Kangana retaliated in another interview saying, “Really?! She said that? Then why she makes these desperate calls to paint a parallel reality and sends never ending cunning texts to invite me for her trials and parties? Well, she seems rather invested in the irrelevant stuff.”

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14 Responses

  1. nefarious says:

    if the latest videos are anything to go by, Ash and DP are the new buddies in the BW. seems both dont have any genuine friends, hence,,they are both making an effort to make this friendship work.

    • LondonThumakda says:

      not just aish and deepi bonding but aish dancing with karisma, deepi hugging katrina, kjo and kajol on kwk, priyanka and kareena on kWk – its officially “bury the hatchet” season in bollywood lol who’s next-

      jaya and rekha?
      PC and gauri?
      kangana and kjo/hrithik?
      ranbir and salman?!

      • Kiran101 says:

        without an iota of doubt…its planted. This article is portraying one married woman in bet possible light and trashing another. Why wud priyanka bad mouth Deepika when priyanka herself had an expensive wedding. Its clear BW is ganging up on women who are not doormat to Big stars and Producers. Its highly unlikely that Priyanka would divulge anything that is in her mind to any one in BW since not only does she have friends but with SRK breakup people who sucked up to her when she was in relationship with SRK now have ganged up on her.

        Only Deepika fans can rejoice on trashing of two other women who are equally successful Kangana-Priyanka. Hail women empowerment.

  2. Pooja says:

    Look like samebody planted blind against kangu she has many enemy who are such ppl.she herself wore most expensive clothes,bag,shoes,sandle on earth.have made lavish expensive house in Mumbai,manali.

  3. nefarious says:

    Any idea why Sushant was not invited and is being sidelined by the industry. He hardly got to promoted Kedarnath while Sara got all the solo interviews? Whats the deal?

    How did he irk DeepVeer?

    • Pooja says:

      BTW Italy wedding hotel cost dp-rs 30,000$ per day n pc’s umaaid bhavan palace cost her 60,000$ per day.so simple logic PC have more expensive wedding than both anushka-virat,dp-rs so y same body such fool get mad less expensive wedding that to intelligent woman like kangana??she is not that dump.

      • Lizzy says:

        Priyanka’s pre wedding/wedding was a fully sponsored show…so she most likely made money. There were no pictures sold to any magazines or events hosted at jewelry stores for DP…so i dont doubt DP’s wedding was def more exp.

    • Pooja says:

      I too notice this.Sara mostly have solo interview treated like sole lead of film n where she appear with SSR he totally ignored by interviewer like he don’t exit.may be harassment news cost him or is nepokids who all time get most attention media biased toward them.

  4. Monalisa says:

    Kangana and Deepika don’t get along but this seems like made up blind by some creative blind item writer. The gossip supplier RK did not attend the wedding reception, so obviously no blinds came out. Insider gossip via blnds were released from the Virushka and Sonand wedding which RK attended.

    Kjo would not let out the gossip about kat and DP bonding at the reception gossip coz that would hurt the narrative he is trying so hard to plug that Aloo gets along with all of RK’s while Kat and DP are still feuding. Also getting the exes to validate Aloobir ship on kwk backfired big time.

    • LondonThumakda says:

      @monalisa well kat made it clear during zero promos she did mend fences with deepika tho alas a selfie was not to be…meanwhile where are aloobir…i saw ranbir made it to the ambani wedding but couldnt spot him in any of the crazy afterparty dancing vids..

      kangana does have a “thing” for deepi as admin says…earlier this year she insiniuated that deepika’s claim about being paid the same as the male stars in padmaavat was just PR, then she blasted the deepika-alia kwk promo as being frivolous and tone-deaf to the metoo movement (which admittedly it was). its a shame i would quite like to see the two ladies on screen together someday …they both have amazing screen presence…but maybe thats too much to ask πŸ™‚

    • Monalisa says:

      @london RK missing an Ambani bash, party, never gonna happen. SRK, RK,Aamir and Bachchans are regulars at Ambani parties and are quite close as well. Being close with Ambanis have benefitted most of these stars. Didn’t you see how even Aamir (who never dance at weddings for money) was dancing on stage with Kiran. I mean people are talking about how stars were dancing at the sangeet. Ambanis made Hillary and John Kerry dance on the stage as well. Here is a link to Hillary and John Kerry dancing with everyone. πŸ˜‚


      Did not see a video of RK dancing on stage the first night of sangeet. I think he came back the first night and did not stay back for the Beyonce concert and the after party held the next day. Apparently Shamshera shooting started the next day….

      It is nice Kat is clearing the air about their equation and talking about how much fun she had at the reception.. She seem to be in a very good space as she been more open about her relationship with RK as well. As they say, time heals all wounds. They will never be friends but it is nice they publicly acknowledged they moved on and are cordial with each other.

  5. Golden girl says:

    Grapes are Sour. I don’t remember her saying the same things about Sonam ,Anushka and Priyanka ‘s wedding. She wasn’t invited.

    I only agree that lot of money has been wasted . It could really help poor people in many ways. But it could sound genuine a concern only if kangana had said this about all actresses and Ambanis but she choose to target a certain actress.

    But again their money so their choice .

    What about Ambani ‘s daughter’s wedding? They have spent more or for sure triple money than rsdp.

    It’s not planted by anyone . Majority of blinds turn out to be true.
    Kanganais well known for promoting herself and her movies by dissing and badmouthing others who are above her to grab attention.

  6. NARS says:

    This blind seems planted. Who would she have confined in? She is friendly with no one. She herself spends lavishly be it her dream house, overseas vacations or her wardrobe. Who is she to give lectures on how to spend ones money?

    The article is also written in such poor taste, motor mouth, shoots off anywhere, poor village kids? Seriously? but shows the married actress in the best of light.

    I’d say it’s a planted blind, her movie is releasing soon and she has many enemies for many reasons but certainly not for telling anyone how they should spend their money.

  7. Saloni says:

    Not to forget the expensive clothes Kangana wears… While she has a point, that’s how things roll and needn’t target only DP.. Lavish weddings are a prestigious issue in India.

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