When you are able to beat and fool the system at once

In a weird piece of news:

When you are able to beat and fool the system at once

What a smart way to get money! We thought that maybe they were two women in love and got married on the sly because of the current Indian Laws, but that wasn’t the case. As it turned out, this 26-year old woman used Facebook to get girls to ‘fall in love’ with her and marry her. She got married to the first wife and left her soon after. She got married the second time and did the same thing. She has been harassing her in-laws for more dowry and they didn’t hesitate to file a police complaint.

The police managed to arrest her and couldn’t really understand that she was a lady because she looked and behaved so much like a man. She was telling them and they didn’t get it. It was only after a medical examination was done that they knew what she meant. We don’t know what is worst: to be conned into marriage by a man or by a woman who pretended to be a man! Everyone is going to ask these wives if they were blind and didn’t notice that they married a woman! This is like a unique case of Babli and Babli or Dolly ki Dolly!

Both the women she married didn’t seem to have suspected her. Ms Sen reportedly never disrobed in front of them, and according to the police, she was never sexually intimate with them. She mostly had male friends, used men’s toilets, and spoke in a different tone of voice, police said. She also reportedly smoked, drank alcohol and drove a motorcycle with her male friends to ward off any suspicion. – BBC News

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4 Responses

  1. prvilla says:

    Oh gosh..someone needs to make a movie on this!Hopefully with Kangana in the lead,such a quirky role only she can pull off!But honestly this person really needs to be dealt with for ruining innocent lives..only a severely warped person can pull such stunts!

    • Alice says:

      I dont want to be rude… but movies ke alawa bhi kuch hai life mein…. Admin, Pls post this.
      I saw this news on Television and they also mentioned how this fraud woman used Sex Toys and all other blah blah… I wish those girls can beat the shit out of this fraud woman.

      • prvilla says:

        You are being rude!Admin please post this..this is not PINKVILLA where you popped up from!State your own opinion and be done with instead of preaching to me!

  2. Amanda says:

    OMG! That’s all I can say… How come none recognized her…. I feel pity for those girls and their families… All the dreams of those girls came crashing down…. This con woman should be taken to task and punished severely

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