January 2018 – Bollywood Blind Item 5

The blind item below is by PinkVilla. You might get a sense of deja-vu while reading it. That’s because a similar blind item was shared some time back regarding the same situation. We don’t know whether PV got some new info, which is why they posted the blind item, or they just rehashed the old blind item and posted it. There’s nothing more to say about it except that this movie was never going to happen. The superstar takes a long time to work on his projects. This lead actress doesn’t have that much time to waste waiting for him, so it was already unlikely that she would come on board. Check out the blind item below.


Bollywood Blind Item

January 2018 – Bollywood Blind Item 5


This actress is miffed with PR Hungry Ex-Studio head-Producer

This B-Town actress had allotted dates for a film but it seems that the film may altogether be shelved after the leading actor opted out of it. Can you guess the actor and actress?

A big biopic film was announced by this ex studio head, with Bollywood’s numero uno – a superstar known for content of his films. This star actress who has made waves abroad was being considered opposite him, and the film was tentatively scheduled to start shooting in April.

All things turned upside down when the male superstar left the film because he didn’t think the director had it in him to make a good film. The director hasn’t made a film in nearly 20 years and so the superstar left the film. Publicly, he revealed that the reason for him not doing the film was that he wants to devote the next decade of his career to making an epic film spread out over multiple parts. Yes it’s true that he superstar wants to make such a film, however the work for that won’t start till 1-2 years down the road. The actor has a big release on Diwali and will concentrate on the epic film after that.

So before the word came out about the real reason the superstar left the film, without keeping his leading lady up-to date about the status of the film, the producer started to panic and started to pitch his film to other actors. This, while the leading lady had already blocked her schedule from April onwards and had declined several international and Bollywood projects for the said period.

Then, word got out that the makers approached this young and industry’s favourite leading star who also politely declined the film citing date problems. His super-hero film is about to start. The makers then approached this other older superstar who has just released a teaser trailer of his next film. He also heard the narration of the same film but asked the producer to wait till end March after he completes his current film.

But, the producer didn’t want to let the momentum of the film die like his other film announcements. Earlier, he had announced a film with the director who gave the biggest Hindi grosser last year and a young leading actor who has delivered two super hits this year. The producer made several announcements about the film only to have the film being shelved and the director moving on to make another film for a leading independent producer.

So without keeping his leading lady updated on the developments the producer’s publicist started to tell everyone that this older super star has said yes to their film and now this film will be made with him and this leading lady. Thereby, rekindling their chemistry from their previous franchise film (remake of a mega star’s film) which saw them light the screen on fire. This was mainly done to make sure another one of this producer’s projects doesn’t die out in the media or the industry.

When the leading lady heard about these developments through articles in the media and not from the producer himself, she lost her cool and let the producer know about it in many ways, stating emphatically that he can go make his film with whichever actor he wants when he wants, however as committed by her she was only available as per her dates, and that if this producer doesn’t want to shoot then, the actress should be compensated for her loss of time like they do in the west.

Now with the female star not wanting any part of the film anymore, the producer once again has another one of his announced projects in limbo.


OSOP Guesses

Actress: Priyanka Chopra

Actor: Aamir Khan

January 2018 – Bollywood Blind Item 5


Producer: Siddharth Roy Kapur

January 2018 – Bollywood Blind Item 5

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6 Responses

  1. shivanisd says:

    Siddharth roy kapoor bad days have started it seems.

  2. Rad says:

    If Sid has to compensate PC for time lost how about Aamir who said yes and then backed out. .There is no professionalism in Bollywood. Its a dog eat dog world.

    • Amanda says:

      Aamir has to compensate then…
      That’s why film making takes forever in bollywood… Rest of the entertainment industries around the world finish shooting in less than 3 months.. Eg Korea, Japan, China etc..

    • shivanisd says:

      Its a mans world. And if PC really wants things to happen the way they do in west then she should move permanently there. I dont want to see her.

  3. Amanda says:

    This is unethical on part of Siddharth.. I can understand PCs problems… this would be the first time Aamir and priyanka would come together and I was looking forward to it… But I think deepu and pc will never get to work with Aamir… Only small time actresses are good for him..

    • shivanisd says:

      He really doesn’t need a DP or PC to work with him. He has a huge fan following. PC doesn’t even compare.

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