Bollywood Blind Item – February 2018

The blind item below seems to be written to make you feel sorry for this actor and his weight issues. Why we are saying that? It’s not because we hate him, we don’t! It’s just that there have been news that this South director that this actor is going to work with has asked him to lose weight before they start shooting for this remake.

This actor has also been at the receiving end of many rejections because he is not losing the weight. Now, we have been following closely and let us tell you that this actor claimed that he had an injury some years back that made him gain all this weight.

After that, he has not really spoken about it. We do believe that if he had other conditions that are preventing him to lose weight, he would have spoken about it since he’s pretty much open about everything else. Honesty is his thing, as he says but not when he’s talking about his love life.

He was overweight before he entered the film industry. He was really huge and if he managed to overcome that, he can do it again. Now the difference between then and now is that he doesn’t have the support of Bollywood‘s Ultimate Godfather anymore. But, he does have the support of Bollywood‘s Ultimate Godfather ki ex-SIL, who also happens to be the reason why Godfather and this actor are no longer close.

We believe he can do it, he just needs the discipline to do it. Besides, he has proof that he overcame a much bigger obstacle before, so he can pretty much do it all over again. Maybe he needs to join his sugamama on her daily trip to the gym, if she is at all going to the gym to exercise. He can join her and become as fit as her. For her age, it’s impressive how she cares to keep herself fit. Obviously, her fit body is the only thing that keeps her in the news, but that is besides the point.

If nothing really works, as this blind item is saying, he can always go for liposuction and then get back on the exercise and eating healthy routine. Let’s hope that he loses the weight in time before this remake starts shooting, otherwise he is going to lose another film. Check out the blind item below from Mumbai Mirror.


Bollywood Blind Item

Bollywood Blind Item – February 2018


A chunky actor seems to have serious body image issues. He has made two trips to London in the past month alone, meeting what is now called a health constructor’. It seems the actor has had trouble shedding weight, despite his gruelling gym routines and severe diets. Moreover, he is also knockkneed, a condition that is scientifically called genu valgum, wherein the knees tilt toward each other when standing straight. While we hope the actor gets fitter and healthier soon, but what do we do about his histrionics?


OSOP Guess

Actor: Arjun Kapoor

Bollywood Blind Item – February 2018

Bollywood Blind Item – February 2018

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17 Responses

  1. adaora says:

    A launch is only a launch, then you start working on your image, body, diction, acting, dressing, people you hang out with, you starting creating a persona good for consumption, a brand but most of all only the talent will keep you in this business not nepotism.

  2. drsam says:

    Admin, the article about Malaika and Arjun love story is no longer available on your site…It’s definitely worth a dekko since I’m intrigued with this strange and unlikely pairing…care to post it again? or enlightening us on why a sugamama who could have millionaires eating out of her palms is with this giant bear of a man who looks like he could eat her when hungry?

  3. fansofblinditems says:

    Dear Director, Despite his Casanova/Do the rex image, Ranveer has been in a long term serious relationship and we will be able to relate if he does a role of a dejected, heart broken lover.
    Actors and actresses personal image also helps in relating to the characters they portray.
    I request you to kindly do a re-assessment of the casting.
    From A Hardest-core Arjun Reddy fan
    β€œβ€I am the most affected person if Ranveer Singh is not in the film””

    • sweettooth01 says:

      haha love how u associated the dialogue ” i will be most affected” to ranveer singh..but sadly ranveer singh rejected it bcos its a dark role..i hope he realises this role could easily make him a bigger star than he already is..

      • fansofblinditems says:

        Hi sweetooth01, I agree with you. he gets good roles from Mr. Bansali only and will get typecasted as historic character roles actor. Arjun Reddy will be great for his career and will become a cult as it became in AP/Telangana. Even today, everyone is awestruck with the character and the actor Vijay Devarakonda is liked more than the formula heroes. Wish someone conveyed this to Ranveer Singh.

      • Admin says:

        What is it with Arjun Reddy?

  4. fansofblinditems says:

    Dear Arjun Kapoor, please back out. You do not fit this role at all. You don’t look like you could play a smart medico or someone who can carry off a hard-core dejected lover look. you have a casual approach in your acting. For your own good do roles that suit your personality.

  5. fansofblinditems says:

    hey Admin,
    there seems to be a problem posting longer messages. had to break my thoughts. just conveying, otherwise no worries. πŸ˜€

  6. fansofblinditems says:

    Dear Director, please stick to your original choice. I have seen and studied Arjun Reddy so many times. Your Bollywood debut will flop if Arjun Kapoor is cast as the hero of this film. Public will not be able to relate to him, he is not seen as a lover boy by the audience, where as Ranveer is.

    • Monalisa says:

      Ranveer himself rejected the role. In his latest Rajeev Masand interview he said he did not want to play a dark role again so soon after Kilji and that he rejected a role in which he has to play an alcoholic for that reason. It is presumed he is talking about Arjun Reddy role.
      I think everyone even the director knows he is the one who can do justice to the role but Ranveer is in no mood to do a dark role again that soon. So director has to look at other options. But Arjun Kapoor who sleep walks through all his movies is the worst actor to be casted in the role.

  7. fansofblinditems says:

    I am not at all happy with the director’s choice. His original choice was Ranveer Singh and he should have stuck to it. It’s hard to see anybody else as Arjun Reddy other than Ranveer Singh.

  8. Deep says:

    why my comment got deleted??? It was published when I posted it…. Is your site getting hacked admin??? I had written that, ‘No matter how much weight this guy loses, He still wont be talented”.

    • Admin says:

      No, it is still working right? Probably, it was clearing cache. You can submit it again and see

    • kiran101 says:

      @deep…he is okay actor i felt. He serves the purpose within his range…like in every industry i feel there is place for genius performers- mediocre performers.

  9. Amanda says:

    The Arjun Reddy director has already discussed this role with Shahid Kapoor and wants Shahid in hindi remake… He has clearly mentioned he will not direct Arjun… I think boney kapoor has already bought the remake rights and wants Arjun in that…. Let’s see who will win….

    Btw, I think Malaika’s figure is not just fitness regime but lots of cosmetic procedures…. I never liked her face, she doesn’t look sweet and attractive… Mostly her butt does the talking…. I sometimes fail to under the choices of partners Arjun kapoor makes… His relationship with Malaika has costed him so much… Is it worth it?

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