March 2018 – Bollywood Blind Item 4

The blind item below could have been a news item. It’s so clear that anyone can guess who it’s talking about. First, let’s put this disclaimer out: We had no idea that Pinkvilla will be publishing this blind item, so the post before this one on OSOP is purely a coincidence. We are just saying because there might just be that one reader coming in here and saying that we are making fun of this girl. Now that we got that out of the way, let’s dig into this blind item.

So, it’s about this actress and her sister. The actress is friends with Bollywood‘s Ultimate Godfather and has to now beg him for roles not just for herself but for her sister as well. It was said that grandpa was supposed to launch this girl in his brother-in-law’s debut film, but he later backtracked saying that this girl cannot speak Hindi yet so he cannot launch her. Bear in mind that this is the same girl whose non-Hindi-peaking sister he launched in a film years ago. The only difference is that the elder sister was dating her father-like figure and was even living in with him. He was financing her lifestyle at that time.

What we are trying to say is, their equation must have changed today for him to not take the youngest sister and launched her the same way he launched her elder sister. What he got for her instead is a dance-movie project that is based in London and will be shot in London. So, expect to see more dance moves instead of any acting. As for her co-star in the film, he can dance, yes, but he looks rigid while doing so. It’s like there’s no emotions on his face when he dances. Like a robot dancing. For this girl, this movie is everything to her because she is not going to get another chance if this one flops.

Let’s just wait and see what happens. Good luck to her. Check out the blind item from PV.


Bollywood Blind Item

March 2018 – Bollywood Blind Item 4


Actress INSISTS sister gets all the limelight, speaks to her superstar 'friend'

When you have a godfather in Bollywood, nothing can stop you from making IT big in the industry. And if the Godfather is this big-hearted superstar, then naturally, sustaining in Bollywood becomes a cakewalk. Many actors and actresses have had the privilege of being under the shelter of this said superstar, who is responsible for their Bollywood careers – good and bad both! Latest to join the bandwagon is this young girl, who has been signed opposite another newbie actor recently for a movie.

The announcement that happened a few days back has been the talk of the town. While this is the actor’s second film, a couple of years after his debut movie hit the screens, the actress in question and her Bollywood debut has been in the news for quite some time now. Given that the leading lady has an elder sister, who has established herself in Bollywood, it is obvious that the debutante will not have to struggle her way in films, unlike her actress sister.

To ensure that her young sister has it easy in B-town, the actress’ sister is leaving no stone unturned. She has been speaking to the best of the people, with whom she has worked, to be a part of her crew. At the same time, the leggy lass has had a word with her superstar ‘friend’ and requested him to not compromise on anything when it comes to the darling sister’s career. Someone in the know has revealed some juicy details from the conversation the actress has had with this star actor.

Apparently, the A-list actress has spoken to the superstar and insisted that all the limelight and the focus should be on her sibling’s big fat debut and the same be conveyed to the leading actor of the movie. Needless to say, the superstar has agreed and has put in a word with the director and the producers of the movie, one of them being the one who is helming the actor’s next project. Interestingly, because of this condition, the debutante in question couldn’t sign up her first film under the superstar’s home banner movie that was announced a few months back, starring an important family member, whose launch is also in the hands of the actor. Since no compromise could be made on his launch, another fresh face was cast opposite him, thus making this lady sign another project, with a ‘Hero’ who wouldn’t mind being told to stay away from the limelight.

The superstar has been very crystal clear about this development and has told this newbie actor, who was launched by him a few years back, too that this new movie will be all about his alleged lady love’s sister. Unfortunately, the young actor had to agree, since there is nothing much he can do. Also, ticking off the superstar wouldn’t do any good to the boy as it is. All the people in concern have agreed and a deal stating the same on paper has been signed.

No wonder, the press releases emphasized on the young actress’ debut. This also means the promotions, interviews and the promos will all be about the new lady!

Well, perks of having an actress sister with a superstar ‘friend’!


OSOP Guesses

Young Sister: Isabelle Kaif

Actress: Katrina Kaif

Superstar: Salman Khan

Co-star: Sooraj Pancholi

March 2018 – Bollywood Blind Item 4

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36 Responses

  1. fanofblinditems says:

    Hey all,
    Any of you can provide inside scoop on Kat’s family like who fathered them. Some siblings look so different compared to Katrina. I read, one of the sisters is an award winning mathematician. How come she lets her sisters engage in these types of activities. What about their brother, has he no say or place in their lives. Katrina’s current relationship status..Interested cuz its been more than 2 years since she broke up with Ranbo. I assume she must be going steady with someone. Please share inside info if you have any.

    Thanks a ton.

    • Amanda says:

      I have a feeling that Katrina’s mother never married…. She had children from various men… The cult that her mom follows asks its members to increase its members by seducing guys and having babies with them… The babies further grow up to do the same thing as their parents. .. The more the girls the better it is…. That’s why you can see Katrina has so many sisters as compared to a single brother………
      Katrina and her family have travelled and lived in various cities across the world.. How in this world can anyone support such a large family in these tier 1 cities,where the cost of living is very high?? How can doing social service(as claimed by katrina) provide you with enough money to support 7 children? This financial support comes from the cult and the various men they bed….

      • fanofblinditems says:

        It makes sense now. I always wondered how her mother supported this big of a family single-handedly and with frequent relocation. Also Kat claims her father is a Kashmiri Muslim, what was he doing in a Christian cult and the last 4 look like they were born to the same set of parents. So he was around for some time. Wonder why he left after having so many kids.

        • Amanda says:

          Kat never had a kashmiri father… The surname Kaif was given by ayesha shroff while launching her in boom… This was done to give come connection to India… Her father now resides in US, but he certainly is not Indian…

        • Kiran101 says:

          Even though Ranbir himself is a fucktard.. how on earth was Katrina expected his family to accept her. That too image conscious kapoor family. Now i feel Ranbir never had any intentions of marrying her.

          • Monalisa says:

            @kiran101 I highly doubt Ranbir had the intention of marrying Deepika even. He got all the classic signs of a commitment phobic. I don’t know how all these women fell for his monagamous relationship bs and started planning future weddings with him.

            I feel the only reason he even stayed with Kat for so long and moved in with her is to piss off his parents. Rishi even made his displeasure about him living with Kat publically known. That man never had any intention of marrying her, he basically used her for publicity and to get back at his parents. Also she was putting up with all his cheatings so better for him.

            He is again linking his name with Mahira to stay in the news. First spread news of him meeting Mahira in London and later denied the news. Mahira must be regretting the day she met him.

          • fanofblinditems says:

            In case of Deepika, she was quiet young when she started dating Ranbo, she had a girly innocence and was naive about relationships, at least from the interviews of that time, all blushy and mushy about her bf. It would have been a big jolt to find out this relationship had no happy endings. Also did read that he go her into drugs etc..she was kinda pushover back then. Also feel she wanted to fit in with the so called cool crowd. Now she is happy being herself. doesn’t try hard to appear cool.

            And Katrina is looking for stability. Nothing wrong but she should also be smart. She could have gotten married if she was not a possessive type. Also its best to keep your exes away for a while till your new relationship stabilizes. Still was seen with Salman. I find her to be immature at times. It used to appear she was two-timing. Not a good look in public eyes. Though I also feel she did develop feelings for Ranbir, she should have handled the relationship in a practical way. Eg Manyata Dutt – was an item girl, but no one cares as she conducts herself maturely in public.

            Also wonder why Kat is upset with Deepika, it should be the other way round. She would be happy if she apologized to Deepika and cleared her conscience. Everyone can see Kat was wrong(Ranbir was wrong too but he did apologize and start a new chapter). How can Deepika solve this matter. Apology should come from Kat. Kat is old enough to get that. Instead she attaches herself to Deepu haters like Sonam and gang. One can see she can never be happy. Make peace Kat, nothing weak or small about admitting our mistakes.

          • Shivanisd says:

            Hahahaha u idiot!! Do, was, living in with, model nihar pandya before she, entered Bollywood. Innocent and naive, my ass. She was smooching sid mallya in front of cameras jusy to get some cheap publicity. Wonder why, everything about dps past is whitewashed but kat is explored like these ppl are going to give an, exam, on, it. Pathetic ur.

          • Admin says:

            You know Nihar actually dated Arpita? Yes, Salman’s sister. Any guesses why he was dating her?

  2. fanofblinditems says:

    Salman Khan is probably having a threesome with these sisters. That’s what it looks like. People with no talent have to warm beds to get deals. Currently in Tollywood, few actresses have raised casting couch issues and explained how rampant it is in every sphere of film making. Hope in Bollywood this kind of revolution takes place. We don’t sleep around to get jobs. Why should it be in film world then. Talented girls are becoming unwilling victims for their love for films.

    I am assuming Isabella might be okay with sleeping around as we know some of her sisters have been in a particular profession. I know kids also read this blog, so will not share any links.

    On our part, we can help by not watching this film. Hopefully they get the message that public doesn’t support nepotism (exceptions would be Alia and Varun – IMO they have talent) and non-talent.

    Have been a Salman fan for a long time but cannot support his support for no talent. Dear Salman, please wake up. Your fans can see how you are getting fooled by users. They don’t care about you, only your money and influence. Once those are gone, you are gone too.

    • Monalisa says:

      He must be having wild orgies with all the talentless actresses in his harem…But preferential treatment is always given to Katrina. She gets the best movies back to back while the other girls have to wait their turn and she got Salman to launch her sister,

      • Shivanisd says:

        At least hes, not like srk. Screwing around with, slut pc while being married. What, a, 2 bit wh*re pc is!!

    • Shivanisd says:

      We dont sleep around to get jobs. Wow u deserve applause for that!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Btw, why, ru so interested in porn?? Is ur family like kat too??

  3. Rashmi says:

    How I’m annoyed by Isabel. Another lack of talent in Bollywood. you may not believe it, but I once saw porn with Isabel. like the fanatics of Katrina who run to protect Isabel (((

    • fanofblinditems says:

      Hey Rashmi, I saw a full length flick with her older sister Christine. She was a certified money shot actress. She used to operate under different names. I can only describe this family as THOTS.

    • Shailesh says:

      I miss u rashmi πŸ™‚ hope u remember me

    • Nars <3 Kangana says:

      Isabel did porn? I think it was only the older sister.

      Katrina is working hard for that Khan family too. She is worker for Sohail’s lame concerts. Ppl need to acknowledge all the truths. Katrina worked very hard in Tiger series and basically gifted Kabir to Salman. She also helped Salman get back a decent career. He owes her and she owes him.

      By the way…sheilish said hello , come back, he misses you and …. Send him angry emojis

      • Rashmi says:

        are you kidding? Katrina helped Salman return to a worthy career ??? She left him and went to Ranbir when Salman had a flop behind the flops. Even Salman did not work with her when he had flops. He asked Akshay to work with her and with the akshay she began to get hits (although Akshay had a bad phase then), but Katrina’s fact preferred Ranbir over Salman. Then when Salman had hits without Katrina, she decided to return to him. Katrina is working hard? agree, manipulators always work hard, they need a lot of cunning ideas how to use people. that before Isabel, yes, I saw her name in the porn rollers. I did not watch the videos myself, but she was in the cast

  4. Ankita S says:

    I agree that Katrina can not really act and all those cosmetic procedures aren’t helping her in any way. But I don’t think Salman Khan is the only reason she still keeps getting movies if that was truly the case how come he couldn’t help his own brothers acting careers or all his supposed finds like Sneha Ulal, Zarine Khan, Daisy Shah, Athiya Shetty, Sooraj Pancholi etc.

    Somehow I feel he played a very important role in Katrina’s career but it’s just not his connections that are still driving it. Also if Katrina truly had her way wouldn’t her sister have been launched long ago?!

    • Rashmi says:

      everything is simple. Katrina is not Indian. She has white skin from nature. Indians are obsessed with white skin. And they do everything to get it. With Katrina, the best choreographers work to make beautiful items where she dances with a minimum of clothes. Plus, Katrina always worked with superstars (Salman’s patronage) when she did not work with superstars, her films were not popular except for some

      • Pooja says:

        User kat is not white Look at bebo tammanaah karishma ash they look most weatern than her go see her pix in modeling days she look brown many Britishers call her middle eastern n think she is.she herself said in interviews thay y she came to india for modeling go see her sibling pix she only one who lookalike most of indian look.she have average long plain jaw face like horse if u see herfilm 2003-2007 she use lences for eyes n colored her hair n painted her face white when her rest of body look brown make her look like she is from London actually she has just accent n Hindi language problem nothing more than that but her sis is palewhite look like of Nora fatehi.hey add plz add such tool so we can attach pix too I will send her

        • Rashmi says:

          Bebo is white, but Katrina is also white by nature, she could get an artificial tan. The question is where did you see her photo in the first days of modeling? it should have been in England, but these photos are nowhere to be found. if you remember, she came to Bollywood and was pretty plump, she was told to lose weight and she lost weight. There can not be models with such magnificent forms

          • Pooja says:

            No she is not pale white lighter brown with painted white face I have seen her modeling day pix her nose look too big n odd.she always look like indian not like English ppl.

  5. Hmmm says:

    Katrina has achieved ZERO in terms of acting despite 15 years in Bollywood. That’s probably why no one is interested in signing her sister as the lack of acting talent is probably genetic. Also instead of badgering Salman about making sure her sister gets the limelight shouldn’t she just be happy her sister is even signed for a film? Despite having made it in Bollywood Katrina still depends on a man to help her and now her sister. Can’t she make a film for her sister? Other star outsiders have launched their siblings by themselves.

  6. Amanda says:


    Can Hichki be called a hit? I earned 22crores or something……….. Already YRF is celebrating…………………… Wondering what was the budget?

    • AnanyaR says:

      According to trade analyst Taran Adarsh, YRF had already recovered production money even before the film hit the screens. Apparently, the film cost them 20cr to make, and they signed some really smart deals where they sold satellite, music rights etc. for 20 cr. That way Hichki’s collection is direct profit. The movie had an upward trend in its first weekend, and made money worldwide as well.

  7. Universal says:

    Salman Khan art of living – Keep pushing groupies, related to groupies and everyone else. Target talented ones who cross your path once like Arijit Singh.

    • Shivanisd says:

      Its still better than akshay or aamirs kaali kartootein!! At least hes honest. Hes single. Not like the women hes bedding think hes gonna marry them eventually.

  8. Pooja says:

    I laugh hard when lallu said 1st let lulia learn singing y same he didn’t said about user kat that 1st let her learn acting may be she never ever get launch.

  9. Leap says:

    So how many people are on salman’s family pay roll and looking to enter bw how stupid is this man that he keeps on adding more to the list. Also Kat has been in bw for years isn’t she in a position to do her sis PR on her own rather than ordering Salman

  10. Amanda says:

    What kind of control does katrina have on Salman that he agrees to everything she says… There is certainly some skill in Kaif to have sallu wrapped around her finger…. She should spill those secrets.. I am keen to know

    • lince says:

      control is satisfying him in private

    • fanofblinditems says:

      Hey Amanda and lince, I agree with you both. Disgusted by these developments. I used to pity Kat as I heard she had a difficult upbringing. But there should be a limit to being ambitious. It is becoming greediness. She should be happy that without talent she got so much. Why dump her sister on us. Spot for a deserving talent gets taken away. I also heard her monthly house rent is Rs, 15 lakhs, that means she is plenty rich if she can afford such and expensive place. Ms. Kat be happy with what you made, You can support you family with what you have.

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