Hollywood Blind Item – December 2019 – 2

It’s been a while since there has been a blind item about this couple. It’s hard to believe that already one year has passed since their big event last year. And if you remember, there was a blind item by Mumbai Mirror that stated she was ready to start a family early this year.

The year is almost ending and they are still enjoying the just-married couple phase. Technically, it’s married couple with no baby but who’s counting! Well, she is!

It makes sense that her husband doesn’t want to have a family of his own now. After years, the limelight is back on him and his brothers. This year was definitely their year so why would he want to take a step back and start a family?

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Guess she will have to wait a little longer bit longer, which is coincidentally is also a song from the hubby dearest’s album.

Check out the blind item from BlindGossip.


Hollywood Blind Item


If you judge her relationship by her many social postings, this actress seems to be deeply in love this holiday season.

However, she is getting frustrated behind the scenes!

She is getting some things she wanted from her marriage to that entertainer from a famous family… but not everything!

She is happy about the social media numbers but that is not enough. She married him with the understanding that she wanted a baby as soon as possible. He has been avoiding that topic. She definitely wants a baby in 2020.

No, she is not a gold-digger. In fact, our actress might even have more money than her husband.

This is an age issue. Our actress is much older than her husband and is pushing the age limits for baby-making. That biological clock is definitely ticking!

We don’t know what their marriage contract says, so we’re not sure if he is being held to some sort of time frame.

His career is hot right now and he wants to take advantage of that.

Really? Careers in show business go through all sorts of ebbs and flows, so we’re not sure that is a valid excuse.

Let’s see who wins this baby battle!

OSOP Guesses

Actress: Priyanka Chopra

Husband: Nick Jonas


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1 Response

  1. rasi says:

    hadn’t everyone said they were a contract-couple? but their insta posts seem so real like nick and his family posting about her in such loving words all the time. or is it a jayz-beyonce situation (they were rumored to be a contract-turned-serious couple). is pri really THAT ambitious that she had to settle for a contract marriage with a guy whose career was pretty low while she was with him? i’m sure she could have found someone else more famous and rich? or do i think of her just wayy too highly? idk the families seem way too involved for this to be fake. i did notice she’s been posting too many stories and photos with kids she def wants to be a mom and nick does seem like he’s pretty young to be a father specially with the newly-revived success.

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