Trailer: Malang – Aditya Roy Kapur, Disha Patani & Anil Kapoor

The trailer of ‘Malang’ has just been released. This will be Aditya Roy Kapur’s comeback film as a lead hero. His last solo hero release was ‘Fitoor’ in 2016 but even that he was paired with Katrina Kaif. Other than ‘Aashiqui 2’, he does not really have a nice box office success record compared to his contemporaries.


But what he does have is a nice face that doesn’t seem to age, a fit body and hair that is still growing on his head! So this film for him is a big deal, it can make or break his career. He will be fine, though, even if this one flops. He knows people so he ain’t going nowhere!

Here’s the trailer of ‘Malang’:

First thoughts, the trailer is quite similar to how the trailer of ‘Wonder Woman 1984′ looks, in terms of the 80s background music and the titles’ appearance.

The first part of the trailer looks like a romantic film and then it goes into a mix-match of ‘Ek Villain’ and ‘Tashan’, which is confusing. But…Aditya looks great and his voice is really nice to hear! He worked really hard for this role and by that, we mean that he trained super hard to make his body looked the way it does in the film. Disha is pretty much doing the same thing she does on Instagram. Anil Kapoor sounds like he came from the sets of ‘Tashan’.

They are all killers, from the trailer you already get that. It seems Disha’s part was a surprise but they also let that out in the trailer.

Mohit Suri, the director, also needs a big hit to resurrect his standing in this industry. If you remember, his last film three years ago was a super bomb at the box office. The audience and critics slammed him for thinking Arjun Kapoor looked like he can be a basketball player!

So ‘Malang’ is a big deal for both Mohit and Aditya…And Disha!

The film will be released on February 7, 2020. 7 days before Valentine’s Day, not that we were counting!!

By the way, do you think ladies would happily hop in theatres just to watch a hot and sexy Aditya the same way they think having sexy actresses would drag the men over?

As tradition goes…

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6 Responses

  1. Sona says:

    Aditya is the only actor who can make me to go and watch his movie if even I don’t like the trailer. No any actor/actress has that power over me lol Any way I didn’t like the trailer of Malang but if I can watch Kalank for Adi and survive then Malang is not going to kill me.

  2. nefarious says:

    The interview with renil with krishna and nidhi, renil said something about Aditya and Disha…was there something between them which led to tiger- disha break up? Maybe thats why Krishna said she would kill Aditya

  3. Universal says:

    Disha looks really hot on screen but the million dollar question is can she act? Otherwise people can just follow her on Instagram.

    • Sona says:

      I watched Baaghi 2 ( on TV) and she was unbearable. I always support outsiders over nepokids but not when an outsider is so talentless but yeah she has a great figure

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