Sonam Kapoor: You Know What I Mean?

You know what our favorite video of Sonam Kapoor is?

This one:

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Sonam Kapoor lives in a bubble, which has been evident by how she views the world and things around her. Both her and Bhavesh Joshi, that is! All these years of respect that Anil Kapoor has garnered from his audience went out the window the minute his kids opened his mouth.

On second thoughts, maybe it’s a ‘Kapoor’ disease – the verbal diarrhea virus that attacks once they hit 20!

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Anyways, the video and title above perfectly sums up what you are above to see below!


Do YOU know what she means?


Let’s analyze this, shall we?

Sonam Kapoor, daughter of film star Anil Kapoor who lives in a bungalow in one of India’s most expensive cities, appears on the cover of Saudi Arabia’s issue of Harper’s Bazaar and claims, she comes from a country where women are treated like trash!


Seriously? Saudi Arabia??? She freaking grew up with a silver spoon in her mouth, which is why she is able to speak so freely on the cover of a fashion magazine in Saudi Arabia.

Do you know what I mean?

WOMEN in Saudi Arabia would never get the chance to appear on a magazine cover wearing what Sonam is wearing without being threaten or thrown in jail or even shot at!

No wonder, Indians got mad at Sonam and her foot-in-mouth syndrome!


Some are suggesting that Sonam is calling out her father for treating her like trash!


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Please! Her dad laughs nervously anytime Sonam opens his mouth when they have joint interviews! It’s literally like he’s laughing as if he can’t believe how gangaloo she sounds!

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Sonam cannot and shouldn’t be speaking on behalf of women in India. If anything, it should have been the other actresses who really had to struggle and who in their own words admitted that they were treated differently from the boys in their family. You know who they are!

But seriously? Saudi Arabia!

Speaking of which, why is Sonam appearing on magazine covers? And that too, in Saudi Arabia! How much money did she get for doing this? Most importantly, what does she have to talk about anymore? Oh yes, how women are treated like second-class citizens!

Well, let’s wait for Afghanistan’s issue of Harper’s Bazaar. Maybe then she will say, she is treated like a first-class citizen!

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Come on, let’s go for a vote!

You know what? If Sonam was referring to how she was treated on the sets of her first film, Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s film, we wouldn’t have argued with that! But then imagine how many outsiders would want to be put to work in a harsh manner just so they can be launched by the great SLB!

Fun or Tragic Fact: Years ago, Saudi Arabia would not even let people bring in these so-called Western magazines so as not to corrupt its citizens, mainly women!

Have you ever read the book series called Princess? Or something like that? It’s quite an eye-opening on how women are treated in Saudi Arabia! Check it out if you haven’t.

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11 Responses

  1. Asen Pongen says:

    You are being too bitter admin. I am an educated privileged woman but I can still say women are treated as second class citizens in India. Just because she speaks out the truth doesn’t mean she has to have gone through it. I remember when Malaika Sherawat spoke out that she comes from a regressive society people were up in arms against her. We see rape victims raped by the men from whom she requested protection, dowry harrassment, women labourers being paid less for same work, daughter in law needing to serve family even after returning from office while the rest of the family relaxes and many more. Till such things happen women will be second class citizens in India.

  2. dsang says:

    well put…..i don’t know in what world everyone lives in, may be people who are commenting belong to high class, but trust me, the women in this country are still treated taht way. everyday watch news, or when some political figure opens mouth, or some baba, or guru, u know what they think of women. she gets flak bcz she’s an actress. and why saudi arabia, did u just forget, women in our own country facing comments for clothes they wear? eve-teasing? women should stay at home…..all these rubbish statement made by some really famous male in power?? where are these people then? n not to forget sabyasachi’s famousstatement- women should be ashamed if she cannot wear a saree??? need more??

  3. Kit says:

    Be fair. Every one is hating because it’s Sonam Kapoor. But the fact remains that women are treated as second class citizens in India and other countries.

    Even someone as privileged as Sonam is has probably been treated worse than her male counterparts. She probably had to watch her mum been cheated on over and over again by the “respectable” father but didn’t leave because of the financial and societal implications. She likely knows the dark stories of star wives in that same situation. She also knows the dark sides of being a star kid. And as an actress (though not a good one) she has probably always been paid less than her male colleagues.

    • Admin says:

      Women are not treated right all over the world, not just India. Some women have it worst, which is why they even try to flee their countries. Sonam saying this on Saudi Arabia’s magazine cover, a country that blames and imprisons women when they are raped or harassed, is just not right!

  4. Pavan says:

    Agree with her to an extend. Except the metros, most other towns treat women as that. But heck no, not as bad as Saudi women.

    • Venus says:

      Cannot generalize based on cities towns and villages. In india the treatment meted out to women sorely depends on communities to which they belong and to some extent the wealth/social standing. Women from the same town could have different experiences based on their community customs.There are numerous instances where a women living in wealthy metro cities are opressed by their families too.

      Nothing in india can be generalized

  5. Universal says:

    A woman activist was thrown in jail in Saudi for DRIVING! Oh the levels of hypocrisy these bollywoodiyas can achieve is absolutely stunning.

  6. DonGirl says:

    Where did she say she was treated as a second class citizen? Lucky for us, we are not but there are lots of women in India who are.

    • Admin says:

      Do you know how many journalists or activists are in jail for speaking out about Saudi’s women’s rights?

    • Admin says:

      Do you know how many journalists or activists are in jail for speaking out about Saudi’s women’s rights in Saudi?

  7. Sara says:

    Sonam is a dumb starkid, that’s all.

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