What is Ranbir doing?

The making of Ranbir Kapoor‘s transformation to Sanjay Dutt was released four months back. We only got to watch it today and guess what? There is something in there behind the scenes look that got us thinking, “What is he doing?”

Check it out below:

As you can see, he is holding the rope from the makeup lady’s skirt. Was he given the rope to play with so that he can sit quietly like a good boy or did he take the rope in his mouth by himself? Such a weird behaviour for a grown man to do! Just imagine if it was a creepy actor doing this? Ranbir is known to be playful and in an almost satanic boyish way, so people just let him be.  By the way, this is the same make-up artist in the story below:



Ranbir behaves like a child, who just like to put random things in his mouth. We thought he cannot control what comes out of his mouth, but seems like it’s the same case with what goes in.


These actors better be careful now with the #MeToo campaign heating up in India or people will say that they are being creepy to them. But, Ranbir?! What is you doing, boy?!



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13 Responses

  1. lailayaila says:

    Looks like hes got an oral fixation lol

  2. Pooja says:

    Add hatred against rk just made me laugh.

  3. priyaa says:

    this guy is a perv and everyone knows it. hell, he himself uses that tag as some kind of trophy. remember that early coffee with karan episode with imran where he mentioned having girls in his phone and calling them battery low or something. I have no idea why he’s like that though and why he thinks it’s so cool to be a perv. any other part in the world and he would have been out by now and called out many times over. also makes me thinks what the hell are those girls doing hanging around with this loser.

    • Lucy says:

      I think ranbir has a superiority complex,and also doesn’t know how to behave like a gentleman.he thinks his antics come across as cute.i have watch some of his ae dil hai mushkil and jagga jasoos promotions .he treats the women as he wants,like he was hitting anushka and talking down to her,albeit trying to show they are such good backslapping buddies.with Katrina it was on another level of misogynistic behaviour.its like he thinks if someone is my friend,I can behave in whatever way I want.even in front of the cameras.things like this,chewing someone’s clothes,drawing doodles on someone’s skin,picking his nose and wiping on someone’s clothes,he has done this on camera

  4. kiran101 says:

    notice how all #meetoo movement is about small fries in India. Not a peep about Kapoors, khans , bachchans , chopras , Johars etc etc. i have no doubts these alok nath types are creeps but nothing about actual bigwigs.

    • Lucy says:

      Bacchan is too powerful to even have people killed,rumour has it he knows the international mafia.also everyone knows of his political connection.salman has underworld mafia connection,remember the 2005 leaked taped conversations where he threatened ash ,it was all true.a Mumbai police official had leaked the info,but like money buys everything it was declared to be a false tape.just like he is still out after killing people,the witness died a horrific death and media never followed up that story,johar and chopra will always be safe as the victims gave consent,as in the victims like John Abraham and siddharth malhotra all wanted fame and films so they agreed to trade sexual favours.they were not coerced.they will never come out and say anything,infact will defend the perpetrator.kapoor story is filled with these incidents,some were even reported as in raj kapoor stories,but with the new generation as in ranbir kapoor,the women throw themselves at him.he doesn’t even need to force someone

    • guest says:

      @kiran101 the men will never talk each one has a skeleton in hiding. unfortunately I dont think it will expose any wrong doing wrt to me too all the poweful and top men. it will end the non relevant ones and bw will say hey look we dealth with it too give us brownie points. The most telling sign will the out come of nana patekar case if he goes free the me too in bw ends

  5. Lucy, says:

    But only creeps talk about sleeping with women like some race they have won,that too to another pervert Sanjay dutt and then putting it out in the media.he is exactly like salman.rajeev Masand coincidently wrote both stories,The ranbir story and the infamous iski Li,uski Li salman story.where he was going through a magazine and pointing fingers at the heroines pictures and saying iski li,iski bhi li,uski Li and when sridevis picture came he was iski nahi Li to his cronies who were laughing at all this.

  6. Samantha says:

    Such a creep! Wonder when a #MeToo will happen against him!! All know thr r tonnes of skeletons in his closet!

    • Fact says:

      There is no case of Metoo movment against RK as all the Girls willingly sleep with him or send nudes(Kangy) to him. Who can forget that wedding function where he slept with DP then with Amisha and again with DP in a single day and this was after his breakup with DP.

  7. Lucy, says:

    Well he is kapoor boy,someone else in his place would be charged with sexual harassment at workplace charges.he is literally chewing her clothes.this is the same guy who used to pull out his Brahmastra in front of everyone as a joke

    • Shaayara says:

      I’m sorry but I have to disagree. What he’s doing is definitely creepy but it’s not in any way sexual harassment. The girl looks pretty okay with no visible discomfort.I’m in no way supporting Ranbir here. But you don’t know what rapport they share, you don’t know their comfort level with each other. If the girl was not okay with this behavior and decides to someday speak out about it, she has my full support. As for now, she looks fine and he looks fine and it’s very wrong to label it as sexual harassment.
      As for the @admin, it’s pretty evident you do not like Ranbir. Then why go through the pain of watching his videos just to stir things up? Why go through these lengths just to accuse someone of sexual misconduct when there’s not been any?

    • Lucy says:

      The thing with workplace behaviour is it doesn’t matter how your employees feel with certain things you do or how comfortable you are with your employer.you might be even dating him or her,but there is a way to behave in a workplace.this is exactly why the lines blur,when an accused says but she didn’t complain when I did so and so.she was pretty comfortable.it doesn’t matter whether she is a friend or she is comfortable,maybe she thinks she will loose her job if she doesn’t act chummy with her employer.maybe she will loose work as ranbir might not choose her for his next assignment.this is how it works,the lead actors pretty much choose the crew both on and off camera.this is why everyone feels the only way to get work is to cozy up to the lead actor.even when they may not be comfortable with it.

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