Kangana Ranaut refers to Hrithik Roshan again and makes fun of Deepika Padukone

Shahid Kapoor gave an interview in which he was asked questions about what Kangana Ranaut has said about him. That interview in which Kangana said that Shahid was not an easy person to live with during their outdoor shoot. In another interview, Kangana said the following:

I don’t like intimate scenes in a film. They are the most difficult to shoot. You have a formal equation with someone and suddenly you are into each other’s mouth. That big moustache of Shahid is horrible. It was such a … Not a turn-off but a tragedy of different level! When I asked him about it, he said he applies wax and has a running nose! Mera naak isme bah ke jaata hai.


To not make it a big deal, he said what we have all been thinking in our heads when we read Kangana’s interviews. Shahid said the following:

I have to tell you that Kangana makes up things in her head. She has a vivid imagination. I don’t remember telling her all this at all.


The first thing, Kangana said about the above statement from Shahid was:

That line he (Shahid) must have borrowed from Hrithik. He would have thought that dude I will borrow these claims from Hrithik.


Then Kangana goes on to elaborate, as usual diverting the question and for some reason, she thinks she should make fun of something Deepika Padukone said while elaborating. She’s really really good at diverting attention because if you notice with her, she’s good at diverting attention from one story to another. Check out what she had to say.

I haven’t said such things. I give my version of situation. When you are enacting a scene, we don’t do time pass. When we are asked questions on intimate scenes, especially to girls, there is a sleazy undertone to it. ‘Kaise laga aapko kiss karke?’ What am I supposed to say? I can’t say acha laga ya kharab laga. My purpose is to answer it as an actor. So as an actor I said there were 50 people while we were shooting in the mud scene. And my co-actor had a cold. So it was the most convenient thing to do. It was made into a horrible… I don’t take these things seriously. Also, media needs to understand that they shouldn’t ask such questions. They ask me who is the better kisser? Mujhe kya lena dena? What do you mean? These men have just had babies and we don’t look at them in that way. This is our work and it is our rozi roti. But people talk in such a frivolous way. And I never talk like that about my work. There is always a risk of being misquoted horribly but it is better than saying I love Shahid’s boxers. Isn’t it better? (laughs).

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3 Responses

  1. ghjk says:


  2. Smitha says:

    She does seem to have an imagination. She clearly look a bit loony. Well, she didn’t think that way about hrithik when he was married and had two kids. Hmm.

  3. Alcie says:

    she is getting too good at doing these interviews. Taking a dig at Deepika too! Seems like Shahid isn’t fond of Kangana. She did hog the entire interview session on film companion.

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