Kriti Sanon pays tribute to Sushant Singh Rajput

Kriti Sanon and Sushant Singh Rajput have known each other since they met during the prep for ‘Raabta’. They were together during the shooting of the film and for a while after the film released.

Kriti was quite close to him and really liked Sushant. It is understandable that she took her time to pay tribute or maybe if she hadn’t done so, it would still be fine. Everyone knew what he meant to her. But there are those online hovering on the social media accounts of every Bollywood personality who has not spoken about Sushant’s passing. This include Kriti’s sister Nupur and Amitabh Bachchan!

Nupur spoke about how she was being harassed to say something because she took her time. Why are these people doing this? Kriti and Nupur were close to him so obviously they are in a state of shock when they heard of his passing. Some people don’t run to social media when something this tragic happens.

Kriti wrote a beautiful tribute to him, which answers many questions about him and how close they were.


Kriti was really heartbroken when their relationship ended, it took her a while to get back to being OK again. So, can’t imagine how broken she must be feeling especially when she knew something was amiss in him.

Hope those who hounded her and her sister, leave Rhea and Ankita alone and let them mourn in peace.

May God give his loved one the strength to go through this.

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14 Responses

  1. naughtytrini says:

    Blind Items could be both negative and positive. Negative in a sense that it can be abused to harrass someone. Positive in that it can highlight a wrong being done to someone who is afraid of voicing that wrong in fear of being discriminated, loss of job etc. BI that are created by the nepo gang are highly toxic and are usually the negative ones, those that we dont need and should not share. Experienced admins should be able to weed out those.

    On another note, I think with everything going on in the world, a lot of people are in fear of speaking. In fear of trying to say something close to their heart but afraid of being misinterpreted. In these times, it is damn if you do and damn if you dont.

    Also, one form of nepo, maybe another term might be more appropriate but I dont know what term that is, is that I am seeing a lot of the older actors/actresses who really didnt make it or who took a break for whatever reason, are trying to make comebacks. You find them exercising, going under the knife, trying to make themselves look ‘younger’ and trying to comeback. In my opinion, bollywood shouldnt allow that. They got their chance and chances now are pretty slim and they getting back shots are just taking away shots from upcoming potentials. Just my opinion.

  2. bollyrandom says:

    Well it worked this time I guess, but coming back to my original question- what do they really gain from BIs

    • Admin says:

      See, in the last couple of years with social media, fandom is the new thing. This is their target but in more ways than one, it’s just to say something that cannot be clearly said with names given. Like when KA (KS girl) wanted to let people know AK was harassing her. Obviously, she cannot take names but wanted this issue to be highlighted. Then you have the wars between stars, which is usually between young stars and mostly young female actresses. This is just tu-tu-main-main with a clear agenda to tarnish the other one’s image. But it never really has any effect on the outcome of BO. What they get out of it? It’s an outlet for them to take out their frustrations or anger since they are expected to take it all in without complaining.

  3. bollyrandom says:

    Not as a continuous chain

  4. bollyrandom says:

    I get why BIs are good for us, but I am talking from their perspective.BO is their primary concern.Why wouldn’t they as an industry stop BIs, wouldn’t it be beneficial to all of them. It’s not like they don’t have the power over the editors. Most of the articles are anyways PR driven. I am sorry but BIs don’t really have any major affect on BO, it maybe miniscule.Kjo instead of AC is primary target today because of over exposure.
    PS: My replies have been getting posted as new post. What am I doing wrong??

  5. bollyrandom says:

    Admin I have a question. Today Kriti called out blind items in her post. I get why she is doing it. But who is the target audience of these blinds. The average movie going audience don’t know something called blind items even exist. I found these last year. It’s not like everyone online also reads these. I get someone can be potrayed negatively through these(KJo uses Rajeev), but wouldn’t someone in the industry really know how a person is?? Does someone actually loose work because of these? Or is it just that people want to fill column space.

    • Admin says:

      Gossips or BI don’t really have any effect. BIs are published with no names but imagine back then there were magazines that had elaborate reports and investigations about stars and their controversies. We have a feeling KS said this because of the BIs about her and her sister and their sudden relationship with AK. Gossips and BIs help the public know the reality of things. No one would have known how murky or creepy this industry can be. People who have intention to get in this industry should know what they are getting themselves into. When you watch or support a film these people do, you should know where your money is going. We want to know, we don’t want to support someone who is going to take advantage of his or her power because stars are made by the audience and not vice-versa! If not for gossips or BIs, stars would be happy to think people think of them as saints!

  6. SD says:

    It felt so real…Straight from heart…while i wasn’t expecting her/Ankita to post anything…writing such things on social media is the last thing one does if they loose someone who meant a world to them…but when i read her post, it sounded so genuine…Kriti or Ankita would have probably taken a good care of him in such difficult times…more strength to her and Ankita…

  7. MotherOfDragons says:

    Well written, horribly sad
    Can’t imagine how she feels, it must be devastating
    Relationships are complex, even when someone is part of your past, a part of them still lives with you forever

    He had such brilliant women in his life which is a testament to his brilliant mind.
    Rest on Sushant

  8. Ria says:

    Ankita was with him for longest period. Iam sure he would have had Her in top spot in his heart. She has not posted anything, may be that’s what true love is don’t have to show it world

  9. bollyrandom says:

    Can’t even imagine what she is going through. I lost a distant cousin in college to suicide. I didn’t even know him too well but that came as such a shock and took me some time to recover. I hope people realise that there are different ways of processing grief and stop harassing people close to Sushant. The media should also dial it down and show some sensitivity. This is the same ecosystem that let him down. Now they are all acting like saviours. It would be nice if they actually reflect on where they went wrong instead of paying lip service till a new issue comes along. The hypocrisy is real.

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