Know More on How to Even Out a Tan after Peeling

If you are having an uneven tan or bad sunburn after a day’s trip to the beach, your skin will surely look unattractive. Always remember to wear sunscreen lotion so that you can prevent sunburn and also unpleasant tan lines. Sunburn is normally caused when you are overexposed to the sun’s ultraviolet rays where the energy coming from the rays (UV) is absorbed by your skin and slowly builds up causing tanning, sunburns or even serious burns which in the end becomes skin cancer.

Even Out a Tan after Peeling

Even Out a Tan after Peeling


What you need:

  1. A mild body scrub
  2. Aloe vera moisturizing body lotion
  3. Sunless tanning lotion


  1. Whenever you notice that your skin starts to peel or you are having a bad sunburn or uneven tan, the first thing that you should do is to take a cold shower or take a bath. By doing this, the cold water will definitely help cool down your skin and even slow down on the peeling process. After that, when you are drying the affected skin, you must ensure that you pat it dry by using a clean and soft towel. Try to avoid rubbing the skin because by rubbing it you actually will speed up and spread the peeling of your skin.
  2. Once you finish drying it, you have to apply a moisturizing lotion especially designed for sunburn or peeling skin. Normally the lotion contains ingredients like aloe vera which is good in cooling down your skin; lower the swelling and also slowing the process of peeling. Apart from that, you can also use aloe vera gel or even process the aloe vera plant on your own and apply it directly on the affected skin so that it can help the healing process, reduce the pain, plus avoiding any infection.
  3. For cooling your skin from inside of your body, just simply consume as much water as possible so that your skin will not be de-hydrated. Water provides your skin with extra fuel for repairing and reviving your body from within and whenever your skin starts to peel, you must ensure that you consume water from 8 to 10 glasses every day.
  4. During the peeling period, do not scratch your skin because it will only cause permanent damage to the skin in the likes of permanent scars. Try to reduce the urge to scratch by using ice cubes that you put in soft cloths and place it gently on the affected area to reduce the itchiness.
  5. If you try to peel and scratch the peeling skin, it could lead to other forms of infection. If you notice that there is a dead skin hanging off, you should take a scissor and carefully cut away that particular section only and do not cut any skin which is in the process of healing. Once cut, you must apply an antibacterial gel or cream to that area.
  6. Besides that, you can also apply a mild body scrub on your skin every day so that it will remove all the dead and damaged skin, thus helping new cells to grow and at the same time heal your skin. Over time, the uneven tan lines on your skin will gradually fade away.


Other than that, you could also use sunless tanning lotion, spray-on tan, foam or a fake tan in order to conceal the uneven tan lines, mask discoloration and splotches.

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