Kangana Ranaut said Apurva Asrani wanted her to take writing credit for Simran

You might remember THIS post about Kangana Ranaut stealing her film’s writer’s credit. Since we put out THAT post, we had to update what Kangana said about the whole thing.

So, what happened was the director of ‘Simran’, Hansal Mehta, was so mad at how Apurva Asrani behaved himself that Hansal purposely had the ‘Additional Credit’ put first on the poster just to get back to him.

Kangana spoke about this in the Rajeev Masand interview and she swore that this was what happened. It does explain how the director didn’t bother to defend his own writer and just shrugged the whole issue off by saying that it was a printing issue.


Kangana Ranaut said Apurva Asrani wanted her to take writing credit for Simran


Before Kangana’s revelations, Apurva was taking digs at her on social media in an indirect way. It’s not nice that he took to social media to complain about this writer’s credit issue without checking in with the director first. It’s like he saw what happened on the poster and then just went to Facebook to pour his heart out.

By the way, Kangana was also given writing credits in her other films because she helped put in dialogues here and there. She said she never pressured the director to give her writing credit and that they have done so on their own. Find out more from Kangana herself below.


Kangana on Apurva not being given due credit

First of all I want to make it clear that there are no dues pending. Somehow people make it look like Apurva has not be given his credit, that is not true. We made the contract exactly the way he wanted it to be, in fact, Apurva is the one who suggested me to take additional credit for dialogue writing. So we made the contract that way.


Kangana on why Apurva complained

After Rangoon failed and some people attacked me, he decided to write the note and said what he wanted to say which I found in very bad taste. He has got the credit he wanted and there is no issue.


What Apurva said in response to Kangana’s answers

I don’t know what she said really. I am busy editing. But I don’t want any negativity around Simran right now because it is as much as my baby as it is Kangana’s and Hansal’s. When we decided, what we decided and how we decided is not the matter. The truth is that Kangana has contributed to the dialogue and she has embellished the dialogues. There was never a question about that and I am not even refuting that. The due credits have been given. They made the correction on the posters also. When Kangana says that she has collaborated on the dialogue, that’s a fact.



Find out more about the Apurva-Kangana writing credit issue below, if you don’t remember what happened.




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  1. Anu says:

    Apoorva asrani has a shady reputation .Earlier a writer had blamed him for stealing Shahid credits and apparantely he is a serial offender .I am sure he threw this fit for publicity .

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