Bobby Deol is back! No wait, Bobby Deol wants to be back

After a long time, Bobby Deol gave an interview in which he spilled his heartbreak over Bollywood. We read the whole interview and it was like he had a bad breakup with Bollywood and didn’t expect Bollywood to just drop him off like that. He wants to be back in action now and did this interview with the hope that directors and producers will sign him on.

We remember there was a rumour that he was involved in someone else last year, but he doesn’t address that in this interview. What he does talk about though is his short career as a DJ and his wife inheriting her dad’s money and subsequently using that money to fight off her brother in court. That DJ incident was a big deal.

People made fun of him everywhere. All the Deols have been out of action and it remains to be seen how Sunny Deol will launch his son as their sense of direction is all wrong. Even Bobby acknowledges that by saying that he didn’t want to change when the industry was changing. He is a good actor, but it was his choice of films that was wrong.

When his dad, Dharmendra, was launched old ladies (that time, they were young) went crazy because he was so good-looking. In fact, Jaya Bachchan said that Dharmendra is the most handsome actor she has ever seen. Then when Dharam’s son, Sunny Deol, made his debut, all the ladies again went mad. The same thing happened with Bobby Deol. He was just something else from the other Deols. Maybe it was his long curly hair or his head-swing dance moves,

Bobby was the craze back then. That dance move in ‘Gupt’ in the son, ‘Duniya Haseeno Ka Mela’ was IT! If you have no idea, go and check on YouTube. Back to Bobby, in this interview with Huffington Post India, he talks about a lot of things, including the DJ incident. Hard to believe that he’s already 48 years old! From all the answers below, we find the story about him almost doing ‘Jab We Met’ the most interesting and hard-breaking.


Bobby Deol Interview


Bobby on why he disappeared from films

I guess I was too old-fashioned, couldn’t keep up with the quickly changing times. In my time, the 90s, everything was slow.


Bobby on how stars were not accessible that time

People didn’t talk about themselves all the time. Your work did the talking. It was rare to see or access a star and that made being one very interesting. There was no social media, no internet, things were generally simpler.


Bobby on how he didn’t realise his career was slipping away

I didn’t even realize when my career started slipping away. You usually don’t. Work slows down and before you know it, you are sitting at home more than hanging out on film sets.


Bobby on how industry people thought he was unprofessional

People thought I am a rich spoilt brat who was happy with life and who didn’t want to work. They thought I am extremely lazy.


Bobby on how times changed so fast

90s were very different. Life was simpler, people were nicer, and things were less complicated.


Bobby on how the media manipulates everything

Media creates a very strong blueprint of what is ‘current’ or who is the new ‘blue-eyed boy’ and now the media is bigger than it was ever before. It wasn’t like that before.


Bobby on knowing that he was hot back then

I was very well-aware of it. And that was because I always wanted to be attractive, especially for women. I was an insecure, overweight kid who had major confidence issues. It was only when I turned 17 did I muster some courage to talk to women. After going through these instances, I was quite pleased to be considered a man who women would swoon over.


Bobby on looking forward to work again in films

Honestly, I am starving to work. I am dying to work. I want work. I want the movie producers to know that I am still around and very much available. I am looking not just to play the lead role but any role that gives me a scope to perform well. Give me a good character role and I’ll be as good as I used to be. I feel no shame in asking for work.


Bobby on why he’s not relevant anymore compared to other 90s stars

I think I made some wrong decisions in the mid-2000s (Kismat, Bardaasht, Tango Charlie were the films he appeared in back then). I ended up doing films which I didn’t want to but I had to. It backfired and work started slowing down. I don’t know what went wrong with my career trajectory. Simply put, I couldn’t move up with the times.


Bobby on how he wants to move on in the industry

To break the stereotype and surprise people, especially the film industry so they see me differently.


Bobby on why he didn’t call up any famous director to ask for work

I did that. It didn’t help. I spoke to all my director-producer friends. I told them: give me a good role, it doesn’t have to be the lead. I can’t push them to cast me. I’ve met them and I’ll meet them again and ask them again for work.


Bobby on how he was supporting his family when he wasn’t working

You need to support your family. People think Bobby is a filmy kid, he is loaded with money. They also believe that I got a shit load of money from my wife’s family. It’s ridiculous.


Bobby on whether he was ever depressed during the hard times

Very. There was a particular phase where I turned to the bottle and was on the verge of becoming a total alcoholic. Not working makes you ill, sad, depressed. It ages you.


Bobby on how he can’t handle social media

I am a very emotional person. And the thing with Twitter and all is that it thrives on negativity. People like to troll and rip apart and ridicule artists and honestly, it’s difficult to deal with when you’re already down and out.


Bobby on the whole DJ thing

I practically got conned. Some dude approached me to show up at a club and advertised it as if I was going to be the DJ for the night. He told me about this but assured me that I don’t really have to play. Now, I don’t know jack shit about DJing. It’s an intricate job, not everyone can just get behind a console and get on it. So I showed up thinking I’ll hang around and leave but I know it backfired.


Bobby on the current actors he likes

Alia Bhatt is amazing. So are the rest of them. But I still feel there’s something missing in them.


Bobby on how he was supposed to do many Imtiaz Ali’s films

I was also to do Jab We Met. Back then, it was titled Geet.


Bobby on how Imtiaz Ali screwed him over

There was a studio called Shri Ashtavinayak who wanted to sign me. I told them that let’s sign Imtiaz. He has a script ready. And let’s talk to Kareena Kapoor (Bobby had worked with Bebo in Ajnabee). The producers were like, oh no, that guy will make an expensive film. Kareena, on the other hand, didn’t even want to meet Imtiaz. I took them to Preity (his close friend and Soldier co-star). She agreed but said she can do it only after 6 months. So we were stuck.


Bobby on finding out that Imtiaz did not take him for Jab We Met

Days passed. And suddenly I read that Ashtavinayak has signed Imtiaz for Jab We Met and Kareena is doing the film! And she had gotten her then boyfriend, Shahid Kapoor to act opposite her. I was like, wow. Quite an industry.


Bobby on still being friends with Imtiaz Ali

He is a great director and doing so well. We’re still friends. But I always tell him: ‘Imtiaz, I won’t watch any of your films until you make one with me. That’ll be your best film.”

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2 Responses

  1. Rebecca says:

    The Deols have a terrible reputation for being sexist chauvinists too, with a ‘Jat’ way of looking at women which doesn’t fit into today’s world (thank god!).

    But this part you missed “I’m surviving alright but that’s not what I want. I want the best for my kids.” makes me wonder.
    With Sunny launching his son, did Bobby realize he is no longer the kid everyone takes care of and he now has to start thinking about his own kids’ future?

  2. Guddu says:

    Awww. I pity this guy. No one wants to see him in movies but he’s looking for work to support his family. You can always find other places for work and have no shame in doing that as long as its a good job.

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