If you are having a bad day today,

Just look at what happened to Kareena Kapoor‘s face! What in the world? Like what? Seriously, what happened? It looks like she’s celebrating Halloween and had us go:

If you are having a bad day today,

This was taken late last night or perhaps, earlier this morning on the occasion of her husband, Saif Ali Khan‘s birthday celebrations. Clearly, she thought her look was fine since she agreed to have her picture shared online. Or maybe this was some sort of theme party. Also, what’s the deal on her pouting face? It’s getting old or rather she’s getting old.

Sara Ali Khan came with a nice dress, but with some dreadful shoes. On the first look, it seems that she wore torn pants, but that’s not what it was. What is going on? Are they doing this to get talked about or something? Now, we are not pioneers in makeup or fashion statements, which is why if we think this looks strange then chances are it does look strange.


If you are having a bad day today,

Soha Ali Khan was also in attendance at the party. She looks like her baby is about to come any moment of the day now. Ibrahim Ali Khan was there too to celebrate his daddy’s birthday. He looks better than his dad looked at his age.


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8 Responses

  1. Tina says:

    I think she had cheek implants hence the chipmunk face even after weight loss

  2. Rebelibran says:

    Exactly my thoughts when I saw her pic. She looks absolutely scary! Bad makeup.. Unflattering

  3. Kuldeep Kaur says:

    Think she’ lost weight too quickly after pregnancy and it’s showing on her face.
    So what if she is aging. Perfectly normal, we all age. What’s the big deal?
    We can’t look like 18 forever.

  4. Rhea says:

    Guess she’s insecure about her age and the new status – MOTHER …coz she got her jawline corrected & tummy tucked in London & now this!! I feel she just can’t accept that she’s aging and slowly fading away!! Too bad she can’t handle this…

  5. Deepak says:

    never found kareena beautiful.. she has a man face.. just like katrina…not that man faced women are not beautiful, but these 2 aren’t…and they are just hyped by their PR everyday….

    • rekha says:

      Yeah, Kareena looks too manly for me too. I never found her attractive but she does have a good skin though. Sara is way too skinny, must be the pressure of her launching. This is not a good look for her at all.

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