Blind Item – 2017 – Bollywood – December 10

Life works in a funny way, if you think about it. We are sitting here in front of computer not feeling a thing for this successful actor, who is being forced to marry the girl he just dumped. We are actually feeling quite lucky not to be him. Life truly is funny! All the money in the world and he has to resort to this. Well, serves him right, but is it good for her?

She probably doesn’t care at this stage. To her, this marriage is going to be like save-my-face kind of situation in front of her relatives and friends. Why? Because she stuck by this dude even though the world knows that he cheated on her multiple times. He’s quite good at hiding it too. Probably saw how Ranbir Kapoor dealt with his affairs and he went 10 times smarter about his cheating ways.

These two would go on vacations together, despite not being married. Not that it’s unheard of in Bollywood, but it’s unheard and unpractised of in his and her family. His own brother got married to his childhood sweetheart at a young age, it’s why his family wants him to do the same thing and not play around no more.

So now, he is going to get married to her. It seems there’s no escaping that. If she’s cool with his cheating, then why should we bother. If she was smarter, she would have done her own thing and try to be successful. We heard that her family is loaded, which is why his family doesn’t want him to upset them like this. Man, what a life to live!

Check out the blind item below by PinkVilla. Girls should always be their own person and do their own thing. Never be dependent on a guy.


Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item – 2017 - Bollywood - December 10


This popular actor almost dumped his longtime girlfriend for an actress but is now planning to marry her

It won’t be surprising if this very promising actor officially gets engaged to his longtime girlfriend, but what is shocking is the reason behind this. This young actor is not really planning to tie the knot out of his own will but due to family pressure. And the inside story that we have is that this energetic actor almost dumped his childhood sweetheart for his co-star with whom he debuted about seven years ago. We hear that his co-star also broke up with her movie star boyfriend.

All of this seemed to have upset his family and especially his father but this actor did not want to hurt his parents. He even bought his own house recently and a lot of people were surprised to see his girlfriend at the housewarming party. This reminds us of another actor who too was forced to marry his childhood sweetheart though he had fallen in love with his co-actor, but had to marry his girlfriend due to family pressure.


OSOP Guesses

Actor: Varun Dhawan

Girlfriend: Natasha Dalal

Co-Star: Alia Bhatt

Blind Item – 2017 - Bollywood - December 10


Blind Item – 2017 - Bollywood - December 10

Other Actor who was in a similar situation:

Hrithik Roshan and Sussanne Khan

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41 Responses

  1. nefarious says:

    @Admin: Also, seems Ranveer and DP were not invited to Anushka’s reception. Aamir and Salman gave it a miss. I sorta knew Salman wouldnt come, as she remarked about his gang rape comment after Sultan released. Must be weird for her too see all the guys shes laid with at one place, RK, SRK, Anurag Kashyap. Wonder why Shahid wasnt seen there

    • Admin says:

      All of the people you mentioned were not around. Salman is exhausted and has retired at his Panvel farm to also celebrate his bday there. Anushka is just a co-star and most people attended out of courtesy. It would have been different if this was an Ambani getting married, everyone WOULD be there. They would even fly back from the moon!

  2. nefarious says:

    @Admin: I hope this blind isnt circulated by Kjo. I mean, Alia and Sid were never dating. And i dont think he fell in love with Alia, i suspect he had a thing for Tapsee. It still remains to be seen if he will eventually walk the aisle with Natasha

  3. Akshata says:

    Hey Admin, what’s the deal with Karan. Is he really with Manish or with Sid and other young ADs from Dharma as the rumours keep floating around. Also not sure if Sid Alia were really dating or she was just a beard as some blinds seem to suggest.

  4. Amanda says:

    Varun is doing so well in his career.. He has everything he wants and that includes money too.. why marry natasha for money? Marriage happens once in a lifetime and deciding to marry someone to please parents is a bad idea…. Hope their relationship survives……… btw,varun talks as though he is a loyal partner to natasha and all of his fans believe that…. I was shocked after reading this….

    • Admin says:

      Well, the signs were there..There have been blind items regarding how he truly is.

      • Amanda says:

        ok.. Maybe I might have missed those……..

        Admin,What happened to Emraan Hashmi… Not seeing him much nowadays… Also the Bhatt camp is quiet these days… They used to make so many movies a year… This year,they didn’t had much releases… Is it because their movies are not working at BO?

        • Admin says:

          Obviously…Their bread and butter formula has stopped working for ages ever since every other film has started looking like a Bhatt film. We all know what Emraan’s claim to fame is and he really doesn’t have much working for him. Maybe he needs better scripts or he just needs to take a break to recharge like Akshaye Khanna did. The thing with Emraan was, when his movies were doing well, he himself said that he doesn’t like to watch Hindi films and enjoy watching only European or Hollywood films. Perhaps the audience decided they don’t want to watch his Hindi films anymore! Who knows!

          • Amanda says:

            lol…. Now there are many actors who are ready to kiss onscreen ….They have stolen Emraan’s spot and Emraan is not good at doing anything else apart from kissing in Bhatt’s films…

            All those psychopath characters with no family background,made on a low budget with lesser known actors with one or two hit songs were trademark of Bhatt’s films…. Bhatts should rest now and let Alia alone take the charge…..

          • Fair says:

            Hahahahah true

            Yes he said that on KWK…. Even then i had a good laugh.. wow u work in Bolly and u dont watch Bolly…. He thinks he is a talented actor and in a diff league.

          • Amanda says:

            Well, we can see how he is faring now.. Hope he keeps his feet grounded..

          • Ronak says:

            Who were the girls with whom Varun was going around….any bollywood heroines?

          • Admin says:

            Nargis, Alia, Kriti..

          • Ananya says:

            Really? When did he work with Kriti? I thot only Alia.

            But Admin I wanted to ask this in a long time. Why can’t Varun or Hrithik marry the one they love? I mean they have enough money and it’s not like Kareena or Alia is any less. They are rich and from powerful film family itself. And why does Varun or Hrithik parents think about girl parents desires and not their own sons? Why they don’t approve a Kapoor or Bhatt girl, bz they’re actresses, bas?!

          • Admin says:

            Dilwale. We don’t blame you for not remembering this desperate wanted to be a big hit film from SRK.

          • Ananya says:

            Oh yes. I’m one who watched it in theatre. I’m glad my memory is weak in such situations. But isn’t she a loyal gf to unloyal Ssr?! Weird.

          • Admin says:

            Well, first of all, these guys you mentioned have been with these girls for a long time and promised them marriage. Obviously, the parents would try to put some sense into them. Despite their bank account balance, they are from a typical Indian family after all. The parents also want to save face as well. Imagine hanging around the girl’s family for years because you all think you are going to be related. It’s a complicated situation and the easiest way is to go through with the marriage.

          • Ananya says:

            I get it but it’s not uncommon even among normal rich ppl out of bw. Some marriages do get called off. (Remember Queen film situation?)

            And if Natasha and Suzzaine parents are rich why would they want to sell their daughter into a marriage where she is never going to be respected or happy and to a 100 percent guarantee cheater hubby. I mean if the cheater face comes out later or if both daughter and boy is too blind in love to listen to them we understand. But this is like all know the situation but just want the marriage.

            Plus why wouldn’t dhawan and roshan family prefer a more rich and famous dil? All want money and status so why not better options. I don’t believe they’re so loyal and up to promises being kept lol.

            And where does this leave Alia? Used by kjo for Sid sake, loved Varun who will keep using her but not marry her and a career that’s crafted by kjo ability. Where is she going to find her Saif now? Which superstars marriage did she attend when she was 10?

          • Admin says:

            Here’s the thing, in both situations, the girls’ families don’t know how the boys feel or felt. They are oblivious and probably heard of these rumours of affairs like the rest of us.

          • Ananya says:

            But if Varun doesn’t want this marriage, then definitely he would have told Natasha the reason na. Or Hrithik to Suzzaine when he was into Kareena. Why would he choose Suzzaine over a gorgeous rich khandani Kareena if he is not in love with her?! It’s really beyond me. They have all the money in the world yet have to marry for money and also giving up a rich girl not even a poverty ridden girlfriend. Lol

          • Admin says:

            They did. It’s their families that are not accepting their decision.

          • Manisha says:

            I understand your POV but maybe it’s more simple than any of this in that perhaps the boy’s family doesn’t want their son to marry another actress even if the actress is famous and from a wealthy family. Having 2 famous actors in a marriage isn’t easy and unfortunately many times the actor husband cheats and the woman typically takes a backseat (ie: Akshay-Twinkle). Varun marrying somewhat of an outsider allows him to keep his “heartthrob” status and makes it easier for him to keep her at bay with any affairs.

          • Mohini says:

            The real reason is that it is seen as safe in Btown to marry someone from a “real” business background because films are an unsafe bet. Both Hrithik’s dad and Varun’s dad have gone through VERY tough times and they didnt/dont want their childrent to face similar problems.

            I mean look at Bobby for example. Do you have any idea how many 1000s of crores his wife is worth? Its beyond all of SRK’s wealth.

            Varun’s girlfriend’s father will give him more money than the budget (not his salary) of his next 20 years worth of movies. So its like a safety net.

            Same reason why Sonam is marrying that short skinny so-called fashion designer. Her films have not worked out he has daddy’s money and will spend on fashion. All set. Then movies will be a hobby not a risk that can change your life.

            As for Hrithik, his dad was in a VERY bad place after Koyla flopped. Their house was girwi (mortgaged) to make the film and they were in danger of losing it. Suzzane’s parents funded KNPH. And when they asked for Kareena to be replaced and Hrithik to be married IMMEDIATELY after the movie was released Rakesh Roshan had to agree. Hrithik was his meal ticket and he wasnt going to forgo that. Idiots like Kangana act like Hrithik is living on his dads money when its the other way around.

            These fathers ruin their children’s life by giving them the wrong goals instead of letting them live their lives well.

          • Anisha says:

            Correction: Bobby Deol’s wife is worth Rs 300 crore, not thousands of crores and definitely not more than SRK.

            Another correction: Anand Ahuja is quite the catch. He studied at an American school, an Ivy League university, worked in the US for a while and then came back home to join the family business and later started his own business. He’s well-educated, mannered, effortlessly cool, and, more importantly, intelligent and articulate β€” it’s everything that Sonam the Airhead wishes to be. And by association to him, she’s now one too. I don’t think she can do better than this. I mean, look at her past boyfriends β€” none match up to Anand.

          • Admin says:

            Didn’t you read Bobby Deol’s interview? He claimed that they lost all the money when his wife’s brother fought them in court.

          • Rashmi says:

            I heard rumors that Hrithik’s debut took place on the money of the mafia, which sponsored Rakesh in its times. Then the mafia demanded money back and threatened Rakesh, he was very scared. there are articles on this topic. By the way, Hrithik lives in Bollywood only thanks to his father, who every time saves his ass after the flop of films. so Kangana is not an idiot and has never been, she says the real things

          • Mohini says:

            LOL if you think Bobby’s wife is only worth what’s on paper.

            LOL if you think Sonam is marrying Anand for his angrezi manners and not his money.

            Um if Mafia funded KNPH which was a mega hit and they asked for the money back surely Rakesh Roshan would be able to pay them? The mafia demanded hafta from Rakesh Roshan which is a part of his profits that he has to pay them if he wants to stay alive. They used to do this back then. When he refused they shot him. They didn’t just threaten him. He was shot. With a lot of directors and producers similar shit happened. They threatened Jhamu Sughand after the success of HDDCS as well, these threats drove away Rajiv Rai abroad.

            LOL about Rakesh Roshan protecting his sons career. Yes, because he was a flop while Hrithik is an enduring hit. You have no idea how much money that old man STILL earns from the rights of KNPH do you?

            Don’t want to comment on a woman who believes in black magic.

            And no I wont edit anything.

          • Admin says:

            It’s true that RR refused to pay the mafia and they shot him. That’s how stingy he is! Can’t call him courageous because only Preity Zinta dared to stand up against the underworld.

            As far as RR helping HR’s career, the Roshans all help one another. Rakesh Roshan, for some reason, only composes for RR’s home production. His son too now is working under the same home production. He had dreams of becoming a hero himself but is settling as a behind the scenes position for now.

          • kiran101 says:

            Dear @admin : Let me ask you this question…Do have something personal against Roshan family ?Calling him stingy for not willing to pay underworld(u actually took underworld side) Also, all the pinkvilla bashing here that its a sold out website to PR. Let me tell u i came to know this place becoz someone advertised this place in PV repeatedly. Pv may have sold its soul for money… but this place is also sold to a particular section…u said it urself…just because ur initial viewers were here you dont want to hurt their sentiments…I hear them also reminding you how not to ditch them and their favorite since they were they one who were here since beginning. Let us see how this place stands the test of time. I was bashed in gang here but @shivadi is calling people idiots and fools openly …even if no one even talked to her and yet she is let loose.
            Do you have any scoop on the honesty of people who claim to have no friends in industry and another who says they have no respect for anyone in industry…holding hands like besties in wedding parties ?

          • Admin says:

            Come on, it’s not like we have nothing going on for us to hate celebrities. That’s low. Perhaps, you are not aware of it: it’s an inside joke as to how Roshan Senior can be quite stingy hence the stingy reference. The underworld back then was no joke, they shot and killed people who refused to give them money. Like we said, PZ was the only one who dared to fight them. Roshan just didn’t pay and ended up being attacked. So yes, you can imagine how stingy he is that he is willing to get shot and not part with his money. Even the biggest of stars were giving money to the underworld at that time, it was no secret. Anyone who has had contact with this man will vouch for the fact at how stingy he is and can be.

          • Admin says:

            About the commenter you mentioned, she can attest to the fact that we have warned her. Her comments do get out of hand because she can’t seem to control her emotions while typing. We have warned her and we think that commenters here already know how she is.

          • kiran101 says:

            just saying please edit ur last but one line…everyone here hates hrithik…they know he is evil —even outsiders know this somehow. I just read some actress fan (she who must not be named) called any woman who liked hrithik is a fool ….she is the fan of “she who must not be named”. guess on who the joke is on .

          • Nars <3 Kangana says:

            Kangana = Voldemort. Hahahahahhaha. Kiran101 it’s time to let go of all the negativity. We know u strongly dislike her and all her fans…its a new year, so let us bury the hatchet.

          • kiran101 says:

            thanks for the advice…if only u took ur own advice about Hrithik

          • esspaess says:

            I don’t know about Varun, but regarding Hrithik: he and Sussanne had been going steady for years before KNPH was released. They were genuinely in love and loyal to each other. So when he and Kareena had an affair, both families being film families thought “it’s an on-set affair, it happens, it’s a mistake on his part, he isn’t a womaniser”. Susanne forgave him then and again after Barbara Mori. But stardom did change Hrithik permanently, and ultimately she didn’t want to be the eternally forgiving, taken for granted type star-wife.

  5. Fair says:

    Ohh i always thought Varun was loyal… The way he used to talk about love and relationships in interviews it looked like he treated his own woman very well.. but so typical man…

    Admin do you have any inside scoop of Sonam K ? There is no news of her other than tantrums and cat fights. Is she a very loyal and one man woman? Is the news of she getting married to Anand soon true?

    • Admin says:

      Yes, it seems that they are headed that way. Probably in March 2018. There have been reports of the venue already being booked for next year. Since they are happily posing together, it’s not that hard to see they are ready to officially be together.

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