Sridevi passes away at 54 due to a massive cardiac arrest

Bollywood legend and an icon, Sridevi, has passed away at the age of 54 in Dubai. It is said that her death was due to cardiac arrest. Many people, including those who knew her, refused to believe that she died when news spread last night. Sadly, it was the truth and she passed away at 8pm in Dubai. No other details were given and released in public. The family hasn’t even released an official statement yet. Bollywood legend and icon, Sridevi, passed away due to drowning that was caused by a loss of consciousness while she was in the bathtub.

Sridevi passes away at 54 due to a massive cardiac arrest


26/02/18 @ 11.46pm – Statement released from Boney Kapoor’s Spokesperson

Boney Kapoor, Jhanvi, Khushi & the entire Kapoor, Ayyappan and Marwah family is deeply bereaved and shocked with the untimely loss of Kapoor. They thank the entire media for their prayers, support and sensitivity during their time of grief. Late Kapoorโ€™s body will arrive in India tomorrow. We’ll update you on further info as & when itโ€™s available to us. Request you to kindly reach out to us on everything related to this & we urge you to please not call the family for info on the same. : Boney Kapoor’s Spokesperson


Her husband has been picking up calls from Bollywood people and journalists to confirm that Sridevi has indeed passed away. It is truly shocking and we are sure many people are feeling numb after hearing this news. Her brother-in-law, Sanjay Kapoor, spoke to journalists as soon as he arrived in Dubai this morning. He said he is in shock and that Sridevi‘s family had no history of heart disease.

โ€œThis was shocking to all of us. We are still in a state of shock and are heartbroken,โ€ said Sanjay Kapoor, the younger brother of Bollywood producer Boney Kapoor and Srideviโ€™s brother-in-law. He arrived in Dubai following news of Srideviโ€™s passing.

โ€œShe passed away in the hotel itself. There was no heart problem she had that I was aware of,โ€ he said

Sridevi passes away at 54 due to a massive cardiac arrest


The latest updates from Dubai, courtesy of KhaleejTimes, Times of India and Hindustan Times:

  • Bollywood actress Sridevi passed away in her hotel room in the Emirates Towers, Dubai at 11pm on Saturday, a source in the Indian Consulate in Dubai revealed.
  • She reportedly had a fainting spell in her bathroom and was immediately rushed to Rashid Hospital in Dubai. Sources in the Indian Consulate stated that she was brought dead to the hospital.
  • “Her mortal remains were handed over to the forensic department,” the source added.
  • Sridevi‘s body was brought to the Dubai Forensics Department in the early hours of Sunday morning in an ambulance. Updates from sourcesย in the forensics department have revealed that she was not taken to a hospital but directly moved to forensics atย 2 am Sunday morning.
  • About 19 hours after her death, Sridevi‘s body is yet to be handed over to her relatives as the autopsy is yet to be completed. The chief doctor conducting the autopsy has now left the laboratory even as some lab tests remain to be done.A team of doctors continues to conduct the autopsy, and only once the autopsy is complete will the body be shifted to the Muhaisna embalming centre before it can be flown out on a private jet to India.
  • Officials have revealed that Sridevi‘s autopsy has been completed and the family is now awaiting laboratory reports conducted by the General Department of Forensic Evidence, Dubai.
  • Officials informed Khaleej Times that as per usual protocols, these tests take up to 24 hours in the case a person has died outside a hospital in Dubai. The same safety and administrative protocols are being followed by the police in this case as well.
  • Sridevi‘s body will not be released on Sunday night, authorities have confirmed.
  • Officials at the General Department of Forensic Evidence, Dubai, have confirmed that actor Sridevi‘s body will remain in the UAE for another night. She is likely to be flown back to India on Monday. Completion of laboratory tests, immigration procedures, administrative protocols, embalming and paper-work at the prosecutor’s office are expected to continue for another night. Once completed, her body will be repatriated to India, where her funeral is expected to take place at Pawan Hans at Juhu, Ville Parle, Mumbai.
  • Times of India report says forensic report confirms heart attack as the cause of Srideviโ€™s death. Official sources in Dubai say there was โ€˜nothing suspiciousโ€™ about the manner of her death.
  • Forensic pathologists found nothing suspicious about the manner in which Sridevi died.
  • Sridevi drowned in her bathtub following a cardiac arrest, the report has confirmed.Social workers are working with the family members to complete the procedure of repatriation – the cancellation of passport, issuance of death certificate among others.Once all the documents are collected, the family members will be handed over the body after submitting the documents.The family is hopeful that the body might be ready for repatriation within next one hour.


Official Cause of Death:


Dubai Police said initial investigation shows that Bollywood actress Sridevi drowned following loss of consciousness in the bathtub of her hotel room.

They found traces of alcohol in her body and this may have led to the accident. โ€œThe investigation is still going on to determine the circumstances surrounding the accident as the forensic report only says that she drowned,โ€ an official told Gulf News.

The police are trying to piece together the sequence of events and find out who was with her when the incident happened.


UPDATE – 27.02.18



Family releases statement regarding funeral procedures and where the public can come to pay their condolences:

On behalf of Khushi, Janhvi, Boney Kapoor, the entire Kapoor and Ayyappan families, a sincere thanks to the media for your continued sensitivity and support during this emotional moment. Well-wishers can pay their condolences from 9.30am to 12.30pm at Celebration Sports Club, Garden No 5, Lokhandwala Complex, Andheri West. Media can also pay their respects “provided camera, recording devices, etc are left outside the venue”. The last journey will commence at 2 pm from Celebration Sports Club to Vile Parle Seva Samaj Crematorium and Hindu Cemetery. The cremation will take place at around 3.30 pm.



Sridevi passes away at 54 due to a massive cardiac arrest

Her stardom and what she has managed to achieve during her time as an actress is proof with all the condolences messages and tributes pouring in from all around the world. It was said that she stayed over in Dubai to be with her sister, Srilatha. There are reports saying that her husband was also there with her, as he flew back to Dubai after having returned just a day before with his daughter, Khushi. But SpotBoye said that this is not true at all and Boney was not by her side when she passed: has it that Sridevi asked Boney to return to Mumbai after Mohit Marwahโ€™s was over.

Our source told us that the legendary actress told her husband that she just wants to have a short holiday, no specific reason per se.

Boney returned and was just waiting for the day when Sridevi would join them. Ditto for Janhvi who hadn’t attended Mohit’s wedding as she was shooting for Dhadak in Mumbai. Alas!




For now, all speculations and coincidences surrounding her death are going to be put aside. There’s just too much going on. What her daughters must be going through? What Janhvi must be going through? She chose not to go to the wedding because she had rehearsals to go to. What a shock that must be for her. Sridevi went before getting to see her daughter on the big screen.

Sridevi passes away at 54 due to a massive cardiac arrest


This is truly truly shocking. It’s even more shocking because Sridevi wasn’t an actress in exile, she was everywhere. Right before her death, she spent time with her family and friends at Boney’s nephew’s wedding, which was held in Dubai. It must be truly shocking news for the newlyweds as well. Hopefully, her two daughters get the right emotional support to go through life. They were both very close to their mother as she was closely mentoring them to prepare them for their debut.


With over 300 films to her credit and 50 years as an actress, Sridevi has managed to touch the lives of many people, especially the ones who grew up in the 80’s and 90’s. The last film that she shot for was a special appearance scene in Shah Rukh Khan‘s ‘Zero’. That might be her last appearance on the big scene, her talent will always be around and will never cease to exist in the hearts of her many fans and Bollywood fans as well.


When you feel for the death of someone you never knew on a personal level, that shows how deep she touched your life without even knowing. Such is the power of a true performer, a superstar!


To the lady, who made Bollywood watchable in the 90’s:

Sridevi passes away at 54 due to a massive cardiac arrest


Rest In Peace. May you find the ultimate happiness and peace that you have been searching for your whole life. May your soul rest in peace. God Bless.

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84 Responses

  1. Maji says:

    Did anyone see the fashion parade at the cremation ground today? Yes they were all in whites/beige but some were so prim and proper with makeup, fancy bags and jewellery (diamond studs on display!). Hell, Tanuja was even sporting white flowers in her hair! Shocking for me.

    • Alice says:

      Page 3 movie was absolutely right about these celbs. …
      Did you see Shilpa Instagram, every person is asking the same question that why she didnt visit kapoor’s and its really surprising coz we have seen so many pics of them together, be it karw chauth, diwali, sunday binge etc. etc.

      • Admin says:

        Probably she had something done on her and had to stay in. Even Kareena didn’t go. Quite understandable since she’s close to Arjun but what about Rishi and his wife? The same Rishi who blasted today’s actors for not showing up at funerals and he and his son were nowhere to be seen. Gauri Shinde also was not there.

        • naughtytrini says:

          Yeah somebody need to blast him now, let him feel how it feels when the shoes is on the other foot. That man is so sickening. But at least he did write something on social media…did any of the other do so too? like akshay and twinkle, miss who like to write write write….

          • Ananya says:

            Rishi Kapoor and Randhir Kapoor did come for the final rites. Rk and most of the youngsters are shooting. But yeah Kareena didn’t come. Arjun himself was present there. So why wouldn’t she come?!

            Heard Akshay also came though I didn’t see. Writing on social media is not everything. I think Shinde is affected or busy. Didn’t they plan EV sequel. It must be hard on ppl close. Some chose not to see the dead so that the image and reality doesn’t sink in.

  2. Deepak says:

    Ok people… I want to say something….We are what we are due to our childhood.. We went to school, made friends, laughed and fought with them….. We were not cooped up by our parents… But Sri’s entire life has never truly been hers…..She started working from the age of 4 and then took a break in 1996 after Judaai and then came back in 2012 with EV….All this time, she was managed by her mother… and her step-siblings had given her a lot of hard time….. Let us remember our own childhood and then put ourselves in Sri’s shoes…I am not blaming her family.. but lets just put things in perspective…..At 13 she made debut as an actor.. all I remember doing at 13 is being silly, painting at school, playing with friends and being crazy for Sri….I am her die hard fan, but not a blind one…..No one is perfect.. and the one who claims to be is lying…..All I can say is that she lived life on her own terms and that is how it should be…..Her professional achievements would put anyone else to shame….Just let her be even in Death….

    • Shivanisd says:

      She had step siblings?? Why would they give a hard time to the breadwinner of her family.

      • Deepak says:

        Sri’s mother had put all property in her name when she passed away…..This did not go down well with her brother and sis and led to a long legal battle…..She was so naive that people took advantage of her.. that was until Boney came into her life….

  3. Ananya says:

    WHAT? Sridevi had tied Rakhi to Boney? What all are the news channels saying. Is it true? How on earth will they do it if in love?!

    • Admin says:

      Yes, Mithun asked her to prove that she does not have feelings for Boney and he asked her to tie a rakhi to Boney and she did! Thing is, don’t know if this was before their love story started or after.

      • Ananya says:

        I’m surprised. I didn’t know this. I’m from different generation so don’t know past stories. Is Mithun alive?!

      • naughtytrini says:

        Can I just go a lil off-topic here since we are talking about the rakhi? I live in the Caribbean, I am an east indian but not a hindu although I did grow up in a home where my mom is a muslim and my dad was a hindu. They both accepted each other religions so I grew up honouring both religions. I also went to a Presbyterian School. So you could say I am an allrounder? ๐Ÿ™‚ About the rakhi, I am very interested in all the rituals of all the special days in all religions. I still go to tie the rakhi on my brothers hands when time permits. But one year my husband had a court matter and I was worried for him. I had rakhis had home because it was the day after Raksha Bandhan and I usually buy a lot ๐Ÿ™‚ and I tied the rakhi to his hand even though he isnt a practicing hindu. He is actually a seventh day adventist. Thankfully he allows me my traditions. I remembered a story where the first rakhi was tied by a wife to her husband’s hand to protect him. My husband went to the court and he told me that the judge who seemed to be a practicing hindu and who had a rakhi tied on his own hand, looked at my husband’s hand, smiled and dismissed the case. I know it sounds prejudiced but it was a case where my husband got a car ticket for something really silly but yes he going to court made me really nervous and worried. Now anyway, I have had hindus laugh at me when i tell them this story, telling me that i am making fun of their tradition, that the rakhi should be tied by a sister to her brother’s hand only. Comments?

    • kiran101 says:

      Its a very well known story.

  4. Whatever says:

    Let me write this here, on Sunday when we got to know about this Sad news, I told my Dad & Mom how she got married to Boney kapoor, about Mona Kapoor and even told her about Mithun-Sri alleged marriage and also mentioned Mona death, In short, all the Gossip I have ever read on Gossip blogs.

    My Mom replied me back – Sri was a young and successful girl who Lost her parents, Noone availble to Guide her way and may be she just fell in Love with this Married Guy (boney) and when one person is in Love, he or she doesnot know what they are doing to others with their relatioships….. People in Love just lost their senses towards right or wrong, They are in Just Love , in their own world… which sometimes, after a period of time shatter but they cant do anything about that because we cannot change the past , Humans has no control on future either…..

    I’m being honest here , after listening to her I dint replied my Mom back but it has been three days and I am just thinking, Why we are being so judgemental. It was Sridevi’s LIfe /Or anyone could be in her place…., Let her Be the way she lived.

    Now people in Real life arguing – Ohhh How she was so drunk… and Sri must have an Alcoholic . I just want to say – SO WHAT ?? DOnt you people drink ?? Dont you have any Negatives in you ?? And what about MALE Gender, They can drink , that is absolutely normal but a LADY Cannot drink ?? WHY ???

    • Admin says:

      What happened back then cannot be pinned on Sridevi alone. It was Boney who started it all. Chased her, got her signed to do his film, put her in his parents home, followed her to the USA and all that. This was a girl back then who was sheltered by her parents and then when they passed, Boney swooped in to play the Kinght in Shinning armour. He could have dealt with that situation better by letting his wife know of his feelings, but no, he let Sri take all the blame.

      • Ananya says:

        Did he? I thought he always protected her from his family. He simply looked too much in love. Yes it’s a sin towards Mona who didn’t deserve it. But if it wasn’t about lust or conquest, then I guess like Arjun himself said. ItI hhappened and they had to wrap their head around it. It’s sad. I really thot Sridevi didn’t have a heart; but maybe she did but didn’t know how to bridge the gap with the kids. I really don’t know and it doesn’t matter.

        Maybe in a way Arjun presence during all of this says they never tried but it wasn’t bz one of them was bad.

    • kiran101 says:

      Agreed ! But doing the same twice….She married Mithun and yogita committed failed suicide..pleaded yogita to leave Mithun. One must read mithun’s interview post Sri-Boney wedding…aneways She can drink, she can commit adultry and she can do watever she want…our world wont end.But, now Jhanvi-Khushi suffer ….at lot of people lose life in unfortunate situations …but how much can one feel bad for self inflicted wounds ??
      There is no sugar coating …It wont be easy for Jhanvi-Khushi …i feel so bad for them….my heart goes out to little babies without their mommy.

      When you become a parent … your life is no longer just yours…not until your kids have grown wings strong enough to take flight on their own.

  5. Rekha Rai says:

    I was very, very sad to hear of her death. In a way this is the first truly shocking death of Bollywood where a major celebrity has died in their prime and she was a SUPERSTAR that was either loved or respected by all. When I first heard I just thought “what, but we just saw her in Dubai!” and then thought of her poor daughters. Then I cried, and then watched endless Sridevi movies and videos until today when I finally had to go to work. My family called each other, we all discussed it, it really affects us all! It feels personal, we all have an emotional connection of some sort. You could count yourself as a fan of Madhuri as an example but Madhuri wouldn’t be Madhuri without Sridevi who was first. And even if you loved Madhuri no one ever doubted the acting talent and powerhouse that was Sridevi. Anyway, her beauty and legendary acting aside, at the end of the day what really matters is family. To see someone who was full of life and enjoying at a wedding only to think of them dead hours later, it makes it heartbreaking that she had a lot of life to live still, two beautiful and young daughters who will have a void no one can fill and leaving behind a very doting and besotted husband who will never be as happy again. You only have to look at pictures of Boney with his wife and you can see how happy he was, the light will be gone from his eyes henceforth. I think if I see Boney’s face ever again I will just start tearing up straight away. I know what it’s like when someone loses the light in their eyes, for his daughters it will be as if they lost two people, their mother and their father because he will never be the same. It will take a very, very long time.

    All this speculation – People drink alcohol, even women like Sridevi and it’s not a big deal! Esp at a wedding. She did seem like someone who would drink alcohol and don’t they usually say that both women or comics or introverts are more likely to drink (as it is relaxing for them and brings them out of their shell? She was deeply shy and private). As for reports of her not coming down for the prayers it could be because she was upset and didn’t want people to see her, since she’s so shy and private. Or maybe she just felt sick and tired. Also when when someone says “trace” amounts of alcohol that means very little, not enough to make you black out and fall into a tub and drown. She could have slipped, she could have just simply felt dizzy or dehydrated and they say that the shock of slipping underwater can cause you to faint and then drown within seconds. “Women are very apt to faint, and, as they sink beneath the surface and respiration still goes on involuntarily, they probably drown before they regain consciousness.”

    Causes of death by drowning: 1. By syncope, and asphyxia while unconscious. Some of these die instantly. 2. By apoplexy (usually congestive), common in plethoric and aged persons, followed by asphyxia while unconscious. It could also be that she did have a mild heart aneurysm or palpitation causing her to faint, sink below the surface and drown. Or if she was found face down she likely fell,fainted then drowned. Regardless of why she fell, the overall CAUSE of death was by drowning, that’s what they have to report. They wouldn’t say if it was the heart that caused her to faint or low blood pressure or whatever. I can’t even believe it as I’m typing all this that I’m actually talking about Sridevi. Feels like some sort of sick joke.

    As for the reports about why she stayed behind or why Boney left – he went back for some function right? She just felt like staying behind in Dubai for a couple of days, maybe she was still in holiday mode since she was just at a wedding. Or maybe she felt too tired to travel after a long wedding week and wanted some me time and relaxation. As a woman “alone” in Dubai probably she didn’t feel comfortable walking around by herself and I’m sure the suite was luxurious enough that she could chill and enjoy inside without having to leave. As for Boney coming back, that could have been the plan all along to escort her back to India, or he just felt like he was missing out and wanted to see his wife. It’s literally a 2-3 hour flight max. That’s nothing for most people who are used to flying. I just hate the people who speculate about Boney and Sridevi – they were clearly, clearly madly in love, and you can see he is a good person. Not once a whiff of disrepute despite the fact he was a producer. Family man, who loved his family. Don’t drag him into this at a time when he’s mourning the loss of his wife.

  6. Shivanisd says:

    To be honest she had become really attention hungry in last 1 year ever since her daughters started getting attention. It seems like all the time sridevi was thinking about clothes jewellery buying stuff for her daughters so they can look good in pics. As if there is nothing else in life to look forward to. I dont want to sound old fashioned but there is a thing called nazar. If ur in the limelight 24/7 and u never want to stop clicking pics videos selfies it happens. She was a great actress and dancer ( despite not being classically trained) and the breadwinner of her family at age 4. She was a marvellous woman!! I absolutely loved her work in lamhe and khuds gawah, 2 of my favorite movies. I just wish she had slowed down a bit on the (paid?) pr articles on media websites, plastic surgeries (pls see her pic from the movie julie, both she and rekha had surgery way back) and her constant posing with daughters and boney on Instagram. It made her seem desperate for attention. RIP.

    • Pav says:

      It looked like she wanted to promote her daughters. So obviously she had to tag her name along. Nobody would wanna watch or read anything about Boney . Jhanvi and Khushi were nobody. So as a mother she gave her fullest support to her daughters.
      Also, I think attention is one of the main concerns for most of the celebrities. They want it, need it and will try to somehow take it. Clothes and looks are other main objectives. See how she changed Jhanvi’s face. Either it’s right or wrong. She did what she knew as best for her daughters

  7. goldengirl says:

    such a sad news for all of us. May her soul rest in peace.Sri devi was a dignified and classy lady BW has lost a legend. . ๐Ÿ™

  8. naughtytrini says:

    Sridevi took my heart with her performance in Chandni and her best dance in Mr. India. She also blew me away with her performance in that movie where she acted a double role, as mother and daughter with Anil Kapoor. It was really shocking when I heard the news. I thought to myself, oh jeez these people not easy, from Stallone fake death to now Sridevi? It is really heart breaking because honestly she seemed to be such a vibrant person. RIP Sridevi. I will not say anything negative in this comment. Her movies will live on forever because she was, has been one of the best actress ever.

  9. Universal says:

    Now official report says accidental drowning. There seems to be quite a few things amiss in this whole saga. Someone mentioned in twitter the same day that women this age don’t usually suffer cardiac arrest unless they are I’ll for long.
    How did she drown accidentally?
    Was she so drunk that she lost balance and didn’t realize? – But then if her husband spoke to her and then she went to get ready, didn’t he realize she is too drunk?

    He called police and his friends first. Isn’t the first action in such scenario to call for medical help?
    Don’t want to speculate much but lots of questions here.

  10. Maji says:

    There could be reasons for accidental drowning right – overdosed on alcohol, had a heart attack/cardiac arrest, low BP, etc? Or hit her head and fell into the bathtub and drowned? But if Boney was there, would he not hear something? So strange…

  11. Nar <3 Kangana says:

    All of this reminds me of how Witney Houstin died. I hope her daughters have an easier time than Witney’s did.

    The media should lay off and just focus on the family and funeral proceedings. She deserves some respect in death. For too long she was ridiculed for marrying Boney, multiple surgeries, the type of mother she was, her shy personalities, childhood and much more.

    Now we should just let her rest in peace, remember and celebrate the good and just let her family, her loved ones and fans mourn

    • Shivanisd says:

      Whitney Houston had taken drugs ( cocaine) when she drowned. As a coincidence both she and sridevi were leos. As a fellow Leo myself im going to stay away from bathtubs for the rest of my life. Sridevi will be missed by all of her fans forever. ๐Ÿ™

  12. Pav says:

    Even though I am not from India it is surprising to see how people in here are shocked hearing her sudden death. It clearly indicates her achievement in her life
    When I saw the pics of her husband and daughter returning without her, I was wondering why. She always accompanied her family even for her professional commitments. Why did she wanted a holiday alone – suddenly? Reports says she wanted to do shopping but surely she could’ve accompanied her daughter.
    Now different report says her husband flew back to UAE ( wonderful why he returned in the first place). she went to bathroom to get ready, since there was no response from her he tried force opening the door. (initially it said , hotel staff found out). Now the reason for death is accidental drowning.
    I’m totally confused. W


    • Kali says:

      It does seem odd that she chose to stay back. She might have wanted an enhancement of a cosmetic procedure, who knows? It is well known that the Bollywood stars undergo such procedures in Dubai for privacy reasons. That could explain why she apparently did not leave from her hotel room for two days. Perhaps waiting for swelling to subside, etc.

      It is said that Boney returned to India to auction some of her paintings. Khushi may have returned with him to get back to school and Jahnvi was shooting.

      • Admin says:

        They were saying how she stayed to be with her sister, Latha. But then, there’s no other report or news suggesting that Latha was there. So, why did she stay? It is very very strange indeed considering how she’s never separated from Boney or her daughters.

        • Ananya says:

          Aren’t we exaggerating a bit? Being close to your family doesn’t necessarily mean we don’t take “me time”. Or maybe when she undergoes cosmetic procedures she might stay alone na. So maybe she was staying back for that.

          Recently osop reported a blind that her recent lip job had gone wrong. What if she had went to correct it? Maybe a side effect of it.

          The contradicting reports from Dubai (not Indian media) and the drowning in bathtub is giving rise to speculations.

          Can I ask something Admin? I actually had a very low opinion of her off screen. I thot she was a person with airs, egoistic, very strict mother who never cared for her daughters just wanted to push them into fame hence made them plastic already and a very bad step mom and a cruel friend to Mona.

          BUT now that people are recounting the goodness of her, I feel terrible thinking like that of her. Apparently she was very friendly with every cast and crew. Loved her daughters to bits. The only hichki is mona arjun equation. I understand sometimes we are put in situations and hurt ppl even ifif we don’t want to. Also I’ve heard she had to marry Boney bz her sister was threatening her life and wealth and Mithun had moved on from her. Boneu was her only option.

          But if she was so nice, why was she not able to redeem the relation with Arjun. Mona we can understand, but after her death, shouldn’t shehave have risen to the occasion and been a mother to her step kids? Or they didn’t welcome it?!

          I know now is not the time for this silly gossiping. But like I said, I had a really bad picture ofof her and the picture now painted by those who knew her, literally all doesn’t sit well with the evil step mom notion.

          And the kapoor family never got together with her? But it’s surprising, after all these years, despite she being a more rich and successful bahu? And being his official wife after Mona death as well? It’s surprising, Arjun himself doesn’t feel that much bitchy about her.

          Also many are speculating her death and I saw extreme opinions about Boney. Some say he’s broken since he loved her so much and some say he was ccreepy and just took advantage ofof her situation and money. Which is the truth if you know.

          And is it true that we’ll never get to know the real reason?

          A special appreciation to Arjun for making it. Except for Mallika episode, I think he’s a great person. Mona can be proud. I feel for Jhanvi and Kushi. Too young to handle this. Heard Jhanvi is so cllose to Sree. The girl is already having the prpressure to make it big and now this.

          • Nimi says:

            I feel like she didn’t attend Mona’s funeral out of respect and wanted to not be involved considering their previous equation. Nothing wrong with that. Also I know that Arjun and Anshula didn’t really reciprocate much back, which is also understandable. They had Mona’s family support and so did some of the Kapoors.
            The only Kapoors very close to Sri were Anil, Sunita, and Sanjay. Sanjay’s wife – Maheep is never seen in a single frame with Sri most of the time. There are photos of a happy Sonam posing along side Boney, Sri, and Jhanvi. Even in these Dubai festivities, you can see Sonam and Rhea hanging around Sri.
            Maheep is the real cause of disruption here. There have been many blinds as to how she is fame hungry and is pushing Shanaya into limelight so she can get a big break etc. To the point that she makes it very firm for her to hang around Suhana Khan and bitches about Chunkey’s daughter etc. Very attention seeking woman and this leads me to assume that she might be very jealous of Sri and the attention and the adulation she receives all the time. So who knows she might have been a bitchy gossip fodder with blinds etc regarding Sri?? Ofcourse I am just analysing. ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Pav says:

          Yeah, it is complicated and confusing. Wonder who released the initial information to press.
          First she was alone, then came sister and now finally her husband
          Then, reason to death, it has changed
          Third, it was said hotel staff saw her, now it was her husband
          Finally, there seemed to have a delay in calling for medical help.
          She used to have her family always around but when it really required seems like she was alone. How strange life can be

        • aishu says:

          even my mother asked the same thing, why no news about her sister Latha till date.

  13. Kali says:

    The autopsy reports are out. They now suggest that her cause of death is accidental drowning NOT a heart attack. Her death certificate says that too. Apparently, she was found dead in a bathtub full of water.

    • nefarious says:

      can one drown in a bathtub. I hope to god its not suicide? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

      • Kali says:

        It is not suicide. First of all, there are better ways to die than slowly in a bathtub. She seemed happy and looking forward to her daughters release.

        She may have lost consciousness in the bathtub or slipped and fallen into. Reports confirmed that her blood stream has shown elevated levels of alcohol. As someone who has almost drowned in a bathtub after nearly losing consciousness due to a drop in blood pressure, I can attest to the fact that it is possible.

        • nefarious says:

          Tragic! but am surprised there are such conflicting reports about her death. was it cardiac arrest or drowning. Also no explanation as to why she was alone

        • Shivanisd says:

          Why would she drink so much alcohol that she drowns in the bathtub?? She was about to go on a date with her husband! Her daughter was about to make her debut. Doesnt make sense. Why was she so unhappy?

  14. Maji says:

    Truly tragic news, she went too soon. Wonderful actress, versatile and such a livewire on screen. Cannot forget her eternal grace and beauty in Lamhe – my favourite film. I am shameless to admit that I am curious to know how and why she passed away so suddently. I understand that we should not speak ill of the dead and it’s not a question of doing so but if it’s a case of botched up surgery in an attempt to look younger or alcohol addiction, then it’s something that should come out as it will highlight to youngsters the dangers of these addictions.
    Like others, I too have been scouring the net for more information on her and I read a couple of interviews from her past where she mentions that Boney and the kids like her looking good all the time and hence she takes that extra effort to look good always. Personally I found that statement disturbing – did that put pressure on her to keep looking younger (along with pressure from the public) I wonder? Does anyone know what surgeries she was alleged to have done, did she also do skin bleaching or was she always this fair?

    • nefarious says:

      Maji if you just google her old pics you will see the massive transformations which bear testimony to her multiple surgeries. skin, nose, implants, botox, lips. shes been having them throughout her career, with age the side effects must have got the better of her . Not only Bpney and the kids, but i just saw an interview of hers during Roop ki Rani days, she said to be successful you need, beauty,luck and dancing skills. I think she always had this mindset. I wouldnt blams Boney or her kids. Its just too bad her daughters will grow up valuing only good looks.

      • Amanda says:

        And there was no need for breast implants when you are 50. I can understand young actresses doing that since they are expected to show skin and they are insecure of their bodies…. Why sridevi needed breast augmentation at 50 is beyond my understanding….. She had a stable personal life, a devoted husband and also a glorious career behind…. And I am sure she was not aiming for skin show at 50s… These surgeries are very painful and uncomfortable…

        • Shivanisd says:

          Agree with u. Actresses should age gracefully like waheeda rehman not run after plastic surgeons trying to look like they are 30. Anything as unnatural as surgery comes at a cost health wise. Dont know how rekha managed to survive it..maybe her yoga helped.

      • Shivanisd says:

        If the daughters value only good looks they will suffer for it. But boney and anil are from a very down to earth, stable family. They were once quite poor so they know what really counts in life. They will teach the daughters that beauty is not everything, i hope. The younger sister is not even that pretty anyways.

  15. b52bomber says:

    Sridevi will not be forgotten, such was her abiding talent in Bollywood and other film industries. May her soul RIP, and peace be with her surviving family in these difficult times.

    As for all the speculations regarding the cause of death, time, circumstances — I do not believe anybody (hospital/hotel/family) will come to the fore with the truth, because even though she was a celebrity, she is not a public figure answerable to taxpayers, Besides, if the Dubai hotel and hospital care about public relations with regards to high net worth clientele, they will do their best to respect her privacy and not release information regarding the circumstances of her death. I also believe, her family will not clarify the truth either, as any of these possibilities (admitting cosmetic surgeries or substance abuse) is typically not acceptable in Indian society, and it may not bode well for Jahnavi’s debut to be surrounded by this controversy. Hence we are witnessing a deluge of contradictory information from various sources.

    We might never know for sure, of course, as to what exactly transpired that precipitated in her untimely demise. She has not been known to have any major health issues but it was well-known that she was addicted to alcohol and prescription drugs, according to old blinds. Drug OD can lead to cardiac arrest. On the other hand, cosmetic surgeries can induce cardiac arrest, very remote possibility. Although, as a millennial, I do not judge Sridevi/her family or others who go through similar life situations. Regardless, we stand here today, united in grief over the loss of a beloved and talented actress, who I feel, did not get her due in Bollywood (like many other talented actresses, both living and dead). Extremely shocking and sad turn of events. ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™

  16. nefarious says:

    @Admin, i am not sure dubai ppl are also reporting as is. It seems they initially said she was alone now they are saying Boney flew in all the way to have a surprise dinner with her. and he took her to the hospital. Why would he fly all the way back again , he could have stayed back. it seems there was some reason to be concerned about her which is why he flew back, Which version do you think is closer to the truth?

  17. Nimi says:

    I get that why Arjun would cancel shoot to be back, Sonam and Anil done that too. At the end of the day family is still family. And he might feel super sorry and bad for the girls because him and Anshula went through the same thing. Also Arjun cares for his Dad and he knows Boney is going to be in shambles because of how much he loved Sri. Tragic for Arjun and Mona but sadly true. I am impresssed with Arjun, he might be a terrible actor but he seems to be a decent human being. Kudos for recognising family first.

    Again RIP Sri, my whole family were Sri Devi fans, so much so that my cousin is called Chandni because she was born in 1989 after the movie released. I am so shook right now. Watching films likeChandni, Lamhe, Chaalbaaz, Khuda Gawah, Moondram Pirai, Kshana Kshanam won’t be same again and even the new films like Mom, English Vinglish. I feel actresses should watch films like Sadma, Moondram Pirai, 16 Vyanthinile (might have spelt that incorrectly) should be a master class for them in acting and expressions.

  18. Monalisa says:

    @admin There are pictures of Arjun Kapoor cutting his shooting short, returning to Mumbai, and going in to Anil Kapoor’s house, where Khushi, Jhanvi and the other Kapoor’s are at. Is it possible that after Mona died, Sri and Mona’s kids are cordial or they patched up? Perhaps they don’t make public appearances together as a family or he id close to his half sisters and not with Sri.
    Even if Sri and Arjun did not patch up, it is very nice of him to be their for his father and half sisters at their time of need. Mona Kapoor sure have brought him up well.

  19. Sara says:

    Sridevi has passed on the baton to her daughters. I truly believe she was done and content with life and has peacefully passed over. We may speculate how and why she died. But these are mere excuses. She lived a fulfilling life and had started her work very early in life. I know that a soul departs when it’s ready. Let’s acknowledge her peaceful Passover.

    • namdeo says:

      Yaah that’s true…. she started working at the age of 4… An actress from south finding her foot in bollywood… by her own admission it was not a easy journey for her with insecurities looming large in personal life. It was like there was never any childhood for her!! RIP

  20. Amanda says:

    I couldn’t believe when this news broke out…. RIP Sridevi … I wish strength for boney and her daughters….

  21. lince says:

    she probably was having plastic surgery and it got botched.which led to heart attack

  22. Pooja says:

    Its still unbelievable I can’t able to digest this news.she is age of khans.too young for this.there samething must have happen in Dubai.god know.true legend n female megastar of Indian cinema.r.i.p sridevi maa’m.

  23. Monalisa says:

    The news of her untimely death was such a shock. RIP Sridevi.

  24. rhea says:

    Hi Admin , I just received a forward saying that she took a lot of hydroxyl drugs trying to keep her weight down. These drugs kill your hunger , heighten your metabolic rate and makes heart beat faster. Luckily for her she died of a heart attack. Most people get a sever stroke and survive and live like a vegetable. May she rest in peace.
    Is this true?

    • Admin says:

      This is just pure speculation. Since a post-mortem is being conducted, we will know soon.

      • Nefarious says:

        @Admin, do you really believe will know. I mean, the kapoors will never reveal if it was due to botched surgery or drugs. Whatever we hear will be something filtered. Nothing wrong with that thou. She deserves dignity in death

        • Admin says:

          If she died in Mumbai, her cause of death would have been heavily speculated but it’s in Dubai and we are sure they will be releasing details as the death happened on their land. Besides, there are members of the Kapoor family who never liked her and are quite b!tchy. Either way, the details will come out.

          • Amanda says:

            The hospital is supposed to keep the details confidential right… I mean they will handover the report to her family but a press release is unlikely..

          • Kali says:

            Autopsy reports are out. Khaleej times has obtained a copy and will be releasing it soon. Apparently cause of death was accidental drowning in a bathtub. At first mid-day put out a report saying that the hotel staff discovered her lying down on the floor after she did not answer the door after requesting a glass of water.

            Now it is being reported that Boney flew in to surprise her, she was getting ready for a dinner date and went to the washroom. When she did not return in 15 mins, Boney went to investigate and apparently found her in a bathtub full of water. He tried to revive her, then called a friend to revive her and finally the hotel staff was notified. One cannot comprehend why an ambulance wasn’t immediately called. Sounds like crucial time was wasted.

            Who knows what the truth is.

          • Tina says:

            There are too many contradictions in the narratives too Kali. If her untimely death isn’t bad enough, especially for her very young kids, this speculation and conjecture is worse.

            My heart goes out to those kids…Sridevi will be sorely missed, she was both loved and beloved by legions of film lovers. She will be the standard against which Indian film actresses will be measured. She was, and probably will be the only pan-Indian Superstar – acting in 5, an astounding 5 regional language film industries and reaching the top in all of them. Thank you for 50 years of laughter, tears, drama, action and dancing! . Gone too, too soon, but forever in our collective memories.

            Prayers and condolences to her loved ones โค๏ธ๏ธ

          • Amanda says:

            @tina, sridevi has acted in very few kannada movies and her roles were minor appearances… She was not a big star in kannada film industry Atleast… This i can say since I am from karnataka and have been observing sandalwood very closely for many years… I can understand that sridevi is no more, hence her fans tend to exaggerate a bit, but truth needs to be told….
            Sridevi was popular in hindi, telugu and tamil film industries (3 industries). I can’t speak about her presence in malayalam cinema but one of my mallu friend said she was not a superstar there…

          • Pooja says:

            Can u tell us name I know arjun n her don’t like her ever.

          • Admin says:

            Pretty much all of them because they sided with Arjun’s mother, Mona.

          • Nefarious says:

            Never even seen sonam or rhea interact with her or her daughters. Must be really tough on Sri during family events. Also, Boney seems pretty devoted to her.havemt heard about him indulging in casting couch ala rakesh roshan etc.

          • Admin says:

            Yes, they were a close small family, which is why it’s extremely strange how they left her over there and came back to Mumbai.

          • Pooja says:

            Its just break my heart.god bless her family.specially her daughters they r so young to lost sridevi ma’am.

  25. prvilla says:

    I’m actually at a loss for words..she was someone who was so full of life,right until her last moments and emulated such grace and beauty..Truly one in a million!Hope her near and dear ones,especially those poor girls Jhanvi and Khushi can get through these tough times and find the much needed strength.I cannot even imagine what losing a mother at such a young and vulnerable age must feel like..God bless..RIP LEGEND.

  26. Venus says:

    Cant stop crying, this is so shocking. Extremely talented lady, i was looking forward to seeing her is excellent movies like English Vinglish. This is a huge loss. She loved her daughters a lot, it was so obvious. Boney kapoor too was besotted with her. I feel so bad for them. May god give them the strength to carry on. RIP

  27. Hmmm says:

    Just so shocked. A true legend and amazing talent.

  28. Gaurav Aggarwal says:

    I am deeply saddened myself…was a die hard fan…oddly enough only 2-3 days ago, owing to the talk on her plastic surgeries, was wondering whether she was overdoing it…surely if it was so easy, why wonโ€™t tw remaining Bollywood get it done…..I feel it is possible she may have got the stroke due to side effects of some medicines or procedures….anyways she lived life on her terms ..may her soul RIP!…

    • H D says:

      The heart attack must have been caused due to multiple cosmetic surgeries and plus she did massive silicon implant breast augmentation…
      Cosmetic surgeries are known to cause major complications and most common of them is Heart or Cardiovascular Failure
      Anything done to the body after a certain age has side effects…. Also average Indian bodies do not respond well to Steroids, Impacts and Plastic surgeries.

  29. Rashmi says:

    I still can not believe it. Sridevi never complained of health and did not talk about heart problems. Her fans claim that she did not drink, did not smoke, practiced sports and yoga, led a healthy lifestyle, so where is it from? I think there is another reason.

    • Samantha says:

      She used to drink a LOT!! I read some blind somewhere, maybe on OSOP only; that Boney’s mom/dad or someone close had passed; n she could not go down in the pooja etc; as she was upstairs drinking!

      Dont wanna sound insensitive etc; but this is exactly what I read! Whole India is in shock! An excellent excellent actor! RIP!

      • Admin says:

        Yes, that was a blind item back then. Even Salman used or might still drink a bottle of whisky every night, that doesn’t explain how she died and why she was all alone.

        • Amanda says:

          Was she alone? I mean wasn’t her sister with her at that time?

          • Admin says:

            So far, it is being that she was alone and did not come out of her room for 2 days. Her husband flew back to check on her. Dubai’s newspaper is giving updates regarding the situation and they are very likely to also let the world know what happened.

          • Amanda says:

            All this speculation is making my head spin… Hope the truth comes out soon….. I am shocked of her sudden death… She seems to maintaining a healthy lifestyle…

          • Anisha says:

            She retweeted a couple of tweets yesterday. Her death is just so abrupt and shocking.

          • Ratlam says:

            Admin Really! This is surprising. So no one knew about her for 2 days! That sounds very far fetched. Not questioning your authenticity but thinking out loud. And yes, itโ€™s surprising that the reports have been conflicting about her husbandโ€™s presence during the fainting spell. If she fainted, who found out and how.

        • Gaurav Aggarwal says:

          Was she all alone…or with her sister…when she fainted, was there somebody to call for help..or was there delay in seeking help…wonder if you have more details..if so, please share with us..thanks

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