Priyanka Chopra just dropped the mother of all bombs

Holy moly, the biggest piece of gossip of 2017 comes from the person you never thought it would come from. Priyanka Chopra was being interviewed by Laura Brown for a show on People Magazine‘s website called ‘Dirty Laundry’. For some reason, PC thought that this show was the perfect place to slyly reveal that Shah Rukh Khan and her were really together. As you know, many fans refused to believe this 5+ years rumour because there hasn’t been any proof. This year though, there have been rumours in the form of blind items that these two were not together anymore. Now it’s confirmed that something did happen (SRK dumped her) and whatever it was, it’s all over; at least, that’s what PC is initiating.

Priyanka Chopra just dropped the mother of all bombs


This interview was done 5 weeks ago, as Laura uploaded a picture from it on Instagram. The video was uploaded online on 25th of May 2017, which coincidentally was Karan Johar’s birthday. You know what also happened on KJo’s birthday years ago? The whole KJo and PC catfight. Well, not really catfight, more like Twitter fight. KJo was upset that PC was being gossiped with SRK and PC asked someone to speak to the media and say that she is going through a lot with her father being badly sick and that KJo should stop gossiping about her being a homewrecker. All hell broke loose and KJo supposedly didn’t invite PC to his big birthday party until Farhan Akhtar stepped in and got her an invite. She showed up to the party and SRK jumped a sofa to go and greet her in front of everyone!

Priyanka Chopra confirmed the rumour about Shah Rukh Khan

Priyanka Chopra just dropped the mother of all bombs


What Priyanka Chopra did?

Well, on this show, celebrities bring their own “laundry” as in clothes, shoes and accessories that they really like. You know what PC brought? A leather jacket, also a hoodie, that Shah Rukh Khan was photographed wearing once. That’s all fine until PC said the jacket belonged to her ex.

She said he left it at her place after spending the night and he actually did want the jacket after they broke up, but she refused. Why you ask? Because she needed something to prove to the world that they were together. We just hope she doesn’t have Akshay Kumar’s shaving kit, considering how he lost all his chest hair from the time they were together. You never know with PC, she might just go, “Here’s the shaver/epilator that I got my ex to help him get rid of the chest hair that he has been sporting for decades!”.

Priyanka Chopra just dropped the mother of all bombs


At this point, it’s also clear that SRK and his wife, Gauri, are only together to protect his family image. Also, she’s pretty much nothing without him. It’s sad to think that she thought AbRam will make SRK become a better husband. This is what PinkVilla reported happened at KJo’s birthday party last night:

Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri refused to be clicked

That’s right, you will not see pics of KJO’s best bud Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri at the bash as the star couple refused to be clicked. The best friends of the birthday boy politely refused and shielded their face before the clickety clicks could click away. Also, paps noticed that the power couple came in separate cars. Engaged in different projects possibly?

Priyanka Chopra just dropped the mother of all bombs


It wasn’t that hard to guess that SRK was trying to stick to his family man image by bring his kids, especially AbRam, everywhere he goes. The man enjoys showing off how much of a good dad he is. A little too much showing off that it looks staged.

As for PC, what in the world is wrong with her? Does she have daddy issues or something? Why go after other women’s husbands? Are there not enough single men around? She’s a freaking successful woman in her own right, why settle for men like these? Speaking of successful, it’s pretty much clear now that PC must have gotten the Hollywood deal through SRK.

Priyanka Chopra just dropped the mother of all bombs


With this surprise revelation, we are pretty much sure SRK is going to call her and give her an earful. Wonder what she will say then? No wonder Aamir Khan went to him for advice, all SRK left behind was a jacket and all Aamir left behind is a range of text messages. The only way SRK can deny it’s him is by having his people find the exact jacket and be photographed wearing it.

PC should write a book because we are sure there are many ladies, who want to know how they can score Fawad Khan, Imran Khan, Emraan Hashmi and whoever else with the ‘good familyman/husband’ image!


Here’s the video of the Dirty Laundry episode:

Guess who wore this jacket


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13 Responses

  1. Maryam says:

    Well, Priyanka Chopra liked my tweet which said “OMG @priyankachopra might have just told the world about her relationship with @iamsrk ? /” … i’m sure that happened because she wanted publicity before Baywatch!

  2. Santosh says:

    Somehow I feel like pc is going to make herself be like Katrina. I do hope her show is still successful because I doubt she will have nice movies to make. I am also glad she told the world how much of a bitch srk can be. I feel sorry for both of them. I can’t believe why a successful woman would feel desperate enough to g after an old married man. And I feel sorry for Gauri who has supported her husband when he was at his lowest point.

  3. Good golly miss bolly says:

    Do you think this was timed to distract everyone from Baywatch flopping? PC’s movie career in both Hollywood and Bollywood is over.

  4. S says:

    So is this the reason that Shahrukh and Gauri came in separate cars and refused to be clicked together at Kjo’s bash?

  5. Sona says:

    This is a stunt to distract from the terrible reviews Baywatch is getting.

    Also is she really wore it all the time, went the paparazzi who stand outside airports have seen it before?

  6. Tina says:


    Kamal’s police statement verified that Salman was driving the vehicle. Immediately after without any warning (in fact his girlfriend was completely caught unawares) he just disappeared. In 2005 he was abruptly dropped by the prosecution with the excuse that he was in England. Very conveniently in 2015 Salman’s lawyers started asking that he appear as their witness and used it to cast doubt on other witnesses’ testimony. Even more conveniently the case file with the statements disappeared and the main witness died. Then after 15+ years of radio silence Kamal suddenly appears on instagram. Salman who hardly ever tweets or instagrams for other people (unless it’s PR) does put up Kamal’s picture. Immediately Kamal deletes his account

    Yet, inspite of everything he was convicted by the lower court. They got Harish Salve to get him out on a technicality. Yup, the same Harish Salve who is arguing the Kulbhushan case in ICJ and the highest paid lawyer in India. That is who, and what was required to get this man out. All in all a complete travesty of justice. You cannot even make such a thing up.

    • Bollywood says:

      We didn’t say it was all untrue. We said we knew where he was. They weren’t interested to find him. If the man is active on FB, he has not disappeared. He just left India. The Khans also used him to say that It was Katrina who was dating him. Back to the case, you can’t have faith in India’s judicial system. So long it took and that too for any type of case, like the Nirbhaya case.

  7. Shilpa says:

    It’s sad to see SRK and Gauri like this . They were so much in love. I think they never really recovered from the Priyanka affair. Are the gossips of SRK having a German girlfriend true?

  8. Tina says:

    No, the most rattling and disgusting piece of gossip comes from Mumbai Mirror where they confirmed that Salman’s Tubelight premier was held in Dubai so that the singer Kamal Khan could attend and sing. Yup, the same Kamal Khan who was the main witness in the hit and run case. The same Kamal Khan who was supposed to have disappeared overnight and couldn’t be traced for nearly two decades.
    And the same case where one witness died horribly, an entire case file went missing and the case was overturned not due to lack of evidence or merit but on a technicality-never mind that the other witnesses had to go through horrific threats to even provide testimony.

    Congratulations Mumbai Police. You can neither protect the city from terrorists nor can you bring a simple hit and run case to its logical conclusion. In fact, other cities may have corrupt police but you are the only ones who will throw your own constabulary under the bus too.

    • Bollywood says:

      As far as we know, he never disappeared. He went back to England, where he lived. He’s also friends with all of Katrina’s sisters. Someone must have told him to leave or else he will be caught in all of this for years. The police knew it, they just didn’t bother going there to search for him. To be honest, aside from the case, it was annoying to hear his toneless voice sing random songs in films. Very glad he stopped.

  9. Hmmm says:

    Wow just wow!! Wonder why has chosen this moment to throw massive shade at SRK? She is not stupid and has more or less kept quiet apart from the occasional hints on twitter and Insta.

  10. bella says:

    PC works too hard to meet anyone else. Maybe that’s why it’s easy to fall for her co-stars? She seems to date guys who are very feminine and bi.

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