Sunaina Roshan says Rangoli tweeted the truth about her situation!

In a twist of events, or rather not, Sunaina Roshan was finally interviewed by a journalist, who’s friendly with her and the interview was shared on PinkVilla. This is the latest news on the whole situation and this time, it comes directly from Sunaina herself. Sunaia is looking for attention from her immediate family, it seems. She is doing all this to make them give her what she wants.


Earlier today, a day after Sunaina tweeted that she supports Kangana, Rangoli tweeted to explain what has been going on from her side.





Some people thought that Kangana’s sister was making this all up and putting some other guy in the story. Well, as it turned out, everything that Rangoli said is true!

Here it from Sunaina herself in an interview with Upala.

Sunaina supports Rangoli’s tweets about her and says it’s the truth!


She is in love with a Muslim guy and her father slapped her when he found out.


Sunaina says her brother, Hrithik, promised to help her and has not!


Sunaina on why she contacted Kangana


That’s about it, the interview abruptly ends like this. Note how she mentions she also has no idea on what happened between Hrithik and Kangana. And that, there is no smoke without fire!

We omitted the part where she mentioned how her parents are not giving her an allowance and only recently they gave her some money for her expenses.

We know when Hrithik entered the industry, his father was managing him. He decided the price Hrithik charged for his films and so on. But was he holding his money as well? Since he’s the head of the family, it’s quite possible that they had this arrangement. It is also quite possible that he believes women in his family should not work.

There are two strange things we discovered from this interview…

First is, Rakesh Roshan, at his age, is still raising his hand on his adult daughter. Why did he slap her? Even if she was mentally sick, which she is not, slapping her is not the way to deal with this situation.

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Second is, are they racist? Just because the boyfriend is Muslim does not mean he’s a terrorist.

Yes, the boyfriend does exist and he is a known journalist (not that famous, though).

And while many of you might say, how did he let Hrithik marry Sussanne? Well, at that time, the Khans were pretty influential or in other words, loaded. They still are, which explains how their only son can stay away from acting (his bread and butter) for this long. They always have money coming in, thanks to their chain of hotels and other sources of income, which we shall not mention. Other than loaded, they were more powerful than the Roshans back then. So, things were different.

This is a mess!

And naturally, one by one, the Roshans (not the popular ones) start to come out in defense of their family. Just like they each shared the same thought about those Hrithik, Kangana, Sussanne, Arjun etc. party pictures by claiming the exact same thing Hrithik said on television, which was they were re-enacting old movie posters. Is that what they call “too-high-and-drunk”?

Let’s start with the nephew, who tweeted this:


Poor guy is still waiting to be launched!

And now, the ex:


Seriously though, where was the family when a leading paper in the country printed that your dear family member was in a psychiatric hold-down?

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And as timed, like we mentioned, someone “close” to the family went out to update Times of India about what’s happening:


However, according to sources close to the family, this alleged new-found friendship between Sunaina and the two sisters has an ulterior motive.

The source says, “The way she has spoken about her family in the past and now, are poles apart in sentiment. It is evident that people are misusing her state of mind for their own benefit. The movie β€˜Mental Kya Hai’ trailer is releasing soon and that is why all of this is happening in public purview. The claims are that Sunaina got in touch with Kangana and her sister, Rangoli. However, Sunaina has never gotten in touch prior to this with the sister and if so, the time calls for proofs.”

The source even went on to claim that it was the various happenings in her life that are allegedly pushing to making such statements. “Her father, Rakesh Roshan is battling cancer that has taken a toll on her. It is this disturbing course of time that she has flipped and people are not shying away from using her condition to their own benefit, yet again. Sunaina is being taken advantage of for her condition right now with her recent statements, unfortunately.”

It was reported recently that Sunaina was suffering from a bipolar disorder and was under treatment for it.

Like we told you, Hrithik’s people has direct access to TOI hence the “source” always running there with their own stories.

They keep saying Roshan Snr is sick with cancer, but he still is traumatizing his kids. So, stop using his sickness to prove that Sunaina has gone mad! Besides, he recovered from cancer already, the surgery was successful.

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Why do they keep using his already-vanished/gone sickness to guilt everyone involved in this?

Sunaina is so dependent on her family that she cannot do anything on her own. This explains why it took Hrithik so long to finally move out and stay in his own house. Speaking of which, he could have offered his sister a room to temporary crash in if she’s so miserable.

Just imagine, if Sussanne was to come out with everything that she went through with the Roshans, they would also call her crazy or say she’s high on drugs.

As usual, Hrithik will continue to maintain a “dignify” silence ’cause the pope is more important than his sister!

All the money in the world and yet, he can’t help her out. At least, she did reach out to him. He must have kept her waiting to delay her from speaking out.


One thing that is certain, Sunaina is not bipolar because she is in the right state of mind to seek help for her situation. Probably, she reached out to Kangana because everyone else will not bother to help her in case they offend the Roshans.

If Shabana Azmi knows how powerful the Roshans are then what hope does Sunaina has with the industry inbred people? She saw how Kangana managed to fight against them and still survive, that’s why she went to her and also because they knew each other from before.

Well, can this get worst now? At least, it’s all out in the open so if something does happen to her, everyone will know!

Hope she gets the help and assistance that she is looking for. It’s a little sad at her age her family does this to her knowing very well that she is dependent on them!

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From her perspective, it’s not easy being the siter of such a famous actor and father and yet, have nothing on your own. If she was preoccupied with work, she would have never had the time to do all of these things. They should all sit down and talk to her nicely, no slapping. By they, we mean the family. She wants attention, just give her that!


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