Ranbir Kapoor and Mahira Khan Spotted together in New York

In several images that seemed to break the internet as well as the Indian and Pakistani media, Ranbir Kapoor and Mahira Khan were spotted together in New York.

Ranbir Kapoor and Mahira Khna Spotted together in New York


While these pictures might show that these two certainly have some kind of friendship going on, it also pretty much proves that the blind items written about them might be true.

Despite that, some people are more surprised by how Mahira is calmly smoking in these pictures than with the fact that she has been finally spotted with Ranbir.

Make no mistake about it, she might be a Pakistani actress, but she too hailed from the U.S. As you can see in the way she dresses and conducts herself, she just appears Pakistani in Pakistan and India to make her fans happy there because that is her bread and butter.

It’s not really surprising when they all do it. Ali Zafar, Fawad Ali Khan and the others smoke freely. Even Fawad was rumoured to like drinking a lot when he was in India. Ali was rumoured to be having an affair. So, just because they work in Pakistan doesn’t mean they are living their lives like true Muslims.


In the meantime, when these pictures hit the internet, the media got hold of Ranbir’s dad, Rishi Kapoor, and we are surprised he didn’t use his “Kapoors have been doing this for generation” line. Here’s what he had to say:


He can meet anybody whoever he wants to, and if people are going to invade in his privacy, it’s not done. I can’t say anything more because I don’t know anything more than that. If they were dating or seeing each other, wouldn’t people in Mumbai know? These rumours are only dumb.


But what is Rishi Kapoor truly thinking? A Pakistani girl involved with Ranbir? Like if he wants more controversy now. That’s why he didn’t say much more. Let’s wait when he gets super drunk and hits Twitter, like Donald Trump does.

Ranbir Kapoor and Mahira Khna Spotted together in New York


On his part, when these pictures came out and people started trolling Mahira for smoking and wearing a short and backless dress, Ranbir Kapoor stepped in with his statement on all of this because he’s such a gentleman to defend his friend. You know, like he did when he and Katrina Kaif‘s pics in Ibiza hit the web. Wait! No, he didn’t! So, why now? Why did he go the Prince Harry way? Prince Harry, as in the way he defended Meghan Markle and accepted their relationship in his statement for the media. Here’s what Ranbir had to say:

I’ve gotten to know Mahira in a personal capacity over the last few months. She is somebody who I admire and respect, for her achievements and even more for the person she is. It is very unfair the way she is being judged and spoken about. What is also sad is the inequality in judgment just because she is a woman. I request you to stop the negativity and move on with your beautiful god gifted lives. Both smoking and hate are injurious to health.

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11 Responses

  1. Ananya says:

    Admin, I saw many discussing that why only his rendezvous gets leaked? With Deepika, the airport kiss got sported and they came clean of their relationship officially. With Kat, ibizia and now this. Also with Anu at Toiffa.

    Isn’t it too much of a coincidence? In kwk, Salman said Rk leaked Ibiza pics and kjo fumbled. Salman then said he’s joking. So is it possible that Rk or his pr is doing on purpose like some suggesting?

    • Admin says:

      It is possible because how come other heroes’ private moments don’t get leaked as much as him? Maybe he did this to appear a good guy, but we doubt Mahira knew if he indeed is the culprit behind these pictures since her reputation is at stake here.

      • Anisha says:

        Hi Admin, these pics, actually, were floating on the internet since July 24. You can check this Twitter account @HQCelebCorner and you’ll see the photos were posted on July 24 and Mahira was tagged as Bharti Malhotra. You can also check out this link: http://celebmafia.com/bharti-malhotra-outside-hotel-nyc-07212017-904603/. It was posted on July 25.

        Basically, some desi fans of Ranbir spotted him in front of the hotel and he obliged for selfie requests with all of them. A pap happened to be passing by and upon seeing the little crowd he asked one of the fans who he was. When he learnt that Ranbir was a “big Bollywood celebrity” he camped outside the hotel for a day and eventually caught the two of them when they came outside to smoke in the evening.

        What is curious is why after almost two months these photos are being talked about?

        • Admin says:

          Damn, they even converted her to Hindu on that link. That’s savage! 😀

          • Anisha says:

            You know, Bharti Malhotra is the name of the Delhi girl Ranbir was linked with
            I guess that website did a quick Google search and found that Bharti Malhotra was the last person he was linked with, so the lady with him at the hotel was her.

  2. Venus says:

    Its so surprising that hes dating her, cause frankly shes very ordinary looking, and seems attention seeking.
    There is no way he’s marrying her. Something tells me hes doin all this to spite Katrina. Even during promotion of Jagga.. he kept taking Mahiras name in front of Katrina. He wants to be in news for his love life just like Katrina is.

  3. lailayaila says:

    I think this is ibiza all over again! Except here mahirahs taken a major hit/fall from grace i dont think she will fully recover from anytime soon. like admin says a lot of pakistani actors smoke a lot of actresses dress like shes dresses here too. People just hold her to a higher standard bc of the traditional bahu role she played in her first drama. If she really is with Ranbir she should get out i dont see him settling down anytime soon just look at his tactics and his response. Hes gross

  4. Rhea says:

    So did he just confirm his relationship? I have a feeling he might get married to her. What do you think admin?

    • Admin says:

      Who really knows what goes on in Ranbir’s pants, oops, head? It would be fun though. Can’t wait to see his parents’ reaction! But honestly, it does look like they are friends. She has a son, for crying out loud, and he doesn’t seem like the type to take all that responsibility.

      • Rhea says:

        Friends or Friends with benefits? The reason why I think he might marry her because he kind of confirmed that they have been dating for a few months now. He never confirmed dating Katrina even though they were together for years and even lived in for a year. He never stood up for Katrina after the Ibiza pictures got leaked (Salman did), but he took a stand for Mahira so quickly. Seems like he is in love and quite sure of his relationship with Mahira with all the blind items saying he is really smitten by her. Maybe he is thinking of settling down now that he is 35 years old. In this whole thing I feel bad for Katrina. She might be heart broken. After all she left Salman for him and invested so many years into this jerk who never took a stand for her and never confirmed their relationship even when they started living together, all in the hope of marriage. That might have hurt her. Anybody in her place would be hurt.

        • Admin says:

          Perhaps, he took a stand because of the backlash he received last time. This time, it’s bigger as Mahira is a Pakistani actress so he doesn’t want to piss off both sides of his fanbase. Also, he’s kind of in a desperate situation compared to his situation with Katrina back then. Every single step of his can further put a dent in his already failing career.

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