The interview that is making noise: Sandeep Reddy Vanga

Shahid Kapoor‘s ‘Kabir Singh’ is on its way to be his first ever 250 crore film. Forget his first 100 crore, which was what this film was going to be! So the question is, despite the many criticisms from the audience and the critics, WHO is going out to watch this film over and over again?


Two days back, Anupama Chopra interviewed the director of ‘Kabir Singh’, Sandeep Reddy Vanga. You HAVE to see this interview! We only now saw it and, wow! Just wow…

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This man is saying all this so calm and so freely, like if this is normal for him, which makes this interview even scarier!

First of all, this guy IS Arjun Reddy. We thought people knew that, so when most were amazed at how he saw things, we were surprised. Because Arjun Reddy is his vision, it meant a lot to him. So, clearly somewhere he identified deeply with this character. You can see it in the interview how hurt he is, how pissed off he is at Rajeev Masand (Please call Sandeep, he’s a big fan (wink-wink)!) and the other critics (which he pretends to forget their names but then he remembers clearly their full name and their other reviews). Basically, he calls the critics who hated his film “pseudo”! Well, they are probably calling him “psycho” now!

Poor Sandeep! (🙄)

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This interview gave the world a couple of quotes directly from the mouth of Sandeep, even though now he claims he has been misquoted.

#1: When you are deeply in love and deeply connected with a woman, and vice versa, there’s a lot of honesty in it. If you don’t have that physical demonstration… you don’t have the liberty of slapping each other, then I don’t see anything there.

#2: She slapped him without a reason. At least Kabir had a reason to slap her. If you can’t slap, if you can’t touch your woman wherever you want, if you can’t kiss, I don’t see emotion there.

#3 (referring about women who were uncomfortable watching the film): I feel that they were never in love, probably they’ve never experienced it in the right way.

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Secondly, this kind of hero behavior is normal in Telugu and Tamil films and also in Hindi films. Hero stalks the girl and she eventually starts to like him. But in real life, if this was to happen to you…

Third, what this man is saying…Many women went through and still go through the same experience because their men think it’s normal. A lot of women live in that situation where the men feel they are entitled to raise their hand on women.

The fact that Sandeep said what he said so freely, like if it’s normal, shows the type of society that we live in.

It’s good that most people got so pissed off and appalled at what he said. It shows that they don’t tolerate this kind of behavior. You always have a choice, remember!

You know when the film released the week before, many fans of Arjun Reddy and others were saying how Kabir Singh is just a film, it’s not real it’s art! Yeah, it was until its director basically confirmed that the film is not art but real.

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The worst thing is, the people who made Arjun Reddy a cult film have been supporting Sandeep left, right and centre. Unbelievable! Well, not so…To be fair, there were even readers here who really enjoyed the original and called it a “cult” film.

It’s sad to see this happening when we should move on from this kind of behavior. The kind of support that Sandeep is getting is scary as it shows the mindset of these people.


Seeing domestic abuse from up close, we have to say that this is not love by any means. Not that you don’t know that, but sometimes people in this kind of relationship fool themselves into thinking or rather, making up excuses on why they were slapped! Leave because it does not get any better nor does it stop. Don’t fool yourself into thinking he has had a bad day and it will never happen again. Once that hand is raised on you, leave!

When we were in school, there was this teacher who told us: Never let a man raise his hand on you. Never tolerate this behavior. My father told me if your husband raises his hand on you, leave him and come back to my house. My father told my brothers never to raise their hand on their wife!

We can’t remember why she started this conversation, but we remember thinking: Her father must love her a lot!

A few years ago, this colleague of ours was telling this story in a very normal way like if this has happened before: My boyfriend fell asleep yesterday and was talking in his sleep. When he woke up, I decided to play a joke on him and told him, who was this girl you are murmuring in your sleep? He got so angry, slapped me and then told me never to say the same again!

She was young at that time, but older than us and still it was so strange how she said it in a very normal way like if her boyfriend slapping her is normal.


There are two kinds of people, who like to get physically aggressive. 2 kinds of men, who raise their hand on women. One is, those who have been physically abused themselves hence this is the only way they think is right. Second is, they have never been physically assaulted or even slapped their whole life so they don’t know how it feels to be at the receiving end of that.

In both cases, they think they are the victims because it’s all about them!


Back to Kabir Singh’s success, we think since sooo many supporters of Sandeep are coming out to defend, they are the ones who went over and over again to support his vision because they enjoyed it the original so why not this one. This is not Shahid’s win, this is Sandeep’s success. With the Tamil version, you will get to see the difference because that one is not directed by Sandeep, but he will publicly support it since his first AD is the one directing it.

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19 Responses

  1. Rad says:

    Since when did we start taking cues on how to behave with others, from movies especially bollywood ones. I haven’t watched Kabir yet but watched Arjun Reddy. I really really felt very uncomfortable with the way the hero behaved with the heroine. But I knew it was just a movie and these are just fictional characters, not supposed to be taken seriously.

    Whereas on the other hand we had a Sanju based on a real life character, glorifying sleeping with 300 women and dealing with arms, going to jail and no one had a problem with that. Its ironical that the wife of the producer of Sanju is sitting there questioning and judging the director of Kabir. I 100% agree. ‘PSEUDO’ is what these shameless people are.

    • Anon today :) says:

      I think the difference is that Sanju is trying to show you that this life they depicted is so fantastical that it was pretty much “movie” worthy. Like the things that happen in Sanju or to the original person the memoir was based off is so unrealistic that it deserves to be a movie. Because it’s unreal. So no one actually thinks, hey my mom and father are going to be film actors and then I’m going to be one and then get into drugs and then get into terrorist gang activity but then still get a lot of girls and then go to jail and then become famous again – because that’s NOT normal, that’s why we’re so interested and sitting there watching Sanju. Whereas Kabir or Arjun Reddy depicts NORMAL people in NORMAL life and by doing so they quite literally normalize this behaviour. It’s kind of like.. USA has a huge gun violence issue and also police violence against black people. Imagine if they just made a movie where cops go around shooting black people or a kid goes around shooting up schools – but they fun crazy Tarantino way set in current society. People would go ballistic. India already has so many issues with violence against woman and rape issue and so that’s why Indian films should be sensitive to the political and social climate.

  2. Ana says:

    Ugly from inside and outside.. problem is we have a lot of men like him

  3. Tangerine says:

    It isn’t even about supposed “love”. This is behaviour which is unacceptable. Say in normal society you cannot go slap somebody or yell at them or macro cool dialogues. If you do you Will be punished. Suddenly because this is “love” this behaviour enter acceptable territory. WTF. I don’t know Jack about Love so cannot preach but do Love my mother etc. In which case Love means being even more respectful to them not more animal. If I must needed any more reason to be turned off a romantic relationship although I really don’t I have one now. Also IDK if you guys saw twitter rants of ppl those woke men who have been supporting the legitimate grievance that this movie is misogynistic by saying ye choot ka bhookha hai which also shows what is the low mentality of these ppl. Who even talks Like this? Since when is this okay? Also ppl were saying on twitter feminist bashing this movie but support Veere di wedding. I Effin hated Veere di wedding. It was absolute shite packaged in even more turd wrapping according to me. Those women were equally unrealistic and horrific

  4. Sara says:

    I still haven’t watched the movie. But I can say this. Growing up while watching Hollywood movies I felt there is No touching each other. Even in real life the west do not touch each other casually like patting a back, putting hand over the shoulder, casually touching the cheek like a mild slap like gesture etc. in India we touch each other. It is also a form of communication and it bring people close. And faith in each other. So in west when someone even touches each other it’s suddenly considered creepy, and could be named as abusive. Even the wife has rights like the husband cannot touch her without her consent. How many times we have also seen that in Bollywood where an angry femal lead will say the male lead. ” don’t touch me” angryly. All I am saying don’t become like west. They are lonely people with dogs and cats. Causally crasingly each other over head or a hug is foreign behaviour for them and they consider it has a intrusion of privacy. Like each human has drawn a boundary line around them. Here in India we even find strangers to be connected on a conscious level. We touch each other on shoulder, shake hand, a gesture of reassurance. Please stop aping the West.

  5. Monalisa says:

    Admin, why are you surprised that this movie is such a hit? Last year a whitewashed biopic on an MCP criminal raked in so much money. Everyone in bollywood knew the remake will be a money spinner, that is the reason why everyone from Arjun Varun tried to bagged the movie when Sandeep’s first choice rejected the movie. Sandeep always wanted a good actor so when his first choice said no he went with Shahid even though the south producers wanted Arjun since Boney met them personally to lobby for Arjun. If a bigger star than Shahid had done this movie they would have been bashed left, right, centre instead of the director. Saw the trending that was done to support Sandeep, he seemed have gained a huge fan following. He will be makimg more bollywood movies in the future for sure.

    Sandeep trying to normalize MCP behaviour and toxic masculinity is all kinds of wrong. There was no need for that.

  6. Lucy says:

    I personally felt he is not as eloquent in expressing his opinion or not that good articulating in english.what he may have actually meant was having the liberty to be at your worst behavior in front of your partner and them still not leaving you or dumping you.true love is not perhaps when everything is Rosy and happy,but being there with each other through worse times. He didn’t realise he normalised domestic abuse as soon as he said slap your partner whenever you for the critics sucharita was a bit biased the way she reviewed the film like he said there are 22 other departments.bharadwaj rangan actually gave a good explanation about it.his interviews are the best actually where he explains things from a non biased point of view.this time he used Lolita as a reference.

  7. Samantha says:

    Im super happy wt Shahid! He s a volcano of talent; deprived of success quite long.
    The intrvw was worth it fr exposing Anupama Chopra n ‘that fat guy with weird hair’ Masand! Anupama’s hubby produced Sanju; n Masand gave Sanju 3.5 stars.. remember how sexist the movie was!! Anupama was speechless on Sanju reference!!

  8. Sorry says:

    I’m just happy for Shahid. Most probably thought his highest grossing film would be Padmaavat. How wrong!!! A film with he as solo lead has crossed 200 crore!!! So happy for him. After a long history of credit given to his co-stars, it’s finally his turn.

    Looking forward to SRK, Vivek and Emraan’s comeback. They shouldn’t give up!

  9. P says:

    I liked the movie coz acting was super, well built plot. N i saw the movie as kabirs story. Just a sarfira humans story which is not my life. We witnessed someone else’s life, his sense of weakness, his flaws. Hence accepted the story despite not agreeing with his behaviour. He apoeared more of a bully, obsessed temperamental lover with anger issues and someone I would keep an arms length in real life.
    Anger n behaviours manifest themselves always even with closest relationships. This guy appeared scary to me and the girl appeared a bimbo with no mind of her own or self esteem, or her own sense of righteousness..
    She just accepted his overtures like some gaanv ki gori.
    Well despite all this, I could detach myself from real to reel n just watch their story unfold.

    No point dissecting it for feminism n chauvinism.
    N the director definitely spoke crap. Idiot

  10. Joe says:

    “This is some gareebon ka 50 shades of grey”. Different kind of BDSM is playing in Vanga’s head. ROFL!!!!

  11. abcd says:

    We are not living in a world where all are good and where everything is right. It is plain helplessness. Financial strength & family background does not guarantee a good relationship, in fact nothing does. Good people are rare and hard to find. Walking out is not all that easy. Family pressure & security(crime rise) prevent people from walking out from abusive bonding. Love is misunderstood and emotions are not valued. This is the ugly truth of our world. Living in all of this needs nerves of steel. That’s why it is very important to cherish and value who truly love us. Because we find strength in them.

    • Sam says:

      Your comment hints at your ability to observe and learn without having to make all the world’s mistakes yourself. If so, you are a rare gem and I truly hope those you love, love and value you as well.

  12. TRS says:

    I pity the woman who would love him – even if he is a saint at home, people will look at her and always wonder “aaj kitne thappad khaye hain?”

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