The strangest thing you will watch today

You might remember this lady, we have written about her before. There was a blind item about her and we just shared what we knew of her. Divya Khosla used to be an actress and then, she got married to the heir of T-Series, Bhushan Kumar, who is the son of the famous Gulshan Kumar. She gave birth to their son some time after and like any other actress, she managed to make her comeback; not as an actress, but as a director. That’s how we got to know about her because many of the reviews of her film were talking about how she put herself in an item song in her film.

Frankly, it was clear that she misses the limelight and wanted to get back. Based on her social accounts, it is pretty much clear that she wants to be out there, so we was just waiting for her to start acting because that would be fun to watch. We are guessing her husband is one of those traditional ones, who are not going to let their women be in movies acting alongside other men. She herself admitted that she had to beg her husband to let her direct her first film, so it was only a matter of time.

As it turned, she did manage to convince her husband to let her act. The end result of that is something that we don’t understand. It kind of looks like she was trying to be the female ‘Barfi!’ and something along these lines.

By the way, we wanted to titled this topic as “When your husband has too much money”, but thought it would be too rude. By too much money, we meant that because her husband is the one who refuses to give singers and musicians royalty money. Like, they just get paid to sing a song and if they want to perform it LIVE in concert, they need to pay T-Series, something like that. Sonu Nigam, who was a good friend of her husband, was the one who came out and accused him of being selfish and too much money minded. It’s why you also haven’t heard Sonu sing in commercial films in a very long time. That was not nice since how else are singers going to make their money?

The strangest thing you will watch today


Anyways, just have a look at what we are talking about and you will see it is the strangest thing you will see today. We have mentioned before how this lady has this thing, the thing that some girls/women have where they think they are “cute”. Yes, we are saying it like that. Just see the videos and you will see for yourself what we are talking about. When we saw this trailer, we thought the real thing would be different, but it was not! Check it out below and see for yourself. For the record, we just watched it out of curiousity and also because we had nothing better to do!


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4 Responses

  1. Pooja says:

    How can person who don’t pay star n promise them to give film if they do videosong free is waste money on this things just to keep wife happy.he promise sonam n hritik to appears in video in free will cast then in ashiquie 2 whitch never happen.he refer as miser in industry akki also leave mogul bcz same money issue n akki don’t work for free.its unbelievable to this man wasting money like this

  2. Amanda says:

    I think Divya was only 1 film old,that too a multi-starrer before she married Bhushan… And when she was interviewed then,she told she is quitting film industry…. After some years “Yaariyan” was made by her with all the new-comers or flop actors.. I don’t think T-series ever paid properly for the actors… Only the songs from Honey Singh were good… When she knew,Bhushan would not allow her to act,why she married him.. Maybe because of his money… Now just money isnt enough,limelight is needed too.. Anyways,looking at the above trailer,it is gonna be flop I think…. It looks like a poorly made film with very low budget…

    Not just Sonu Nigam,Shreya Ghoshal,Sunidhi Chauhan,Shaan,KK etc also have reduced singing in bollywood…Everytime a new song releases,some new singer name comes up…. Probably the new singers sing for free for them or are ready for a low fees… T-series is run by goondas……………………….

    • sweettooth01 says:

      its a short film released on youtube..girl cant act..shes pretty off screen bt on screen lacks the spark even for youtube and shortfilms..
      she gave an interview sometime back in which she said back then when bhushan kumar proposed to her she was apprehensive bcos he had a certain image in the industry that she dint like/or was wary of , but her mom convinced her into accepting the proposal is what she said

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