When you don’t want your father to know

You married a politician!

When you don't want your father to know

Pakistani politician and ex-cricketer, Imran Khan, got married again less than a year after his divorce from his second wife. It seems that he wants to get married and divorced as many times in his lifetime. Jokes aside, it could be someone advised him to get married because he is a politician because this man had or maybe still has a lot of fun and marriage wasn’t even a factor then, just ask his first wife, Jemima Khan!

Anyways, enjoy life while you can seems to be his motto. Congratulations on your new and latest bride, Mr Khan!

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21 Responses

  1. Tina says:

    Jemima was a beautiful, very young, well educated girl from a fabulously wealthy and elite British family when she met Imran Khan. But inspite of her privileged background, there was a lot of strife and instability in her life growing up. She was a illegitimate child born of an affair her married mother had with her then married father. When they divorced their spouses and married each other, her father James Goldsmith started another affair because he said “when you marry your mistress you create a vacancy”,

    Around the time they met, Imran had just lost his mother and turned to religion. A former playboy, he had completely turned a new leaf. It was a rather opportunistic change, but a stunning one. Jemima was impressed both with this change as well as what he told her about Islam. That he was an acclaimed sports person and good looking at that point of time (never mind that he looks like a hairy horse now) only added to his charm.

    For a girl who had everything but a stable family life based on sound and solid values, this must have seemed perfect. They married and she moved to Pakistan. But Imran’s past caught up with them. See, before he met Jemima, Imran had an affair with a heiress from another messed up British family. Sita White, his ex, gave birth to his daughter, Tyrian. When this came out much later Imran refused to acknowledge it. By now Imran was a top politician in Pakistan and admitting to ‘adultery and an illegitimate child with a non-muslim woman would have been political harakiri in the religious Islamic republic. Meanwhile, Sita White went to court, Imran was declared the father, and unfortunately Sita White herself died shortly after.

    To give apropos and credit to Jemima she had Tyrian spend time with her and her two sons in London and accepted her as a step daughter around 2002-2003. So much so that prior to her death Sita White appointed her and not any of her own family members as Tyrian’s guardian.

    Sita White died in 2004, and Jemima divorced Imran in the same year. Is that a coincidence? Or the last straw that broke the camels back? I don’t know.

    But IMO, Imran’s belief system that had most attracted Jemima had failed critically where it might have mattered most to her.
    Herself once an illegitimate child, she refused to let another be sacrificed to societal and religious norms. She left Imran but not her own beliefs or the children he fathered.

    • Amanda says:

      I think Imran is still in touch with Jemima because of his two children.. Jemima has take a lot of care in their upbringing and she never stoped Imran from visiting them… She never let any negative feelings towards their father seep into their children…. That’s why Imran still respects her…

    • prvilla says:

      @Tina Oh really..interesting!

    • kiran101 says:

      wow ! i like Jemima now for this.

  2. sara says:

    Imran even when he is married to these women He still has mistresses by side. Hence previous wife left him. Its common practice.

    • leap says:

      the most recent one left her husband for him. why do women fall prey to these Casanovas is beyond me

      • Alice says:

        Money hai tho Honey hain.. SImple
        ELse why would anyone marry a 60 Plus man.
        But I am observing now-a-days old man are more tharki than boys n their 20’s. SICK

        • Admin says:

          True..Old men no longer want to be uncle or grandpa to young girls…It’s because of how easy to get young girls these days..Sugar Baby and whatnot!

    • prvilla says:

      @sara I don’t know about the mistress bit or not,i’ll have to confirm that but definitely Reham khan is no babe in the woods..that much I can tell you!Also she is extremely well-acquainted with Nawaz Sharif these days..coincidence I think not!

  3. leap says:

    Hey admin apparently this marriage had happened earlier this year one of the news outlets found out and asked him about to and finally this has been reported now. Having fun still yup a lot of stories are out there he apparently married his last wife on political advise too.

    • Admin says:

      yea, he’s only coming out with it now…

      • leap says:

        @admin hes coming out because he has been forced to on political advise.

        • Amanda says:

          He could no longer hide his marriage since it was exposed by the media… Denial can be bad for his image… Hope this will be his final marriage..
          Got to know that the healer divorced her husband after Imran proposed to her.. But Imran maintains that he proposed to her after her divorce..

          • leap says:

            why was he trying to hide in the first place he isnt the first politician to marry more thn once in th country. Apparently according to some reporters he has known her for the last three years. let see, it will last as long as she stays a good house wife and has no political ambitions of her own that led him to divorce his second wife on political advise

  4. Amanda says:

    Admin, I have no idea why Imran and Jemima divorced.. Can you provide the details pls…….

    • kiran101 says:

      nothing unusal… people fall out of love and when they do all the sacrifies that they make so willingly when in love becomes overbearing and unacceptable and then they start missing out on all the things that are absent in their current setting .
      Jemima is british its just matter of time for her on how long she can live in pakistan . There maybe many other reasons too. But she said she could no longer cope up with her life in pakistan…that was the reason stated for divorce.

      @prvilla : since you are from pakistan…any more info you may have…please pitch in.

      btw off topic… @Amanda @monalisa and @prvilla did you guys watch ‘Padmavaat’??

      • Amanda says:

        Yes, I did watch padmavat and shared my views as well 😀

      • prvilla says:

        @kiran101The thing is back then Pakistan wasn’t exactly a very wordly place and women were not exactly allowed to do much,ironically despite having a female Prime Minister at the time..Although things are much much better now and women and young girls have definitely come into their own and are very much in control of their lives!Heck now there are more women who own businesses than men and our fashion industry is thriving,with female entrepreneurs.I guess she(Jemima) missed her hometown and as a free living ,free thinking women maybe she couldn’t cope with this kind of lifestyle,exactly what you said kiran101..Also didn’t help that underline anti Semitic views were and still are very much there..Also who knows,they probably fell out of love,again what you said cuz the divorce seemed to be amicable and they still meet often and have kept it rather cordial and even borderline friendly for the kids and otherwise.The rest honestly I’m gonna have to ask my Mami LOL!cuz her family is well acquainted with him..Anyhow all I know is that Imran Khan despite all his antics is actually a very nice person and respects women very much,most Pakistani’s consider him better than the rest of these Pajama Leaks..atleast he gives all the women he’s ever married their Nkah Namah rights(Mihr) before or after divorce and does not mud sling!Shahbaz(not so shareef) and his son have umpteenth wives and mistresses at the same time and treat them like objects and get rid of them at will without any respect or rights..Look up the curious case of Hamza Shahbaz and Rabia Khan,sure the woman was an attention seeker but my dad told me he definitely was married to her and did do her dirty!This just got highlighted because Imran khan doesn’t hide his dirty work like the rest of our lootera’s!I’m sorry I strongly dislike these sicko’s,they not only deprive the local people of things like proper gas and electricity but also have raised the prices of everything so high that it breaks my heart to see our own househelp not being able to make ends meet for the basic of things..Heck even our former president (mr 20%) Asif Ali Zardari was caught red handed with Model Ayyan Ali and was money laundering with her..why only highlight Imran Khan?BTW Yup!I did watch Padmavaat.my mom loved it but I thought it was a bit dragged out in parts but overall a good watch,nothing amazing but definitely not bad!In parts I thought I was watching GOT,thanks to Ranveer Singh!

        • kiran101 says:

          Interesting! Imran must be a decent guy for his ex wife to be friendly with her…He said nothing bad when she was dating Hugh Grant too. In general also he never seemed like a bad guy. I hear Jemima traced the bank statement several years ago the marble she brought in pakistan to prove imran’s innocence. It definitely appears she and Imran were falsely framed for it.

      • Monalisa says:

        @kiran101 I did watch Padmaavat but it was below my expectations. I cried after watching all of SLB’s previous movies ( except for Saawariya) and I was ready to shed some tears after watching Padmaavat as well. But alas, I did not. Also the Rajput parts were so boring (I even fell asleep through some of Shahid-DP scenes. But I was highly medicated on cold medicines so probably that was the reason for my drowsiness. Basically just went to watch RS. Haha..) For me the saving grace of the movie was Khiji parts.

        Loved RS, Jim and Aditi in their roles. Jim and Aditi both had great chemistry with RS. DP and Shahid were also not bad but they lacked chemistry and the Khilji story track was more interesting than the Rajput parts. SLB should have named the movie Khilji instead (that way could have avoided the controversy regarding the tittle) IMO. Or done a full fledged movie on Khilji’s life instead. Apparently Malik Kafur later poison Khilji and control the kingdom by having Khilji’s young son appointed as a puppet ruler. Khilji’s life story sound far more interesting to me than the Chittor story.

        • kiran101 says:

          Last week i saw the movie for second time… only for Ranveer Singh. I mean Dp and shahid are good actors but i felt nothing for them. I realized Aditi is better actress than DP.
          After Ram leela SLB ‘s main lead was Ranveer …does not matter the title of the movie. Padmaavat is Ranveer’s movie.

          What i do not understand is since i do not know about acting, formulating a scene, how script works in translating to a scene , how performance effects the whole thing and how characters are written…How much of it is great acting, and how much is bad writing .

          The characters on paper seem one dimensional…Yet Ranveer did his best with one dimensional shade…DP and shahid even though good actors could not evoke much emotion. Chemistry was super forced between them…I did not feel they loved each other even though they have been stating it like umpteen times. Bajirao mastani is far superior movie. Aneways it is what it is….I even liked Ragahav Chetan better than DP-Shahid.

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