When you care about birthdays way too much

Birthdays are important and some people celebrate it like if it’s their first birthday. Some people like to go out big for their kid’s first birthday, like really huge party and all that. It is strange because the kid is not going to remember it, but it’s tradition for them and it’s their money, so it’s alright! You know who else likes to celebrate birthdays? Some people with pets that they love a lot. Check this out below.

When you care about birthdays way too much

This was shared by Hindustan Times and we thought of sharing it here with you. In India in some places, hoardings are quite cheap to be used and it seems printing huge posters is also cheap, including posters with colours. But back to the poster, this is one of the few times that hoardings in India have not been used to celebrate a person’s birthday.

When you care about birthdays way too much

Honestly, it’s sweet of this person to think of their pets like this. It’s cute how they listed all of the pet’s friends below and included their names. They are all smiling and grinning. There’s even a group picture of all the doggy friends together. So adorable! But you can tell that the birthday doggie is so fed up with all this drama, his face says it all!

We are so glad that animals don’t understand these things, though. It’s same like parents doing these big birthday parties for their one-year old kid. If you treat your pets right, they live every day like it’s their birthday!

With that, let’s wish this doggie with Munnabhai’s eyes a very Happy Birthday!


Photo by HTMumbai

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4 Responses

  1. Deep says:

    This poster is a tight slap and a first rate Joke on the politicians who put up Hoardings to wish their party members Happy Birthday…… but honestly, give me dogs and all those animals any day over those shameless politicians….

  2. Tina says:

    Ahhmmm…..did you read what the tweet says? The residents got fed up with the random birthday hoardings of local politicians. Looks like they put this up to make fun of them. I doubt it was really the dog’s birthday, though they probably deserve the hoarding more.

    Having said that the residents of Kalyan have a damn good sense of humor!

  3. Pav says:

    Hahahaha.. after seeing all the crazy stupid nonsense happening around us, I really don’t mind things like that. That’s so sweet of the owner to show others how much he/she loves the dog. If they care so much about the birthday I’m pretty sure they treat rae dog well and friends too.
    But afterall, all what dogs want is your attention and cats want whiskers. (A proud owner of 5 Street dogs and 5 Street cats)

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