Shahid Kapoor looks like a homeless man on Harper’s Bazaar Bride Magazine

Forget homeless-looking, but why is Shahid Kapoor on the cover of a bride’s magazine? Did they run out of ladies to be on this cover? They could have had Shahid with his wife, Mira, on the cover. That would have been nice. Knowing Shahid, he probably wanted all the limelight to himself. He could have gotten a cleaner look, though. Maybe that’s what having a baby does to you at home: no time to shower or shave. With that in mind, here’s Shahid Kapoor on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar Bride magazine.

Shahid Kapoor on Harper’s Bazaar Bride Magazine

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2 Responses

  1. Guddu says:

    The title cracked me up big time! Hahahaha. Osop always focus on being real. Thanks for not saying he looks hot when he’s not.

  2. Philip says:

    He looked like one….always

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