Vivek Oberoi asks Sonam to stop overacting everywhere

Technically, he said “…Aap apni filmon mein thoda kam overact karein aur social media pe thoda kam overreact karein (I would advise you to not overact in your films, and don’t overreact on social media).

In case you have no idea what Vivek Oberoi said or why he said it. Here’s how it all started:

It is a little strange for Vivek to share this, which is why many people either thought he was hacked or called him out on this. Why did he share that? Especially at a time when Aish is working the red carpt at Cannes!

One of these people was Sonam Kapoor, which makes sense for her to stand up for her aunt! Sonam was the only one, famous one, who commented about this:

And then, because the media is so quick to get a reaction, they asked Vivek about what Sonam said and why everyone is mad at him for sharing that picture, including the National Commission for Women. Here’s what Vivek said:

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Vivek sure seems to be on a roll here. Can’t even tell whether he’s joking around or being serious.

But doesn’t the National Commission for Women have more serious things to investigate?

While it was shocking for Vivek to share this picture, out of nowhere, the reaction he has been getting is quite something.

What do you think? Was he wrong? Or are the reactions too much?

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Wonder what Sonam’s reactions would be to Vivek’s reaction?!

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38 Responses

  1. Venus says:

    Vivek has been media hungry from the time he joined movies. Not many people remember this, but he had a gf before ash and he made sure everyone knew she was a divorcee and how magnanimous he was to date a divorcee. He made sure that in every interview of his her marital status was mentioned. When he got ash, he promptly forgot about her, and started going to town about his relationship with Ash, even when she was clearly not comfortable talking about the relationship in public. And after the press conference, he has no balls to talk about salman, but makes sure to belittle Ash every single time. He is still milking his decade old relationship to stay relevant. I am shocked people still support such a loser.

  2. Anon says:

    For everyone who thinks Vivek did Ash a favor in that press conference: imagine being in a volatile, violent relationship while famous and trying hard to keep this from the media because you’re ashamed of the abuse that’s being heaped on you (most victims are ashamed until they understand its not their fault). And then this idiot you’re dating lets everyone know in a press conference that we know of even 15 years later. He didn;t do her any favors. He used her pain to make some stupid point and get publicity. It was her story to tell when she felt ready. NOT HIS.

  3. Anamika says:

    So Vivek Oberoi has apologised for sharing the meme. Though I still wonder why nothing has happened for the person who actually made it (someone called Pawan). I mean there are worse memes floating around, but nobody takes any action for those. And I do agree there are worse issues being faced by women which needs immediate and stringent action, but for some reason people decided to take cognizance of a ridiculous meme based on real life, simply because the lady in question is the Bachchan bahu. There are umpteen instances where Bollywood heroes (Ajay, Akshay, Ranbir etc) have openly insulted women, but nothing has happened or will happen. This is honestly nothing to do with respecting a woman, but everything to do with bowing down to Bollywood power. And speaking about Urmila Matondkar, how strange that the lady finds this meme offensive and took a stand for Aishwarya by calling out Vivek Oberoi but never had the courage to take a stand for herself by speaking up against Ram Gopal Verma, who has openly given derogatory statemements about her in his interviews. I am not endorsing what Vivek has done. It is not right, but then my question is that there are so many things which are not right in the way Bollywood functions so why call out a has been actor just because he retweeted a meme featuring the daughter in law of the most powerful family in Bollywood. But then I guess this is power politics.

  4. Anonymous says:

    this is a really good article on how exceptionally beautiful women are called deceptive and maniupulative and blame the woman instead of the men who relentlessly pursue her and go crazy when she rejects them. Not saying Aishwarya is epitome of purity or these men are are equally to be blamed for their position. However in a largely patriarchal world it is easier to blame the woman as a manipulative cunning witch.

  5. Anonymous says:

    he is clearly not over her or the breakup. he was an idiot to risk his career then. Ash is a big girl and would have gotten some political backing to keep salman away. I remember readin hindu fundamentalist groups wanted Ash and Salman to break up so she could leveraged their support or maybe she did do it. Trojan war was caused by Helen of troy’s beauty and the fact that men were fighting over her. Ash is the modern day helen in bollywood and that is why men have a hard time getting over her. This was a classless move by VO. no respect for his wife.

  6. Ditto says:

    well he snapped

  7. Shefu says:

    I will not be surprised if Vivek and Kangana come together on this one. It’s all politics — and part of attacking Bollywood

  8. leaps says:

    well now you know why ash dumped this loser. the little sympathy one had for him for how he lost his career is now gone.

  9. nefarious says:

    I feel suddenly Vivek has got political clout and gives a damn about BW circles.I am not supporting his tweet, but i wish he had solid performance ala Kangana to call out the blatant and rampant hypocrisy prevalent in BW.

    But no doubt, i feel bad for the guy.. i know its easier to say, dont be sour, but he got back stabbed and lost everything ..overnight..

  10. KA says:

    I could not understand the meaning behind this meme, please explain it to me 🙁
    How is this meme related to BJP.

  11. Universal says:

    Obviously Vivek sharing that tweet was lil distasteful. But I still think it has been blown out of proportion. Usual suspects in media-BW pouncing on him is more cz of his political views than that meme.
    And Sonam is a proven hypocrite. Didn’t she defend Hirani during #MeToo allegations on him?

  12. Tina says:

    Vivek has always been obnoxious. There’s a reason his Co-actresses like Rani and Bipasha didn’t like him. He’s the kind who will treat those who he considers superior (Aishwarya – Miss World, his MIL – big political figure) like a sycophant and those who thinks are beneath him with contempt. I still cannot forget the time he boasted about slapping a GF on Jeena isi ka Naam hai.

    Just because he’s Salman’s victim, doesn’t mean he’s a standup guy himself. Would he have put out a meme about himself – didn’t he have a GF (a sardarni) he was engaged to and broke off with, as well as the multiple others he had dated? Guy’s got no class.

  13. Kiran101 says:

    I think Vivek saw this meme and gone all philosophical for a moment and shared it on his twitter TL probably thinking this silly tweet reflects how apt it is to the current situation on exit polls. In any case it is not sexist. But , Vivek is a fool to still not realize that anything he says about Aishwarya will make him look like he has not moved on and will always be looked at as uncool.

    Everyone gets it that he is more mad at himself than anyone else. Whatever has happened its on him.

    Sonam is one blithering idiot. She called Aishwarya ‘ Aunty’ and ‘attention seeker’ ,made ageist comments and has an on going cold war with Aishwarya , Defended Hirani and vinod dua inspite of molestation charges on them. But, to her vivek’s Meme is a real issue and misogyny.

    • Deep says:

      So am is a hypocrite dumb and Vivek is a Crook. He got caught in the Cobrapost sting. Both dontd deserve our time or energy. Case closed.

      • kiran101 says:

        Oh yes ! Pls make no mistake , I am judging vivek just based on this particular Meme. I am saying the exact same thing that vivek does not deserve any attention nor Sonam who actually does not take any stand on real issues but jumps in when its easy for her.

        • Ana R says:

          as if her taking stand makes any difference.. bollyweirdos are for entertainment thats it, they should stay there unless their name is Javed Akhtar

  14. Sweettooth01 says:

    I think it’s double standards..Salman Khan has time n again took digs at Ash and kat while hosting big boss etc etc..but no tweeted abt it bcos he’s powerful..
    Vivek shudnt have shared it, but the meme is not offensive..people can relax sometimes n not blow things out of proportion..

    • Kiran101 says:

      classic example for ” what is cool if you are successful but trashy and classless if you are not “

  15. Shefu says:

    Vivek is just being Vivek. Attention seeker. And he must have done it for a reason. It can’t be random. And he got all the attention and got a platform to tell the world what a philanthropic he is. But attention that he’s getting is making me amused 🙂

    Can’t help laughing listening to his comment for Sonam.

  16. abcd says:

    Ncw should have focused on preventing crimes against women. They can also look out for people who would be potential culprits to harm women. Just because Ash is a celebrity, Ncw decided to intervene. This is the power of money and influence. Is the same kind of alertness show in protecting poor women? But yes, Vivek should not waste his talent with such unproductive activities.

  17. Joe says:

    Hahaha…I know was damn funny, more like a disgruntled ex poking at you on fb among common friends.

    But his reply to Sonam was the best thing..truth, straight out. She needed this long back for publicly shaming others while herself doing the same thing but thinking what she does is class, yikes!

    But the kind of hatred he got was so stupid..or more like idol’s fanclub gone crazy.

    Firstly, Aish did end it on a bad note without a closure with Salman and had him banging her door till quite some months. Next she chose the shoulders of Vivek (who thanked his stars mostly) and stepped up (immaturely) to protect her GF from the bad guy who was abusive, alcoholic and banged her door and threatened her on calls. Not many guys will do this for GFs even if they are Aish coz you have your own sunshine career just starting to give returns. But Aish again broke up with him over text when she found Abhi and got hitched in a blink. She repeated the same thing with Vivek, didn’t give him a closure or sorted it out. Her relationship skills are just too bad, no doubt she has no friends with such bad people management skills…she should’ve taken cordially breaking up tips with Somy, Sangita, even Kat who is part excellence…roughed up everyone when she had SK, left him cordially for his then protege, AND cane back again mended ways and started getting work again, bravo!

    This seems totally bad handling of Aish. She didn’t even care to sort it out with anyone till today (though it’s late now. .but then again never say never).

    But most importantly, SK was literally mad, could’ve punched her again if not for Vivek and he was on a career downhill. WHEN he somehow got his career back and how, only then he started behaving and also due to Amitabh factor…Aish was smart to choose Bachchans.

    But what about Vivek, he not only was genuine in relationship with Aish, but also had a super strong rising career at the time, he could’ve been at least much better than Shahid of today. But not only did he prioritise her GF safety first but also took the superstar/godfather to many head on! Aish leaving her wouldn’t be that much if an issue as much as his entire career ending!! He has lost everything, surely he must be surviving through some earnings but no doubt he felt cheated and used and not even talked to once by her GF for whom he put his life, career, fandom, movies and money at stake! Although he should’ve fought it out like Kangana and worked with newer directors and made himself a hit, that would’ve been supercool revenge but sadly he lost hope with national shaming, SK after him, apologising on stage. ..and not one soul in the country acknowledging what he did at such high risks. ..he became a national clown for doing the right thing but by being just too honest, which gets shouldn’t have.
    If should be taking digs at SK for ruining his career and Aish for using him pretty bad at the cost of his own career. Nothing wrong with post, rather should have done that pretty earlier..though he should mature in the ways to call out these 2 for doing what they did to him. If he makes a mockery out of it, others will do the same..what happened was serious.

    That’s the difference between Vivek and Salman. Vivek was open, in the media calling press conference to call out the abuser. Salman was silent on media and abused Aish and ruined Vivek career in the background. Vivek turned a mockery.

    Just few days ago, Salman shared a pic with a small girl eating cake which he is introducing in husband next movie, and media started comparing his costume and Aish costume to HDDCS and Salman VERY smartly got entire media talking about Aish. He could have cropped out her hands and posted but no, he wanted people to see that Ankhon ki Gustakhiya song and start calling them out.
    While Vivek with this post is on the same AND making a Mockery of himself, yet again.

    Vivek, everyone knows you suffered huge but be smart and serious about calling out people who ruined you, mature up else you will remain the one to be mocked at out of the three.

    • Mila says:

      Salman does not need closure. Pls. Bhai is the worst. He hit her. He made it difficult for her to work. And he needs closure? Ash did right dropping his ass

      • Joe says:

        It wasnt a surprise, Salman’s all previous GFs broke off due to his alcoholic, abusive behavior, Ash’s BW career was going downhill until when she met the superstar of the time, she accepted the abuse to boost her career (like many actresses still do), but when he started closing down her movies, is when she got out..went to the media, but when her interviews started impacting her career, she went to Vivek, egged him to hold the press meet and clarify on her behalf (who was stupid enough to intervene between 2 exes). But when things turned unexpected, Vivek’s career ended, she very conveniently broke off on SMS to protect her whatever career was left and next sought protection with the Bachchans, where also it isnt going great, though others are responsible aswell.

        There was one Sabeer Bhatia also, one of her earliest fiances, who also bad mouthed her in the media at the time when she (again) unceremoniously broke off. Its her pattern. Her people handling has been the same throughout, and is not fine tuned to deal with different people – while SK went mad, banged her door till his hand bled, Vivek ended his career and his father got a heart attack who landed in ICU and Bhatia badmouthed in the press. Out of so many ex GFs, all of who are cordial with Salman, why only Ash is the common link in all the tamashas?

        Everyone in BW uses other people, its give-n-take…but if you enter into something for your benefit, then be intelligent enough to know how to get out of it also…if not in the 1st time, then at least in the 3rd time.

        • Mila says:

          Sorry. But seems like you have it out for Ash. Accepted abuse? Nobody deserves anything. Least of them an abuser. Him banging his head/hand/ass on her door till blood came out is not an excuse. Ash did not use anyone anymore than they used her. If (acc to you) Ash was with Bhai for her career, then he was with her for her beauty. Lemme see him do that for an ugly fuck. Whatever exchange had to happen had happened. That stupid girlfriend beater, animal hunter, people killer is living his best life. Why should she show tact when even common decency wasn’t shown by SK? Creeper got an Ash lookalike to work with him too. Same with Kat. Zarina used to (for a hot minute) look like Kat. In Vivek’s case everyone knows Ash egged him on. But he was stupid enough to go with it too. It’s obviously horrible. But nobody has to stay in a relationship for any reason at all.

          • Joe says:

            You seem to be new to BW. This superstar-newcomer fling is always a two way thing. Google struggling days of any outsider actress and few actors and you will know forging relationships with reigning superstars/dir/producers for careers was and is no big deal…that is in fact one of the oft taken routes to stardom..many incurred scars and fractures and hospitalization and trauma and still latched on and few made it big.

            Metoo stories will give you the tip of the iceberg.

            Just coz later on some of them became credible names doesn’t mean facts should be erased to suit righteousness parameters of society. They all are adults, they made an informed choice, though others may not agree with it. Salman’s a serial abuser and it was/is public information. Ash chose an abusive superstar as her BF and she benefited highly at the time of failing BW career. You cannot absolve either one and put the entire blame on another. Coming back to immature VO, while Ash saved her career, she ended VO’s.

            Anyway, Its just an analysis of her bad people management skills based on repetitive events.

            Why is it so hard for audience/fans to accept the inappropriate things their idols /celebs do in this modern age of information. We’re all just way too emotional!

        • Tina says:

          What are you smoking? Sabeer Bhatia and Ash were never engaged, or even dated. Sabeer thought he was the big $hit after selling hotmail. He thought he could land Ash, Yukta or some other chick from high society-big money. He was pretty obnoxious about they way he pursued them. But he got laughed out of Bombay. While this was going on, Salman once stubbed his cigarette on Sabeer’s hand to warn him off – even saying ‘now you got Ash on your hand’. Here’s the article about that incident.

          BTW Sabeer broke up with his fiance Geeta (a lawyer), to marry a society girl Tanya, who then divorced him and took all his money.

          As for, SK going mad and banging her door – Classic abusive behavior, and you actually think women (specifically Ash) are responsible for the behavior of an abusive man? Again, please refer the article above for Salman’s inherent character. Belligerent, bullying, abusive and willing to physically hurt others.

          Also, Vivek had never informed Ash about the press conference (on April 1st, 2003) he was calling. It was held impromptu after a different press call he was on. He thought he was doing her a favor, and that she would be grateful but forgot that women have their on agency and he had no business deciding things for her. Besides, Ash wanted to keep her personal relationships private, he wanted the publicity. Here’s the article about that.

          Here’s also a video of Vivek and Farah about the incident. Farah calls it an impulsive mistake. Vivek indicates that he expected Ash to be thankful, but she called him immature for his behavior. What I really wanted someone to ask Vivek was ” Dude, how come you didn’t switch your phone off, say after the 10th call? Why take all 41 calls?”

          How could Aishwarya have known an impromptu, impulsive incident was going to take place, let alone have a hand in it? Why would anyone expect her to be thankful for it? In fact, why do men feel the need to protect women (in Salman’s case – agressively, and in Vivek’s case – passive aggressively) from other men, and not actually give them the power and support to do so themselves, to let them decide their course of action? Are they going to stick around forever protecting them? Are they going to do it selflessly without expecting anything in return? Standing up for someone, and trying to be a protector are two very different things.

          1 day after the press conference (on April 2nd), Aishwarya was badly injured (so badly that the place she got injured is referred to as Aishwarya Point) and in the hospital. That was when she actually made the statement against Salman. Which was weird for two reasons, – One – she was in no position healthwise (mental and physical) to actually write up/issue such a statement, (see article from The Hindu – – “Salman’s friends saw the hand of Vivek Oberoi in this press statement”), Two – she never acknowledged her intimate relationships or any of her boyfriends, before or after this.

          Funny enough, Jaya B. has a very dim opinion of Vivek, probably even lower than Salman.

          • Joe says:

            None actually, puff/joint/the likes arent my thing. Since you ask, what did you smoke while writing this?

            Though seeems like a well googled comment with articles but not only is it late (it refers not to the immediate reply but the original comment written long ago), its also too long for a reply on a reply on a reply…to continue till the end.

            You reinforced what is already mentioned for the trio – SK was a known abuser even then, Ash played it to the best she could, immature VO well…remains as is.

            You too repeated the same thing – absolved one of the couple of all sins and put the entire blame on other one. You are looking at the “scheme” of abusive-yet-benefical relationships of BW through the glass of an abusive relationship of non-celebs. It is widely different because in real life people are involved purely due to love.

            Anyway, (much more than) due importance has been given for this passe incident, not worth the time anymore.

  18. Anamika says:

    Guys this is Vivek Oberoi, the same guy who called the infamous press conference against Salman Khan for calling him 42 or 43 times in the night, way back in 2003. The move not only made him an outcast in Bollywood but the lady in question Aishwarya Rai, for whom he took such a stand refused to stand with him after a while and moved on (cheated on him blatantly) to more promising pastures (read Abhishek Bachchan, one time best friend of Vivek Oberoi, who was just coming up with good performances in commercially and critically appreciated movies). Vivek was and still remains foolish and indifferent to Bollywood’s tactics and politics. Though to be honest the present scenario could and should have been avoided by Vivek, unless it is a well planned PR strategy to gain marketing mileage for his upcoming biopic on Modi. Somehow I feel it’s a PR strategy otherwise it is so totally out of context. Like why rake up the past after so long and what purpose would it serve unless it is to be deliberately wanting to be in the media spotlight.

    • Tina says:

      He didn’t do it for her, he did it for himself. Similarly, he didn’t make the Modi biopic for Modi’s sake (Modi can afford better filmmakers and actors-for god’s sake even the Maharashtra CM’s wife got Amitabh in her music video). He did it because he’s a sycophant.

  19. HateKjo says:

    Someone finally call out nepotism flop sonam. She loves to intervene and a motor mouth . Why was she silent over Salman’s rape comment? Why didnt speak up for Deepika when she was threaten by goons?

    P.s I don’t support vivek’s stupid and cheap tweet. Its disgusting.

  20. Not able to comment

    Above video: Salman’s flying kiss to Aishwarya, in front of Abhishek!
    But nobody has any problem with that, because bhai is a superstar, bhai is cool, dashing blah blah…

    AIB making crass, vulgar jokes but that was freedom of speech, according to Barkha Dutt and her biradari.

    But today see on twitter how so many feminazis are attacking Vivek for just tweeting a poor joke.
    Double standards?

    • Lucy says:

      I guess it’s because everyone knows how the award functions are edited.they tape each attending celebrities different reactions and then insert where ever they feel will give more TRP’s.celebs don’t sit through the entire duration of awards.this video is from 2009-2010 awards season and by that time this is how award functions has started to being reaction and telecast was over by 2002-2003.

  22. Mila says:

    This was not okay. Vivek should not have shared it. It’s not like they’re all chill and joke otherwise. I don’t think this is sexist. It would have been just as tasteless otherwise cuz it involves real people and past relationships. So NCW can fuck off and do it’s real job. And Sodumb should stop inserting herself in every situation, considering she’s herself not immune to the foot in the mouth disease. But she’s not wrong.

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