Housefull 4 Trailer – Not with Sajid Khan

So, the trailer of ‘Housefull 4’ was released yesterday. It’s a bunch of stuff in it with not much sense, as is the case with brainless comedies.


Compared to the first 3, Housefull 4 is supposed to be a mixture of several films in the form of parody.

Starring Akshay Kumar, Riteish Deshmukh, Kriti Sanon, Pooja Hegde, Kriti Kharbanda, Chunky Pandey and Bobby Deol…

Here’s the trailer of ‘Housefull 4’:

Here’s the story, in case you couldn’t catch it:

The trailer shows Sitamgarh’s king, played by Ranjeet, announce a swyamvar for his three daughters. Their prospective grooms are Akshay who plays a bald king, Riteish who plays a dance teacher trying to woo his student and Bobby, a warrior who falls for the third princess.

However, the three men could not find love in their lifetime after a feral-looking Rana Daggubati attacks the kingdom. But the memories of that life come rushing back to Akshay’s 21st century avatar. He has to convince the other men to find their soulmates in time. – HindustanTimes

Basically, Housefull 4 is a spoof of several films with each character playing a spoofed character from a famous film, such as ‘Bajirao Mastani’, ‘Baahubali’ and so on. Like Nawazuddin Siddiqui, who is spoofing the characters he played in ‘Kick’ and ‘Sacred Games’.


Akshay, though, is sporting a bald look but in his present character, he has two looks. By the way, do you remember a time last year when AK sported his real look? Apparently, they covered it up by saying it was for a role but he just was suffering from a bad side effect from a hair transplant. In his bald look for this film, they faked it for him which made his head look like a potato or an egg!


The best parts of the trailer have to be Riteish. That poor guy! Don’t know how many times in his career he had to succumb to doing these feminine roles. And he’s so good at it!


You know what’s worst in these Housefull films? Other than the horrible humor, the actresses keep getting younger and younger while the actors just keep getting older older! Now it just looks weird, especially since all these rumors of these young ladies fighting each other to shower the leading man with attention! All in the name of networking, right?


As you know it, this film was being directed by super creeper Sajid Khan last year when the #MeToo movement outed him as one of the perverts of Bollywood. According to Akshay Kumar, Sajid already directed 60% of the film when he was asked to step down following allegations of him being a super creep.


Before Sajid was fired, Nana Patekar was also asked to step out of the film. He was replaced by Rana Daggubati. Naturally, the media asked Akshay about Sajid and here’s what he had to say:


Seriously? How are these men so blind and in denial? Oh yeah, because they are in it too!

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By the way, the only Housefull we watched was the first one and that’s it! We don’t want any more brain damage!

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  1. Samantha says:

    not with Sajid Khan; but still with other leeches, like Sajid Nadiadwala n Akki!

  2. KA says:

    thanks for a review of the trailer

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