Rhea’s Arrest by the NCB: Legality of the Case

Since yesterday, the only news that has been making news is the arrest of Rhea Chakraborty by the Narcotics Control Bureau. Rhea has been charged under several serious sections under the Narcotics Drugs and Psychotropic Act.


You might have seen, read and heard a lot about this case by now. If you are interested in finding out more about the sections under the Narcotics Drugs and Psychotropic Act that Rhea was charged with, take a look at this interview conducted by journalist Faye D’Souza with Geeta Luthra and Aryama Sundaram.

It’s a very interesting look and a sane discussion with professional opinions. Plus, there’s no yelling involved so your ears are safe to listen and your blood pressure will be fine.

What Rhea is going through is very sad, scary, laughable and embarrassing all at the same time. She is being charged over messages that she was part of where the content was about getting weed in Mumbai. No drug was found on neither her nor her brother when their home was searched. So technically, there’s no physical evidence of weed or joints, they just arrested her based on her messages that dated from the time she was in a relationship with Sushant. The news of messages from years ago is fake and so is the news of her outing Bollywood celebrities. Don’t trust any news from Times Now and Republic. If that is the case then how come they didn’t bother when Sanjay Dutt and Ranbir Kapoor claimed they took drugs on public platforms? That also counts as a confession, right?


You know what this means? That we should all be careful of what we talk about in messages, whether in emails or any messaging service. Don’t put your frustrations or your needs in messages because who knows, the authorities might just use them against you one day. What you think is personal can be used against you when there’s no physical evidence. The same way, don’t ever think of helping someone suffering from mental illness. Don’t try to be nice, think of you and your family first. Being nice and empathetic is only going to get you and your family in trouble. Definitely don’t even think of procuring or getting or helping someone buy something. Let them deal with it on their own. And most definitely, do not get in a relationship with someone suffering from a mental illness.

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⬆️Yes! This is what it has come to now. We are in 2020 and yet it feels as if we are in 1920.

This line from the discussion explains why it happened to her, especially at this time of the year:

“The government always react to public opinion. She was collateral damage!” – Aryama Sundaram

How else does that explain certain parts of her private chats leaking to the public? Or the fact that the NCB asked for Rhea to be sent to jail instead of being placed in a police lockup? The same jail where hard-core criminals are and to think that so far the investigation is still going on and she has not been formally charged with anything.


It’s a very smart move that sadly many people don’t see since they have been thoroughly consumed by this drama that has been carried out on most television channels for over 3 months now! This whole circus is to distract people from the real issues that are happening and affecting lives right now!

What is happening to Rhea is not right! How she and her family were treated and still are, is just shameful. Really really disgusting! To think the very same people were making so much noise about all the gossips concerning the late Sushant Singh Rajput and they are part of the same gang who are so looking forward to bring down this girl and her family. Making Rhea out to be this villain and a witch is easier than talking about mental health and how it can affect everyone and anyone!


From around the world, newspapers are highlighting the vilification of Rhea Chakraborty by the Indian media and yet they won’t take a hint! They are proud of it, proud of their need to do anything and make anyone a murderer, gold-digger and a witch just because it’s convenient and it’s what the people from to hear. The truth is too bitter for them to swallow so why not make up a bunch of lies in the name of justice and journalism?

From Reuters:


The same channel editor using Sushant’s death with the pretense of getting for him is the same man who was named in a suicide note by Anvay Naik. Where is justice for the late Mr. Naik and his mother who both died by suicide over unpaid dues by this news channel editor? Is it because the man is not famous enough for news channels to ask for justice for him? The amount owned was huge and the channel claimed the man was paid. If he was paid and there was no problem, why would he resort to taking his own life and leave a suicide note naming these people and what they did to him? The case has been close due to insufficient proof. Since then, the man’s widow and daughter have been trying to get justice for him.

Sushant is not here anymore. If he was alive, he would have been the biggest catch of the NCB since everyone arrested got weed for him to smoke! Those celebrating Rhea’s arrest should also think of that. Sushant would have been called the leader of the same drug syndicate that Rhea is alleged to be a member of!


And yes, many were not pleased when we didn’t blame KJo, Alia or even Rhea outright. Why? Because it’s not fair to blame others if a person with a serious mental illness decides to take his life. Neither is it fair to call that very same person crazy or psycho!

Sushant lived his life on his own terms and that was the way he was. Neither Rhea nor his family should be blamed for how he decided to end his life. It’s just not right and not fair. Bear in mind, if it wasn’t Rhea it would have been someone else in her place and the public vilification would have remained the same! Maybe the ex can think about this and stop spewing more venom to make this girl’s situation even worse just to please some people! Have some respect and dignity, at least!

You know what the problem with Rhea is? She has been so composed and confident so far. She has not broken down crying in public. So this must mean that she has powerful people backing her right? Or maybe she covered her crime so well that she knows she will not be charged? That’s the problem. Just because she is holding herself together in public, she is guilty. And God forbid, she breaks down upon seeing the dead body of her boyfriend then it must mean she is guilty! Either way, the media and their audience have decided that this girl is guilty! Guess they all drop down to earth on the same vessel that brought PK because they don’t know how life works. Or maybe they are too blind to see it.

As mentioned when we shared the FIR from Sushant’s family and much to the displeasure of many people, we are saying it again we pray and hope that Rhea and her family are strong enough to go through this.

More power to Rhea! πŸ’ͺ

P.S. No, we are not from any PR or agency or campaign. Sorry to disappoint! You can choose to agree or disagree but don’t come in here with this silly allegation.Β 

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18 Responses

  1. Lady Laetitia Knollys says:

    Let’s not forget Bollywood is a very difficult place and thrive . A lot of stars have been rumored to have taken drugs , a certain Sanjay Dutt has openly admitted to it . I don’t expect people to agree with me here ,but I feel these are people (celebrities or normal people) who need help and treatment for substance abuse. Arrest the drug dealers and enablers ! Coming back to Rhea, SSR also has a brain in his head and could have walked out any time if he felt he was being used. If a relationship isn’t working out for whatever reason , u should be allowed to leave it without being called names for it. And Kangana using this for her own publicity is so wrong here! Today Rhea said Sara Ali Khan , Rakul Preet Singh & Simone all took drugs with SSR . Is everyone going to be arrested now? Everybody is going to sit in jail and they will finally have to take outsiders .

    • Nefarious says:

      Lol..i thought Rhea and Sara were BFFs…seems all SSr’s GFs are at loggerheads with each other..

      Sara has been blindsiding the whole SSR incident…vacationing..lets see if she has some ‘reaction’ now

      Lets see what action NCB will take now.. will all be behind bars?

  2. Tejashri says:

    While I am all against of this witch-hunt, we can’t deny that Rhea made her choices and is facing consequences of the same. She is not totally innocent like bollywood is portraying her. And if she was doing this for Sushant (again that’s what she says) and he was alive he would have been behind bars too. I wonder how many of these bollywood peers would have supported him then.

  3. Nefarious says:

    @Admin, I dont like how the media is treating Rhea, But I also dont know if she is guilty or not. There should be dignity in death. SSR is gone, you can put any blame on him, his addiction, his conduct .he wont be able to defend himself.

    Arnab’s style is clearly wrong and deplorable, but other channels arent reporting they are just out to target Arnab,.so its pointless using one news source to prove the other wrong. its a circus, and TRPs

    My other query is – What do the industry people KNOW about SSR? I mean , seriously.. SSR was doing weed, and lets not get into what the Badhsah of BW does..Or SK’s conduct…You make it seem like BW’s got major dirt on him..or he indulged in activities more sinful than whole of BW. And they arent exactly holding back: Anurag shared his chats about him being problematic, which is the same stuff we have heard about Kangana. And I assuming here problematic means, difficult to work with… maybe cos of creative differences with his directors or having different interpretation of a scene….But how many times have we heard this about Salman? The guy reeks of being difficult in every possible way!

    New viral videos of SSR shot by Rhea have been leaked, where he clearly looks zoned out and unwell. Am sure she has other better videos…If she loved him, would she want him to be remembered like this? Also, why did SSR need Rhea to get weed for him..Wasnt he already on weed before he met her? So, surely he was able to do a pretty decent job of procuring the maal independently.

    Sure, it can be a mental health issue, but you havent addressed that AIIMS has stated in its report that there were strangulation marks..

    I honeslty dont know what is wrong with NCB.. arresting for weed is preposterous! People in BW are doing coke, heroin and Ecstasy!

    • Admin says:

      Anything about the postmortem coming out is just a bunch of silly rumors. He locked the door from inside and there was no spare key. These guys living with him are not some serial killers who would know how to do all this. They had to call the locksmith over so they have an alibi who can prove that they had no access to the door.

      SSR wanted to do big projects, he wanted to be the next SRK, not the next Irrfan or Nawaz. When he wouldn’t get big offers, he would take on small films. He took on Anurag’s project maybe twice and left it once he was offered something else that was from a more popular filmmaker. He left Anurag hanging those times after agreeing to be in the film and all that. Again in the text, they are reaching out to him since he had no big film in the pipeline. It’s kind of like the same routine over and over again. And it happened with other producers also. He wanted to be in the big league so he chose to jump at opportunities given to him by YRF and Dharma.

      Btw, Aamir, Salman, and Shah Rukh are superstars who can (even though the same can’t be said anymore) generate huge box office numbers so for them, producers will sab maaf. Other stars are replaceable, especially in today’s times.

      Rhea’s devices have been confiscated by the agencies investigating her. From MP to ED to CBI to now NCB. Her personal details have been at the hands of so many people. Everything that is private in those devices is being released by these agencies, including the chats about weed. Besides at the time that the channel got these, Rhea was in custody. It would be silly to think that she choose these two videos to send out before she got sent to jail.

      Sushant previously had a bodyguard who was witness to these habits, weeds or other things. According to his work manager, his driver would get the weed for him. Since he wasn’t really going out to work, he wasn’t in contact with these people so Rhea is the next person who could help him.

      • Nefarious says:

        Yah, its clear he wanted to be in the big league.. he wanted to be an insider…and its obvious he couldnt reconcile who he really was with who he wanted to become..and it started showing in his mannerisms , demeanor and he started looking pretty restless too…Drive was an awful film but he did it cos he wanted to be in Kjos good books..He pretty much had everything going for him except this.

        His staff were no criminals but they seem to be a bunch of crooks πŸ˜› Like they wanted all the limelight..and they were all giving different versions, but then things got serious

        yeah the Khan trio dont bring in that kinda money now, but even then no one would dare to write BI;s on them or any nepo kids which is truly disgusting!

        I may be wrong, but i dont think SSR was really into Rhea, like he was into Sara..he seemed so happy around Sara , and i have a feeling its cos she is a nepo and ‘royalty’..From his dating history, he dumped AK, KS , but SAK dumped him..and rhea was prolly a rebound, and then his mental health took a toll and his dependency on Rhea grew, which doesnt mean his love for her grew intense

        the leaked videos show Rhea really giving him an ego boost , ur handsome, ure cute. hate to say this, but she is coming across as a pile on ( PEACE)

        • Admin says:

          Forget BIs, the Khans and Kumar were subjected to the harshest types of articles about them, their scandals, careers, movie choices, and personal lives. At different phases of their careers, they have each hated Bollywood journalists and magazines. “Hated” or “Despised” is the right word here since they took everything so personal back then. Now with PR agencies and management, things are a bit more proper and everyone has learned to be more tolerant. Everyone, including Salman Khan!

  4. Curiouskumari says:

    Hey Admin ,

    I do sympathize with Rhea and her family being too harassed irrespective of whether she is guilty or not .

    Although like u suggest that she’s purely innocent that’s tough to digest . The problem is anybody who is deciding to do Reportage on this issue , is just doing by looking only from one side of the coin , whatever suits their ideologies. As soon as a person accepts the SSR family narrative , then questions like :
    1. did they know that he was mentally disturbed ( BPD )and consuming drugs at the same time ?
    2. did he really confess to them to have a toxic relationship and wanted to part with Rhea?
    3. was Rhea blackmailing him to out his mental issues to public ?
    4. finally what’s with the money 15 Crores that they claim to be missing .

    In ur previous Reportage u claimed all these accusations by family was to SHAME Rhea although the investigations have still not come out with the truth.

    On the other hand , if u see the situation from Rhea side then
    1. is there any proof that SSR was indeed the leader of the drug syndicate or just a consumer of drug . Is Rhea switching the narrative and putting (ALL) blame on a dead person who is not there to refute the claims .

    like does his previous gf , co-worker , film insiders anybody knows of his severe addiction, 5-10 peddlers were bringing drugs , so it seems he was in Ranveer Singh league if not the least.. so y u guys never wrote blind items about his severe drug addiction .

    Anurag Kashyap wrote that film industry is quiet because they know how SSR was , then y r they not gng to police to defend Rhea and just tweeting .

    Rhea s approach seems to be that as much dirt is thrown on her , she is diverting all the dirt on SSR and his family too . There she loses credibility.
    Rhea claims that she was taking care of SSR alone for his mental health issues and then this ,that she was clearly involved in also buying stuff for him . Doesn’t it sound contrary ?

    If u care and know then do shed some light on the things which are unclear .

    • Admin says:

      Hey ya,

      We are not saying she is purely innocent. She is guilty of procuring weed for SSR and so is her brother but the charges against her are as if she was buying and selling to the whole of Maharashtra and on top of that, allegations that she belongs to a gang that sells drugs when it was only for one person. Yes, that is an offense but still.

      To answer your questions:
      1. Yes! But they didn’t know the seriousness of his mental health issues. They didn’t live together and had their own respective lives. His sister Priyanka used to be in charge of everything related to Sushant’s staff and his household.
      2. No! But he knew they didn’t like Rhea.
      3. No! That was the sister saying all that in their FIR but according to Sushant’s housemate, he was paranoid and getting severe anxiety due to his late manager’s sudden death.
      4. SSR was offered a film where his fee was supposed to be 15 crores. In excitement, he told this to Rhea and to the sisters. No producer pays that much upfront so the money never came in since the film never got made. There is no 15 crore! If ED knew where it was, their investigation would have been closed by now and Rhea would have been formally arrested on that charge.

      Don’t think we said the family was trying to shame her. It was more of throwing a series of serious allegations. Now we can see it was more of a taking revenge situation, they wanted Rhea to pay for Sushant’s death.

      Your other questions:
      1. No, no one is a member of a drug syndicate which makes this particular charge ridiculous. It’s just one person consuming and multiple people buying and selling. It wasn’t a business for them. The reason why the investigation was done for that many days focusing on Rhea is so they can ask the same questions over and over again to see if she gives a different answer. Her charge is she is guilty of procuring and not consuming. Everyone accused have the same conclusion, they did it for him. His housestaff was the first one who said in his statement to CBI that Sushant smoked marijuana even before the chats leaked.
      2. Smoking weed cannot be called an addiction. We think being addicted to coke or cocaine is much more serious than that. It seems SSR became dependant on marijuana because it helps to de-stress and relax but his mental state was too serious to indulge in such recreational acts. Smoking weed doesn’t make anyone an addict unless they can’t survive without it and starts getting withdrawal symptoms. It was never reported because it’s considered innocent, it’s not cocaine so…
      3. Here’s the thing, the film industry at least the group that SSR used to hang out with, they know how he was. They have so much but they kept quiet because of the way he died and the backlash that ensued after that. But these people know, they do know how he was.
      4. As far as we know, SSR was his own man which was it was hard to believe the family’s accusations against Rhea. He did what he wanted to, he was stubborn and whatever he felt like doing he did it. He had that freedom and money to do so. If you think about it, he was smart enough to know that he shouldn’t be the one buying weed. That’s why he asked Rhea since they were together and she was pretty much handling things for him. It also explains why he preferred to use SIM cards under the names of his manager and housemate. Sound like a smart man to us, as he was aware of the implications of his actions and he wanted privacy.
      5. Rhea has kept quiet for a long time till the FIR came and the agencies started investigating her. So much mud has been thrown at her and her family, we think she is reacting to these things because of what the media and all the people responsible have done to her family’s mental state of mind. Similarly, she knew she was going to be arrested hence she went that night and file her FIR implicating the sisters and that doctor.

      That’s it. πŸ‘Œ

      • Nefarious says:

        SSR would not have been caught or arrested for drugs, cos his death is why it all got exposed..else no one will breathe a word out..Its however, curious how Rhea has afforded her lawyer when she was struggling to buy a house for herself with the money she had

        • Admin says:

          Must be family and friends chipping in. She has friends in the industry and outside of it as well. Her father is a known doctor in the army, so help must be coming from there too. Someone must have recommended her that lawyer so it’s very unlikely she was already aware of him. Usually, in our society, if someone needs money or is in a situation like Rhea is, we all chip in or donate money to help them. While she is fighting this in public alone, there must be people standing by her family. Not politicians as it has been rumored and definitely no penguins!

          • Nefarious says:

            Are there such true friendships in BW where they would fund her lawyer expense,.Off the top of my head, i can only see SK or maybe Sanjay dutt doing that, the rest wont do much monetarily, but they will tweet support..Most are misers..

          • Admin says:

            Lucky for her, her friends are not her competitors so that can work in her favor. She is in very serious trouble so they must be reaching out and helping her.

          • Nefarious says:

            Who are her friends, other than Farhan , Shibani ( who cant help monetarily for sure), and Bhatts? I dont know , are Bhatts helping her financially? maybe some are pitching in so she doesnt name them as part of her interrogation. .else, BW is a typical give and take relationship…no one does charity here…Ajays, Akshays and Salmans of the world would help out only if they woman is giving them something in return…

            Aamir is a known miser who doesnt even pay his staff/team…If she had such good and thick friendships with the powers that be, she would have had more movie offers by now…given that networking works here..

          • Anvi says:

            Sir i belong to defence background , in no way army supporting with finances, especially when someone is been accused or drugs n all. Everyone tries to stay away from it. Its really logical to ask from where she us getting so much money to pay the lawyer.how much her prarents wud have had at max 5 cr.unless she belongs to some royalty

    • Kiran101 says:

      Admin – if u think Anurag is right … by same logic Bollywood knew about Sanjay Dutt. Yet entire Bollywood supported and marched for him … and it was a TaDA and bomb blasts case . People are not fools – Bollywood has absolutely no moral ground, it never did .

  5. Anvi says:

    Sir justice shud be equal for all.. bollywood ppl can arrange rallies n do vandalism with caa protesters. How cm always they r right.. our money get wasted as we pay tax.. her property destroyed just bcz she spoke her mind .. may be she is at fault .. but that is tyranny too. Why bollywood didnt come out in her support .. as they claim.to be idealist.. these ppl speak when its covenient for them. May be sushant wud have been arrested .. bt at the same time all these elites .. and ppl u bully others all the time shud be too .. but ofcourse its a mental harassment.. n everyone has a dif way of handling it.. some can even succumb to tragedies..

  6. shefu says:

    This is quite sad. And when Justice for SSR changed to Justice for Kangana is mind blowing. What’s sad is, otherwise absolutely sensible and sane people, have become so ignorant and blind today. I am happy you are one of those 1% of people who is still sane. We are Jedis, and we have now reached the final stage of Episode 3 – Revenge of the Sith. πŸ™‚ β€” hopefully we will get back one day

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