What is going on with Kartik Aaryan in Love Aaj Kal?

Have you seen the trailer of ‘Love Aaj Kal’ – the 2020 version?

Here, take a look:

Sara’s expression aside, what’s going on with the young Kartik in this film? It’s not that much in the trailer, but it’s there in the songs.

Take a look:

Just focus on the young Kartik…Aren’t older/old gen characters supposed to be endearing? Just like the older Saif in ‘Love Aaj Kal’. But here, Kartik is a bit weird as if he’s almost not right up there. Too much over-acting! There’s a bit of Ranbir from ‘Tamasha’ and Hrithik from ‘Koi Mil Gaya’!


His clean and him trying to look young look doesn’t work, it’s like Dhanush in ‘3’. It’s like they put powder and gets him clean-shaven, voila!

So, what is going on?


Sara blamed her bad acting or bad scene on the director because he doesn’t let the actors see the monitor. Imtiaz also seem to not tell actors when they are doing bad. It’s like he gets intimated. It was proven with SRK in ‘Jab Harry Met Sejal’ but here it seems to be the case as well. And on top of that, he put that scene in the trailer so…

Image result for what in the world gifs

Isn’t it the director’s job to tell the actors that they are going wrong or let’s do another take? You know, like Farah Khan threw a plate at Deepika or like when SLB threw food on the ground and asked Ranbir to eat it like a dog so he learns to be humble. OK, that’s a bit extreme but you get the point. What is it with directors these days being scared of hurting their actor’s ego?! Imtiaz should have stepped in and do his job. Unless he’s doing it on purpose!

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On the plus side, the new version of ‘Twist’ is better than the original one. We didn’t like the ori one so this one feels much better and pleasing to the ears. It doesn’t hurt either that the video is really good. It looks like the song is not in the film, compared to the original one so they are adding it as as music video. As it is, films these days have lesser songs so…

As tradition goes…

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