Someone has a problem with Jacqueline Fernandez’s Hindi

DNA posted this news today:

What is this

By the way, why is Jacqueline walking around with tiny window frames as earrings? They look heavy!


What is this

Seriously? They have a problem with her answering questions in English with an accent?

What happened to DNA’s people to post this today, days after the ‘Race 3’ trailer was launched? As far as it has been seen, Jacqueline never had a problem conversing in Hindi. In fact, she even dubs for her own films and she started doing that from way back. At any press conference, she has never said that she can’t answer something in Hindi. Compared to other foreign girls, Jackie isn’t shy to speak Hindi whether she sounds funny or can’t speak properly, she doesn’t care. So, what is the deal here? Looks like someone has a bone to pick with her.

It is rude to call out a foreign person for not being able to speak your language. Whether it’s Katrina Kaif or Jacqueline Fernandez, the media has always cut them some slack, which is why it is strange to see this headline. Maybe it was a slow news day or maybe someone at DNA was having a bad day. Either way, they should understand as journalists how it’s not easy to pick up a foreign language. Not just picking it up, but also speaking the foreign language in public on a public platform. It’s easy to criticise when you are not on the other side. Let’s see if they can do it confidently without any accent.


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8 Responses

  1. nefarious says:

    Y’all when i heard that Disha was case in Bharat, I had a hunch that Lallu wants to get inside her pants.Lo and behold theres now a blind item insinuating he asked her out for a date and she told tiger , who well, was furious to say the least.

  2. sweettooth01 says:

    well its actually not that tough to pick a new language..a lot of ppl do this and some have to do it bcos their profession requires them to do so..
    ive seen indians in some parts of new jersey learn spanish so it becomes easy to talk to people thr..

    and katrina and jacky have been here for way way too long..i dont think hindi is that tough to learn even after all these years..she doesnt hv to write shaayris and stuff..for regular communication this much time is more than enough..also their whole profession runs on dialogues and press wud be nice to see them learn and i honestly think they just fake it like they dnt know..
    for example if u noticed in prev big boss seasons, Elli avram and Sunny leone spoke realllyyy goood hindi intially,fluent,execellent vocabulary..but during the weekends when salman comes they wud pretend like they dont know much and also as the season advances they fake it like they dont know hindi and wud speak broken hindi..weirdly they understand some super tough and rarely used words but pretend not to know some super easy regular words..its too obvious..
    having said this, theres nothing wrong in not knowing a language and sticking to a language theyr comfortable in, but to me it looks like they just fake it like they dont know hindi..cant stand that

    also just curious do sri lankans have an accent..?? (the accent mentioned here im assuming is the U.S english accent)

    • Admin says:

      Yes, true. But if you notice workers from several underdeveloped countries have the ability to grasp a language quicker than a top level professional. Though these people are able to speak and communicate in the said language, they are not good at it when it comes to writing. If a top professional person learns a new language, he/she learns from scratch so the process takes longer if compared to these workers. And it’s amazing to see these workers, who are part of the construction group of workers or working in factories or in maid services speak a foreign language well.

      In Jacky’s case, she speaks more than 3 languages due to her upbringing and due to influences of her parents’ background, which includes Sinhala and Tamil. Here’s what she said in 2011 about speaking Hindi:

      “You need to learn to speak the language (Hindi) without any accent. I know that I need to speak Hindi like a pro and I am working very hard with it. It’s very difficult to get rid of an accent when you have grown up with it. I am learning Hindi.”

  3. Amanda says:

    I think for a change Jacky should start speaking hindi(whatever little possible) ,just to shut the media up…. She can always mix hindi with english in the beginning and then slowly reduce the english portion …

  4. Monalisa says:

    Admin, a new blind.

  5. Zara says:

    The frustration is real. But think from their point of view. They r getting roles for their gori chamri and exotic features. Why would they learn hindi and let go their usp? Things are working fine for them as it is.

  6. Lisa says:

    Even though the article is unnecessary, I do get what the author is trying to say. It’s frustrating how these actresses who can’t speak hindi get work. Kat, Jaqui, Nargis,… and the newest Banita Sandhu. Well, now Kat and Jaqui have proved themselves but I still find it weird that they would rather invest in foreign actresses with no Hindi and acting skills than actresses who can speak the language and can act.

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