Bipasha Basu has to pay for her unprofessionalism

This is what the fashion organisers are saying in response to Bipasha Basu‘s open letter. Bips posted an open letter on Facebook in regards to the accusations that the fashion show organisers did in her name. As you can see HERE, Bips did little to clear her name. In fact, this made everyone think that the fashion organisers, who hired her, were not wrong in their accusations. The thing is, they are so mad at Bips that they are just going to ruin her name and image if she doesn’t apologise. Now, the fashion organisers have posted another message that said they will expose her with all the proof they have collected and also sue her if Bips doesn’t pay them 25,000 pounds for the damages she caused. Bips has been back in India and started back to posting pictures of her and her monkey on Instagram. Don’t know whether she cares enough to clear her name or will she just wait for all of this to die down. She has a lot to lose at this point and if this whole drama ruins her reputation further, how will she get more jobs like this? How will she be able to go on holidays with her monkey on someone else’s money? If she has proof of the things she said she did like pay for the hotel room and all that, she should share it. Otherwise, as far as everyone is concerned, she’s guilty.


Statement of London Fashion Organisers, Gurbani Kaur and Ronita Sharma Rekhi

Bipasha Basu has to pay for her unprofessionalism


Bipasha has to compensate us with 25,000 pounds (approximately Rs 20 Lakh) which is our calculated loss. If she fails to do so, I will take legal action against her. We have suffered not only monetary loss but her open letter defames us and we might even lose our reputation. We went out of our way to give her everything that she desired. Her claims of getting bullied are all rubbish. In fact, it was we who were bullied by a celebrity. She was extremely unprofessional and unethical in her commitment.


This is what they posted on Facebook in reply to Bipasha Basu‘s allegations of bad hospitality from them

To claim that hospitality was not taken care by, to claim that the cars didn’t reach on time which is all a lie!!! This is the showreel of the event where this actress was suppose to walk for the grand finale for #rimpleandharpreet just look at it and tell me do u think Bani Kour who managed this whole show all alone as a new comer would have not paid for her hospitality and cars ??? After paying for ticket for the actress, her husband and manager would you think someone would not pay for their hospitality? She managed to do this big event which was attended by Olivia Bentley the owner of Bentley, Javed Shaikh renowned actor, mayors and big officials of London and people from the fashion industry of london… when someone is doing so much being a first timer would u think she would want to mess up with her showstopper. As per my first status m not denying we had a little situation when she arrived but her hotel was booked a suite and Mercedes Benz S class was sent for her too. I am not a fool over here to talk nonsense or get cheap publicity I’m here to show what’s right and what’s wrong? God was kind enough to make this show a hit covered by almost every press and media in London including BBC world! But we will not forget the humiliation and loses faced because of the demands of the celebrity!!! I am delaying things because I still somewhere feel this actress will understand she can’t get away with this and apologise to us and also pay what was invested on her!!! Yes I know she will now tell us celebrities are soft targets but let me tell u never ever have I met an artist like you…. I wouldn’t sabotage my career from where I make my living for an artist like u!!!

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  1. Smitha says:

    I have no idea what’s happening but I hope everything gets sorted out because I like Bips and I don’t think she’s the type to create a fuss.

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