Sunaina Roshan says Rangoli tweeted the truth about her situation!

In a twist of events, or rather not, Sunaina Roshan was finally interviewed by a journalist, who’s friendly with her and the interview was shared on PinkVilla. This is the latest news on the whole situation and this time, it comes directly from Sunaina herself. Sunaia is looking for attention from her immediate family, it seems. She is doing all this to make them give her what she wants.


Earlier today, a day after Sunaina tweeted that she supports Kangana, Rangoli tweeted to explain what has been going on from her side.





Some people thought that Kangana’s sister was making this all up and putting some other guy in the story. Well, as it turned out, everything that Rangoli said is true!

Here it from Sunaina herself in an interview with Upala.

Sunaina supports Rangoli’s tweets about her and says it’s the truth!


She is in love with a Muslim guy and her father slapped her when he found out.


Sunaina says her brother, Hrithik, promised to help her and has not!


Sunaina on why she contacted Kangana


That’s about it, the interview abruptly ends like this. Note how she mentions she also has no idea on what happened between Hrithik and Kangana. And that, there is no smoke without fire!

We omitted the part where she mentioned how her parents are not giving her an allowance and only recently they gave her some money for her expenses.

We know when Hrithik entered the industry, his father was managing him. He decided the price Hrithik charged for his films and so on. But was he holding his money as well? Since he’s the head of the family, it’s quite possible that they had this arrangement. It is also quite possible that he believes women in his family should not work.

There are two strange things we discovered from this interview…

First is, Rakesh Roshan, at his age, is still raising his hand on his adult daughter. Why did he slap her? Even if she was mentally sick, which she is not, slapping her is not the way to deal with this situation.

Image result for shame gifs

Second is, are they racist? Just because the boyfriend is Muslim does not mean he’s a terrorist.

Yes, the boyfriend does exist and he is a known journalist (not that famous, though).

And while many of you might say, how did he let Hrithik marry Sussanne? Well, at that time, the Khans were pretty influential or in other words, loaded. They still are, which explains how their only son can stay away from acting (his bread and butter) for this long. They always have money coming in, thanks to their chain of hotels and other sources of income, which we shall not mention. Other than loaded, they were more powerful than the Roshans back then. So, things were different.

This is a mess!

And naturally, one by one, the Roshans (not the popular ones) start to come out in defense of their family. Just like they each shared the same thought about those Hrithik, Kangana, Sussanne, Arjun etc. party pictures by claiming the exact same thing Hrithik said on television, which was they were re-enacting old movie posters. Is that what they call “too-high-and-drunk”?

Let’s start with the nephew, who tweeted this:


Poor guy is still waiting to be launched!

And now, the ex:


Seriously though, where was the family when a leading paper in the country printed that your dear family member was in a psychiatric hold-down?

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And as timed, like we mentioned, someone “close” to the family went out to update Times of India about what’s happening:


However, according to sources close to the family, this alleged new-found friendship between Sunaina and the two sisters has an ulterior motive.

The source says, “The way she has spoken about her family in the past and now, are poles apart in sentiment. It is evident that people are misusing her state of mind for their own benefit. The movie ‘Mental Kya Hai’ trailer is releasing soon and that is why all of this is happening in public purview. The claims are that Sunaina got in touch with Kangana and her sister, Rangoli. However, Sunaina has never gotten in touch prior to this with the sister and if so, the time calls for proofs.”

The source even went on to claim that it was the various happenings in her life that are allegedly pushing to making such statements. “Her father, Rakesh Roshan is battling cancer that has taken a toll on her. It is this disturbing course of time that she has flipped and people are not shying away from using her condition to their own benefit, yet again. Sunaina is being taken advantage of for her condition right now with her recent statements, unfortunately.”

It was reported recently that Sunaina was suffering from a bipolar disorder and was under treatment for it.

Like we told you, Hrithik’s people has direct access to TOI hence the “source” always running there with their own stories.

They keep saying Roshan Snr is sick with cancer, but he still is traumatizing his kids. So, stop using his sickness to prove that Sunaina has gone mad! Besides, he recovered from cancer already, the surgery was successful.

Image result for did they forget? gifs


Why do they keep using his already-vanished/gone sickness to guilt everyone involved in this?

Sunaina is so dependent on her family that she cannot do anything on her own. This explains why it took Hrithik so long to finally move out and stay in his own house. Speaking of which, he could have offered his sister a room to temporary crash in if she’s so miserable.

Just imagine, if Sussanne was to come out with everything that she went through with the Roshans, they would also call her crazy or say she’s high on drugs.

As usual, Hrithik will continue to maintain a “dignify” silence ’cause the pope is more important than his sister!

All the money in the world and yet, he can’t help her out. At least, she did reach out to him. He must have kept her waiting to delay her from speaking out.


One thing that is certain, Sunaina is not bipolar because she is in the right state of mind to seek help for her situation. Probably, she reached out to Kangana because everyone else will not bother to help her in case they offend the Roshans.

If Shabana Azmi knows how powerful the Roshans are then what hope does Sunaina has with the industry inbred people? She saw how Kangana managed to fight against them and still survive, that’s why she went to her and also because they knew each other from before.

Well, can this get worst now? At least, it’s all out in the open so if something does happen to her, everyone will know!

Hope she gets the help and assistance that she is looking for. It’s a little sad at her age her family does this to her knowing very well that she is dependent on them!

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From her perspective, it’s not easy being the siter of such a famous actor and father and yet, have nothing on your own. If she was preoccupied with work, she would have never had the time to do all of these things. They should all sit down and talk to her nicely, no slapping. By they, we mean the family. She wants attention, just give her that!


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28 Responses

  1. Dree says:

    What’s the story about shabana?

  2. Shefu says:

    This site is getting too negative for me with such a blind support towards a wrong deed. No matter how much you support Kangana, this is all time low. That sister is mentally ill and Kangana is taking advantage of this situation. Worse, this site supports it when so many other journalists have decided not to publish any more of BS from Ranaut sisters

    Bye bye OSOP.

  3. Sheena says:

    It is clear that Rakesh Roshan is the evil one. He is abusive to both his kids. Both. He has messed up both their lives in different ways. He cheats on his wife. He is a creep and makes actresses and junior artists sleep w him. Latest is Rautula

  4. Rami says:

    Roshan family needs help ,they have big issues, perhaps a professional 3rd party,needs to intervene, high time to get professional help!

  5. Meerasmom says:

    This is an unfortunate and sad situation all around, but my biggest question is, where is this man she loves? If she is being abused by her family and has nowhere to go, and he truly loves her, shouldn’t he be trying to help her get out? I know a woman shouldn’t have to rely on a man, but in a tough situation like this, shouldn’t the man want to step up for his partner? It sounds fishy to me. I agree with the person who said maybe the family is being protective of her and trying to stop her from rushing into another relationship. I also think there are better ways to deal with this issue than publicly shaming your family. But then her family should allow her some freedom as an adult.

  6. Crazyworld says:

    What is it about unsuccessful family members in Bollywood feeling entitled to their successful family member’s wealth? There was a blind about a year or two ago where Tanishaa Mukerji was demanding her sister Kajol gives her Kajol’s share of her father’s wealth simply because Kajol is more successful and didn’t need it. Kajol refused to indulge her sister as she has always done and even their mum was supporting Tanishaa. It was apparently causing issues between them hence it made it to the gossip blinds. Seems Kajol eventually bowed to their pressure.

    It’s so disgusting. I hate ungrateful entitled family members.

    It’s so obvious Sunaiana’s aim is to blackmail Hrithik into doing what she wants. I don’t know what happened between Hrithik and Kangana’s and frankly I don’t care but Kangana shouldn’t involve herself because she’s about to be used

  7. Prateek Mathur says:

    I think she is stressed and depressed right now as she is still financially dependent on her parents, but on the other hand she also want her parents to finance her and her new boyfriend which is not right as it is not the responsibility of the parents to finance their children for the lifetime. Just because she is in India which is why she has been financed by her parent still now or if she would have been in the US, they would have separated from her long back. I am not saying his boyfriend is a terrorist but she met him on the facebook, so she should be more careful with him as facebook is the best place today where you will find a lot of con artists.
    Worst is that Kangna and her sister are not only going to play with Hrithik and his family’s image but also ruin Sunaina’s life forever.

  8. Kiran101 says:

    Sunaina resolved to blackmail her family into submission for something she wanted and goes for their sorest spot …the sister duo fall into her trap. Kangana should have let them fight it out in public and watch the fun. Sooner or later Roshans patch up and sunaina will blame KR for taking advantage of her mental state and brainwash against her family.

    It appears Suzzane is the actual beneficiary of this mess.

    90’s tid bit : in late 90’s the second heroine of 2nd lead actress of ‘Koyala ‘ movie in an interview said on the matter of casting couch how its common and she had to sleep with Roshan Sr. for ‘koyala’ role and she took the offer. She said it in a matter of fact manner not grudgingly.

    • Novice says:

      Deepshika Nagpal? Don’t think so..can’t find anywhere.
      Koyla had only 3 major females – MAdhuri, Deepshikha, older ladies Kunika and Himani Shivpuri

  9. NewGirl says:

    She sounds like a teenager.

    Why on earth is Kangana getting involved? That says a lot about Sunaina’s motive. She wants attention.

  10. Mighty says:

    Stupid Lady! Sunaina if you’re reading this never cut the hand that feeds you.
    Your parents and brother took care of you and your child for 50 years. Now that she is in a unapproved relationship and her funding has stopped so she is out and about slamming her family.
    She would not do this if the cheques kept coming.
    Get your arse and start working instead of depending on your parents and brother.

    • abcd says:

      sunaina has no education, how will she work? rr and hr never let sunaina do some business ordo some work in production house, so hr and rr are at fault. Getting daughter married at 16 was very foolish. Do not call Sunaina stupid.

      • Senorita says:

        If there is a will to work you can get your way around .

        • abcd says:

          Will to work helps as long as there is knowledge with it. In today’s era, getting job without education is tough. Those days are gone where people with no or little education could get jobs. Managing business also needs some basic education.

          • Tina says:

            Hrithik is on record saying his Dad refused to fund his education beyond class 12 or something. I doubt Roshan Sr. supported his daughter’s education either. Also, if Sunaina suffers from all the ailments she’s seems to have, including Cancer etc, it would be difficult for her to work on any labor intensive work. I know able-bodied, educated men whose career/financial stability took a hit due to debilitating illnesses. Not that it entitles her to her brother’s money but its just sad – I am all for self help, but sometimes circumstances just don’t allow it.

          • Senorita says:

            Do business, learn a skill eg dressmaking, hairdressing, makeup ,skill etc Lazy people like you find excuses not to work. They sit around looking for excuses not to work. Shame!

          • Admin says:

            With her, there are two problems. One is, she is not that highly educated. Second is, she does not have money. Unless her family gives her the money, she may have the will but she won’t have the way. And, she has been like this her whole life. This is normal to her: expecting her family to give her an allowance. At her age, it’s hard to believe that she will want to get out herself and work to make money. Unless someone in the family helps her out and gets her a job. By herself, she won’t do it.

    • Sheena says:

      @ Mighty: what’s wrong w u? U don’t hit your grown up kids. Actually u don’t hit anyone not even kids. It is not OK. And Sunaina is the crazy one? Smh

  11. Shinyobject says:

    Something fishy. Maybe the family is trying to bring down Kangana. When did Kangana and Rangoli become crusaders for the law? Go to the police girl.

    • HateKjo says:

      What are you talking about? How the family is trying to bring Kangana down? its the other way round. So called feminist using a sick woman and family dispute to bring the family down.

  12. Ana R says:

    this is loads of bollocks. Suzanne is muslim why would they object to Sunaina being in love with a Muslim. Farhan is his closes friend.. I am not trusting any item to throw shit at HR from this site.. Rangoli is stupid beyond belief. This website is run by someone close to KR for sure. Enough is enough guys

    • Tina says:

      Back in Jan 2000, their was a mafia attack on Rakesh Roshan – the police said he never approached them for help, and the details/reasons are murky. Rumors were that Sanjay Khan had him threatened as they were not keen on Suzanne post the success of KNPH. In Dec 2000, 11 months after the attack, Suzanne and Hrithik got married.

      There were similar rumors back in the 90s. Feroz and Sanjay’s sister Dilshad Begum Sheik (who was married to Javed Sheik, a Kashmiri businessman) was rumored to be having an affair with Farooq Abdullah, when her husband died, with the Khan brothers supposedly having a hand in it.

      Also if you remember Sanjay Khan’s autobiography that released last year, he boasts about his close relations with drug lords, mafia, and dictators.

      I would take Roshans’ acceptance of Suzanne with a grain of salt. Maybe they did, maybe they didn’t.

  13. whiskermole says:

    I feel nervous for Kangana. She should tread carefully and watch her back.

    Doesn’t explain Sunaina’s tweet about how she supports Kangana all through. How can she say that and then say she has no idea what happened between Kangana and her brother? 🙄 Sounds like she only extends support when she wants something back.

    And what’s she going on about there being no smoke without fire? If you know something, say it. If you don’t know anything, don’t run around blindly extending support to people and saying insinuating things like “there’s no smoke without fire”. People can say that about her also in this little fiasco, then!

    Not to mention her entitled, spoilt attitude. Expecting her family to pay for everything at this age? Is this normal?

  14. HateKJO says:

    Sunaina;s interview clear few points

    1) she is mad at her family because she isn’t getting MONEY from them.

    2) she is dating a Muslim guy who her family isn’t approving.

    3) She is not aware and clueless about Hrithik and Kangana issue.

    4) she can do anything for money.

    5) She has only joined hands with Kangana to harm her family and In return Kangana gave her the money.

    6) Hrithik has nothing to do with it. Its all about her dad and her.

    7) She isn’t supporting Kangana against Hrithik and has no idea about it.

    POINT ONE : Sunaina is a 50 year old woman who is always supported by her family emotionally and financially since her first divorce. Roshans took care of her and her daughter until now. They paid for her School, invest in her business and make her independent. IS Rs 50, 0000 a month less when you are living in your dad’s house? Women empowerment means to be independent and don’t rely on others for money.

    No father can harm his daughter. Today she finds him abusive (don’t we all do when we are brainwashed and want something which our parents knows isn’t good for us) but sooner or later she will realize her mistake.

    POINT 2 : Its a lie because Hrithik married a Muslim woman.SO clearly its not the issue. Her parents are just protective of her. They know she already have had 3 bad relationships and rushing into another one. They are just protective of her. She has a right to choose her partner as one cant live alone but then her judgement is bad.

    If she wants to live on her own terms so earn and pay her bills. Because its a known fact whoever pays your bills automatically gets a right to interfere in your life.

    POINT 3 : She made its loud and clear that she has NO clue what’s happened between her brother and Kangana. Implies that she isn’t supporting her in that case at least. Her brother has already shown the proofs . Why didn’t she ask her friend to give proofs and why is she hiding it?

    SO all Kangana bots and PR who was abusing Hrithik and calling him a liar should take some rest now. Truth remains Hrithik is right in his claims so far.

    POINT 4 : Sunaina needs money desperately and also ill and she take it from anyone who offers her. This is her biggest mistake. Remember blood is thicker than the water.

    Tomorrow that guy for whom she is fighting for with her family will leave her saying if how can you be loyal to me when you weren’t loyal to your parents? This stalker Kangana will kick her out as soon as her evil motive for proving the Roshan’s wrong and her right (though sunaina hasn’t said anything regarding this matter but just she knows nothing) and she will be left all alone.

    POINT 5 : Suanina is in a rebellious mode, she can do anything at this stage. She needed money and cunning stalker Kangana used this situation to the max , provided her the money and using her against her family. This make her a worst human to use a WOMAN (despite claiming to be a feminist) to settle her score with Hrithik.

    POINT 6 : She made it clear its all about her dad , money and a guy. Hrithik has nothing to do with it. He is the only earning member of the family. According to Sunaina, he always supportive of her and let her do whatever she wants (read her blog as a proof). He looks after his old parents out of one is suffering from cancer and treatment is quite expensive, his old grandparents, his niece, his sister and his 2 growing up sons for whom he has to save some money for.

    He took care of her bills, raise her daughter like his own, paid of her daughter school and Uni, open a profitable business for her, take them to exotic holidays thrice a year.

    Its not his responsibility to bear her expenses whole life. She is old enough to earn. Especially if she believes in women empowerment.

    Her daughter is working why she isn’t asking her for the money? why her daughter has left her? See her comments. She is supporting her family.

    POINT 7 : From yesterday KR PR and paid bots were screaming TRUTH and bashing Hrithik, said his sister exposed him. Today is the last day of their happiness as she said she is NOT AWARE what actually happened. So from now dare not to bash him.

    it is so obvious that Kangana and her sister is obsessed with Hrithik and stalked his family. Never miss a chance to attack them

    • HateKJO says:

      Like to add that Muslim guy is not loyal to her. I bet. Its he who provoked her to do so for sure. He is after her money and surname. He wants to cash in Roshan’s surname and to feed on their money. That’s why she is talking MONEY MONEY MONEY

    • Aura says:

      Wow! You are really on a mission! Each and every anti-HR or pro-KR post on this site is necessarily followed by your long-drawn rants, trying hard to prove how this site and ALL KR supporters on this site must be paid PR and bots. Wow! Your persistence is admirable!!
      But, what is ironic is, you sound exactly like every bit of a paid HR bot/PR yourself with your obsessive rants against Kangana, never missing out any chance at jumping in to bash her, call her all sorts of names, despite having NO proof on any accusations whatsoever, Your “theories” on how the Roshan family dynamic TRULY is, how a father can NEVER harm a daughter, how they ALWAYS wanted the best for Sunaina, how the Muslim guy will eventually deceive her, how HR has already “proved” (?) that KR is a liar … all seem to be based on a LOT of conjectures, assumptions, projections and wishful thinkings. But, ZERO proof! Or you accuse others of doing PR for KR?! You are either a very special fly on the Roshan-family wall or HR’s personal counselor! LOL. How are YOU really any different? You are not!

      • HateKjo says:

        Anyone who speaks the truth and support Hrithik is Pr and a paid bot according to kangana fans and PR. Wow. Your mission is to bring him down without any proofs.

        I made the valid points which you couldn’t digest .

        Kangana bots and PR always bash Hrithik and his family but starts crying when they are shown a mirror.

        It’s a fact that a father is the only figure who can never hurt and harm a daughter. But you paid PR wont get it

        Every parent wants best for their kids.

        You are blind by hate to deny these facts about parenyts. Sounds like every Kanganga PR and paid minions.

        Do know how her family helped her and took care of her? She herself said it.

        Yes a guy can deceive her like her earlier relationships. There is a possibility. She met him through internet.

        Hrithik has proved Kangana a liar by proving her engagement claims wrong and also proved she forged the picture. So she is a liar.

        You are hell bent to prove him a prepator and a liar.
        Has kangana proved anything? Did she provide her gadgets? Even her lawyer I’d a criminal.
        My points are based in facts, solid evidences while all the claims and allegations of paid kangana fans and PR are only based on assumptions, lies, Zero evidences and blaming fans as paid and Hrithik PR.
        You are definitely a part of kangana’s PR or may be Rangoli . It may be insensitive and a stalker like your idol. You are no different than her

        I can understand your frustration because you were shouting sunaina spoke the truth and Hrithik wronged your insensitive idol who has no shame and using someone’s personal issue to take revenge, all evaporate in thin air as she didnt know anything . It’s another issue.

        • Aura says:

          LOL …Your parroting the same points over and over without being backed by any ounce of logic, reasoning and any sort of analytical thought just goes to show that either a) you have a serious case of delusion or b) proved my point as a PR/bot on HR’s payroll.

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