Attention: Tiger might have taken Hrithik’s Bronzer!

Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff last worked together in last year’s biggest hit, ‘War’, and soon after that, Tiger’s appearance is looking more and more like HR which is why we are guessing he might have sneaked into HR’s dressing room and snatched his bronzer! Or he could have had his people buy the same brand, who knows?!

After seeing two of his latest music videos, we are wondering whether he knows he tries to be HR or he is doing it unintentionally? You know like Varun Dhawan does comedy like Govinda and romance like SRK, the same thing seems to be happening to Tiger.

In his latest music video, he might be in the remake of Mithun’s famous hit song ‘Disco Dancer’ but his presence in the song is as if he was asked to act and be like Hrithik, if HR would have done it.

Check out the remake no one asked for: I Am A Disco Dancer 2.0

Obviously, he can try to be as much as he wants by trying to move like HR with his signature steps and even using the same bronzer color tone as HR uses, he cannot manage to emote like HR. Tiger has his body movements right but never his emotions, as in his facial movements!

Sure, some would argue it’s not really an obsession but a tribute to the man he looks up to but…if we go by the blind items that were released last year about what happened behind the scenes when he shot that movie with his hero/mentor, it’s not all peaches and roses between them! Meaning at this point, all that inspiration or adulation is not what it is with him.

Here’s another remake no one asked for from Tiger’s last film: Dus Bahane 2.0

In this song, it’s there. He has the Hrithik War look all down with the hair and bronzer all set in! It’s not surprising considering how he took time off ‘Baaghi 3’ to shoot for this song for 12 hours straight. He didn’t even go to the bathroom! Just joking, how in the world would we know that?!

FYI, if you notice Tiger’s facial hair has remained the same in his last few films. Remember the blind items about him going under the knife to have the hair implanted? Seems true! This also explains why he even had facial hair in ‘Student of the Year 2’.

Jokes apart, what is Tiger’s identity/image in Bollywood? Because he keeps on making the same kind of films that showcases his dancing and action skills but there’s still no real acting from him. He’s still on that same rollercoaster, even though he has been heavily criticized for it by both his fans and critics. It seems that he looks at the box office status as what the audience likes him in so if they liked him in ‘War’, it means he should continue doing these action films.

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But his latest ‘Baaghi 3’ was criticized heavily for how silly it was. The movie had a big opening weekend and after that, things slowed down a bit after Word of Mouth (WOM) started going around about how silly the film was. Is Tiger signing films based on the number and type of action scenes and dance sequences or does he look at the story as well?

Based on the way his films are, you already know the answer to that. But does he not know that his fans have already seen him doing action and dance? So it’s like they are seeing him do the same thing over and over again!

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It’s funny that talking about Tiger’s HR obsession, Harman Baweja comes to mind.Β Remember when Harman Baweja was making his debut? There was strong gossip back then how he took Hrithik’s picture and went to a cosmetic surgeon so that he can look like. It does sound like a silly rumour, but that started the whole thing of Harman trying to be Hrithik by trying to dance and act like him. That gossip ended with the first film itself and why would they use something like this to promote Harman? All it did was do more harm as he was compared with HR and called a wannabe!

Tiger is a star on his own with a huge fanbase, he doesn’t have to be like HR. He can find his own path, which ironically at one time was supposed to be Vidyut Jammwal’s path! Remember when Tiger was starting out, Vidyut was already a film old and was considered a success until Tiger came along as the younger version of him! And now, Tiger is the young version of HR. HR is not able to do all these jumping flying steps but Tiger can! It’s almost as if he is saying to HR, “I am better than you!”. After all, you still believe all these videos he does of HR’s songs are him paying homage? Not after he sort of accused HR of cutting his role in ‘War’ which is why people didn’t notice him but paid attention to HR, according to blind items!

By the way, watching most of ‘Baaghi 3’ songs…

P.S. Our dog does the same thing on the grass as whatever Shraddha is doing here.

More than songs, they looked like there was some competition going on who can wear lesser! If there was, we all know who will win it:

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Before we end this, let’s go for a vote.

By the way, what is this obsession with trying to look ‘bronzier’ when you are fair? At a time when actresses are going for skin lightening, these two are spending money on a big bottle or spray of bronzer to get rid of their fair skin! But they are not the only ones that take the help of bronzers:

Authors and entertainment journalists have written a great many articles about the brown-facing of Hrithik Roshan in Vikas Bahl’s movie last year. But a lot of them have forgotten that Super 30 was not the first time the freakishly fair Roshan had resorted to applying bronzer on every visible part of his body. Whenever he was not playing a character set in the upper-class metro areas, his skin tone moved towards the darker spectrum of the makeup palettes. Be it playing Vijay Deenanath Chauhan in the reboot of Agneepath or Sarman in Ashutosh Gowarikar’s period drama Mohenjo Daro.

Brown-facing in Super 30 became a topic of discussion because of the excess of this tactic during the time when social conversation about the caste politics in the education system of the country was at its peak because of suicide committed by a medical student who was discriminated against. The same discussions were held when Alia Bhatt turned up with her brownface makeup in Udta Punjab and Ranveer Singh became Murad for Zoya Akhtar’s Gully Boy. But, like most things in India, and because of the majority’s love for fair skin, the controversy over Hrithik’s face died down along with the argument that Pankaj Tripathi would have done a better job with the role of Anand Kumar. The movie did well on the box office and nobody cared to revisit the topic. –

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