September 2017 – Bollywood Blind Item 6

The blind item below was released by Mumbai Mirror last week. There’s nothing really scandalous in it except that these days skin clinics are the places to be for Bollywood stars. All of them have gotten there at some point to get their skin cleaner, whiter, younger and other things you can think of. The most visible of them all must be Shah Rukh Khan, who was going around with bad skin all these years and then suddenly, his skin is lighter and cleaner. Sure, when you have the money why not get the treatment? It’s more or less the ladies that are obsessed with skin whitening than the guys. For these celebrities, going for skin treatment makes it easier for them because then they don’t have to get rid of their dirty habits. Like Ranbir Kapoor, who has had bad and pimpled skin for a long time, most likely caused by excessive smoking. The man even tried going to Switzerland three times to quit smoking, but this habit of his was hard for him to give up. Anyways, check out this light blind item below.


Bollywood Blind Item

September 2017 – Bollywood Blind Item 6

A rather popular skin specialty clinic is becoming quite unpopular with its neighbours these days. During the day, it is surrounded by paparazzi on the prowl to catch a post-Botox Bollywood heroine or a post-transplant leading man. But it’s the nocturnal activities that bother the residents in the lane the most. It seems the actors come by post-midnight for a surreptitious session with the lady doctor who has been summoned at the hour for the sake of secrecy. Of course her loss of sleep is duly compensated for, but the activity in the area causes others to stay awake too.


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September 2017 – Bollywood Blind Item 6

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10 Responses

  1. Shivanisd says:

    Srk should quit doing movies and stop wasting ppl time and money. Hes old. Stay home. Nobody wants to see ur tired face. Spend time with your wife who you cheated on. Dumb srk, fans make me want to scream. Dude was good 10 yrs back. Now hes pathetic! If i had money i wud pay him to quit Bollywood.

  2. Bollyfangurl says:

    Hello, just a quick word to add from me…I saw SRK in Sahar airport from very close. He had come to drop off his daughter heading somewhere and because he is a VVIP he was allowed to go inside the airport. When I saw him he had no bodyguards surrounding him, Just one other guy with him. So I got to see him up front and close and I must tell you his skin looked dry and parched. I think its all the smoking, unearthly working hours and the harsh lights..

  3. Regal says:

    most visible? his unclear skin( unhealthy habits) is still visible and for your information the painful prosthetics he used for FAN damaged his skin ( watch the BTS while taking it out) so he had those marks around his sensitive areas of face skin… It got healed over time ( skin gel for the damaged skin which any normal human uses for pain & relief) .he def. isnt someone who is going to mess with his face like he is gonna pour all the money on himself
    Note that .. & also why is it a big deal if they get skins cleaned or checked or treated?? shahrukh isnt whiter like you mentioned its just the good camera lightening sometimes and he’s got tanned too Over the yrs & he still doesnot do anything abt it… He is neither spotted at a salon or spa so whatever you are saying is untrue … πŸ™‚

    • Admin says:

      There’s nothing wrong for whatever he got done. In fact, he looks better now than he did before. After Ra.One, he started to look really tired. Now his face is shining again, which is good. No need to take what we have said the wrong way unless you see it as doing something wrong.

      • Regal says:

        not taking in a wrong way But its not wrong to let you know why he was with that skin for yrs it was post FAN prosthetics.. And about looking tired he still does and unclear skin is still visible ( Its all that weight loss for younger gaurav ) since ra one he has been losing massive weight for his role and thats the story

        • Admin says:

          that’s right. It doesn’t help either with his excessive smoking and his insomnia.

          • Priyanka sahni says:

            Dear admin

            U seem to have some special interest in maligning shahrukh everytime.
            Of all the celebrities, like salman, aamir n other senior actors who clearly have got botox and other stuff done how come u only mentioned shahrukh?
            Talk about him only if u have proof or have heard from a reliable source and please dont use the words ‘must be’ because this clearly shows u are bitching about someone unncessarily.
            Also, i dont believe there’s anything wrong in getting these tratments done. Their money, their body.

          • Admin says:

            Dear Priyanka,

            Thank you for hanging out around on OSOP and if you had known this website for a long time, you would have known that everyone gets treated the same. We don’t make up things and the truth is there for everyone to see. We do understand some readers are big fans and are sometimes hurt by what is said, but that is the truth and is not done to instigate anything among the readers. Just read it with a pinch of salt because we are sure no one is going to loose anything because of us.

            As for SRK, the reason why we mentioned him is because he’s the only one from the Khans, Kumars and Devgans who has managed to get his treatment done now. If you notice Salman and Aamir got theirs way back years ago in Dubai. This type of services didn’t exist back then in Mumbai, but now that it does every actor flocks to there to get their treatment done. SRK also famously said that he’s the only one who has not had anything done to his face. Bet he can’t say the same now!

            If only, he would have taken the time to fix himself on the inside, he would have looked even better. Covering his pain and misery with smoking and not sleeping is not going to help him. As far as we know, it’s not bitching if we are saying what is true. The last film we saw him in theatres was ADHM and his face looked horrible in it. That Rajeev Masand interview showed that he has indeed undergone something because his skin is much more polished now.

          • Ash says:

            and.. 40 cups of black coffee.

            The dude works hard though very professional.

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