The Making Of A Star Son!

This video was made 4 years ago. Many of you have already seen this and for those of you who have not seen it, we are sharing it again. This satire on how star kids are made is in English and Hindi but there are no subtitles available for now. It might have been from 4 years ago, but still very much relevant today.

Watch it first here:

What to watch out for:

  • The process behind every star kid with money and powerful parents
  • How everything is decided and handed to them on a platter
  • Going to the gym is more important than going to acting school
  • How star parents expect their kids to get into acting
  • Awards are bought
  • Awards are given to the more famous star kid
  • Directors can say sh!t to a star kid in case he gets offended
  • The most successful star kid launch is Hrithik Roshan!
  • Koffee with Karan is a sign they have arrived! (just ask Aakhri Pasta)
  • Every star kid movie needs to have action in it
  • Stars like to waste time and act unruly on the sets by playing pranks

How true is this?


Obviously, it’s based on what’s happening in Bollywood. They just made it a parody and turned it into something to laugh at.

Jaya Bachchan once said in an interview that most actors are busy learning how horse riding, dancing and fighting. What about acting, she asked?

The difference between star kids and outsiders is, outsiders go to acting school. Some of these outsiders come ready with their degrees before joining television or films. Very few went to an acting school or an acting institute. Rajkummar Rao graduated from the prestigious Film and Television Institute of India in Pune.

But you have cases like Riteish Deshmukh and Ranbir Kapoor, who pursued method acting at the famous Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute. As far as we remember, Ranbir was the first star kid who choose to go to New York to learn acting.Β 

Since he did that, he sort of became the prototype and example for star kids who want to become actors and enter Bollywood. After him, many young star kids took that New York trip and got registered there. At least, the ones who could. The institute doesn’t just accept anyone just became they are star kids.Β Janhvi Kapoor, Mohit Marwah, Athiya Shetty, Aadar Jain, Armaan Jain, and our very own Bhavesh Joshi aka Harshavardhan Kapoor have all trained in foreign acting and film institutions.

Before this, star kids would get the opportunity to assist behind the scenes before being given the chance to face the camera. Like Hrithik did and it’s mostly the male star kids that get this opportunity baring Sonam Kapoor who assisted Sanjay Leela Bhansali on ‘Black’.

Star kids these days all know each other since they all go to or all went to Dhirubhai Ambani International School. From Shah Rukh Khan‘s kids to Sonu Nigam’s kids, it’s almost as if Nita Ambani gets them special entrance fees just to get their kids in there. Mind you, admission and the annual fees there do not come cheap! It, for sure, cannot be a mere coincidence that this school house most of the star kids.

Playing like kidsΒ 

Masti or pranks on the sets is very common, but note that it mostly is about stars carrying out a prank on others. You won’t find a leading actress indulging in something like this, especially not on her co-star! The battle is currently between Ajay Devgan and Akshay Kumar. These two have been going at it for ages! The bigger prank and the bakra who suffers for it, they even film it and share it as part of the movie’s promotion.

The bakras cannot really complain, not even when they have a firecracker placed on their behind ready to explode!

Imagine GIFs | Tenor


Everyone is truly aware what award shows stand for these days. We can’t remember when was the last time watched a decent award show. Maybe around time when these shows were telecast live and were not edited and were not for high TRP purposes.

Ranbir Was Always After Girls, Says College Mate Neil | Bollywood ...

Did you know the year that Ranbir Kapoor made his debut Neil Nitin Mukesh also made his debut? Ranbir was nominated for ‘Sawaariya’ while NNM was nominated for ‘Johnny Gaddaar’. ‘Sawaariya’ flopped and was considered a disappointing film, but ‘Johnny Gaddaar’ was a hit and everyone lauded NNM’s performance. Though NNM’s father and grandfather were singers, he was not given his first film on a platter compared to Ranbir Kapoor. To be fair, Ranbir had to work hard for his first film. SLB is almost like a slave master. Just imagine how much that RK doesn’t want to work with him again since his debut.

At all award shows, Ranbir was awarded the best Newcomer as opposed to NNM. At some award shows like Zee Cine, NNM was given another award while RK got the best debut award.

At these award shows, Ranbir attended with his parents. At some award shows like the Zee Cine, he was already dating Deepika Padukone by then and attended with her and his parents. Coincidentally, Deepika also won the Best Debut award that year.

Was the award given to the one who deserved it or to the most famous star kid?

Koffee with Karan

When KebabJo first started Koffee with Karan, it was a decent show. His guests were different kinds of people, you had happening stars, evergreen stars, directors and all that. That Rakhi Sawant episode was so much fun! She and KebabJo didn’t know each other that well, but it was a fun episode with Rakhi being Rakhi!

After every season, the show became different. We don’t know whether it’s because they want to make it as per what today’s generation would interesting or just create a new format.

Over time, it appeared as if the people that he liked and was close to were invited to the show. Of course, there’s the case of Kangana Ranaut and she belongs in that “talk of the town” category. Meaning that if she, Ayushmann, Rajkummar and so on were not the talk of the town, they would not have been invited to the show.

We probably stopped watching when KebabJo started becoming interested in asking his guests about their sex life on such a public platform. It just looked creepy, coming from him, and so not-in-line with what the show used to stand for. It might appear as if he is trying to move in with the times, but why does he and Mr. India think everyone is obsessed with THAT?

Then came the over-praising of his own launches, including the kids he launched, the movies he co-produced and the fake relationship he also initiated among his actors. It became a show where he uses his contacts to stay relevant and gives his contacts a platform to become famous or stay relevant. You know who they are!

shweta nanda | Tumblr

And, let’s not forget the dozen of controversies that came out of this. The first season had nothing, the second one had Bebola and Bipasha going at it. The third one had Sonam and Deepika outing Ranbir as the playboy that he is. As the seasons went by, we saw sides of actors we never wished we had see.

23 Reasons Koffee with Karan Is Good for Gossip but Bad for Humanity

Koffee with Karan lost the plot! If it is being cancelled, it’s for a good reason! Now no one is going to feel sorry they weren’t to this show.

Two types of star kids

If you look around today, there are two types of star kids. As in the prototype, they follow.

Ranbir GIF | Gfycat

The first is, the Ranbir Kapoor kind. The gym is not their temple and they would like to do films that are “different”. Meaning they don’t want to follow the herd mentality and do commercial films. They talk intelligently about acting and somehow, they always wanted to be a director but then went for acting!

Tiger Shroff Shirtless GIF by SΓΌrΓΈΔ΅it DΓ₯s | Gfycat

The second one is, the Tiger Shroff type. Bodybuilding, can dance, do the typical commercial films and many more. Technically, Tiger is the Hrithik prototype but he created his own place with his full action films. But did you know, he was not the only actor who was into full action films? Remember Vidyut Jammwal? He was looking forward to becoming India’s action hero before Tiger took that spot right from under him! But before Vidyut also, there was John Abraham who was very keen to fill in that spot.

Honestly, we feel Vidyut Jammwal had it all. Good looks, acting and so on. It’s sad that his second film as a leading man took so long to make that Tiger jumped in and took his spot.Β Before Vidyut’s ‘Commando’, we never saw anyone doing action scenes like he did.

Best Vidyut Jamwal GIFs | Gfycat

What these two types of star kids both want? Hit films! Because that gets them more films and more money…And a spot on Koffee with Karan!

Dark Oblivion: 2016

Then there’s also the kind of star kids, who are launched by Bhai for emotional reasons. Some of them tag along with him, some of them assist him, some of them are his friends’ kids and so on. His acting exercise for them is, as you know it, going to the gym!

Before we end, here’s another parody on star kids:

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  1. Shopoholic says:

    Whoa, the fee structure. Double who at ppl saying its not much

  2. bollyrandom says:

    Honestly Admin that is the cost of most high end schools in my city( in India). They are not that expensive( in that league) considering Mumbai standards. It’s more of a prestige/class issue.

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      True, but usually when we talk about prestige schools, we know it’s bound to be expensive and most likely not affordable to the common man.

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  5. Lady Laetitia Knollys says:

    Actually Ranbir was refused a place at the Lee Strasberg place .Rishi said film maker James Ivory (who worked with Shashi in his English movies) told them of his Bollywood lineage and made them take him. Not all star kids are of the same level .It’s like a caste system where the the top end superstar parents’ aura rubs off their kid (who nearly always fail to match up to their illustrious parent) !
    All the attention went to Abhishek while Hrithik was ignored by the industry and the media. Stardust wanted a combo cover with both, Abhishek and his folks nixed it saying HR is not good enough to be with him . It was only after the KNPH trailers came out that it changed !While I get Jaya’s point about acting , she should stop making comments about keeping fit. Abhishek and Arjun Kapoor need to understand that movie making is a visual medium and they need to be in shape . How much does the Ambani school charge ?

    • Admin says:

      True, Neetu also said that in Melbourne. She spent all nights making calls until someone managed to get him an admission.

    • Admin says:

      The fee is as mentioned below (per year)

      • LKG to 7th: 1 Lakh 70 Thousand INR.

      • 8th to 10th (ICSE board): 1 Lakh 85 Thousand INR.

      • 8th to 10th (IGCSE Board): 4 Lakh 48 Thousand INR.

  6. Sona says:

    Vidyut is much better than Tiger Shroff. His action scenes are very original and you’ll never see anyone else doing those stunts. I am a girl but I enjoy watching his action scenes and he is also very hot, like a real man and not a boy.Tiger is like a gymnast who just jumps from side to side be it an action scene or dance all I can see is just jumping, add to this his expressionless face and it’s difficult to watch his movies. I like Jackie shroff but his son is very overrated

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