Salman released 3 songs for Corona, Ramzan & Eid

Someone who has been making really good use of his time during the lockdown is Salman Khan! Sallu, currently Bhai to many ladies, does not have the responsibility of the common man, such as queuing up for groceries, cleaning, stressing out about money, getting bored, being nagged, and so on. Sallu Bhai lives like a king at his farmhouse surrounded by beauties and other men so he doesn’t have to lift a finger.

So what does Bhai do? He creates songs!…And also launched a grooming brand!

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Just out of curiosity, why songs? He’s an actor, he could have done a short film or something along these lines. Heck, he could have made ‘Race 4’! As far as singing goes, he’s a horrible singer as are all the Khans. Their voices sound like something you should put on to either scare kids or put animals to sleep!

Apparently, Salman felt his staff at the farmhouse was bored so he decided to use his resources aka the lost-n-found Kamal Khan and Sajid-Wajid plus the ladies staying there on his dime to help him make these songs and videos.

It’s interesting to see these ladies sitting there with Sallu and pretending to be interested in what he’s saying because, obviously you know, they want something from him aka roles in his films. πŸ˜‰

By the way, isn’t Jacqueline starting to look like the cat lady? Not because she has cats but because she does not have access to those cosmetic procedures to update her skin. Waluscha looks quite pretty and her daughter makes an appearance at the end of the Tere Bina video.

Salman’s girlfriend, the lady from Romania, Iulia Vantur was there at the farmhouse with him as well, which makes it super weird that Jacqueline is proving how close she is to Salman. In the Tere Bina video, she’s all out there and then she posted this pic:


Guess Iulia realized if she wants to continue sticking to him, she should just keep quiet and get along with everyone hanging out/around with him. But isn’t this equation weird for Jackie? Considering how she was with Sajid Khan, who is super close to Salman’s family.

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Other than the ladies, Kamal and Salman’s bodyguard Shera, Niketan Madhok is also there. Niketan, if you remember, was a contestant on Bigg Boss but he came to know Salman through Katrina Kaif. Back then, maybe more than 15 years ago, Katrina was good friends with Niketan and he used to hang out with her and Salman. Then Katrina left but Niketan stayed.


How does it work with all these people, aka yes-men, staying with Sallu. How do they make their money? Or they don’t need to since they tag along with him everywhere hence they don’t need to worry about that. Maybe he gives them something to do since he does like helping out people.

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The big question that we are still wondering about is, how did these ladies not related to him get stuck during the lockdown with Salman at his farmhouse? How did Waluscha and kids come into the picture?

Salman’s sister Arpita, her hubby and kids are also there. Ever since the lockdown started, Sallu has been announcing projects with the actors present. One by one, obviously. His girlfriend’s Hindi film debut was recently shelved so Bhai told her not to worry, he will make another film for her.

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Salman has also been proactively helping those in need, both in Mumbai and near his farmhouse. Other than launching newbies and whatnot, Salman also launched ‘Being Haangryy’, a new initiative to provide food items to the needy.

To everyone’s surprise, Sallu launched a grooming brand that includes a hand sanitizer. Don’t ask how they managed to get the ingredients to make these!


Alright, get ready…Have some ear drops and eye drops onhand – just in case! Presenting Bhai, the singer!

For Eid:

During Ramzan:

To welcome Corona:

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6 Responses

  1. Fused says:

    Is it necessary to bring other Khans while talking about one. All 3 are different. Aamir and srk do not even sing.

    • Admin says:

      Yes, in this case, Yes! If you don’t remember, Aamir made his singing debut which was a freaking big hit! Then SK and SRK were encouraged to sing as well but both bombed badly at their attempt. SRK sang in Josh and SK sang in Hello Brother.

  2. khusboo says:

    With newer actors coming into limelight, older actors are facing a fall in the public’s eye. If they don’t amp up the performances and script selection, like Salman, many actors will face this situation

  3. Jack says:

    Salman should stop behaving like a teenager. He should do films which suit his age not dying his beard to make him look young. Jaqueline has become close to his friend prashant to gain entry in Salman’s good books.Jaqueline is spending quality time with prashant going horse riding and spending time in farm. Jaq and prashant went on a europe tour last year. They were seen together during their dubai srilanka tour. Is something cooking between jaqueline and prashant?

  4. abcd says:

    Sallu’s movies have been failing, so now no matter who’s casted in his movies, doesn’t matter. Kjo and his gang have spread young star kids and ghar jamai rk all over Bollywood. It’s good for kat that sallu doesn’t help in her career anymore. This will help her in long run: ekta kapoor to begin with. Sallu needs to really pull up his socks if he wishes to continue working in Bollywood movies.

    • Jack says:

      His films r struggling to cross β‚Ή200 crores. He should stop acting young with VFX and romancing Saii and disha. Dabangg 3 and bharat were cringe fests. Sultan and bajarangi were successful coz he didn’t behave like a teenager.

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