Introducing the Bollywood Couple Awards Show

Seeing the trailers of Zee Cine Awards, you would think this is some Jodi No.1 Awards happening. Jodi No1 or Nach Baliye, which reality show had these celebrity couples perform? That was a long time back, don’t know if it’s still on. Sushant Singh Rajput also performed. That was when he didn’t know his career was going to take off in Bollywood.

Introducing the Bollywood Couple Awards Show

Zee Cine Awards released the trailer for its upcoming awards show, which will be telecast on TV on the 31st of March.

Also, what is with brand names of people being the main sponsor? You know for how many tweets we actually thought Vimal was at Filmfare? Everything was #VimalFilmfareAwards. We thought this Vimla sure is happy to be at the Filmfare Awards!

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And now for Zee, it’s Kamla. Again, we were like, Aunty Kamla was at Zee Cine? When? How? Why are they calling out her name?

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Anyways, so the trailers/teasers have been releases and my oh my, it looks like this award show is only about Ranbir-Alia and Deepika-Ranveer. This is definitely going to get them the right TRPs.

Introducing the Bollywood Couple Awards Show

So much so that this whole celebrity couples at award shows might just end up being a thing. We can see it…Award shows are going to request these fake and real couples show up. Which makes sense, since a lot of young celebrities are choosing to go the fake link-up way, courtesy of SnakeJo. Speaking of which, NaginJo was also there singing along.


The hard-selling of Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt‘s love at the Zee Cine Awards


Reminding you of the crazy-in-love not-Beyonce Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh at the Zee Cine Awards


Other Promos


Courtesy of India’s TMZ

Speaking of hard-selling Ranbir and Alia’s fake love story, Ayan is also doing his part:

Today, Ayan took to Instagram to share a picture from their first schedule of Brahmastra shoot that took place in Tel Aviv. He mentioned that it was the beginning of many things! Well, out of all those things, the caption also tells us that he might be talking about the beginning of RK and Alia’s relationship which started budding on the sets of Brahmastra.

He wrote, “Beginnings. Tel Aviv, Israel… Beginning of 2018, and the beginning of many things… We were in Tel Aviv to prepare for our first shooting schedule with a very special member of our team, and it marked the beginning of Ranbir and Alia working together for the movie and getting to know each other… Brahmāstra has come with a lot of travel, to find creative collaborations everywhere in the world… something I hope will add greatly to the film eventually.”

The picture shared with this caption is cute and has Alia and Ranbir in it. Shot candidly, Alia can be seen with an intense expression while Ranbir is seen standing in the backdrop looking at Alia with affection. This might be a frame from the film but it is just so beautiful. – CineBlitz


It looks like he is plotting something about her. And we are saying in this, not in a good way! No wait…It actually looks like they are making ‘Kyon Ki’ – Part 2!

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