In Twitter Fight Ring News: Kangana’s sister takes on the Bhatts & the Hoods

We are currently living in a world where everything is so programmed and scripted in such a way that makes it hard to believe what is the truth and what is not. Of course, we are talking about Bollywood.

But with Kangana around or should we say her sister, you can get ready for what’s not supposed to happen.

Let’s recap first from the beginning…

This happened first:

Only last week, a poll conducted by BollywoodLife voted Kangana Ranaut as Best Actress for 2019 (so far), which also had Alia Bhatt nominated for Gully Boy, after which she told the publication: “I am embarrassed…

What is there to beat in Gully Boy performance… Same snappy muh-phat (outspoken) girl… Bollywood‘s idea of a fiery girl, woman empowerment and good acting, spare me this embarrassment, please. Media has taken filmy kids love too far… Stop pampering mediocre work or else bar will never be raised.” – NDTV

Damn, it’s like Kangana is fighting every single outsider’s battle for them. Every single one, who was replaced by a star kid or who never got the opportunities that star kids get. Kangana is leading that battle!

In response to Kangana’s comments, Alia had this to say:

I respect Kangana’s work a lot and I respect her opinion. If she feels a particular way she must have reason to feel that way. I would rather remember how much she had praised me after watching Raazi. And I’d just like to focus on my work. Maybe she will appreciate me again if I work hard enough. – PinkVilla

Earlier this week, Randeep Hooda, for some reason, decided to publicly applaud Alia for not getting affected by Kangana’s comments on her acting skills.

Kangana's sister takes on the Bhatts & the Hoods

This was really out of the blue and has surprised many people, especially those who remember how Randeep made his disappointment very public about how ‘Highway’ was being promoted and marketed as Alia’s film.

Kangana's sister takes on the Bhatts & the Hoods


It seems Kangana’s sister, Rangoli, has been keeping a close eye on everyone in Bollywood. Everyone, who has it out for her sister.

She also pretty much confirmed that Kangana is not using her Twitter because if Kangana spent her time keeping a close eye on her contemporaries on social media, she wouldn’t be able to do her job and still be good at it.

Either Rangoli keeps a close eye, which means she has lots of free time, or there’s someone else keeping an eye out for them and letting them know.

Here’s Rangoli’s reply to Randeep’s tweet to Alia:



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FYI, there have been several reports of Randeep being a creep before. So it’s not really a surprise if he did really chase after Kangana.

Amidst all this, Pooja Bhatt, step-sister of Alia, tweeted this in response to Randeep’s tweet:

Kangana's sister takes on the Bhatts & the Hoods

If we are not mistaken, Pooja gave Randeep his first solo hit with ‘Jism 2’, which was also the launch of Sunny Leone in Hindi cinema. There was also Arunoday Singh in the film, but Randeep was the one who gained more from this film. He was signed on for more Bhatt films that didn’t require much acting, including Jannat 2 and Murder 3.

Kangana's sister takes on the Bhatts & the Hoods

So, what is the beef that Pooja has with Randeep? Did he come on to her? Or is it because he ditched her other projects? Or is she talking about what Randeep said about Alia back then after ‘Highway’ was released?

Did you know? Randeep Hooda first became famous because he was the boyfriend of Sushmita Sen? They did a film together and there was a hanky-panky scene in there, which was used to heavily promote the film. Sadly, no one cared enough to go watch it.


Alia’s mum, Soni Radzan, tweeted a pictured of a boy or man, who was supposedly tortured and killed because he was a Muslim. It turned out it was something else and he died not because of religion. People blasted her for being so irresponsible.

To be fair, there is a huge chance that Alia’s mum got emotional and tweeted that. It happens sometimes since the internet has a way of conning you emotionally. But if you live in India, it’s best not to try in bringing religion in whatever message you want to preach. Leave religion out of it.

Of course, Rangoli jumped right on that train with this:

Kangana's sister takes on the Bhatts & the Hoods

To which, Alia’s mum replied with this (a tweet she later deleted):

Mahesh Bhatt is the man who has given her a break…She goes on to attack his wife and daughter. Daughter over and over again. What is left to be said then about abusing and hatred I wonder. Apart from character of course. Agenda. What’s hers?

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And, here’s what Rangoli replied to Alia’s mum:

Kangana's sister takes on the Bhatts & the Hoods

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Would Mahesh Bhatt throw a chappal at his own daughter?

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Did you know?

To divert the attention away from the fact that ‘Woh Lamhe’ was about the late Parveen Babi (may her soul rest in peace), – something the Bhatts kept denying – the film’s marketing team or the Bhatts released this gem of a news that stated Kangana removes her panties at a party and throws it at Shiney Ahuja in the film!

Yep, that’s it. As if, that was supposed to get people rush to the theatres to watch this film. The Bhatts are pretty much responsible for the sleazy films and if the films were not sleazy, they would still market it that way. The minute they realized Emraan Hashmi’s lips were their golden goose, they never looked back. They went from artsy/good films to almost blue films. And, they had some really good films that we watched as kids, especially the ones starring Pooja Bhatt!


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Kangana definitely has gone through a lot at the beginning and when she was unsuccessful. She had no one to protect her and they all took advantage of that. Now that she has made it far and is given this public platform, she is giving it back to them without thinking twice.

As we said before, it’s a scary thing to do. Because the people she is publicly attacking are doing everything they can to bring her down. Luckily, the people/audience actually support her in all of this and so does the media. We have had media friends knowing that the attacks on her came from where and why.

Imagine, BollywoodHungama going all the way to find this South director and give him a platform to rant against her? And then, they go and dig up that writer and give him a platform to again blast Kangana publicly. At this point, BollywoodHungama should change their name to TMZ India.

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Did you know?

The same day ‘Kesari’, starring Akshay and co-produced by Dharma, was released, a relatively small film called ‘Mard Ko Dard Nahi Hota’ was also released. It managed to get quite the necessary hype, but guess what?

Akshay and Karan made sure more screens were allocated for ‘Kesari’. Meaning that the other film didn’t stand a chance, which explains how ‘Kesari’ made this much money so soon.

The producer or director of ‘Mard Ko Dard Nahi Hota’ actually complained about this, but BollywoodHungama was too busy promoting ‘Kalank’ to notice! It’s clear that they will promote whatever suits their agenda.

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Yes, Kangana has issues. That is clear for a while now. Both her and Rangoli, who was an acid attack victim, seem to have lots of issues as they both did go through a lot. All this abuse does a number on you mentally. But imagine if she wants to get better and they are all trying to get at her? It’s not going to work. But at least, she will be at peace with herself. Maybe that’s what she did for her birthday.

But, if they had something on her mental health, they would have released it already to further humiliate her. Which means they don’t!

For everyone, it is quite shocking to see Kangana behave the way she has been behaving for the past 3 years or so.

You know why?

Because no top actress has been able to speak out so publicly and attack the biggies of Bollywood this loud.

To get on top, actresses have to play nice. To remain there, they have to be even nicer. Kangana is not interested in that at all.

As of now, it seems she is only interested in bringing down the ones, who are stabbing her in the back.

Image result for that's right gif

Anyways, may the power be with the honest and truthful ones. Because this is an industry that eats people up and spits them out like if they are dirt. It’s not easy.

With Kangana, it’s just amazing how there’s no fear. Like, she doesn’t care about the repercussions.

By the way…

Do you realize that none of this would have happened if Alia had replied to Kangana’s message about ‘Manikarnika’. If Alia returned the favour and watched the film or the trailer, none of this would have happened. She stayed quiet and pretended not to know anything, but then she herself said that Kangana praised her performance in ‘Raazi’.

Before she was pretending not to know what went wrong and now, she pretty much confirmed what Kangana said before. Would it have killed her to reply something? Is there not such a thing as decency anymore? Or is Papa Jo controlling everything?

Image result for shaking head gif

Anyone would think twice now about publicly getting back at the Ranaut sisters, especially if they have skeletons in their closet.

Image result for karan gif

Now…Watch as someone comes in here and claim we are Kangana’s PR.

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That’s it from us. Thank you for reading. Hope some of it made sense. Have a great evening.

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62 Responses

  1. Venus says:

    Kangana and her sister are so bitter, they overreact every time. I dont think we should be praising their self destructive behavior, they target everyone for no rhyme or reason. Kjo deserved whatver he got, but i feel Alia shouldnt be targeted. I mean anyone in her place would not say no to a godfather like karan johar, its not her mistake that shes made most of her good fortune.
    Hating on Alia for being fortunate is silly.

    Kangana is a good actress , and so is alia. Kangana and alia both are not versatile. If Alia can do only Muh phat urban roles, Kangana also has just one type of dialogue delivery. Her diction sucks and she only fits into “north indian girl with desi accent” type of roles, she cannot pull of a urban character.

    • Sanjay says:

      Well said Venus. Your first para is so spot-on. Couldn’t agree with you more. Bravo.
      I find Kangana a better actress than Alia, that doesn’t mean Alia should be picked at. And that Rangoli Chandel should immediately be disposed off for repugnant human being.

    • Sanjay says:

      Well said Venus. Your comment is so spot on.Bravo!! Couldn’t agree with you more. Even though I find Kangana Ranaut a better actress than Alia Bhatt, Alia should not be picked at. It’s not her fault that she is privileged and why should not she make the most of all the privileges bestowed upon her? That Rangoli Chandel should be disposed off immediately for eternity. One repugnant human being she is.

  2. sharuna says:

    nagin jo’s days are gone, after Kalank, even soty 2 is going to flop miserably at the box office.

  3. sharuna says:

    admin student of the year does not look like a movie about students in school it looks like a movie about students hanging out in gym.

  4. sharuna says:

    hahaha Nagin jo’s tower has started to crumble, Kalank’s report card is not good.

  5. Sheena says:

    @ admin love u for this post! Spot on. These sisters are really something and inspire the whole nation. Ps: Kalank, like who even calls a film that?! What a terrible title. Peep r bashing the movie on social. And the memes are most amusing and entertaining – check them out

  6. Sweettooth01 says:

    Frankly not a fan of complaining against every one, I honestly feel she shud leave Alia bhat alone..insulting tweets on her iq, feeling she’s more Superior than someone else etc etc..this is really absurd behavior..

    Ok so someone did not return u a favor, grow up and move on..try not to call them’s ridiculous after a point..I feel she and her sister shud leave Alia bhat alone..she did not do anything directly to hurt her or create ruckus in her life.. someone not supporting you is no reason u go out there and talk shit abt them..

  7. kiran101 says:

    This is the true face of these Bhatts . They have so many skeletons in their closets . They are truly despicable people .

    And these people give lectures about Country and equality and ill treatment ….when they never treated a man/woman or a person right in their whole fucking life.

    Kangana is vilified when she shows support for her own country’s democratically elected leader. While the Bhatts and Akhtar’s get away with crimes while lecturing us all.

    The rampant misogyny and personal bias weather political or otherwise is so prevalent in this forum itself let alone these bollyweird stars who care about nothing but self interest.

    kangana is no mad woman , like someone who said here …These BW ppl are shooting over some one else shoulders. All these ppl even film reviewers like Anupama Chopra , sucharita tyagi etc etc are bikao …total sell outs … and by saying sell out I dont mean money.

  8. Shinyobject says:

    More power to Kangana and her sister. Let’s hope they succeed in challenging this nepotism overreach in Bollywood. Girl, you got my support. Aloos, baingans and whatever other talentless vegetables being shoved down our throats need to prove their talent before they get any such media hype.

    @Admin: We should encourage talented actors. Please highlight concerns from non-star kids. They need a platform unlike these spoilt brats.

  9. Deep says:

    Dear Admin, Sodumb Kapoor’s latest statement on Nepotism deserves a post.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Pls make it happen..pretty please..

  10. Deep says:

    Hahaha..the irony here…’Rarely’ working actor like Hooda taking potshots at others..lolly…he is a typical MCP…and he must not have expected that from Pooja tummy is hurting..laughing so much…just waiting for him to have a cameo in some KJO production…

  11. sharuna says:

    Don’t know about the kangna and Randeep hooda , but i read somewhere that during the shooting of sharabjit, this Hooda guy made Richa Chaddha’s life a hell. It was said, that he would directly hint at asking her, to sleep with him.

  12. Samantha says:

    Ok, my 2 cents

    I LOVE Kangana!
    Whenever she bags movies like Panga, Mental, Jayalalitha biopic; i genuinely feel happy as if I have achieved something. THAT personally invested I am in her.
    Soni Razdan/Pooja Bhatt etc did too much sly on her; n im happy she gave back to all including Alia.
    Sonu Sood n Krish too deserved her wrath fr trying to ruin Manikarnika
    KJo nevertheless deserves all hate; as he is the biggest snake of bollywood


    Picking on Ajay Devgun is too much (i know they had history); picking older episodes like Mahesh Bhatt’s is too much; picking on Ranbir unnecessarily is too much (n i HATE Raymond). N i say it for her good only. Everyone thinks Rangoli tweets what Kangana says.. Even Randeep Hooda deserved her backlash; but calling him permanent failure is too much.

    I really LOVE Kangana n I dont want her to end up a silo heroine rejected by all in her low times.. this is how bollywood works, n corporate world also works in similar fashion.

    • Samantha says:

      n we should also remember there were blinds how she sent her nudes to Raymond.. washing dirty linen works both ways.. as someone below said; i feel scared fr both sisters, pray fr them cos i basically just love Kangana; but she/Rangoli should draw a line somewhere!

      • Aura says:

        @samantha Totally agree with what you said. But here’s the thing. Where to draw the line is very subjective and contextual. In a war, retaliation is always harsher. It is naive to expect a war to be equal and fair. And this IS a media war.
        KR and Rangoli’s warfare strategy is to show no mercy, and go instantly for the throat. Girls who have learnt to fight alone usually tend to be merciless. Because, they’ve learnt how mercy or politeness can be mistaken as kindness by their enemies.
        This offensive aggression or no-nonsense attitude tends to scare many off. Many girls deliberately maintain their “crazy” persona just to keep unwanted people at bay. Looks like KR and Rangoli had been fighting for many, many years. They are thick-skinned, and they take no chances. It’s a huge warning for their enemies.

        Randeep Hooda’s embarrassing ass-kissing of Alia at the expense of KR (calling her an occasional actor and victim) was so disappointing!!! I used to love RH, was a big fan, and thought he had integrity. Being called a “permanent failure” is a tight slap he needed in order to go back to his seat.
        Same with RK. There’s a rumor that he was instrumental behind spreading KR’s horse video. If that is so, he deserves an embarrassing retaliation for the wuss that he is. No mercy.
        Soni Razdan claimed that Mahesh Bhatt was some sort of holier-than-thou mentor to KR. He wasn’t, and also he needed to be put in place. It worked, because SRazdan deleted all her tweets.

        I am just afraid that KR will now receive a bigger blow behind the scene.

      • Lucy says:

        Didn’t she address about the nude pictures in the barka dutt interview?

        She had said that my picture we’re leaked by hrithik and in a party someone came up to her and said I have seen those pictures.the idea was to slut shame her into submission.she replied to the man saying “good,now we are more closer to each other now or something like that”.

        Ranbir and hrithik can privately leak those pictures amongst the Bollywood crowd but if it comes out in press both will go to jail.ranbir has more to loose,won’t do any good how that he is trying an image makeover.

        Right now unfortunately or fortunately whatever a man says or does will be ripped apart.

        Because these guys have tried every trick in the book but it just doesn’t work with kangana.the easiest way to shame a woman is to say she is promiscuous ,kangana had addressed it saying if you have a libido I have one too and I have to satisfy it.people can’t shame her for having multiple partners.emails leak didn’t work.

        If a producer comes and says she slept with me for roles,he will be digging his own grave.if Ranbir leaks her pictures,he will be a criminal under IT laws.If Mahesh bhatt opens his mouth the can of worms will open which will affect Alia.he is in the same group as ghai in terms of casting couch stories

        Kanganas biggest asset isshe never project herself as sati savitri or an untouched virgin or a person who never had done anything wrong.what will these people really shame her for.on the other hand people like bhatts,Roshan’s,Kapoor’s,johars,akhtars have to maintain a pristine clear goody goody image.they cannot do much openly.their only weapon to fight Is through people like randeep hooda who will take the fall .

        Either kangana had a powerful supporter in the shadows or she really has seen it all with the 2016-2019 controversies and now she really has nothing to loose.she still is getting work and good pay for Whatever reasons.and if insiders like ekta Kapoor are still working with her,there must be a reason.

        I don’t think she has political support,or else manikarnika would have been endorsed by a lot of political people and made tax-free.

  13. Ana says:

    I have watched Kangana trying to mock Anaarkali movie Swara did saying that she played a prostitute in that,, No she didnt, it was a powerful feminine role , Some women of Bihar actually go through and movie was great.. I am not a fan of Swara but she seems well educated and politically left oriented. Supporting RW itself is a big evidence of how toxic KR and sister is. Bhatts did give her work in initial days, if they wee mistreating her, what was the need to stay around, there are other careers in the world where no one humiliates you. If you cant find anything, ust get self employed, whats this extreme greed for money and fame that you will disown your self respect and let it scar yourself for entire life? its not like she comes from abject poverty and this was the only option she had. Fact she stayed around and allowed this to happen to herself itself speaks volumes of what might have happened. She reached out to Pancholi for favours and he exploited her, any half decent woman would not reach out to such a person after getting their first hint.
    Stop defending her, she is as much at fault as he is attacking these people. Bolly weird is not a place for decent people, period. Big money is involved, underworld is involved, India’s worst creeps head there, you would have to be really dumb to expect something else.

    • Mahendra Agarwal says:

      Don’t call Swara Bhaskar any good , she is just a hypo crate , when u take a stand take always and not when convenient politically , Swara should have fought for Jaya Prada but she didn’t if tomorrow someone powerful attacks Swara sexually I would definetly fight for Swara

    • RS says:

      What a stupid comment.

  14. nefarious says:

    No trace of this news on pinkvilla. I guess it couldnt be more crystal clear who has stakes in pinkvilla.

    • nefarious says:

      @Admin: Loved the piece Admin. Very balanced. Mostly ppl hate KR without knowing how ppl are fighting her behind the scenes.

      But , really Pooja Bhatt threw shade at hooda for supporting Alia?

  15. Raj says:

    Kangana’s sister blasts Ajay Devgn on Alok Nath issue. I worry for these sisters. While God give them more power to be truthful, they are making all powerful abusers their enemy. May God protect these brave Girls!

  16. P says:

    Kangana has definitely been pushed to become the raging bull she is today . imagine the angst she endured all of her gauche years staying quiet coz she didn’t have soundbytes. Her acrimony for alia has a lot to do with how the family wronged her when she was a Green horn. U can bandage the wounds. But it will fester inside Till Its not treated from within . kangy is the concussion rid wounded mouth which tries to amend the misgivings during nubile days.
    Speaking of class and crass! Who has IT? Agreed kangana and rangoli appear crude and war Mongering but who as Bollywood denizens can claim class ? By appearing nice for media and public is class? What theg bebave indoors and within is more crass than soundbytes GIven by kangu on forums .
    Bbatt who has been sleazy since babi days or a chappal wielding baldie or an alia throwing tanfrums with staff is worst .
    Its just a facade one chooses to keep for image. Everhone who is stoked has propensity to be non classy . and ranauts it appears are a wounded lot .
    And all can have few agendas . noone is a guileless hapless victim . you choose who and what u want to be in circumstances . kangs may have agendas too and its fine . she still needs to be lauded for being. Fearless and rakinv bolly filth disregarding repercussion or backlash . and bhatts needed a slap for the cbappal . tit for tat u see. Lol

  17. Universal says:

    Kangy and Rangy blast everyone off publicly. Kitni haqiqat kitna fasana nobody knows but they do it publicly. What makes people think the other side won’t be trying tricks to bring this motormouth duo down?
    If one side does it publicly, other might be doing under the radar. Is hamam me sab nange hain!
    P.S- I saw soni razdan’s tweet. It was more of using a tragedy for politics rather than fighting for a cause. Also, she later accepted ”some organization” sent it to her. Ah, the PR!

  18. Joe says:

    (Hope Kangana reads this!)

    OMG!! Mahesh Bhatt threw Chappal at a movie preview amidst all industry workplace people/media. This is serious repuration stuff and Soni/Bhatt didn’t refute it means it is true, SHIT!!

    I knew about Aditya Pancholi, his wife, @17yr old Kangana. Adhyayan Suman, his mom and dad @20yr old and again at 29yr old Kangana. Hrithik, his dad @29yr old Kangana. And however bad the public spat was, I thought it’s just love gone sour. But this is something else. This is nepo families with their lawyers and who all ganging up against lone Kangana ever since she was a 17yr old kid!! They especially start their maligining interviews campaign whenever she wins a national award/gives a hit.

    Karan Johar is another one after her life. And all of them are bollywood biggie families, everyone knows everyone since childhood.

    Then that Manikarnika director. Then that forgotten scriptwriter and aspiring actress and sonu sood – everyone spoke the same thing at exactly the same time, clearly a conspiracy. Thankfully south industry folks support her, people like Waheeda, manoj kumar etc support her, outsiders support her buy not public as much else they won’t get work.

    Now ALL of this connects, Kangana is no longer taking shit silently. She has been facing all this since 17 yrs old – prisoned by Pancholi, beaten up, treated like trash, publicly thrown Chappal at, Adhyayan and family who put all their might in trying to label Kangana a witch, blood drinker, Hrithik unnecessarily picking up a public fight for ‘silly ex’ just to now try his luck at publicly shaming Kangana over love affair and how she was hallucinating an affair (a gf being publicly ashamed in the world by her ex, her letters spread on internet, jeez!).. timed perfectly by Adhyayan who was trying the same thing, AGAIN – prove Kangana mentally ill. Karan Johar and his attacking machinery.

    This is shit of completely another level!! This is not public spat, this is not work critique, this is a combined agenda of all bollywood families against Kangana. WHY? Because she doesn’t have Anil Kapoor as dad whose daughter is allowed to keep saying shit and disrespecting people, but she’s a nepo kid ‘one of us’ so is allowed. Because she has no family support or backing or mentor, so no repercussions for attack her?

    And Alia who is using entire Kjo and Bhatt machinery against Kangana in the background, cleverly is faking innocence on camera. Not even mentioning Kangana’s name/her movies to not give her publicity while forcefully telling how she was praised for her work, pure evil! Can’t even imagine how many talented aspiring outsiders quit their careers due to her asking her father-mentor to push her in EVERY project.

    If you look at it from Bollywood families perspective and work culture how they treat aspiring actresses – they thought initially, another 17yr old ran from her house to try BW so abuse her, disrespect her, beat her, throw Chappal at her, what can she do..she anyways slept on railway station so she’s worth to be trampled on. This is a kid! Now that she’s a megastar and finally decided to call out every abuser, everyone is afraid to let her thrive else she will keep exposing who all abused her and how, and lots of careers will be ruined and reputation trampled. Since none of the bollywood families, struggling artists who abused her could come out true with all police investigation etc and all their lies has not had any effect in last 14 yrs, they are upping their attacks on her.

    My God, brave Kangana!! Public never knows who is harming whom behind the scenes (no proof of how many careers Salman ruined) , we only see reactions on interviews and we start judging without thinking what has gone through behind that, for such a reaction to emerge.

    How did you keep sanity, courage to face all this since so long..publicly, not quitting to run away from it and be one of several stories that ended before their BW career even began, taking it lying down all these years and working your way up your career. Man, you better speak up and tell the world, calling out your abusers.

    Pray you’re safe, bollywood is a nasty place…who knows it better than you. Best thing is media is supporting you which is a rarity in itself! Join some organisation, political party, to be powerful and hence thwart any sabotaging attempts. People can’t see that you have no other option but fight back, speculating you have some backing, if so, it’s not working well..get more backing and protection.

    Finally, kudos you didn’t go in a shell, kudos you derived more courage from each abuse, kudos you face the world like a boss lady, kudos for calling criminals and abusers out, kudos to working to the top of your game.

    Focus more on work and let nepo group bark, they are pissed since you single handedly brought a nepo revolution with your KWK episode; you have power of people and we all support you massively. Indulge less in bickering with them and keep calm. Keep giving hits.

    Hope Kangana bumps on this sometime)

    • Sky says:

      @Anonymous How does any of it justify trapping a 17yr old kid in a house, beating her up, throwing Chappal at her publicly, threatening her, filing police investigation that proves false and dies down, colluding as a group to target a person, trying to prove her mentally ill (Parveen Babi-Mahesh Bhatt, no surprises there) since she was 17yr old, well into her 30s.

      All the plain jane things you’ve mentioned about Bollywood – affairs, Box office collection, nepo-ism etc. doesnt even touch the level of criminality and abuse mentioned.

  19. NARS says:

    Admin you missed out on Soni and Pooja twitter discussion with Apurva. Before Manikarnika release he was again crying about writer credits (even though he agreed his script and final movie script released by producers are indeed different), giving his best regards to Manikarnika executive producer who got sick during the last lap of Manikarnika release, comparing it to his illness – blaming it all on Kangana. Yeah! Imagine Pooja sympathy for β€œcredit theif”, the Bhatts are plagiarist But Kangana is the bad apple in the big legacy her parents built. Later Soni even liked that stupid pre planned viral horse video. Now she is crying about her daughter getting attacked.

    To crazyworld – So what if Kangana expected a few gracious words from a handful of Bollywood personalities? She always goes to movie screenings and encourages good work – Esply when it’s female driven. Be it Piku, Pink, Dangal, Secret Superstar, Raazi and others. She is positive about them. Why is KJo interfering? Paying for dirty articles and all? But you know what’s sad? The fact the papa jo hasn’t uttered a word. He can’t even defend his own money machine.

    As for her so called political backing – I can’t seem to find an ounce of it. Her dad was in construction and mother a sanskrit teacher. Sure grandfather was an irs officer but don’t know how much rank that would hold up in Bollywood. But πŸ€” a DP fan started spreading the political power rumor during TWMR NA win time. Funny is how she did this full Happy Birthday wish for PM Modi and his social media handles never acknowledged it. So I am guessing that some real big rank she has.

    • Tina says:

      /\ This right here! Thank you so much!

      This was Pooja’s tweet right after Faridoon’s interview with the Krish Jagarlamudi about Manikarnika.

      “This is so wrong… on every level… this is not the industry I was born to and not the industry I wish to inherit. Eventually it is credit we work for… money comes & money goes… the first rule of filmmaking is to acknowledge people’s contribution. ”

      Notice how she emphasizes two things …that she was born into and inherited this industry (Emphasizing the her nepotistic roots), and second about giving credit here credit is due.

      Okay Pooja, remember how your “favorite” co-actor stole the credit for “Peepli’ and “taare zameen pe’. Remember, how you dearest daddy stole Praveen Babi’s Diary, clearly against her wishes so he can make a movie showcasing her vulnerabilities publicly? Yep, that’s the industry you were born into and inherited. Now, move over, there’s new blood in Bollywood.

      Oh, and on 26th January, this was Soni’s (Alia’s mom’s) tweet.

      “Why did Ketan wait all this time to fight this but … everyone knew the film was being made. Why not stop this before it went as far as the theatres and released ?”

      SO NO! Kangana did not start this beef, Alia was firing from the shoulders of her family long before,while maintaining a poor, innocent little girl routine herself. Alia instigated this, not Kangana. The Bhatt family is manipulative as hell.

  20. Crazyworld says:

    Admin, I don’t agree with you.

    I think it’s hypocritical of Kangana to spear head this hatred for Alia just because she didn’t praise her for Manikarnika. She was expecting a “scratch your back, I scratch yours” when she praised Alia for Raazi which didn’t happen. It shows she has her own agenda too.

    She claims she doesn’t need anyone’s approval bur her actions prove otherwise. No matter how she pretends, she craves KJo’s acknowledgement which she hopes to achieve by attacking his protege.

    She was hoping the success of her last film will make everyone bow to her and want to be associated with her. Unfortunately Bollywood showed more concerned to Vicky for Uri’s success, Ranveer and Deepika, Prick and of course Alia and her fake relationship.

    Look at the praises she gave Kareena as if Kareena was Sridevi just because KΓ reena (in my opinion) tossed small praises at her. She may not know this but she’s giving KJo too much importance than he really deserves.

    She should look at her colleagues like Tabu and Vidya. They are not in KJo’s club but they are respected even by KJo.

    • Lucy says:

      Vidya respected by kjo?

      What a joke,Vidya went through the same humiliation from the movie mafias as kangana,maybe the intensity and level was less.manish Malhotra publicly made fun of her and taunted her during the hey baby phase.vidya doesn’t care enough to engage with these people when they make fun of her,also because she has Siddharth to offer her protection and power within the industry.

      Btw Soni razdan didn’t refute the chappal throwing incident but simply deleted all it is true,also they got rattled so easily.kangana had only called comparing manikarnika to gully boy humiliating.alia felt so attacked and cornered and had three four people jumping to protect the 27 year old cub.who can’t even fight for herself.

      Maybe now everyone can feel how it feels to be cornered,at this age kangana was fighting Half of Bollywood.suman family,Roshan family.,akhtar family,Farah Khan,Karan johar all the same time.

    • kiran101 says:

      @ Crazy Its clear that Kangana war is personal on KJO gang . KJO and Alia are acting coy in media but working to destroy Kangana in every way. The only way kangana’s voice can be heard is by talking like this unfortunately . KJO and Alia crimes behind the back are quite evident and well known.

  21. Pooja says:

    Good that kangana has the guts to stir things up and drag big bullies of bollywood . But kangana is not always right too. Sometimes it does look like she manipulates few situations to benifit her case. So it’ll be great if ppl view her actions from neutral standpoint and not blindly support her every action. I’ve seen few very reasonable ppl do that.

    And why do ppl believe that kangu right now dosent have any backing?No one can take on bolly biggies without any backing and survive . My guess she has backing of a political party,always did.

    • Anonymous says:

      yes she definitely has someone big backing for sure. She would have been eaten up alive otherwise.

    • Kit says:

      Not a political party. More likely a big “producer” in Bollywood no one can touch. Could be someone powerful in the underworld. Most likely married.

    • Tina says:

      I don’t think its a ‘one person’ support as much as a silent support of a majority who agree with her. Remember when Hrithik tried to label her as ‘mentally unstable’ and the Suman as a ‘witch’, it really horrified a majority of journalists from major news portals and papers. That was the first upswell of support for her.

      After that, people are only beginning to see the strong-arm tactics of the Roshans, Sumans, Johars, Bhatts for what it really is. After all, more people have been discriminated against than than the opposite. That includes even Politicians, journalists, buisnesspersons are people too. There’s definitely huge support for her.

  22. Ria says:

    I simply dont understand anyone who speaks against Kangana, I mean what is wrong in what she has said. Ofcourse it is humiliation comparing Alia’s gully boy with Manikarnika, Nepos have to raise their bar to top notch to even call her their competitor. Kangy is undoubtedly the best actress in current lot. So glad she speaks up against arrogant bolly nepos. PinkVilla has all negative comments on any news about her, I am sure all those negative comments are from KJo gang and whatever we write never gets posted, such a sad state.

  23. leaps says:

    so the unsaid rule is Bollywood is they will use abuse you and if and when you reach a point where you are bankable you are to keep quiet about people who treated you like a door mat. So at end the day what the sisters are doing by presenting the dirty laundry of the bollywood hypocrite insiders is not them bullying these insider but a reaction to their behind doors bullying. well good luck to her

    • leaps says:

      btw randeep might have been a creep to pooja and alia is gun of about his tweet is just ewww

  24. Aura says:

    Speaking of Alia, twitter is going crazy over how bad Kalank is. Madhuri is getting the most praises for her acting and dancing. KJo must be fuming. All this promo for nothing. Karma.

    • Ria says:

      Alia’s effort to look like DP by raising neck high like swan did not work.. lol. May be they should be their own self don’t ape anyone

    • Crazyworld says:

      I think KJo knows the outcome, reason why he’s not credited as the director. There was a blind about it sometime ago.

  25. Reyaz says:

    I wonder if this site is run by rangoli

    • Tina says:

      No, but it is read by educated, working women from England to Punjab, and Bombay to Bangalore – who agree with this assessment of the general creepy levels of nepotism, bullying, and sexism in established Bollywood families.

      These represent those who came of age pretty much in the 90s and 2000s. There’s a similar generation of women that is now coming of age in small town India in this decade, and will decide everything from election results, to box-office success in the next few decades. This is who support Kangana – a small town achiever.

      Now remind me, when was the last time in it’s history that Bollywood faced such persistent public backlash across the board? Get a clue then, will ya?

    • Dree says:

      Admin… we need an OSOP special review of Kalank soon

      • Admin says:

        Unfortunately, we don’t have a death wish! haha….Oh, check out that bullfighting scene on Twitter. Best comedy scene of the year.

  26. Sam says:

    Power to you Kangana. You do you. Mata Rani is with you.

  27. kala says:

    Thank you for speaking the truth admin…

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