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It’s a bit strange that this blind item is coming at this time. When it was shared this morning, it did seem out of nowhere. But, guess what? An hour ago, his “mentor” released a new video on how he got fit for the film that they did together. He is really enjoying all the praises and accolades he received for the film. He is milking it to the max! Why not? It’s his first blockbuster after years. Can you imagine he was going to go on tour to talk about his role in this film when Karuna Corona stopped him? Just talking, no dancing. Just imagine!

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Back to the blind item. This young actor who was in the same film experienced something he has never experienced with his movies before. For once, the attention was not on him but on this senior actor who he looks up to.

If you remember, while they were making this film and soon afterwards, there was a barrage of blind items that called out the senior actor for making himself look better onscreen and decreasing the role of the young actor by sitting in the editing room and editing the film.

It is said that the young actor didn’t like the experience of sharing the film and screen with his mentor, the senior actor. Now with this blind item, it’s even clearer that everything that exists between them is only for show!

To be fair, the production house recently released the making of this film. The action sequences are what were very interesting, but what we noticed during the making is that the senior actor is nowhere to be seen during the shooting of these action sequences. Even though he’s in these scenes in the film, he’s not there in the making. They used a body double for him, but the young star was very much present in the making and you can see him doing these action scenes.

Action is what he’s good at and in this film, it was him who did most of his sequences which were mostly hardcore action scenes. So if you think about it, all the hard work he put in and when the film releases and becomes a blockbuster, it’s the senior actor who gets all the credit? All because he was daring enough to show his greys and looked old for the screen?!

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As you know, the senior actor was not that fit at the time of shooting this film which is why he didn’t remove his shirt at all. In the video that he shared after the film released where he is showed to be preparing to get back in shape, it seems to be that his chest or torso probably wasn’t ready yet to be shown so he worked on his arms and upper chest area. It could be that he was insecure to show off his body since the young actor has an impeccable God-knows how many packs on his torso!!

Remember the blind items about how this senior actor was insecure to take off his shirt and how there were whispers that he now has a “dad-bod”? Seems to be true!

Anyways, maybe this young star should stop copying his “mentor” and focus on creating his own style. Unless, like we mentioned once, he wants to show his “mentor” than him which is why he keeps on copying his moves and styles even his bronzed look!

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Check out the blind item below from Mumbai Mirror.


Bollywood Blind Item


WHILE the world thinks this handsome actor is doing rather well for himself with his good-boy image, those who work closely with him have another take on him. They say his constant humble act is just a façade and he is rather ambitious and arrogant.

Especially since he doesn’t want to be spoken of in the same breath as his one-time mentor, now a flop star. The young man also doesn’t want to be positioned in the same bracket as other young stars, but insists on being spoken of as a mass action hero like Salman Khan.

OSOP Guesses

Handsome Actor: Tiger Shroff

Mentor: Hrithik Roshan



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5 Responses

  1. Lady Laetitia Knollys says:

    How is Hrithik a “flop star” ? ‘One time mentor’ & ‘ flop star’ sounds more like an actor who has been wiped out and deserted like a sinking ship. That epithet can easily fit SRK whose last few movies have bombed badly- if he was advising an actor from Dharma or YashRaj. . Young actor could be any male actor .

  2. Adira says:

    Fake blind. Hrithik is NOT a flop actor. His last two films last year grossed over 100 crores!!!

  3. abcd says:

    Many new star kids are joining Bollywood on daily basis and here tiger is lost in the world of Bollywood’s Voldemort.. (He should not be named-hr) it’s very disheartening to see shallow deeds of star kids. Hope they are out of their illusion before their careers get destroyed in Bollywood. Outsiders and web series are anyways giving spoilt star kids run for their money.

  4. HateKjo says:

    A fake blind. Tiger is really humble and a down to earth person. He adores Hrithik a lot.. There is nothing wrong in being ambitious.

    A big LOL at Hrithik is a flop star. Which dumb head hater has written this? He is a superstar and really successful person. His last 2 movies are superhits. He is on top and most bankable star of Bollywood.

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