Bollywood Blind Item 3 – October 2017

The blind item below was shared with us by a reader yesterday. Originally from Mid Day, this blind item speaks about how this munni is getting badnamed. We know, we know, it’s too clear and out there but it is what it is. We have to say though that this is not the first time that this news has made it in the form of blind items. It was earlier reported when her divorce was granted that she was involved with a rich industrialist from London and this young Bollywood actor at the same time. We assumed if was a British guy, but that’s not the case.

It was also reported how this lady was staying at an apartment that was given to her by this man and how they might just get married soon. Well, based on the blind item below, marriage does not seem to be in his plan. The details below in the blind item regarding their relationship is just creepy. Maybe it’s normal for these women, but for normal women who work hard to make a name for themselves, this is just degrading. It’s why men think that money can make them the king of the world because it can buy them everything.

As for this lady, wasn’t the huge alimony she got from her husband enough? It must not be since she has to resort to doing these things. In her world, it’s not uncommon for ladies to keep rich men “company” and get well-paid for their time. In their world, everyone has a price. Check out the blind item below from Mid Day. By the way, it was a bit tricky to find out who this industrialist is, but based on the very little description we managed to find our guess. If you think it’s someone else, let us know.


Bollywood Blind Item

Bollywood Blind Item 3 – October 2017

This middle-aged bombshell's sugar daddy is a sleazy top industrialist

Word comes in that this glamorous middle-aged bombshell, who is a media favourite, has a little secret that she has managed to keep away from the Indian high society and media glare. The jet-set lady in question frequents the Mumbai – London first class route every couple of weeks and has been spotted on numerous occasions in the company of her London-based sugar daddy, a sleazy top industrialist, with homes around the world.

“She is a ferociously ambitious woman and destroyed her own ex-husband, by forcing him into a large debt, which he is still paying off,” informs a London-based source. “The fact is that she has been seen on more than one occasion with the industrialist at his love nest in Mayfair,” she says. “It’s known that he has the sleaziest set-up in London and the joke is that he has more mistresses than hairs on his head,” we are informed.

And how does the said industrialist manage to keep the lid on his various affairs? “His operation is a three-step one,” says the source. “First, he insists that the woman trashes him in public. Secondly, she pretends to be very spiritual, and thirdly, she sets up a business to throw people off the scent.” as for the newest arm candy, “it is the worst-kept secret in London that the ambitious lady is part of his harem,” she says. Phew!


OSOP Guesses

Bombshell: Malaika Arora Khan

Industrialist: Sanjay Hinduja

Bollywood Blind Item 3 – October 2017

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8 Responses

  1. kats says:

    Exactly…the industrialist is married..I dont think its him.

  2. Sara says:

    Sanjay mahtani recently got married to Anju Mahthani. SO this is not true.

  3. Devil says:

    I always wanted to write that Malika must be loaded with that alimony as she is seen in designer clothes and her face looks different as she now can afford good spa. But now I know where the money if coming from.

  4. Black/white says:

    I had a little hope to see SK married but seeing this I dont think he will lol.

  5. Black/white says:

    Malaika seems so shady. She has this holier than thou attitude in her interviews and events but behind the scenes what the hell is going on? If it’s indeed Malaika and Arbaaz, then poor Salman will have to pay his ex bhabhis debts.

  6. Rain says:

    No, this BI is about Sheetal Mafatlal, ex husband is Atulya Mafatlal…

    • Admin says:

      Like we said it was already mentioned earlier about her relationship with this man, but everything got quiet afterwards. It’s only now it’s being brought up again.

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