Sushant Singh Rajput: Conspiracy Theories Debunked!

From all the lies in the forms of conspiracies and theories TV channels are showing as the truth, here’s one channel that has taken the time to debunk every single conspiracy theory after Sushant Singh Rajput’s death.

Sushant might not be here anymore but what happened after his death, the circus that took place with people jumping in to take advantage of this situation is just disgusting, sick, unprofessional, and unethical. So-called journalists putting fake news out there as the truth. Idiotic storylines or breaking news that made no sense being sold to people. Whatever happened to common sense? It didn’t help either that there were others who saw this as an opportunity to let out their complaints and frustrations and talk about injustice that has happened to them and connecting these situations with his death for weeks! Name one adult who has not faced any hurdle or difficulties in life?

When the truth came in front of all of them, they pushed it away as it didn’t fit in their planned agendas.

In trying to find justice for someone, doesn’t mean you can put down or promote disgusting stories about someone else who is not here anymore. Despite the family asking the media and people to stop, no one bothered to listen. At this point, people have lost it! No respect for others in their supposed quest to find justice for Sushant! Can’t help but wonder how he would have felt if he saw how all kinds of vultures are coming out of the woodwork to take advantage of his death! Horrible!

Why is it so hard to believe that he suffered from a mental illness? Is it because he’s intelligent? Or because he was always happy and positive? How do people who have not been in touch with him in the past months or even years before his demise can say for sure that he didn’t suffer from a mental illness and that it was all made up? Even after doctors and the police gave their statements?

It’s sad that the reason why he did what he did was not about something serious at all. It could have been avoided had someone been there with him that day at that time. But that’s not what happened and at that moment, he did what he thought was a way out. And that was it! How do you question or even reason with what was going on in his mind that he had to do something like this? Sad to say, it happens with many people, and their families and loved ones are the ones having to go through life carrying this burden with them.

If you are truly interested in what is close to the truth, check out the video below by IndiaToday.

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10 Responses

  1. Pooja says:

    U r corrupt just like this film industry and swara etc.

  2. Hate KJo says:

    ADMIN please do a detail article on Kangana now. She acted like miss know at all from last 2 months. She attacked each and every celebrity, lied, try to push nepotism as the reason of SSR’ s death, abuse outsiders and women, and much more. But in reality she refused to work with him in HOMI’S next, never talk or met SSR. Refused to record her statement despite getting sermon twice by the police. Today, SSR lawyer exposed her drama by saying she is on her own trip and there is no truth to what she says.

    And when is she returning her PADMASHREE as she claimed she will. Also throw light why she joined Twitter when she said she doesn’t need this foreign platform and asked Govt to ban it?
    isn’t this show her as some insecure person who is really mad?
    How come blind people can’t see her lies? why are they supporting her? See the paid Twitter trend by her too.

    I feel sad to see how SSR’s death is being used for personals vendetta and motives.

    • Admin says:

      πŸ˜‚ People are believing lots of crap these days! It’s way too much negativity to cover whatever is coming out from her. It’s too much work! At least, now she has made it official instead of hiding behind her so-called team!

  3. bollyrandom says:

    Suneetha no she doesn’t get a pass from me. What relevance does saying Sara and SSR shared a bedroom have to anything. She might hate DP, might think she is the worst person on the planet but what gives her the right to say people can’t be depressed because they wear nice clothes. Look at it in the context of the country we live in. I don’t want to get into politics here but she is no one to stamp anyone as anti-national. That is anyway such a loosely used term.

    At this point, I don’t think she lost work due to Nepotism. Most ppl wanted to work with her post Queen. Not to say it isn’t an issue. But I wouldn’t work with someone with an attitude like that. Imagine being on a film set with her. To me she is no better than any of the bollywood families/KJo. There was reporting of her actually physically hitting her driver. She is not fighting for anything. There are a lot of problems with bollywood but this is not the way to fix it.

  4. suneetha says:

    Well, she openly declared that she is settling scores. She is as honest as one can get. Whether its ethical, right time, right situation is not a question, in big scheme of things.

    Someone had to develop guts to call out all these mafias, nepotism, unethical and illegal practices. She is taking that place.

    Kjo or his minions may not have directly contributed to his death. But somewhere, they did play a role that would have added up to his misery. Those planted false blind items, character assassination, bad PR, subtle insults might not have done direct damage. But that messes up one’s psyche.

    Sometimes, one relates to others thru their pain and suffering. And she more or less had same path as SSR. Maybe, she can relate.

    Also, one important point to be noted, she called out Bhatts, Akthars, Kjo, YRF who wronged her. Other ladies just jumped onto wagon uninvited.

    Bollywood is a filthy pool. Drugs, mafia, black money, ISI funding, sexual abuse, anti-national agenda is rampant here. It is time to bell the cat.
    And also to break those families nexus that survives of scratching each others back.

    And she has started this. Hope it gains momentum.

  5. bollyrandom says:

    Suneetha to me it’s not cool that Kangana drags other people no way connected to SSR just because she is jealous/hates them. She is the only one capable enough of making me feel bad for KJO🀦🀦

    See I don’t have a problem with some like Shekar Suman who may be talking to gain mileage. Because he is not trying to link someone who is not connected to SSRs death. He is just speaking about SSR. And the toxic env.

    There is a difference in a Kangana who can’t even spell Sushant’s name correctly and a Shekhar Suman

  6. Shefu says:

    What hurt me the most in SSR death is how unkind and selfish we humans are. We forget one day we too will die. And everyone is pushing their agenda to look good. Kangana is the epitome of faking care but people believe she cares. She goes to an extent showing she brought justice to SSR. She can debunk his families too. It’s not only Kangana. There are many like her. Even Shekhar Suman. Khair … sabki apni apni life, who am I to judge?

  7. suneetha says:

    I am a silent lurker. Make it a point to check this website once a day. I love Bollywood gossips. I appreciate the fact, though anonymous, you call out unethical practices in the industry.

    SSR case maybe or may not be suicide and time will give us the clear picture. But the whole point in the larger picture is how an actor from small town made big, inspite of hurdles thrown at him. How he was undermined and efforts were made to kill his career.

    Secondly, Kangana or anyone else, may be exploiting the situation to settle scores. But what they are saying is the truth. We may argue that this is not a right time and we should not be shooting at someone’s else shoulders. But no time is the right time.

    And lastly, by what I understand, things just don’t add up. I am not a psychiatrist. But someone(even if depressed) just don’t hang themselves out of blue.

  8. bollyrandom says:

    *to not file FIR

  9. bollyrandom says:

    Admin, I understand where you are coming from, there are so many crazy theories out there. There are way to many inconsistencies. Also every reporting has a motivation behind it. What this guy is saying might be true. But at this point I believe no one blindly. I don’t have forensic knowledge to know whether he is taking everything into consideration. I don’t believe either the family or Rhea 100%. I want a fair investigation to happen. I doubt if will ever happen. I did listen to some lawyers I respect like Karuna Nandy. She fought for Bhopal Gas victims. She did mention that it is not uncommon in such cases to file FIR. They investigate with the ADR. If anything comes up then they file FIR. But in saying that you can’t ignore shady behaviour of MP. At this point, the only thing acceptable in public view is CBI. Even if it happens, it won’t satisfy everyone. Most ppl have made up their mind and will stick to it.

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