SLB launches Javed Jaffery’s son and his niece in Malaal

The trailer of ‘Malaal’ came out during in the middle of May and only now, we are getting to share it. Not that you have not seen it yet, but… Here we go…


Starring Meezan and Sharmin Segal, ‘Malaal’ seems to hold a premise that we have already seen in Hindi films. A done and dusted format, but it all depends on how they treat the subject in this film.

First, here’s the trailer of ‘Malaal’.

Tell you the truth, we forgot SLB was launching Javed Jaffery’s son. The gap between the announcement and the trailer was quite long so before the trailer, we thought maybe the film got shelved. It was quite strange how, other than announcing it in 2017, there was nothing else about the film. Did it take them this long to make this film?


Sanjay Leela Bhansali only produces the film, it is directed by Mangesh Hadawale.

You know what is interesting in this trailer? Or rather film’s premise?

It’s the fact that both leads in reality come from well-to-do or should we say, privileged backgrounds. Both of them in this film play roles that are very different to how they were brought up. Hence the normal looking clothes and the hair and beard (+chest hair). Speaking of long hair, it’s nice that these young ones go natural these days by not straightening their hair.

John Abraham, anyone?

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Oh, those were the good and clueless days except for Bipasha.

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Back to the film…

Isn’t strange how Meezan is being made to look and act like Ranveer Singh? Was he made to do that or is this his own doing? After all, he did stand in for Ranveer on the sets of ‘Padmaavat’.

Related image

The first song from ‘Malaal’ was released after the trailer launch. Presumably this is the IT song for them.

The music and parts of it sound so similar to ‘Tattad Tattad’ from Ram-Leela. It is a catchy song, but looks like a spoof of other songs. That said, we are intrigued by this particular step:

What does it mean? Is he doing cutting signs? Or is he saying he is getting too hot? Or….? He does say “Meri Jawaani” as he is doing cut-cut-cut gestures there. Since we saw this, we are wondering, “What does this mean?” πŸ˜‚Β 

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Psst….It might be a “Choli Ke Peeche” step! 🀫 πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

He looks really tight and nervous in the song. It must be the first song they shot. Or maybe that’s just his character in the film.

Image result for who knows gifs

By the way, Meezaan was sent to study acting at the same school Ranbir Kapoor went to in New York. He was rumoured to be dating Amitabh Bachchan‘s granddaughter but now he tells the media she is his sister’s friend and that his co-star is his good friend! Good one! 🀣

Oh, this handsome actor plays the girl’s father in the film:


His name is Sameer Dharmadhikari and he was in Jhansi Ki Rani – the TV show. He played Manikarnika’s husband.


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Last night, we came upon this interview of Meezan and Sharmin. Watched only the first 2 minutes or so. The interviewer asks them how things are going? Sharmin says her whole life revolves around ‘Malaal’ now and Meezan adds that not just them, their families’ lives also revolve around this film. Then, Sharmin says, “Yes, they said they can’t wait for this film to release so that they can go on a holiday!”. To take away the stress or something.

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Seriously, they don’t even wish for the film to do well, they just want to the film to release so that they can be left alone! This is the advantage industry kids have over outsiders. For an outsider, their debut is everything. You certainly won’t hear their family say something as privileged as this.

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It will be interesting to see how these two will fare in the future. Meezaan’s dad did well in the industry, he wasn’t a lead actor but he did well as part of the supporting cast. People say he didn’t get his due, but we don’t know. He had parts in films and he had his own show on TV called ‘Boogie Woogie’, which we religiously watched every Sunday.

He did do a film we saw years ago called Jajantaram Mamantaram (2003). We remember this in particular because this was a film for kids and Javed was the lead in it. As a lead actor, he didn’t have a style of his own. Throughout the film, he imitated others actors like Shah Rukh and even Johnny Lever. Maybe because since he’s a comedian and has been spoofing actors, his own acting talent is lifted from that.

As a host, he does great mimicry:

He did excel as a dancer and still does. Just look at the recent dance-off he did with his son:

It’s raining Bollywood kids!

Notice that over the past few years and the coming years, we have and are going to have kids of yesterday-years supporting characters entering Bollywood as lead actors. These kids don’t want to be supporting characters like their fathers or mothers were, they want to be the film’s lead!

Javed, Chunky Pandey, Shakti Kapoor, and Monish Behl, their kids were launched by famous production houses or famous directors. This does not include actors like Jackie Shroff and Sunil Shetty, who have both had their time playing lead and then graduated to playing supporting characters.Β All of these kids are hoping they succeed as lead actors and if they do, their families stand to gain the most.

All the best to the cast of ‘Malaal’. The film will be out on July 5.

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7 Responses

  1. abcd says:

    Whenever anything comes in excess, failure becomes definite. I don’t wish bad for the meezan and sharmin. But people need to look at them as actors and not star kids. The public perception of another star kid on movies might go against them. Curiosity factor for star kids has reduced. Excitement is no more among public for star kids. Take Alia for example, she’s hated so much now among public. She had to start her YouTube channel for repairing her damaged image. But it’s going to fail. The way she used kat, kjo & neetu kapoor to get rk has turned her into an evil friend that all must avoid.Outsiders are now more respected and loved than star kids by public. Star kids should think about movie production as that would be more suitable for them.

  2. Rekha Rai says:

    Cringe at the “go on holiday” comment. So privileged it’s despicable! Thanks for calling this out. Yeah… everyone just copies these days, the hero has to look rugged to distract the fact that it’s another nepo kid, kind of like Abhishek in Refugee. Next movie that will all go out the window and he’ll be Tiger Shroff copy. Definitely Kunal Kapoor vibes but Kunal Kapoor is better. As for the girl, less said the better.

  3. Sarita says:

    Admin.. u are so funny.. 😁😁😁 where do u search these videos? The one with Javed jaggery mimicry is too funny. U have amazing writing skills too. You should try stand up comedy… You will be too good..

  4. Melvin says:

    In the first two pics, he looked like Kunal Kapoor. Then I watched the trailer and that resemblance went bye bye

  5. Snappernews says:

    This movie will not be a good film. Actress is also not that good and the movie is also less popular. They saved huge money by not doing promotions.

  6. This film will be a flop. Looks boring as hell !!
    Same old love story!!

  7. Shinyobject says:

    The Male leader’s eyes are super dull. No cheer or spark in them while doing such a peppy number. One film wonders.

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