Sunny Deol and Dimple Kapadia have finally been spotted together

You know technology is advancing when you start getting videos and pictures of celebrities and their rumoured partners. There’s the Ranbir-Katrina Ibiza picture, the Rekha-Amitabh on the plane picture, Priyanka with Shah Rukh’s jacket, Ranbir-Mahira smoking picture and now we have a video of Sunny Deol and Dimple Kapadia holding hands together.

Sunny Deol and Dimple Kapadia have finally been spotted together


This video evokes a mixture of emotions. First, we have to mention how there’s this old lady that we know who for years have said that Sunny loves Dimple. All because in an interview decades ago when Sunny was asked about his favourite food, he mentioned something that was cooked by Dimple. It probably was chicken curry, but who really cares? What kind of married man with kids mentions that he likes food made by another woman?

Tell you, the Deols are just something else. To say that Dharmendra ruined them all wouldn’t be an understatement. To say that perhaps he shouldn’t have gotten Sunny married in an arranged marriage style would not be fair since Bobby Deol too is rumoured to have someone else and he got married to his girlfriend.

This video is just amazeballs because these two have managed to keep a low-profile for years. Don’t get this wrong though, Sunny has been by her side for years. He even had her sister, Simple Kapadia, as his designer or dresser on his films. He was rumoured to be living in together with her. He was also supposedly at both her daughters’ weddings.

She has not been the only one in his life aside from his wife. If rumours were to be believed, he was involved with Amrita Singh and Raveena Tandon. But the longest of his relationships seems to be with Dimple, as they most probably last more than years together. If you are wondering how his wife took all this, well last we heard, she moved to the UK as she couldn’t take it anymore. That was years ago and now that their son is about to make his debut, perhaps she will be back playing the wife. But still, don’t count on it as she has always been in his shadows and has never made an appearance with him in public.

Sunny Deol and Dimple Kapadia have finally been spotted together


Soon, she also signed a film called Arjun and thereafter Rajesh Khanna was truly history as co-star Sunny Deol made a permanent place in her life. So close did Sunny get to Dimple that Twinkle and Rinke began to call him chhote papa. Sunny took on the role of de facto husband to Dimple so completely that Simple became his costume designer, making Dimple and Simple a nightmare package that every Sunny producer had to endure and foot the bills for.

To think that he has been busy working on his son’s debut, but as it turned out he’s busy playing lover-boy! Anyways, did you know that Dimple’s daughter Twinkle Khanna made her debut opposite Sunny’s brother, Bobby Deol? They probably hatched that plan together, but unfortunately the film flopped big time as did both of their careers.

At Simpleโ€™s prayer meeting, Sunny Deol threw his customary caution to the winds and stood rocklike at the head of Dimpleโ€™s family line, along with Akshay, Twinkle, Rinke, Simpleโ€™s son Bitti and Dimple, to accept condolences.

In this video that was posted on YouTube, Sunny and Dimple are sitting at a bus stop in London side by side. Dimple has one hand on his shoe and a cigarette is the other. Talk about the modern woman! By the way, they both are 60 years old.

You know what? Instead of writing these crap stories, Mrs Funnybones should start writing about her life. You know what we are talking about. It’s gonna be exciting and we WILL buy that book. Rumour has it, she too has someone in her life that makes her happy. Well, like the saying goes, “If you can’t find happiness at home, take it from someone else’s home”. It seems to be the motto in Bollywood, so Jai Ho!

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3 Responses

  1. Kali says:

    Their relationship has spanned some 30 years, more than some bollywood marriages. It was reported in the 80’s that Funnybones and her sister used to address him as ‘Chote Papa‘.

    Kaka broke up with Anju Mahendru and married Dimple on the rebound. Dimple was involved with Rishi Kapoor and Kaka took starstruck 15 year old Dimple for a walk by the Juhu sea and threw Rishi Kapoorโ€™s ring to her into the sea. She was just a child then. Rumour has it that Kaka went out of his way to ensure that his baraat (wedding march) run loud and clear through the road Anju Mahendru’s house was on. It is said that at Dimpleโ€™s wedding, her mother wept that her daughter was marrying a man who was closer to her momโ€™s age than to her own.

    Kaka was a vindictive man who personally destroyed the master tape of Anju’s unreleased film. He also cheated on Dimple repeatedly (toothbrush sharing wala love amongst others) so can’t blame her for leaving. But like I said earlier she was smart and remained married to him so when he died she and her daughters were the rightful heirs.

    As for Sunny, he was engaged since the time of his debut to an NRI from UK. Arranged marriage. His foreign bred wife couldn’t deal with the big punjabi joint family lifestyle and shifted back to London. Also Sunny was supposedly involved with Amrita and Raveena. Sunny likely won’t divorce his wife because of selfish alimony or honor reasons. He should just set her free. Dharmendra has not set a good example in his family.

    That being said if you have been together for 30 years then what good is marriage. Marriage is a sign of commitment but after 30 years it just becomes a piece of paper to sign. It seems that they have supported each other through thick and thin, through Dimple’s financial problems and when her sister died. At Simpleโ€™s prayer meeting, Sunny Deol mourned with Dimple as a family member. Both of them have been married and it did not change their life for the better. Everyone seems happier with this arrangement. It is better to be with the one you love than to be in a loveless union. At least Sunny didn’t make a drama of converting to Islam to marry Dimple. Live and let live.

    • shivanisd says:

      Im glad that people now know the reality of punjab ka puttar sunny deol! Cheating on his wife for 30 years and he pretends like he is the simplest person around. The deols are regressive family with village ppl attitude. Except bobby. Firstpost has an article saying that they are entitled to their privacy. But why shudnt ppl know the truth abt them. They are celebs.

      • Tina says:

        Nah! Bobby is equally regressive. His former girlfriends have attested to it. His wife had to suffer through his manic alcoholism too. Pity any woman who has to marry into this family. None of the Deol wives were treated well.

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