Rhea Chakraborty speaks out for the first time

After more than two months, Rhea Chakraborty has decided to speak out about all the allegations, rumors, conspiracies, and theories against her. She is coming out with her side of the story to refute all the stories going around about her.


Since Sushant Singh Rajput passed away, all these news channels have been reporting his death and putting out stories after stories. At first, it was surprising then it became shocking. For the past three weeks, it has become stupid. Clear stupidity, morals be damned because who cares when all these channels want is a high TRP rating!

What is sad and pathetic at the same time, is to see high-profile journalists leading this vicious hate campaign and encouraging trolls and alleged supporters of Sushant online to further villainize and abuse someone mercilessly without any concrete proof. Even if there was proof, it is still not alright or decent to abuse and threaten someone online, whether it’s a man or a woman.

In a live interview on IndiaToday and NDTV, Rhea has spoken and answered every question thrown at her. She was quite clear, confident, and knew what she is talking about. She did get emotional at times when speaking about Sushant and the pain her family is going through. She appeared to be tired and exhausted, which is understandable considering what she had and has to go through. She has proof of everything, including chat messages, transactions, and so on to counter the allegations leveled against her.

Every allegation that was in the FIR of Sushant Singh Rajput’s father was asked to her and she denied every single one of these allegations.

Every gossip around, she was asked about it. Even Mahesh Bhatt’s allegations, Kangana’s allegations, MeToo allegation, and nepotism allegations. She also spoke about the recent allegations of drugs and her leaked WhatsApp chats. She talked about her leaked CDR was on national television and journalists mistook her friend’s saved moniker for Aditya Uddhav Thackeray!

Below is what transpired in these interviews. Both interviews were live and not edited. The videos are shared below at the end. If you are expecting an aggressive fighting match like we have all been witnessing on television these past few weeks, please skip these two interviews.

About Sushant’s depression

Sushant suffered from manic depression or bipolar and has seen more than four doctors. He himself wanted to see a psychiatrist because he was having severe panic attacks and anxiety. He was admitted to the hospital for depression. No one forced him to, Rhea wasn’t the one who found these doctors for him. He told Rhea that he already met up with a psychiatrist in 2013. He was given prescriptions by doctors for medications that can only be bought with a prescription present. These medications should be given on time and not be missed.

She said his family was aware of his mental illness. His mother suffered from the same kind of mental illness. He was in contact with them all through his depression. His sister even took all the information, including medications prescribed and doctors he was seeing. The sister said she knew and was familiar with this mental illness as she also took care of their mother. Sushant’s sister shared that their mother died of depression in a post published in 2011. This post was removed when the family filed the FIR.

Last year, two of his sisters met up with him at the resort he was staying but left abruptly in the middle of the night. Rhea does not know why and does not understand why they didn’t take him along with them since they were so worried he was being held hostage.

About the allegations that she brought him to the psychiatrists

Rhea admitted that she did accompany him to his visits to the psychiatrists. He was seeing as many as 5 doctors but during those visits, she would just wait outside while Sushant was inside with the doctor. Since she was considered a third person, she would just wait outside and had no idea what transpired between the doctors and Sushant.

About her relationship with his family

Rhea said they weren’t on good terms since his sister tried to grope her in her sleep when she first started dating Sushant. Sushant himself agreed that his sister misbehaved under the influence of alcohol and Sushant even told his brother-in-law about this. Rhea said the sister and husband wanted to file a case on Sushant because of this.

About asking CBI to investigate

Rhea said she has no idea why Sushant took this drastic step. She said they have spoken about this and he told her he would never take such a step to end his life. She asked for CBI to investigate what happened to Sushant and why he felt the need to do this because she wants to know what happened from the time she left his place to the time he died.

About the missing 15 crore

Rhea mentioned that 15 crore is a big amount and if it was missing, the authorities would have found it by now. But until now, even after an investigation by both Mumbai Police and ED, the 15 crore has not been found. She said this is the most baseless allegation against her by the family.

About the black magic allegation

She claimed she saw doctors to seek help for Sushant, that’s it. No one came for black magic purposes or to do any spell.

About calling the spiritual healer

She mentioned Sushant was interested in meeting this spiritual healer who is quite famous as he only uses his hands to treat or remove pain. After finding him on Google, Sushant thought the healer can help him treat his anxiety and depression. He asked Rhea to contact the healer to come to meet him at the resort. Sushant did feel better after meeting the healer.

About the money Sushant spent on her

Rhea claimed that Sushant did not spend money on her. He paid for her hair and makeup once without telling her and she transferred back that amount to his account. He bought her things and so did she. They started a company together, Rhea put her share and her brother’s share of money to start the company. She didn’t take Sushant’s money to start this company.

She also mentioned that Sushant spent a lot of money on himself and his friends. He lived life king-size since if he was a star. He liked flying first-class and living in the finest hotels. She mentioned how he went on a trip with his buddies to Thailand and booked a private jet for that trip.

She is an independent girl and has fended for herself even when she was living in with Sushant. The way she spent on him, he also spent on her.

About why her brother is also part of their companies together

Rhea said Sushant was very fond of her brother and wanted to include him in these companies. Sushant used to invite him over and shared his ideas many times with her brother. They had a good mutual bonding and it was Sushant who wanted her brother as a partner in the company.

About the allegation that she held Sushant captive

She said his family has been in touch with him. They have even come to meet him even when he was staying at that resort. Sushant’s call records are out there and he was in touch with his family. She said he went to Chandigarh to meet his sister and was going to stay there for a while but he came back early. She asked why did the family allow Sushant to come back if they thought she was holding him against his will, isolating him from his family members?

She claimed that she wanted him to be in touch with his family as she knew the severity of his depression.

About the drug allegations

Rhea said she doesn’t want to speak about Sushant in that way but his family has put out allegations about her giving him marijuana or drugs. She said he smoked marijuana even before meeting her. She claimed that was a regular habit of him that she wanted him to stop and that was the only thing she wanted to control in his life. She said she never poisoned him, as it has been alleged lately. She will reveal everything else when she will be questioned in the investigation.

About MeToo allegation

Sushant was apparently anxious about the allegation, especially when the girl took so long to refute the rumors. He was also suspicious of Rohini Iyer that she had something to do with this allegation. Rhea claimed Rohini made Sushant anxious with the messages she sent him in regard to these Metoo allegations.

Sushant reportedly told Rhea that he was anxious since the film will be releasing soon. He wanted to touch base with the girl, his co-star, to find out where she stood and whether the allegations will be coming back.

Sushant said that whatever he told Rohini in private would come out in blind items. He felt that the new girl, his co-star, was being used in this calculated plan.

About her private chats being made public

Rhea said her private chats were leaked by the agencies investigating the case since she has not given her phone to anyone else. Her phone number has been flashed on national television and her private chats with her friends have been released.

About being investigated by Mumbai Police, ED, & CBI

Rhea mentioned how Mumbai Police and ED were extremely harsh on her and she is sure CBI is going to be the same. No one has been treating this issue lightly and the Mumbai Police didn’t go soft on her due to political reasons.

About Sushant’s roommate and friend, Siddarth Pithani

Rhea spoke to Siddharth only once when he called her to tell her that Sushant’s brother-in-law called him and asked him to tell the cops that Rhea took 15 crore from Sushant. Rhea said Sushant really loved Siddharth and that he is just a simple boy from Hyderabad and not a mastermind criminal as the family is claiming now.

About maligning her and her family in the media

Rhea said all these baseless allegations have made her and her family want to kill themselves, commit suicide. She said she and her family should just stand in line and let people just shoot them dead. Her family’s reputation is done for, her brother won’t be able to get in college and all that. She said people don’t think she and her family are humans, they think they are criminals!

She mentioned how Ankita being a girl herself is attacking her without proof, ex-staff members of Sushant coming from nowhere are attacking her without reason so how can she fight all of them?

She asked why people are treating her worst than a terrorist. Her father was a military officer and has served India for 25, he’s being treated like a terrorist. Her family’s mental health has broken down and if she didn’t have the truth on her side, they all wouldn’t be here anymore.

About whether she will be arrested

She said she didn’t do anything wrong. She kept quiet out of respect for Sushant. Now she is speaking out because all this is causing mental pressure on her and her family members. She said the whole nation has decided based on a few false allegations and baseless reports.

On finding out about Sushant’s death

Rhea said she was contacted by a friend who told her there were rumors going around. The friend thought Rhea was still living with Sushant and asked her to stop these rumors by having Sushant make a statement. Within 10 to 15 minutes, there was an official announcement and that’s when she knew.

On allegations in the Bihar FIR

Rhea said all are completely baseless and worse than gossips. She has not taken a single rupee from Sushant. She never isolated him from his family. She said the family has been making fake allegations about her over and over again. She mentioned how when the financial allegation did not stick, they made a drug allegation. She said that they don’t have any respect for the law and for the investigation that is currently happening because of their request.

On the message sent to a cop in Mumbai by Sushant’s brother-in-law

Rhea said she doesn’t understand why he was sending messages like this to a cop in Mumbai asking the Mumbai Police to call her in and whack her. Why did they go behind Sushant’s back and do this, why not tell Sushant when they met him up earlier that same month?

On why Sushant’s sister left him if he wasn’t well

Rhea asked why is nobody asking Mitu the reason she left Sushant alone at home if he wasn’t well if he was worried about her or that late girl.

On news channels making a circus out of Sushant’s death

Rhea said her life has been made into a soap opera.

On allegations that she controlled Sushant and his household

Rhea said she couldn’t control Sushant in anything not even in lessening his marijuana usage. She said he was a grown man with a mind of his own and he made his own choices. Sushant did exactly what he wanted to do. If he didn’t want to do something, no one can convince him.

On why she left the house

Throughout the lockdown, she said Sushant wanted to move to Coorg. He started acting aloof with her and wanted her to move out of his house and go back to hers. He kept asking his family members to come and take him but they never did. Rhea finally agreed to leave when she knew his sister Mitu was coming to see him. She claimed that Sushant asked her to leave before his sister came. She wasn’t well but he still asked her to go. She thought he was breaking up with her.

Rhea said even in January 2020 Sushant asked her to leave because he wanted to move to Pawna where he had a farmhouse. He also mentioned the same plans to several people and expressed his desire to move away from Mumbai.

On blocking Sushant’s number

She said he messaged her after she went back to her home but didn’t ask her to come back. After she blocked him, Sushant message her brother and kept in touch with him but still didn’t ask Rhea to come back. Rhea was upset that she was dumped this way but knew that his sister was there and perhaps he didn’t need her then.

On his family’s allegations that she changed his staff

She said she didn’t change anyone, everyone was already there before she came. Sushant introduced her to all of them. Some were hired by his sister and others were hired by Sushant himself. Rhea said she doesn’t understand where this is coming from since she never hired or fired anyone.

On being at the mortuary to see Sushant

She said she was only there for 3 seconds and just touched his feet and asked for forgiveness. She wasn’t allowed time to see him and had to see him only when his body was on the way to the van to be taken for cremation.

She said his family didn’t want her there at the funeral but her friend suggested she should go and see his body to get closure. That’s why she went to the mortuary.

She said she touched his feet and said she was sorry because what else could she have said to someone who took his own life. She mentioned how his sister also said she was sorry on an Instagram post dedicated to Sushant but she later removed it. Rhea asked why was this sister not questioned of the same thing as they are questioning her?

On her relationship with Mahesh Bhatt

Rhea was asked about her relationship with Mahesh Bhatt and said that he was like a father figure to her, contrary to all those disgusting rumors floating around. She said Sushant and Mahesh Bhatt were also close as Sushant knew him way before he got together with Rhea.

On whether Mahesh Bhatt asked her to leave Sushant

She said her relationship with Sushant was a matter of the heart and even if he had asked him to leave Sushant, she would have never done it but he never asked her to leave Sushant.

On not replying to Sushant’s father’s WhatsApp message to her

Rhea mentioned that the day she received this message she was with Sushant at Hinduja hospital. She said she has never spoken or met with Sushant’s father and was quite surprised to receive a message from him. She told Sushant about this message and he said to leave it, he will speak to his dad which he did soon after. The message the father sent to Shruti referred that he spoke to Sushant, contrary to what is being said.


On Sushant’s relationship with his father

Rhea mentioned in the interview that Sushant was not that close to his father as the father left his mum when Sushant was very young and that affected him since he was very close to his mother. Rhea said Sushant told her when they started dating that he has not met his dad for five years.


NDTV Interview

IndiaToday Interview

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9 Responses

  1. curiouskumari says:

    ofcourse its inappropriate to troll or hound victim or accused .. but currently all this matter is beyond what a normal person can apprehend.. there are ulterior motives of all the ppl involved.. and the accused is also guilty in some ways or else Are our central agencies so dumb to keep investigating them for so long..
    The media wants it to be sensational.. but why would ED be calling hoteliers from Goa, or CBI summoning Rhea several times.. they are definitely not doing all this as drama.. so i think we all should try to be silent spectators for it all, and hope this investigation / and leaks leads to revelations that are for greater good.

  2. curiouskumari says:

    This is entirely just Rheas perspective.. and admin just hailed it as the only point of truth.. Although admin was giving judgments on previous reportages related to the incident..

    Also admin did not mention that Rhea was mentioning she cannot afford EMI of a 70 lakh flat as of now as against to having a very expensive lawyer..
    Her earning are of 10 lakhs per yer, her lawyer charges 10 lakhs per day and she knows nothing of 15 crores.. She was fine if sushant splurged on her.. she knew how much exactly sushant lent or spent to Ankita and on his trip to thailand.. but acts innocent about the 15 crores..

  3. Justice says:

    I watched and came to the Conclusion, I was and I am on the right side. Support Justice for Sushant. She is into drug selling and thats the fact. All proofs provided. Unless and until you indulge in drugs I donot see any other angle to support this snake. Than you Admin for writing such a long post

  4. bollyrandom says:

    I stopped watching TV because it had become quite idiotic and TRP driven. There was definitely an effort from the authorities investigating to build a narrative. My question is instead of violating someone’s privacy by leaking the chats, why didn’t the ED arrest Rhea if she really laundered money.Our agencies are competent when given a free hand.

    You should watch a piece that Faye DSouza did on media’s coverage of this case. The way Aditya Thackeray’s name came into mainstream is when Republic TV got a person who runs a insta fan page to talk about it. He apparently wrote the theory against AT and even mentioned in his post that this could be fact or fiction. That guy was allowed on TV and he said whatever he wanted without even being asked about his sources. Regarding the hard drugs part of it, it could be as simple as both of them were willingly using and she was procuring them.

    Now I don’t know who is guilty. I had mentioned earlier that I neither believe Rhea or his family 100%. I still stick to it. Everyone including the channels are pushing a narrative. I hope the CBI does a fair job and only the truth is out there.

  5. Hmm says:

    The sad thing is Kangana, his family and their supporters are telling the public not to watch, to hear her side of the story. I feel certain political elements want this to go a particular way regardless of whether it is the truth or not.

    I hope the truth comes out

  6. Kavi says:

    I agree. So many of these accusations are just things normal couples do. Before we got married, I made more than my husband because he was still a student. I paid for both of us to go a nice vacation because we’re a couple and I wanted him to be there. He wasn’t β€œstealing” my money. It’s just what couples do. The so-called drugs, CBD oil is a cannabis derivative that doesn’t even get you high. It’s approved throughout the US for pain management. Just imagine the everyday fights and silly habits we have with our partners. If heaven forbid, tomorrow your partner took a drastic step, imagine how those normal things could be twisted. Rhea and SSR are/were imperfect people like the rest of us. We should try to give his memory and her existence the same grace we would hope for ourselves in a sad situation.

    • Anita Mandal says:

      perfectly put together

    • curiouskumari says:

      its fair point that couples spend on each other.. but here one person has died, and 15 crores are missing.. wont ur family will go looking for that money or would it be alright for them if ur BF had it all just because u were a couple..

      i suspect that family was expecting that sushant had certain bank balance, and post his death , have seen his bank accounts are empty.. so this ruckus.. and who knows if he had bad loans(hinted in his father chat) or there might be ppl coming from nowhere asking them money that their son owed , so for them it would be imp to know how he spent it all.. which is only fair.. and if a big chunk was lavishly spent by him on his gf or friends or drugs or god knows who all looted this sinking ship.. they ought to know this..

  7. shefu says:

    I watched it without any judgment and for a second I felt – what if we are wrong? We will destroy another life. I don’t want to be judgmental. I don’t want to be part of this madness anymore. I don’t want to blame anyone until it’s proven. It’s wrong

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