Hollywood Blind Item – October 2017

The blind item below comes from CDAN and it might be or might not be true, depending on what you believe. What is strange though is that this actress has been in several blind items so far and all of these blind items depict her in a negative light. Yet, people over there love her and are all praise for her. So, there could be two things at play here. One, someone is hell bent on maligning this actress’ name. Two, it’s about someone else and everyone have their guesses wrong on these blind items.

Which one it is, we don’t know for sure. We are just confused as to how these blind items come out when she has a really good reputation over there. Unless, she has some big daddy backing her, we don’t see how she can remain rude and still get work in Hollywood. The door is almost closed on her in Bollywood, so whatever she has on her plate, she knows this is it for her, which explains why she plays her part well over there.


Hollywood Blind Item

Hollywood Blind Item – October 2017

Once again, this foreign born A- list mostly television actress from a middling network show has made more people dislike her. A charity event. She was asked to do something and said yes. Tons of other celebs came in and did their piece and were happy. Not our actress. It was one thing after the other until there were five or six crew members just trying to make her happy.


OSOP Guess

Actress: Priyanka Chopra

Hollywood Blind Item – October 2017

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4 Responses

  1. Shivanisd says:

    A brothel was running at the home she owned and her cousin sister whos an actress, another homewrecker, was named as accused by the wife of the man when she committed suicide. This is the kind of relatives this woman has.

  2. Shivanisd says:

    Homewrecker priyanka Chopra should stick to seducing married men. Her comment on sikkim movies was shameful. What an ignorant bitc*

  3. Manisha says:

    Sounds like it’s those same crazed Pinkvilla fans who are secretly obsessed with her are the same ones who “hate” her. That or SRK’s or even Gauri’s people are putting her in a negative light. What is even said in this blind that can be a negative thing anyways? That she was still yapping after everyone left? I would say it’s the same desi mentality at play ehen it comes to PC. I live in the US and you’re right admin, she is popular here. Of course not a big A list movie star as she was in Bollywood but nonetheless Indians should be proud of her in whatever she has acheived. Even if it’s not an Oscar, she’s opening doors for other South Asians. But I would say it’s that desi mentality that she should not be flaunting her “fake westerness” or she’s this “evil homewrecker” when it takes 2 to tango. She isn’t a great actress but neither are so many of these Hollywood starelets who just have a brand to them instead of talent. These people should not forget she was Ms. World and it is something to still be proud of!

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