October 2017 – Bollywood Blind Item 4

Human beings are used to doing something for others so that they can rely on them for help later on in life. It’s life you do something nice for someone and you hope that the person has your back. It’s a nice way to put it. It’s why people who expect something in return can never go out of their way to do something that they will gain nothing from.

As for this actress, it was certainly out of character for her to come out in defense of her co-star. It’s ironic how she herself was involved in a scandal some time back when the wife of her co-star accused her of breaking her home and stealing her husband. She never responded then, but somehow she felt the need to come out with her statement regarding the scandal that her co-star was involved in. And what’s worse is that she actually states that she has no idea what the truth is and yet, she wanted to give her opinion.

Anyways, poor girl thought that she will be cast in this big project because she went out of her way to support this actor. Little did she know that the producer of this film was actually more interested in casting his own favourite girl of the moment. We are a bit surprised that this actress thought that she was close enough to this male star because according to him, he is not close to her at all. In fact, he went one step further by claiming that they have never been alone together.

Speaking of this film, we have a feeling that somehow this project will not take off. It was most likely to create hype for this production company since they have been releasing a bunch of flops lately. The same director also has another project with a young star, who is also in this film. What happened to that project, which was supposed to be the remake of a big Hollywood film? Let’s just wait and see. Check out the blind item below from BollywoodLife.


Bollywood Blind Item

October 2017 – Bollywood Blind Item 4


Actress loses out on a film to a newbie, gets UPSET with the film’s lead hero who had promised her the role

The newbie shares a 'close bond' with the head honcho of the production house


Bollywood is one place where you cannot predict anything. One day someone is a part of the film, and the next day they are no longer in it. Things change by the minute and I guess by now, everyone knows about it, except for this young actress.

The lady in question, known for her short but sweet roles, was in the running for a role opposite an A-list actor in a film, which is being produced by a leading production house. Naturally, she was quite gung-ho about the project and was even promised a role by her actor friend, who plays the lead. The two have been friends for quite some time now, and there was no reason for the actress to not believe the handsome man.

However, what she failed to realise is that there was another actress being considered for the movie. So this actress, who is a newbie, isn’t ‘friends’ with the leading man, but she is on ‘good terms’ with the producer, who is making the film. And with the leggy lass sharing a ‘close bond’ with the head honcho of the production house, it was evident that she would bag the role. While we aren’t surprised that this happened, the actor’s friend seems to be very UPSET with him. We hear, she went sobbing to the handsome hero, complaining about how she relied on him and despite his promise, couldn’t make it to the final cast. Considering that she had recently come out in support of the actor in public, it is easy to understand why she was so terribly hurt and must have perceived as the ultimate betrayal!

However, the actor, as expected, promised to get her another film out of his announced slate to make up for the loss. The beautiful girl didn’t have a choice but to believe him and hope for the best to bag a role in one of the films that are lined up for 2018.

But whether that happens or no, is something that we will have to wait and watch.


OSOP Guesses

Actor: Hrithik Roshan

Actress: Yami Gautam

October 2017 – Bollywood Blind Item 4

October 2017 – Bollywood Blind Item 4


Another Actress: Vaani Kapoor

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5 Responses

  1. Manisha says:

    I like Vaani even if she got work done…her face seems less “worked on” now too. And sadly that’s Bollywood for these actors who have no godfather. They have to find someone to leech onto. But what’s with the random remixed music video of an old song?

  2. Rashmi says:

    I do not understand what kind of scandal? whose wife blamed Yami? Yami had a relationship with a married man? just shame, Yami sold her conscience for some kind of role!

    • Anu says:

      Pulkit Samrat…wife Shweta Rohira…

    • bucketbot says:

      My understanding is that Pulkit and his wife Shweta Rohira separated but were maybe working through it. In the mean time, Pulkit was doing a film with Yami Gautam. Reports started coming out that Yami and Pulkit were dating. A series of denials, etc. followed. Finally, news came that Pulkit and Shweta were getting divorced. Everyone started asking if Yami was the reason. They denied they were dating or that she was responsible for the demise of his marriage. Later news was that they were infact dating. So hearing this Shweta got pissed and she went on to say that Yami was not responsible for their separation but then accused her of being a home breaker.

      He’s had quite a few flops and has found it difficult to get good scripts since his divorce . Salman launched Pulkit. Shweta is Salman’s rakhi-sister(!) Do the math.

      I do feel bad that in all this Yami, who is otherwise a promising actor (but is such a bland personality) is also getting shafted. Pulkit has a temper to match Salman’s and has been difficult to deal with at times in public. She should leave him.

      • Tina says:

        Meh! Pulkit’s ex-wife Shweta Rohira is kind of creepy. Her constant victim hood and her behavior don’t add up. Very dicey overall.

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