Update on Tanushree Dutta’s against Nana Patekar

It has been more than a week since Tanushree Dutta opened up about the harassment that she faced on the sets of ‘Horn OK Pleassss’. Since then, things have changed. From pretending to not having internet connection to now agreeing with Tanu, some Bollywood celebrities have stood by her. Why the mention of having no internet? Well, don’t you think it’s weird how they responded to her allegations more than two days after? Is it even weirder that they retweeted Janice Sequeira when they declared their support? Like if Tanushree’s allegations weren’t enough or as if they didn’t know how Nana Patekar is.

Update on Tanushree Dutta's against Nana Patekar


It is also a wonder how the big stars or top stars, besides Varun Dhawan, didn’t say a word. The ones, who were asked, didn’t give out a proper answer. The ones, who were not asked, are probably thanking their good stars that they don’t have a film to promote or don’t have to appear in front of the media. Despite that, there have been other updates since we last reported.

Rakhi Sawant, the queen of public drama, invited journalists to a press conference where she trashed Tanushree Dutta, like if Tanu ran away with her husband or something. The hate, wow! Rakhi accused Tanu of being a drug addict. She called her a liar and then asked the media that if tomorrow Tanushree says Amitabh Bachchan has raped her, will you all run the story? Amitabh, a legend, will you run the story?

We watched the whole conference and afterwards, had to go get our brains fixed! It’s just unbelievable! For real!!! Bear in mind that Rakhi was not there and she came in after this whole drama happened. According to her, she is defending Bollywood, that’s why she is speaking out. In the middle of this conference, she took out her phone and showed reporters the song. Only she knows why! She said, Nana didn’t even touch her and she was the one who had to ask him to touch her! WTH!


Footage of what happened that day was re-released earlier this week. Remember, when Tanu refused to shoot the song, the producers called up the media and asked them to come. Then, they called a group of goons to stop Tanu from leaving the sets. Those, who have not seen it, are obviously shocked. It’s crazy and just shows how these men, who are attacking her car are A-holes. Can’t think of other worst words, but just imagine there is a girl and her parents in the car and yet, they are pouncing on the vehicle like wild animals attacking people’s cars during safari trips. It is surprising how she managed to remain calm. Maybe it’s because her parents were with her. But just think, if these animals managed to get access to her, what would they have done?

The guy in the orange shirt is Pawan Bharadwaj and he is a cameraman. This is what he had to say:

I almost fainted, the bystanders sprinkled water on my face and I revived myself and realised that their car had been stopped near the exit gate by a crowd. I was angry that my camera had been destroyed, I was worried about my job and so I demanded a compensation, but they did not listen to me, so I started hitting the car with my camera in my frustration.

Is he sure that water they sprinkled on him wasn’t black magic? Because what man who has just recovered from a blackout has the strength to act like a lunatic to a young girl and her parents without a care!

Wasim Akhter, another journalist, who was on the sets told the media this is what truly happened:

Tanushree Dutta walked out of the set holding her father’s hand. I was trying to get her reaction, but she was in no mood to speak. She went straight to her vanity van with her father in the tow. The cameraman is question in the video earlier, was trying poke his camera inside the vanity van, which is very wrong. We should respect everyone’s privacy. Her father forced the door close which left his camera broken. The journalist then influenced his reporter and started banging the door of the vanity van.


Union Minister Maneka Gandhi has spoken in favour of Tanushree


A journalist smartly asked Shakti Kapoor about Tanu’s allegations. Shakti? If that wasn’t a smart thing, we don’t know what it is. Naturally, Shakti pretended not to know anything. This is from a man, who was once caught on tape asking for sexual favours and who also has a daughter working in Bollywood.

Shakti Kapoor Says He Was a ‘Kid’ When Tanushree Dutta First Accused Nana Patekar

Dus saal pehle? Mujhe kuch maalum nahi, sir. Dus saal pehle toh main chhota sa bachcha tha. (Ten years ago? I don’t know anything, sir. I was a kid back then.)

This is the same man, who once said this:

The industry knows me as someone who always has a pretty woman in his life,” said the man himself. “My image is widely known… there isn’t a better person to judge whether a woman is a bomb or not.” And so his supposedly popular brand of humour included inquisitions about a small- town girl’s virginity, some comparison of waistlines to “a two-bedroom apartment”, and spontaneously dished out shairi of the stag party variety.

Now to the final decision makers. The “we-want-oomph” done sufficiently to death, what was the quality they were actually after? Looking like his casting dream had just come true, Shakti Kapoor stretched back on the couch and drawled: “A bomb must ooze sex. I’m looking for t*** and a**.” – Shakti Kapoor


Freida Pinto spoke up in support of Tanushree

Update on Tanushree Dutta's against Nana Patekar


Kajol agrees with Tanushree

What she speaks about is definitely the reality and I wouldn’t say it’s restricted to our industry. I think it’s pretty much a concern all over, which ever field we talk about.” She also stressed that men are also vulnerable to sexual harassment.

I’ve never seen it but I have heard about it and it’s always in rumour form. You never know it, no one is going to come up to you and say ‘Hey, I did this!’ I don’t know how much of it is actually the truth or not.

If it had happened in front of me, I’m sure I would have stood up or done something about it. Never happened to me. I don’t think it would have happened in front of me.

Most importantly, the whole point of the #MeToo movement is so that you can stand up for yourself even if not on a public platform. You need to stand up for yourself. You see people stand up for themselves and you stand up for yourself wherever you are.


Raveena Tandon blames the silent observers

CINTAA, the Cine and TV Artists’ Association, issued an apology to Tanushree

After going through Ms Tanushree Dutta’s complaint, which was filed with the then Executive Committee of CINTAA in March 2008, we feel that the decision taken in the Joint Dispute Settlement Committee of CINTAA & IFTPC (then known as AMPTPP) in July 2008 was not appropriate, as the chief grievance of sexual harassment wasn’t even addressed.Although it was a different Executive Committee at that time, yet as CINTAA we find it highly regrettable and no apologies can suffice, hence we mut resolve today to never allow such lapses to occur again. CINTAA stands strongly for the dignity and self respect of its members.

Sexual harassment is a serious criminal offence, unfortunately CINTAA’s Constitution bars us from taking up any case which is more than three years old. Hence we appeal to the authorities to take cognisance of Ms Dutta’s statements and conduct an impartial and speedy enquiry so that truth and justice may prevail. We also appeal to all our members to report any such incidents to us immediately. We are duty bound to give them our complete moral and legal support to ensure just and safe working conditions.

Update on Tanushree Dutta's against Nana Patekar


Nana Patekar wants to hold a press conference with the support of his industry friends

According to Subash K Jha

It is being said in various corners of the film industry that Nana Patekar has been reaching out for support. Now, his friends who range from Anil Kapoor and John Abraham to N Chandra and Udhav Thackeray, don’t know whether to avoid his calls or speak to him and extend their support.

The industry is sharply polarized. One section feels Nana must be named and shamed. Another feels he’s not bad-hearted, just hot-tempered . For that he can’t be send to jail.



See, the fight should not be between Tanu and Nana. Even Tanu said that she wants people to be aware and not give work to those perverts in Bollywood. This is what people should support so that no girls or boys are harassed ever again. Imagine the shame that even BBC covered how Bollywood or the film industry in India heavily indulges in couch casting or lead hero pleasing.

Only then will these young girls not feel compelled to hit on or flirt with men old enough to be their fathers. You all know who they are, as they have been featured in blind items quite often. If the movie industry gets rid of such perverts and people with power who take advantage of others, it will be a much more cleaner and honest industries.

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22 Responses

  1. Rekha Rai says:

    Twinkle, Farah Khan and Gauri Khan are the worst people in Bollywood! I just don’t understand how Farah can snap a picture of her crew like that specifically calling out Nana for this being his “First time on Instagram” showing her support while he’s an abuser! And then there’s Twinkle who is so two face and fake woke but completely tone deaf posting her support while her husband (who she defended the last time HE was accused of sexual harassment in the workplace) is working with Nana RIGHT NOW. Then to top it all off, Gauri Khan comments “hahaha” on Farah Khan’s instagram picture. Needless to say I was very happy that other instagram comments in response to Gauri’s “laughter” called her out for being pathetic. Most of the industry’s leading men are lecherous men who abuse their power in this horrid systemic abuse situation where they have led these poor women into believing that their careers will amount to nothing if they don’t allow themselves to be mounted. Then these same men will come out and say “it takes two hands to clap” knowing full well that they were doing something wrong because it’s not like they’re coming out and talking about the manipulation and force they put on the young actresses. They beg for their silence. Vikram Bhatt was right.

  2. Sheena says:

    Can Manisha Koirala, Ayesha Julka and Dimple Kapadia speak out please! And that Anupama Chopra shouting form rooftops – go and cover this case rather than always preaching about #MeToo and Time’s Up

  3. Pooja says:

    BBC is biggest scumbag n bogus channal in on earth.I support this movement but not hypocrite double face channal.that kalki kochin who speak to BBC what she say to Indian media??? Show itself what BBC is.

  4. NewGirl says:

    My head hurts looking at the stuff that actresses have to go through to survive. I feel for Tanushree and she has bigger balls than all of Bollywood combined.

    I saw a rather disturbing video in one of the forwards titled PC in Hollywood. Looks real and i am mortified. Is fame worth all of this?

  5. Sangi says:


    A well written blog … just remembered in this context… hypocrisy in Bollywood. Like Mrs. Bajao here ..

  6. Rashmi says:

    All this is correct, but Nana is an easy target. Tanushreei did not blame anyone overly influential, with a big name. Therefore, the industry (of course, more actresses than the actors) strives to support it in order to get a plus in karma. what about the other girl, Sayali? She publicly accused AB and Sajid Khan of sexual harassment, no one except Miss Malini published her statement, and there was no resonance. As if there were no Sayali and her accusations. It’s simple. Nana vs. AB

  7. Monalisa says:

    I’m glad that Tanushree had the guts to call out the hypocrisy of the fake feminst Twinkle and bandwagoner PC who tweeted just to further their self-serving agenda and to maintain their image.

    • Rashmi says:

      how are you right. For this reason, I was once very disappointed in Priyanka. she does everything, absolutely everything, just to maintain her image. but she is absolutely not who she claims to be

  8. deepcoursera says:

    Hi…also check out what the Asst. Director of the film Chocolate has to say about Tanushree. Its on Twitter. It seems there is another side to her stories after all. There was also a report a couple of days ago that she was going to Big Boss and that this was a ploy to increase the TRP.

    • Tina says:

      There’s no second side to this you fool! There’s video and eye witnesses proof on one side and insinuation/intimidation on the other side.
      There’s a long identified pattern of bad behavior on Nana’s side and horrifying harassment on Tanu’s side.

      Imagine when people try to do this (side-tracking, insinuating, victim blaming, misrepresentating, character assasinating, intimidating, even trying to act like it’s not such a big deal) when overwhelming proof is present, what it must be like where proof is hard to find and the ones who harass are powerful. And then you ask why didn’t the woman complain right away, especially in an industry where men have so much power. Bl00dy hypocrisy!

    • Amanda says:

      The Ad is trying to frame the victim with false theories. What tanushree stated is absolute truth

    • kala says:

      Shame on you…There r eye witnesses….Trp n publicity is the oldest trick people who want to malign survivors come up with….That waY no one can speak against abuse since it definitely will get publicity….Then they r blamed for it… There is no other side …But here truth here..r u nanas publicist?

    • deepcoursera says:

      @Tina First of be civil in your discussion! If I’m a fool you are a moron of the highest order. I am clearly talking about Vivek Agnihotri episode not Nana Patekar. And going though what the AD said actually collaborates the shooting-scene as discussed by Tanushree except he reveals several other valid points which Tanushree did not speak about. When she described the Nana episode it was in full details and her story corroborated by other sources. In the second case, the AD has taken great pains to describe the situation very minutely including what she/he said about Sunil Shetty. If you have ever worked in the industry before or visited a set you’ll understand what he is saying. And why his account seems truthful is because he says that it was not Vivek but the AD himself who was interacting with Tanushree at that time. He further added that on Vivek’s sets it is AD’s who are involved claps and talking to actors about cues instead of Vivek doing it directly.

    • Rad says:

      I am not sure if this is just for publicity or not. Nana def does seem creepy but unless all facts come out we should not take an absolute stand. Case in point the Kavanaugh episode. Now with the #MeToo movement at its peak its very easy for women to make a false allegations and garner huge support. Believe it or not there are such women who will do it for publicity or other reasons. Women are not automatic victims. I am not specifically referring to this case but speaking in general.

      So I will definitely reserve my judgement on this case till all the facts come out. Maybe you guys should too.

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